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video:168757415726.webm(3.71MB , 288x360 , 26236.webm)
Good morning plus4chan, with major events going down seems like a fitting time to start a new instalment.

Civil War is brewing in Russia, military group Wagner has moved against the heads of the Russian military and has marched his mercenary company into Rostov calling for other armed groups to join him.

Its being reported on by the normal worldwide media and discussed across the internet, you can verify by checking your online news outlets of choice.

Previous Thread-
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video:168757454713.webm(909kB , 480x528 , 30 milliseconds.webm)
In less important news which was popular online before this broke, a handful of rich idiots in a shitty submarine died for their arrogance and cost-cutting ways as they tried to sail down to gawk at the wreck of the Titanic.
The name of said submarine was the 'Titan'.

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image:168758605979.jpg(170kB , 1280x853 , Red.jpg)
>Russia Civil War
>Red (z) vs White (z)
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video:168759564619.webm(2.01MB , 288x640 , 3546346.webm)
Well things are official.

Prigozhin made demands to basically have the heads of the Russian MoD handed over to him for fucking him and fucking Russia, while moving his forces in.
Putin Put out a speech video calling them traitors, is presumably hiding in a bunker somewhere.
Putin accuses Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin of treasonyoutube thumb
Now Wagner is moving further into occupying major cities and towards Moscow itself, no one has seemingly really opposed him except for a couple of helicopters that got shot down for trying to attack his convoy and rare unsubstantiated reports of gunshots. Other home-defence troops they've ran into have surrendered.
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image:168759594282.png(411kB , 1196x838 , fab.png)
The Ministry of Défense is getting off its ass after Putin's denouncement, having the airforce bomb Wagner troops.
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image:168759663750.png(193kB , 570x522 , rats abandoning the sinking ship.png)
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image:168759900391.jpg(678kB , 575x1471 , 678568658.jpg)
Dickbag Mercenaries >>> Upgunned Mallcops
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image:168759982706.jpg(74kB , 594x727 , 1687598834539662.jpg)
Some impressive spin by Prigozhin.
I mean its pretty much true in regards to the corruption and the head of the state alongside his cronies being liars, but he's really going all-in playing at the part of the "noble patriotic soldier" finally standing up to strike down the evil choking the country.

Can he win? If he wins will he be able to use this to ride a wave of support all the way up to the top seat?
And upon his winning will Russia even remain in a big enough single piece for him to take over?
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video:168760110913.mp4(3.18MB , 526x960 , xk8z2k.mp4)
RF helicopter blew up an oil depot in Voronezh, presumably to deny its use by coup d'etat forces
As a side-note to recent ongoing events, Alexander Lukashenko (president of Belarus) has fled to Turkey. Being that he was kept in power by Putin and Russia's armed forces he saw the writing on the wall and was the first out of there.

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video:168760939963.webm(248kB , 352x640 , moscow battle preperations sand trucks.webm)
So government forces are setting up defences around Moscow to face off against their approaching enemies, makes sense.
But alongside sandbags and machineguns there's also the sight of many bright orange dump trucks filled with sand being used to physically block roads?
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image:168760980917.png(10kB , 586x127 , 62363261343.png)
There's been reports of riots in Russian prisons after the coup began, and it seems upon claiming said prisons Wagner reuses its classic tactics to increase their manpower. Apart from that there's also mention of RF units in Russia throwing in their lot with Wagner rather than the government.

Wonder what it'll be like when the two sides actually clash.
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video:168761491363.mp4(4.17MB , 480x850 , ao1bfd.mp4)
Now excavators are being used to dig a pit across the main road to slow down Wagner's advance, that might be somewhat more effective in buying time. It's an important road for moving supplies to the war front but I suppose that's not as important if you get overthrown in the short-term.
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image:168762380580.jpg(526kB , 1170x1315 , IM SERIOUS YOU GUYS_NO BULLY RUSSIA.jpg)
There's a tidal wave of strange information and events happening now.

So Prig's side was saying the war is built on lies, the country is corrupt and the boys on the ground are being massacred by the higher-ups for their own benefit. Putin comes out with the official statement that the ones turning against Russia are traitors stabbing the nation in the back and must be crushed.

