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Created: 2020/03/19 18:28:13

Black Hand ## Developer
I've updated the board frontend to the latest work in progress version. This is a total rewrite that purges nearly all old code, which is why it took so long to make. It does not yet have everything I want to add, but it is already five times more powerful than the old site and makes the place so much easier to use. With this update, we are closer to parity with other imageboards out there, both in features, and in site layout, but we are not there yet. Some highlights are: - entire front-end rewritten from scratch, with nearly all of the old code base purged from this side (the backend has not been touched to avoid compatibility issues). - new responsive layout, with a more old school imageboard mode. The layout is based on the browser window size. On desktop PCs, it looks like a traditional imageboard, but on tablet or collapsed windows, it looks like the previous plus4chan layout. I may make a switch later to force either style, should you guys have a preference. For now, if you prefer the old style, just resize the browser window to half width (under 1180px). On Windows you can do this just by dragging the tab to the side border of your screen. - new, fixed position "popup" style quick reply. This one has a huge amount of additions which I hope will make posting much easier, thereby encouraging our posters to be more active. Note that most of these enhancements require Javascript. About the new quick reply: - fixed positioning, and on desktops you can drag it around. - "currently posting" status and file upload progress are shown. - warns you if you close the quick reply with a post written inside. - counts down until you can make your next post. You can queue your next post during the countdown. This makes it easier to make image dumps without running into flood detection errors. - quoted posts get highlighted while you are posting. - keyboard shortcuts added for Spoiler, (ctrl+s), Bold (ctrl+b), Italic (ctrl+i), and Underlined (ctrl+u) text. Also, ESC will close the quick reply. More shortcut suggestions are welcome. - always shows name fields if you use a name; automatically hides the name fields if you post anonymously (it was the other way around previously, and as a result posters tended to forget about resetting their names, usually when using the name field as a makeshift thread subject). - speaking of which - after a long absence, the subject field is back. Theme changes: - retired the Ghost theme (it was terrible, really). - Greygreen theme re-added from the old boards. - Buri and Futaba tweaked a bit to look closer to the classic Kusaba and Kusaba X versions. - Babby removed (it was pointless) - new template: Plus4, based on our static pages. - new template: Heroes, based on Heroes of Might & Magic III. If you find any issues with the templates, please post them here. other minor changes: - font sizes increased. - Replies to a post are now listed. - backlinks can now be copied into a post and still work. - images are now lazy loaded (natively, without javascript). - the post number is broken up to two parts, the "No." part will link to the thread, while the post number will open a quick reply. - there's a new "permalink" icon in the corner. You can use that to link to any post and have it highlighted by default. - report and delete buttons now have loading status indicators. - inline reference has a loading status indicator too. - hovering over the >>postnumber will highlight the referenced post. - WEBM/MP4 expansions now use the same design as the youtube and vimeo windows. Additionally, the "close video" trigger was moved to the top, so they don't conflict with the seekbar controls. - post passwords are set to last only your current session, so if you close your browser, they are gone. This may be tweaked in the future. - thread hider fixed and can store much more posts now. - rss feeds were tweaked to use the thread numbers as feed categories. - NSFW images on NSFW boards will now say "VERY NSFW" on the thumbnail. You can also make "VERY NSFW SPOILERS". - fixed a bug that prevented janitors to view the janitor board (which is not as funny as you think, since our janitors actually do their jobs). Now that the new code is live, I'll be able to add new stuff more frequently. So expect more frequent updates from now on. Please report any bugs here, so I can fix them as soon as possible. I'd also like to ask you to post any suggestions or additions you would like to see on the site. Lastly, please use the site as much as you can! And please, spread the word: plus4chan is alive. Well, enjoy the new board, and let's hope I did not leave any critical bugs in there.


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Mister Twister
POST YOUR DREAMS! My last one was something that could make a decent fanfiction. It was a mashup of Prometheus, Avengers, and Pacific Rim. Basically, it is the future, and anti-gravity vehicles are the norm. The dream starts somewhere far away, where an Architect was revived from deep sleep. He vows to destroy mankind, his creation, because we are not perfect. He says all that telepathically, due to his vocal chords being cut. He calls his fellow architects, and they get together a fleet of spaceships to fly to Earth and destroy it. I am one of the few humans who learn of this first (forgot how), and I learn hat while at a picnic with a larger group of people, in a forest. After seeing the ships approach and leveling the forest, I grab the nearest speeder bike (junk, but operational and defies gravity!) and ride to my home. After I get there, I tell everyone the news (they are my friends in the dream, despite being complete strangers now that I look back). So, from the windows of the apartment, we see the Architect ships (different than the ones from Prometheus) slowly destroy the city. The human race then decides to quickly go through with a defense program. To fight monsters, we will create monsters. Very quickly. But instead of giants robots, we use magical bullshit science to make superheroes out of people. Those superheroes would make a defense team strong enough to defeat all the asshole creator aliens. The plan is successful, and my dream ends with the first batch of superheroes testing their new powers before going to fight the Architects. I also remember there being one lizard girl testing her freeze powers and looking happy after seeing they worked. Anything you seen in your sleep worthy of talking about?


