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image:149779044500.png(106kB , 518x771 , 149779006769861.png)
The CONTENT Request Thread

Link to old thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t210012.html

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image:169299151617.gif(45kB , 370x498 , eliza-skullgirls.gif)
Upon consulting my own collection as well as two rule 34 sites, it seems there is no colored artwork of Eliza from Skullgirls which involves her getting creampied and impregnated, complete with sperm-hitting-the-egg. There is at least one such image for the entire rest of the cast - up to and including Umbrella and Black Dahlia, even.

I realize this is a tall order but I hereby request an artist to please help resolving this artistic deficiency.
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image:169453505332.jpg(314kB , 1170x891 , 4940228 - Abigail_Lincoln Codename__Kids_Next_Door Fanny_Fulbright Kuki_Sanban Rachel_McKenzie.jpg)
Question did you draw this?
counter request, Gert trying to shave her cooch, by sitting legs opened in the path of an incoming lawnmower, hoping that this will work. littered around her are a bunch of broken razors, weed cutter, gardening scissor, machete, axe, chainsaw, empty bottle of acid, etc.
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image:169608511705.gif(1.42MB , 320x180 , predalien oral impregnation.gif)
requesting rule 34... well, fanart, on the scene where the predalien (Alien vs Predator 2) orally impregnates several women.
Camp Sherwood 3: Rave from the GraveAnonymous
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image:166907357321.png(651kB , 1159x1500 , misterd_17800_large.png)
Last thread here: >>419560
New pages just dropped.
what lyrics?
Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting (Original Music Video)youtube thumb

Everybody was kung fu fighting
Those cats were fast as lightning
In fact, it was a little bit frightening
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feel like i heard that one with kung fu panda
a long long time ago
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image:168147693774.jpg(871kB , 3510x4961 , IL9 pic16 annie angel.JPG)
Palcomix #3

Link to old thread : >>455910
>How I Did Your Mother

award winning porn title right there.
tough im not seeing a new trial of mana image since last week?
Sorry, there is only one image in that one, there was no image, I missed deleting it
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image:169203238490.png(674kB , 1217x1704 , xierra lil sis 650.png)
thread 1 >>418782

thread 2 >>427985

thread 3 >>441256
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image:169609815458.png(787kB , 1286x1800 , xierra lil sis 689.png)
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image:169609817388.png(549kB , 1286x1800 , xierra lil sis 690.png)
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image:169609819788.png(781kB , 1286x1800 , xierra lil sis 691.png)
Incognitymous thread quality banter editionAnonymous
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image:169211473249.png(2.91MB , 2480x3570 , SultrySummer_Page282.png)
>I'm gonna squirt in your mouth like I'm your cousin

Last thread: >>444929
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image:169604807591.png(3.03MB , 2480x3570 , SultrySummer_Page294.png)
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image:169604809288.png(3.05MB , 2480x3570 , SultrySummer_Page295.png)
okay, now its getting better.
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image:164271507298.png(694kB , 2456x2880 , Gravity Falls JaviSuzumiya 1.png)
Lucky number seven

Thread 1: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t161951.html
Thread 2: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t175504.html
Thread 3: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t192311.html
Thread 4: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t216862.html
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art still looks good, thats why we wanna see more
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image:169238285653.jpg(502kB , 2764x2376 , Mabel 563.jpeg)
thats fair
And several months later still nothing
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image:164556835916.jpg(2kB , 474x239 , naruto.jpg)
I am amazed that there isn't one of these yet
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image:169601385000.jpg(2.38MB , 4779x6750 , sunflower 36.jpg)
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image:169601394362.jpg(1,012kB , 2202x1600 , sunflower 37.jpg)
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image:169601396016.jpg(756kB , 2202x1600 , sunflower 38.jpg)
Another Ben 10 ThreadAnonymous
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image:169112452464.jpg(187kB , 1220x1500 , 5547612 - Ben_10 Ben_10_Alien_Force Ben_Tennyson Gwen_Tennyson Kevin_Levin LoodNCrood.jpg)
Looks like the current Ben 10 thread reached its bump limit, so here's the start of a new one.