Wagner takes over multiple cities on the way to Moscow, shoots down some Russian aircraft that attacked, are on the cusp of reaching Moscow which is readying itself for a siege.

But then >>429345 the potato peeler gets in contact with both sides and is able to "work out a deal"? Head of Wagner says he wants to stop things before they shed a drop of Russian blood (ignore anything that happened up till this point) and is going to walk back to base like a good soldier.

What exactly is going on? The mercenaries openly marched on the capital and took land with no one able to stop them, both sides were throwing out the harshest words possible decrying each other.
Russia is good at making its people forget embarrassing events but this is a big black eye for national pride that achieved nothing, its at best back to business as normal (with a few russian losses) and the war against Ukraine continues.

Did this insurrectionist just lose his nerve at the final hurdle? What could they have possibly offered him as a bribe? And wouldn't Russia likely move to assassinate him now as they've done to people multiple times in the past? Otherwise they are leaving someone who made the government look feeble alive and free.
Maybe he'll run off to have Wagner operate somewhere else in the world and leave the conflict entirely, no idea.
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image:168763338859.jpg(41kB , 992x558 , san-antonio-police-01-main-ap-jt-230624_1687614292831_hpMain_16x9_992.jpg)
In American news a trio of cops blew away a crazy woman because she had a hammer.
San Antonio Police Officers Shoot Woman Responding To Reports That She Destroyed a Fire Alarmyoutube thumb

Mister Twister
American crime and police brutality cases are funny, because (as one might expect) only the craziest and shittiest stories get mainstream attention.
Looks like the remains of the actor Julian Sands has been found.

Struggled to even recognise who he is, didn't even know his disappearance was a thing. That's a shame.
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image:168768753623.png(323kB , 1346x846 , Strelkov can't deal with this bullshit.png)
Igor Ivanovich Strelkov is mad jelly about the whole thing.
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image:168768761794.png(44kB , 499x232 , Strelkov didn't forget.png)
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image:168769292523.jpg(196kB , 2048x1777 , 235326166.jpg)
we dont need a thread for this crap euro war, take it to the hundred other imageboards
You seem upset.
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image:168812949213.jpg(127kB , 900x900 , Stockton Rush Fucking Stupid.jpg)
Is it wrong to see someones death as a good thing when it was caused entirely by their own actions and their own refusal to take reasonable precautions driven entirely by ego?
France is rioting again (is that even news?)
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image:168815338853.jpg(76kB , 594x578 , 1688152810469014.jpg)
>Blaming VIDEO GAMES, in this day and age
>Retreating to that tired old chestnut as an excuse why the country you are in charge of running is shit
From what I've heard, it's basically BLM French Edition, with riots and mass looting taking place; among the ones who get caught by the police, the average age is only 17.

At least he mentioned bad parenting. That's something that would never fly in the USA.
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image:168830144308.png(140kB , 716x435 , IRREFUTABLE PROOF.png)
Then how do you explain this?
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image:168855323800.jpg(92kB , 1440x1080 , Gon and Killua mortified.jpg)
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image:168860888513.jpg(256kB , 720x1040 , crowdfunding.jpg)
The Somalian conflict from before is still ongoing. And Somalia (in comparison to SomaliLAND) is still desperate for artillery to the point forces in a region tried to get crowdfunding going to buy a piece.

There's something grimly interesting about the reduced scale and limited degree of weapons technology involved in an African war.
As in the comparison between Somalia and Somaliland seems pretty stark but both are stuck with handfuls of obsolete wargear from bygone eras compared to that sitting around in warehouses of advanced nations who aren't fighting anyone resulting in mobs of warriors with rifles backed up by weaponised civilian trucks launching raids and some old artillery guns being like the wrath of god unleashed in comparison.
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image:168861060872.jpg(76kB , 606x910 , blast from the past.jpg)
That's true, although it's wise to never underestimate weapons for merely being dated. We've seen it time and time again.
Mister Twister
Based serbians.
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video:168889044575.webm(2.75MB , 1280x720 , 1688858180410345.webm)
Iran continuing to be a little shit of a nation, this time news of pirate actions at sea.