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Created: 2014/11/15 23:38:24

/tek/ thread time! Ever since I gave Tiki advice on getting a new desktop, I've been wanting to share my experience with how my own build went, and I figure I ought to do that already. I think I got a pretty solid design here: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/ZWHvRB Portability since I want to lug it between my parent's houses, decent in most areas of performance, very solid power supply, damage resistant motherboard. Unfortunately I hadn't ordered anything online before, and asked my mom for help. After some confusion with credit cards, we ended up going with a different case, this one to be exact: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/silverstone-case-sstps07b Don't know how well my first choice would have done, but I'm having some issues with the one I went with. There's two fans on the case, but the connectors won't hook up directly to the power supply, and the motherboard only has one fan connector. This leads to some overheating problems that aren't helped be the generally cramped nature of the case of the thick cables used the power supply taking up so much space - thankfully most of them were taken out since it's modular, but that's probably why they're so thick. Not to mention the door over the intake that I need to remember to open whenever I set the computer down. Not as bad as long as I don't run too much as once, brush the dust off the intake filters and keep the door over it open. I'll have to see if removing the dust lets me get past that one level of Quantum Conundrum (Road to higher Learning) that's been making my machine crash by the time I reach the end. Other than that, performance it pretty good. Windows 8 in nicer than Vista but I don't like what it's done to Search, I like having the pane and being able to use advanced search without going to a separate window. Backing things up weekly to the other hard drive is nice. In addition to looking for a way to hook up both fans, I'll want to see if I can put the solid state hard drive in a removable case and just move that between similarly built machines instead of moving the whole machine around.


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Politics Thread 10: Right Wingers Are A Danger To the World Edition Anonymous
Reposting from previous thread: Trump's week in review (a significant part of the list is compiled by a ThinkProgress editor and I'm sure /pol/-kun has a nice fresh infographic that will make it all go away): 1. Decisively lost the Presidential debate, being crushed by 30-40 points on all proper polls on the matter. 2. This caused him to collapse completely in all major election polls (save for LA Times, so I'm sure /pol/-kun will say all the others were rigged). 3. Spent a significant part of the week saying scientific polling was unreliable. 4. Had a really bizarre obsession with Alicia Machado 5. Was revealed to have been in Playboy softcore at one point AND to have forced a spouse to pose for playboy for a fee he negotiated. 6. Claimed during the debate he was too classy to bring up Bill Clinton's affairs, which he has spent the week since doing. 7. Claimed in a call to the NYT on Bill Clinton's affairs that he himself had never had an affair (This is not the case). 8. Went around screaming that various persons attached to Hillary investigations etc had pleaded the 5th and should be ashamed for doing so. Aside from this being an enshrined constitutional right, it's one he made use of 97 times to avoid admitting to the aforementioned affairs that he falsely insists he hasn't had. 9. During the debate, he bragged that he was able to avoid any taxes, implying that people who paid taxes weren't smart. Once again, many millions of people watched said debate. Since this, the NYT has been sent his taxes by a leak within Trump Tower and hooooo boyyyy 10. Had the deranged rant about denying that he supported Iraq by referring to a fictional conversation with Sean Hannity. 11. USA Today and the WSJ, which traditionally refuse to weigh in on elections, came out and declared him a threat to the nation. 12. The Arizona Republic, for the first time in its 100someodd years of existence, supported Hillary as their first Democrat ever. 13. Claimed Google was in a conspiracy to suppress negative news about Clinton. 14. Said that Holt did a great job moderating the debate, and has since spent the week saying Holt rigged the debate for Hillary (a debate he continues to insist that he actually won anyway). 15. Threatened to boycott the 2nd and 3rd debates. 16. Newsweek revealed he'd violated the embargo on Cuba, which his campaign manager then inadvertently confirmed on national tv. 17. Attempted to appeal to young women with an ad telling them their most important job was being mothers. 18. Demanded Obama not pardon Hillary, who has not been convicted, or indeed charged, with any crime for which she would need a pardon. 19. Had the Washington Post reveal that the Trump Foundation was not actually legally allowed to be soliciting funds. 20. Claimed Merkel was the foreign leader he most admired after a campaign of repeatedly attacking her. 21. Told a New Hampshire tv outlet that he was very proud of promoting birther shit. 22. Was endorsed by David Fucking Duke. 23. Had trump golfing employees reveal that he wanted to fire women who weren't pretty enough. 24. Forbes reported an 800$ million dollar loss for him last year.


