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/jam/ Artwork Thread

For fanart or official pictures that are neither Weastaboo >>88632 or gifs >>88535
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Next gen without context thead!
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Westaboo General
>mfw there's a pxiv tag for Full House
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Tonari no Seki-kunAnonymous
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Anyone else reading this series?

I got back into it after someone posted the mom Chapter.
Was the anime good? I never got around to watching it.
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The original series ended but her and their kid actually have a sequel manga following the exploits.
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So…hentai recommendations, anyone?
Sexfriend, because it didn't have any bullshit convoluted anime backstory or magical girl sex ninjas using their carnal powered chi to stop tentacle hentai demons.

It was just a few highschoolers bangin'.
There should be more hentai like that, just people having sex casually & consensually for fun. (For some reason in hentai even when its consensual there often has to be some overhanging sense of reluctance and degradation, usually with the chick saying "Stop" "No" "Don't touch me there" and the dude ignoring it)
It's probably from that japanese way of thinking that women mustn't enjoy sex. There's no sane JAV for the same reason either, it's either the girls feeling guilty over sex or the guys being completely dominated, there's no in between. Hentai anime is the same. It's why I liked sexfriend so much. And it's not without its plot twists either.
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Brand new /jam/ General; let's start with some spicy content.

Well-known tittycow-drawing mangaka turns out to be pedo buying porn from Germany.
Let's see if he gets off as easily as the creator of Rurouni Kenshin in terms of punishment.
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image:169444132337.jpg(5.38MB , 3464x4616 , Buichi_Terasawa_-_Magic_2016_-_Monaco_-_P1290077.jpg)
>Buichi Terasawa, manga artist of "Cobra" and "Goku Midnight Eye," has passed away at the age of 68
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image:169496521494.png(613kB , 1087x1035 , Great King Laios.png)
Dungeon Meshi/Delicious in Dungeon was alot like Fullmetal Alchemist for me, just a quality manga the entire way through with an ending that left me satisfied.

Coincidentally they were both made by female creators, but that seems more simply a little funfact than particularly relevant.
New animu webm threadAnonymous
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A place to post webms of an oriental animation nature.
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video:169372211117.webm(2.3MB , 720x404 , how to make gunfu even dumber.webm)
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What do you think of Pop Team Epic?
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>You can coom to us
>We are cute girls, after all
Mister Twister
10/10 story, saved.
Was surprised by some of the shoutouts they did in this musical part.

Pop Team Epic - "Gamay Obera"youtube thumb
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image:144267678600.png(387kB , 828x1200 , evil_heart-01-166.png)
We all know manga can conjure up emotions but what were the times when you found yourself SEETHING with rage reading manga?

ITT Pages that made you angry.

This page is from "Evil Heart" in which an extremely abusive person turns up to terrorize two small children living on their own, I was so angry that he would even dare turn up.
Guess I was lucky to drop the manhwa earlier than this point, something about the writing started to drag on me though I can't remember the exact reason for that.
Manga of a pointlessly Edgelord bent get that sort of feeling from me in general.

World is already bleak enough, what's the point of such contrived misery porn in fiction.
I hate everything written by Yoko Taro for this reason, all the stuff he makes is ridiculously and self-indulgently grim.
Animu soundtrack threadAnonymous
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Let's do this thing.

//youtube.com/watch?v=1-x3Bg_mgvgyoutube thumb
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video:169490921148.webm(5.78MB , 640x360 , MHA - You Say Run.webm)
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image:140243843000.jpg(112kB , 1280x720 , [Over-Time]_Kamen_Rider_Fourze_-_25_[06B77B4A].mkv_snapshot_15.15_[2012.03.19_14.00.36].jpg)
Tokusatsu Thread

I mostly need an outlet to talk about Kamen Rider, really.

Binged on Fourze. It's great, except for like 12 episodes when Meteor shows up and drags everything down until Prom.
Mister Twister
We may one day wake up in a world where one must pay a corporation to unlock the ability to imagine.
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image:169056865193.jpg(265kB , 1200x500 , shin-kamen-rider-movie.jpeg)
It seems people are having a positive reaction to the Shin Kamen Rider movie? Honestly I hate anything directed by Anno so haven't been paying close attention.
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image:169490907121.jpg(1.57MB , 1000x1409 , MV5BNjI5ODczNmYtMzgwYi00OWY0LTlkYTAtNDVkM2UxYWMwMjQxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTEzMTI1Mjk3._V1_.jpg)
All these new kamen riders just sort of blend together for me, watching a franchise get dragged out forever is tiresome.

Not like it bothers the ones making it though since burnt-out oldfags are hardly their target audience.
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Shōnen Jump Thread: E3—Everything Ends Edition


Welp. Bleach is finally coming to an end. The 74th volume, which ships this fall, will be the manga’s last.
Thanks for that info
The mid-battle powerups in One Piece are particularly random and outta nowhere, even by the standards of shonen.
Considering the OP this is a particularly fitting thing to bring up.
The Bleach spinoff set in the same universe but following an supernatural guardians from another part of the world is getting an anime, Burn The Witch?

Apparently their afterlife is less of a total fascist feudal japanese ghetto shithole than the one featured in Bleach.
How does that retarded worldbuilding even work, is it racial? Or where on Earth you were when you died?
If you were a weeb on a holiday to Japan to experience anime in its true environment and to try and lose your virginity to a genuine japanese waifu folded 1000 times but got hit by a bus would you go to your country's afterlife or would you be consigned to the backwards japanese ghetto?
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image:140456297000.jpg(173kB , 1024x576 , sailor-moon-crystal[1].jpg)
Episode 1's out. Seems pretty good, but the official subs are awful.
Wasn't the Nobel Gundam meant to be an explicit sailor moon reference by the showrunners? Though doesn't really make any sense in-universe that the national gundam from Neo-Sweden would be designed to look like a Japanese schoolgirl.
The Saprophyte
No idea. There's already a lot of German/Jap crossover though and in a lot of anime Japanese culture seems to dominate the world anyway so a Sweeb gundam isn't too far out there, esp. when they're directly emulating Japanese tech aesthetic .
Why don't they make a magical girl show where the girls all transform into (sexy) giant robots?

And since they are GIANT robots that would mean constant upskirt panty shots.
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image:168514137192.jpg(903kB , 2500x3531 , Fu4w518aQAADlAo.jpg)
Liru is a miracle of the universe! ✨️ 🙏
AI garbage.
Has there been anything new with this beast chick in recent history?
the occasional rule 34, that's about it.
/jam/ Artwork ThreadAnonymous
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You know the drill, both fan art and official stuff is allowed, let your relevant image folders fly free.
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image:169490271303.png(391kB , 600x700 , Spoiler image)
Dungeon Meshi has finished, final chapter just came out.