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image:168903089633.png(936kB , 1064x1400 , tonks.png)
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image:168904843930.jpg(159kB , 1170x1319 , app.jpg)

[Deus Ex] What a shameyoutube thumb
Funny enough an Iranian tanker managed to get itself detained yesterday for doing something illegal.
Those who live by the naval interception die by the naval interception.
China sent another warship into Somaliland waters >>429227 and like before it was escorted away.
They seem really into threatening Somaliland at the moment, if because said country voiced support of Taiwan or because if Somaliland defeats Somalia/Puntland and strengthens its position that will curtail Chinese plans in the region who can say.

China is a scumbag government. All large powers will to some greater or lesser extent seek to advance their interests in the areas of smaller nations but something that personally pisses me off is China's tendency to sail fishing fleets into other country's waters and just overfish the area to death.
Its bad enough when the ecological destruction waged by China in its desire for economic power is confined to their own borders.

Is something that notably happened in Somalia and was an influence on the widespread instances of piracy in the region, fishermen no longer having a livelihood.
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image:168976250923.png(502kB , 1324x1062 , sure we invaded their country but how dare they ruin my vacation.png)
Over in the Russia-Ukrainian conflict Kerch Bridge has been hit again in an attempt to hinder supplies to Crimea.

For some reason despite the war going on alot of Russia tourists had decided now was a great time to holiday in Crimea (must be super cheap?).
With the bridge closed the Russian government has told them to drive back to Russia via the border territories where active high-explosive conflict is ongoing. That does not seem like a smart idea.
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image:168976428876.jpg(44kB , 1200x628 , Tree Law Activated.jpg)



Trees are serious business.
You might be a big company treating your employees like slaves and trying every dirty trick to prevent them fighting for better conditions, but don't think you can fuck with the trees.
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video:168985066426.webm(931kB , 854x480 , Blazing Saddles.webm)
<-- https://capitalbnews.org/newbern-alabama-black-mayor/
Jesus fucking christ
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image:168997490280.png(2.33MB , 1500x1000 , Girkin.png)
He's been arrested by the government.
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image:169058152352.png(617kB , 760x507 , David Grusch is himself clearly an alien clad in a crude human facade.png)
How do people feel about the absolute incontrovertible fact that aliens are 100% totally real.
Mister Twister
Does not ultimately matter.
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image:169082752903.jpg(77kB , 1080x1080 , F2YUKHcbIAAV4-k.jpg)
Fucking Pee Wee Herman has died, cancer.

He'll be playing with his pee wee in a porn theatre in heaven now...
Mister Twister
Wrong thread, also not sure what to feel.
>claims to be wrong thread
>death of celebrity is a news item
>thread is called "news and politics"
Nah its suitably newsworthy. It could have gone in this thread or somewhere on /mtv/, but even less people post or even browse /mtv/.
Mister Twister
I am selectively blind apparently.
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image:169122010229.png(352kB , 968x1182 , The Crimea bridge has been hit again along with a russian tanker.png)
>"England will answer for this"
>Alexander 3 will Remember that
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video:169169319118.webm(1.51MB , 680x382 , brother or brutha.webm)


A coup went down in Niger deposing the elected president, ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West African States) forces seem like they might well be moving troops in to deal with it.
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image:169182177313.jpg(133kB , 628x730 , metroman.jpg)
Luckily for the man he is not currently in Russia, so he's been sentenced but they can't carry it out at this time.
looks like africa is finally getting sick of france's shit
speaking of france, roll to guess what the next riots will be about
Its all probably been done with the backing and prodding of other foreign nations, Africa will just be trading one outside influence for another who will use conflict as a cover to mine out more resources or what-have-you.
Prigozhin has died in a 'plane crash'
Mister Twister
Putin hates traitors more than he hates his enemies. He said as much on TV some years ago.
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image:169308691189.png(1.37MB , 777x703 , Prig Isekai.png)
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video:169333976769.webm(2.62MB , 1168x656 , Like an animal in a cage at the zoo.webm)
Jesus. Taking him out back and shooting him would be more dignified. Then again he is an old war criminal. What a strange world that he's been incarcerated by Russia instead of everyone else.