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Speak your political mind. Anonymous
I don't think she's going to win, she's a trap for democratic voters and her record speaks for itself. 1. Her one job as first lady was her health care initiative, which failed monumentally. 2. She only got a senate seat because her only opponent, the far more popular Rudy Guiliani, got cancer. 3. Despite serving two senate terms and being the most recognizable name in the senate, she doesn't have a single piece of legislation actually pass with her name on it. 4. She mostly worked alone in the senate, she never reached across party lines to the other side, and she never got anyone in her own party to co-sponsor a bill. 5. Despite being the most recognizable candidate, during the height of terror fears and a failing economy she lost the presidential nomination to an anonymous marxist black man whose middle name is Hussein and last name rhymes with Osama. 6. Her pity job of Secretary of State had one major goal: Resetting relations with Russia. I don't know if you're checking major news networks, but we're pretty much entering a new cold war with them. 7. The same Secretary of State position also has a single basic objective, to protect embassy staff. Without this staff protected, the country loses links to other nations which makes diplomacy hard. Bazing-*cough* I mean, Benghazi. A really cool sound bite of her saying it doesn't matter, which her opponent can replay 24/7 on TV. 8. Feminist vote? Forget about it, she's on record giggling about defending a rapist she knew was guilty. Another sound bite to play on television campaign ads 24/7. 9. Oh I suppose women might throw her a pity vote because Bill mouthfucked a girl in the oval office... If they didn't know that Bill Clinton has been sterile from birth due to a medical condition. Guess where Hillarys daughter comes from... think about it... ding ding ding! A fucking affair. 10. Her book, which contains the juiciest presidential scandal in living memory, somehow managed to flop. 11. She manufactures gaffes like a dedicated asian child laborer. Pic related. tl;dr She's disloyal, dishonorable and incompetent. Any presidential opponents she fights have a mountain of historical dirt to throw at her if they want to. Her only hope is that they take pity on her and pull their punches.


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secret ## secret
info from on high: anonex says dreamhost migrated the server and lost files uploaded between may 12th around 4:30pm pacific, and this morning may 14th around 10:30am pacific this affected all of plus4chan including the old boards, but i've cleaned up most of the mess here on the new boards if you see a post you made with "file: deleted" and the post time is between the times above it was only deleted because the file was already gone and so that you won't get conflicts when trying to re-upload board transition thread post bugs here i won't do any changes to the layout or cosmetic fixes unless it is a severe bug, anonex is going to reskin it eventually i copied over starchan's radio, you can get to it here: //boards.plus4chan.org/rad.php it just scrapes all boards for audio, mp3s are turned on for /baw/ and /mtv/ oekaki is turned on for /baw/ and /draw/ and /pco/ and /cod/ get Marcello's JTablet for a better oekaki time if you have trouble with oekaki, latest java update blocks a lot of stuff for increased security.to add an exemption follow the official instructions OR on windows go to start>programs>java>configure java click on the security tab click edit site list add "http://boards.plus4chan.org" a lot of people probably don't know the dicerolls filter [roll 1d20] rolls 1 die with 20 sides, [roll 2d6] rolls 2 dice with 6 sides each, etc [roll 1d12+2] rolls 1 die with 12 sides and gives it +2 modifier, also works with minus [roll 1d20vs10] rolls 1 die with 20 sides and compares it to 10 and displays win/loss/tie, modifiers on rolls with vs work the same way, [roll 1d20-4vs10] dice are enabled on /baw/ and /cog/ and /z/ created bbcode wordfilters and enabled them on all boards since you guys used them before? [spoiler]spoiler[/spoiler] = spoiler [b]bold[/b] = bold [s]strike[/s] = strike [i]italic[/i] = italics [u]underline[/u] = underline for the oldfag impaired, #fortune goes in the name field (except on forced anon boards, then it goes in the email field) fortune is turned on for /baw/ and /z/ and /pco/ and /draw/