Anything Ben 10 related is allowed and free to be posted here.
thank you
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image:169600137908.jpg(3.79MB , 3922x3624 , FZ_NHOVX0AAr37g.jpg)
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image:169401845901.jpg(871kB , 4096x1930 , Princess Picnic Party.jpg)
Because too much Disney content was taking up space in general 34 when it could honestly be concentrated into its own thread.
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image:166077171406.jpg(1.77MB , 2480x3508 , cd06c6347f184eaeba70ebd210a14379.jpeg)
For all the art by PADM.
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image:169583363319.jpg(464kB , 3508x2480 , k3ysPDp7MIcyEzvtOx7ZJsX2IvxkjzfGUWge3hUNUd8.jpg)
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image:169591561804.jpg(518kB , 3508x2480 , 5p2euZ5eo09Q4Wgsjl1eEUs7RobKn7WVn2mF2S39O5M.jpg)
Thanks for all the sharing. Where do you find these?
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image:159638913381.jpg(305kB , 1500x964 , 2020JUL29_weebgirls_triple_blow_jobs_colored_serenity_harper_birch_small_rosemary_crop_wip3.jpg)
Its a little weird making thread on my own.

I will be using this thread to aggregate information about nsfw projects that I am working on, primarily /co/ and /coc/ related subject as well as some personal oc projects.

Some of the subjects I'm planning to include in this thread:
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image:169595201510.jpg(304kB , 800x1200 , Betaman 04_03 REV2023-09-22.jpg)
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image:169595240405.jpg(356kB , 800x1200 , Betaman 04_04 REV2023-09-22.jpg)
I am trying to get my projects back on track again, the goal is to release at least 4 pages per month and aim for 8 pages on this projects. I am also working on Rococo comic, which I want to aim for 16 pages a month to push story narratives. Both Rococo and Betaman and laid out in 24 pages chapters.
Thanks for the new pages! And here's hoping you can keep up your schedule.

The only way you'd get a square ass like that is if she is sitting on something. Even if she was skinny, that part would be round (unless we are talking about not a skinny person but extreme undernourishment).
Avatar the Last Airbender(etc) threadAnonymous
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image:165912727349.jpg(919kB , 1280x1679 , 14e62aa34cd7ed108ab0528488c6e3d5.jpeg)
New Avatar movies are in development, let's use that as an excuse to have a new Avatar franchise porno thread (They were popular here in the past afterall)
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image:156169118148.png(877kB , 1124x1178 , amphibia heightes 1.png)
New show about girl living with frogs
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image:169594368471.gif(793kB , 500x281 , anne-yeah-yuh.gif)
finally! thank you!
Huh, so don’t get me wrong I’m happy but there’s scenes that were in the storyboards that aren’t here
Straight Shota SmörgåsbordAnonymous
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image:169469235266.jpg(35kB , 453x604 , 1646514090525.jpg)
Needs a new thread.

Last thread
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image:169504601876.jpg(5kB , 742x574 , Mummies_Alive_c01.jpg)
No, that's a pic from a long time ago. It just got forgotten, probably since it's not porn of a more popular cartoon.
For every DBZ pic PBX drew there was also a few deep cuts like Mummies Alive or Herculoids.
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image:169574898606.jpg(136kB , 970x1057 , 5898804 - Aeolus Kingdom_Hearts Sora.jpg)
Queen Ty´Ranee threadAnonymous
File deleted
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image:169574844872.png(133kB , 993x993 , 5860650 - HTDmason_(artist) Queen_Tyr'ahnee Sunny_Miami.png)
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image:169574851271.jpg(856kB , 2450x3000 , 5792161 - Duchess_(artist) Duck_Dodgers_(series) Looney_Tunes Queen_Tyr'ahnee.jpg)
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image:169574853449.jpg(259kB , 1771x1906 , 5807615 - crossover dodo-bot Duck_Dodgers_(series) Queen_Tyr'ahnee Shy_Guy Super_Mario_Bros..jpg)