Smash Mouth - All Star (Official Music Video)youtube thumb
Mister Twister
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image:169547125847.jpg(152kB , 899x686 , Pacific Kaiju Unleashed By America.jpg)
Now I THINK this is meant to be a political cartoon portraying America as a dangerous warmongering monster threatening 'Asian country' but honestly just looks ridiculously goofy as a piece of art.

At least that's a step up from making America look incredibly badass like alot of such images usually do.
There's the conflict between Israel and Hamas going on at the moment that's capturing all the headlines. Though that sort of stuff just seems like business as usual for the region frankly.

Does anyone have a happy news story to share? Like something along the lines of a puppy or kitten born with a funny pattern on its fur that looks like a smiley face that's capturing the heart of people across the internet?
The conflict at Israel means that effectively nobody gives a shit about Ukraine any more.

That's a happy news story as far as I'm concerned. I was getting sick of that shirt wearing asshole begging for more stuff every day.
>shirt wearing asshole
What kind of retarded insult is that.
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image:169687466900.png(914kB , 1396x880 , New C&C Generals GLA Unit Just Dropped.png)
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image:169695283885.jpg(141kB , 1600x900 , AMURRRRRRRICAAAAAAAW!.jpg)
>a step up from making America look incredibly badass like alot of such images usually do.
The conflict over Russia's invasion of Ukraine is still ongoing and people do talk about it. Most notable as of the moment would be Ukraine recently got ATACMS from the west and used them to blow up a bunch of Russian airfields.
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image:169854699039.jpg(50kB , 680x425 , TELEMMGLPICT000354820727_16985447569060_trans_NvBQzQNjv4Bqob-ekJ5vNDkRImiYK8Gl-WmUNXhQvDEBj1zl9sHj-KA.jpeg)

Matthew Perry has died.
Why couldn't it have been Matt LeBlanc?
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image:169893576135.png(242kB , 600x400 , China Rightful Clay.png)
That would be the rightful Mongolian border, not Chinese.
Mister Twister
>make Tartaria great again
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image:169921019139.jpg(46kB , 480x640 , 1699209971516107.jpg)
How cool
Mister Twister
I wonder how much of this was just an AI program doing all the choices.
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image:169997842096.jpg(524kB , 2048x2048 , flag posing.jpg)
Seems to be going well for Israel, which I guess is to be expected, Hamas is just a terrorist group who are only really good at slaughtering civilians at a festival in a sneak attack then flexing over it and not so skilled in a direct conflict.
It doesn't seem particularly newsworthy because its such an expected outcome between the two, and the fact conflict is the status quo of the middle-east
The war is going well but not so much everything else. There are anti-israel pro-palestine demonstrations in a lot of places in the western world, despite the politicians attempting to shut them down everywhere. The gaza strip is also suffering as much losses in civilians and infrastructure in the last few months than Ukraine did in the last few years - this isn't a war, it's genocide.

>Hamas is just a terrorist group who are only really good at slaughtering civilians at a festival in a sneak attack
And yet the israeli Iron Dome is one of the most sophisticated defense systems in the world, and Hamas managed to bypass it, resulting in the current war that left Gaza a rubble. Ask who profits from that.
>resulting in the current war that left Gaza a rubble. Ask who profits from that.
The double secret deepwater jews?
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image:170004720092.png(1.48MB , 3280x1292 , hamas terrorist tunnel.png)
elevator shafts are now terrorist lairs.
Saw Billy Connolly trending on twitter, thought another celebrity I've known for decades had died. Luckily turned out just to be people celebreating his birthday.
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image:170155255083.jpg(42kB , 680x425 , kiss.jpeg)
Henry Kissenger has finally died, seems worth noting.
Rest in piss.
Mister Twister
The man who loved war, is now forced to be at peace, by reality itself.
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image:170387137861.jpg(1.44MB , 2271x2535 , history is an endless series of repetition.jpg)
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image:170403847903.jpg(135kB , 1024x1024 , rar.jpg)
>Current Events
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image:170417683324.png(1.74MB , 1440x2306 , Jewish Nazis.png)
>fire on US Navy warship
>get shot

>>Nazi allies in Tel Aviv
Haha, fukkin social media man...
People are talking about Epstein's Island again. Apparently there's going to be some sort of list of names released?

