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Ranma 1/2 Genereal aka the Waifu/Husbando Gladiatorial Arena
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Argue your women as much as you like, just remember who the best boy is.
There is no best boy or girl in the series because EVERYONE except Kasumi is a terrible person, to the point Kasumi instead being overly sickly sweet and kind is one of her major gimmicks/jokes.
Autonymoose !x4vv0ZYuAo
I don't think Ryoga is a terrible person so much as he's just dense. Saying Ryoga is terrible is like saying Gohan is terrible.
One day ya'll will understand the body-for-all-seasons appeal of Ranma himself. One day.
Penguin God
Ryoga's dense AND a jerk. Goku and Gohan mean well in their obliviousness, Ryoga was a selfish schemer who was just terrible at schemes. There's nothing wrong with that though, everybody being loony jerks is what makes Ranma funny.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
I started watching the anime a few years back and I thought it was kind of fun. Then I read this line on the Wikipedia article:
>Although the characters and their relationships are complicated, they rarely change once the characters are firmly introduced and settled into the series.
I immediately lost interest.
>Thinking a Rumiko Takahashi series would have meaningful relationship advancement.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
>Thinking that I know who that is
Are you boasting about your ignorance, you'd be better just staying quiet
Sharkman Jhones

I wonder why that is. Inuyasha kinda felt lacking in that department too, and that was an honest-ass Romance story where the two romantic leads are pretty obviously going to end up together...and they did...but they never once kiss in the original manga. Like, not once. Seriously, during the course of the series he kisses his undead ex-girlfriend more than his actual love interest he ends up sort-of marrying.

As in he does it at all.

The anime changed this by adding one in during the finale, and the non-canon second movie has one, but we have a romance franchise in which the two romantic leads, and lead protagonists of the series never once kiss in the source material.

It's silly, but I've always wondered why. Like if Takahashi had a specific narrative reason or purpose. The series never really depicts either Inuyasha or Kagome as particularly chaste or having some gender/sexuality issue that would prevent or affect an actual physical display.

Miyazaki movies pretty often have a similar set-up, a male and female lead, but they don't often go into a story with the intention of romance, Miyazaki just personally thinks that being obligated to have your male and female leads automatically end up in a relationship is bullshit.
Read Maison Ikkoku.
Also the lack of advancement doesn't really matter in Ranma's case because it's a comedy series, the romance and all that other shit is ancillary. Inuyasha just has garbage pacing in general.
That is true, but even Ranma is worsened by it, since jokes stop being funny if you run them into the ground.

And its always such a weak and contrived reason why whenever it seems like there's about to be development it just gets NOPE'd away.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
It sounded like I was being criticized for expectations I didn't have. I may have misinterpreted the post.

On that grounds, I could completely understand somebody enjoying the series. I just didn't find it funny enough to keep watching it for that reason alone.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
From what I've seen of the show the manga is better in every way.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

And Ranma had shit animation for its first few seasons, too. It's way more noticeable now that the show's coming out on Blu-ray.

What I wouldn't give for Ranma to get the DBZ Kai treatment.
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