Mostly seems to be people of the American political divide using it as an opportunity to crow over social media about whoever they don't like on the othert team at the moment.
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image:170422424690.gif(189kB , 640x448 , sth2-Epstein_Island.gif)
I bet the dirty secret is that all that happened there is adults playing Sega Genesis games with the kids.
They're now getting airstriked for not knocking their shit on the head.

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image:170510268969.png(324kB , 1504x758 , BUGGED MECHANICS WHAT THE FUCK ALLAH HOW IS THIS FAIR.png)
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video:170517461782.webm(696kB , 274x484 , Lipetsk Heating Main Burst.webm)

>"Europe will Freeze"
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image:170526395480.png(1.44MB , 1280x809 , Katastrophe.png)
Mister Twister
I see nothing has changed since I left the glorious motherland.
Are there any news in regards of the Ukraine war? is it just a stalmate or somebody is going to finally win?
Mister Twister
It will probably be unofficially over at the end of this year.
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image:170542374182.jpg(212kB , 1080x1475 , CURSE YOU BORIS JOHNSON.jpg)
The 3-day SMO to take Kiev has stalled slightly. Despite being the invading force Russia is now on the defensive and uses a wall of meat and mines to try and not lose any more of their gains.

So yeah pretty static at the moment, only small bits of interesting news.

Right as of this moment for instance russia got an AWACS plane shredded, which is unfortunate since they only have a handful of the things left.
Funniest bits are the falsehoods thrown out to deny the ukrainian enemy the 'achievement' of shooting the thing, from it being friendly fire by Russian forces to it being THOSE FUCKING BRITS who are of course behind everything bad that happens to Russia.
There haven't been any news since HAMAS attacked Israel. The world focuses on that now. Some allies say that it's time that Ukraine sues for peace and gives up the russian controlled territories. Germany still wants to increase support and send them more tanks (like that worked the last time they fought Russian in this territory).

>Despite being the invading force Russia is now on the defensive and uses a wall of meat and mines to try and not lose any more of their gains.
Yes but that also means that the counter attack only advances a few kilometers per day at tremendous cost of materials and manpower. Russia is slowly grinding them up.
Wheeling out that same old bullshit are you.
There has been news about events in the war, its still getting support from the west.
There's no point whatsoever for making peace with Russia since any agreement made with them isn't worth the paper its printed on, they'll just ignore it in the future and try again as has been shown repeatedly.

>at tremendous cost of materials and manpower. Russia is slowly grinding them up
The russian will always project his own failings onto others, see >>431049
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image:170555028519.jpg(179kB , 1080x708 , China get out of there you're useless.jpg)
Israel is kicking the piss out of Hamas after the latter got a suckerpunch in.
Houthis is attacking international shipping and getting world policed for their bullshit.
Now it seems as if Iran vs Pakistan might kick off?

The sandlands are being particularly spicy at the moment.
Mister Twister
That area of the world is cursed.
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image:170609236871.jpg(589kB , 1919x1406 , maga communism.jpg)
Foreign Subversion targetting the schizo audience.

I love the internet, but sometimes it was clearly a mistake.
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image:170635566321.jpg(123kB , 610x615 , you wish you could eat all the eggs.jpg)
Mister Twister
>that filename
I love you, anon.
I always forget how relevant that App is on Russia.
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image:170903386457.png(614bytes , 1200x750 , SwedenFlag.png)
That's Sweden joining NATO now along with Finland (Hungary finally dropped the bitching for purposes of political opportunism slowing the process).
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image:171068438814.jpg(102kB , 905x980 , Its funny if you know what the billboard says.jpg)
Its fuax-election time in Russia probably why the rate of drone strikes on refineries inside Russia is increasing.
>Its funny if you know what the billboard says.jpg
What does the billboard say?
Mister Twister
Seems as if there's a "terrorist attack" happening in Moscow following the Election and announcement of another mobilization.
>1999 russian apartment bombings 2
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image:171121207831.jpg(323kB , 1080x933 , 346363.jpg)
Apparently it was a bunch of brown people wandering about the mall shooting and starting fires, while russian law enforcement and secuirty forces took hours to show up.
The 4+ attackers then managed to escape from the mall into the night instead of being killed or captured.

>took credit
for the attack, but they take credit for alot of stuff that happens.
Putin of course took the opportunity to blame Ukraine of being involved with a random terrorist shooting spree in Moscow and preparing their escape across the border.
I wonder if Russians actually believe that bullshit or they get so used to Putin's propaganda that they no longer care anymore.
Russians are an entire nations of serfs, they have been bred/broken over generations to accept the will of the strongman in charge and not cause a fuss, actively drag down and dismiss any of their peers that threaten to become 'politicial' and actually do something about the state of the nation.

Even as the government openly lies to them in the practice of 'Vranyo' they create a fiction in their own minds to glorify the perfect untouchable 'Tsar' and blame all the constant shit handling of the nation and its actions that leave them in agony as the fault of the bad corrupt 'Boyars'.
Thats why you can find so many videos of groups of russians infront of a camera, be it say pleb soldiers or civillians, reciting their woes all begging Tsar Putin to save them (and reassuring him they know its not his fault he just doesn't know the truth because his bad bad underlings are keeping it from him).
While the actual truth is Putin is a selfish incompetent dictator who is happy to keep a bubble between himself and the plebs through long tables and countless body doubles that would sacrifice all the people of his nation if it meant one more minute in power/alive.

Its all useless performative theatre rather than taking real action.
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image:171121972842.png(741kB , 852x1280 , how about an auction for earcutter knife)).png)
Russian forces have snatched some seemingly random tsukiji, cut off his ear and made him eat it while having him confess to being a terrorist, and bragged about it over Telegram.
>Russians are an entire nations of serfs, they have been bred/broken over generations to accept the will of the strongman in charge and not cause a fuss, actively drag down and dismiss any of their peers that threaten to become 'politicial' and actually do something about the state of the nation.
That makes sense. This song popped up on my youtube recs some time ago
Lubeh - Davai Za / Любэ - Давай заyoutube thumb
When I listened to it for the first time I though it was an anti-military song because the lyrics talks about young soldiers having to endure a lot of atrocities, missing their families and losing their friends, so in similar veins to Don't Tell Mom I'm in Afghanistan (and its different iterations). However then I realized
//youtube.com/watch?v=ni19S9FazEgyoutube thumb
It's not. It's not an anti-military song, totally the opposite, it's pro-war. So with that context in mind the lyrics actually shows the Russian people giving up, accepting jumping from war to war is part of their normal life instead of the will of an autocratic government, also passively accepting having to endure missing their families, facing the horrors of war and losing their friends is something necessary to protect their country. Which is frankly something very horrible and depressing.
Blindly suffering (at the hands of an incompetent and uncaring state) is held up as an incredible Russian culturual virtue, and in terms of warfare uselessly throwing away entire hordes of their population for every mile is held up as a great Strength going all the way back to the so-called "Great Patriotic War".

Which is all just a way to get the population to accept and even defend absolute surrender to the mobsters in charge.
They violently hate the idea of any of their slavic neighbours actually getting their act together and working to improve their country/lot in life because it destroys the myth russians live their existance by. That everywhere else is inherently as bad as it is for them but everyone else is just lying about it.
>I wonder if Russians actually believe that bullshit or they get so used to Putin's propaganda that they no longer care anymore.

Americans believe all the horse shit they hear on Fox News and CNN too, so there's no difference.
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image:171133303987.jpg(58kB , 537x717 , positively shocking.jpg)
There's a group of "suspects" in custody and getting presented in a show trial, with more... details of events regarding them appearing in russian social media.
If these individuals are guilty or not the authorities have as you migt expect certainly made every effort to ensure they admit to their guilt.

Mister Twister
Suffering being a virtue is a recent thing, but dying (bravely, attempting to kill the EVIL enemy) was always a virtue. You will get to best Afterlife that way.
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image:171303299714.gif(4.43MB , 600x472 , 73447437.gif)
Just happened to find out OJ died.

Weird to find out simply in passing, though with all said and done Fuck that guy.