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image:149779044500.png(106kB , 518x771 , 149779006769861.png)
The CONTENT Request Thread

Link to old thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t210012.html

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>not /ss/ (straight shota)
I mean GAY shota anon. Only lesbians are allowed and this thread is dead anyway.
>I mean GAY shota anon.
Go to /coq/ for gay stuff.

>Only lesbians are allowed
that wouldn't even be /ss/, unless it's some threesome.
/coq/ doesn't have a drawthread.
I was talking about /pco/ allowing lesbian (girls) not gays (boys).
This board (site) is dead. I'm asking for OTHER websites.
You're being difficult. Forget I asked.
>/coq/ doesn't have a drawthread.
There's a big "Start new thread" button on the top.

>I was talking about /pco/ allowing lesbian (girls) not gays (boys).
Yeah, that's how /pco/ works. People had an issue with gay spam and a different board was made for it.
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image:166907357321.png(651kB , 1159x1500 , misterd_17800_large.png)
Last thread here: >>419560
New pages just dropped.
>it has been ongoing for over a decade now
Jesus, has it really been that long?
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image:166972949758.png(828kB , 1159x1500 , misterd_17825_large.png)
Didn't expect another page quite this soon, but here we are.
It might sound like Trixie is exaggerating here, but I legit knew girls who were being told to plan for their wedding when they were barely teens.
Lor is straight or bi in my book. Girl had a mighty thirst for a boy so much that she changed herself to be girly to attract him
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image:165912727349.jpg(919kB , 1280x1679 , 14e62aa34cd7ed108ab0528488c6e3d5.jpeg)
New Avatar movies are in development, let's use that as an excuse to have a new Avatar franchise porno thread (They were popular here in the past afterall)
where are aang's tattoos?
His tats are on his back not his front.
you should be able to see them on his legs
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image:165799653548.png(1.25MB , 1500x1250 , 1654412446.djkennedy67_special_training_after_hours_with_major_friedkin.png)
Old thread >>451375
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image:166966383154.jpg(553kB , 802x956 , 4231681_bigdad_wildhops_7.jpg)
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image:166976920091.jpg(448kB , 2048x2048 , FivtGB_VsAAKSGm.jpg)
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image:166976938498.png(2.64MB , 2668x3000 , 2805192_gammainks_scratazon-leader.png)
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image:166578052310.jpg(298kB , 800x1200 , 2780201_carliabot_millie-servicing-moxxie-commission.jpg)
Last thread >>452061
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image:166959524166.jpg(472kB , 3271x2494 , FV5XKU1WIAAkFnT.jpg)
This is the kind of shit that happens when the mods go out on Thanksgiving.
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image:166976933077.jpg(756kB , 3600x3500 , Fiqg9wdWQAE82wM.jpeg)
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image:166739992799.png(5.17MB , 3120x2400 , Sparitysunblock.png)
last thread >>440548
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image:166968677273.png(5.17MB , 2508x3541 , sparishotadeepcumface.png)
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image:166976899749.png(4.39MB , 2500x2851 , shotaspforqs.png)
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image:166976901655.png(4.41MB , 2500x2851 , shotaspforqscum.png)
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image:166627270450.gif(1.93MB , 400x206 , buttfucked in the pussy by hulk.gif)
Last one has fallen out of the limelight enough we could do with a successor >>423597

The X-Men have their own thread but we need somewhere for ALL THE OTHER superhero characters in existence to go!
Starting with a bang on something attention-grabbing, before moving onto more regular images...
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image:166959110834.png(1.66MB , 1200x866 , crimson mask fuck.png)
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image:166965507600.jpg(267kB , 800x1342 , phantom lady uncle sam dc.jpg)
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image:160144286441.png(433kB , 658x953 , Jeri_Keene Poland Preteena Teena_Keene UBNT edit.png)
The Preteena thread
Holy shit, that's hot! The hair looks specially nice.
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image:166971183803.png(213kB , 579x1157 , teena2.png)
/co/ idea
I saw the request! It was a cool thread, by the way.
Wonderful art. Teena's ass is divine.
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image:164406174045.jpg(626kB , 2467x3925 , FJhZWmdXEAIPBRL.jpeg)
Last thread >>190611
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image:166933519257.png(674kB , 1000x901 , 1552597_capydiem_shantae-quickie.png)
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image:166973794702.png(3.14MB , 1500x2100 , SpookySucc.png)
About damn time OSB did porn, even if Patreon-locked.
Hey, that's pretty good. It's been a while since I saw some really good Shantae stuff.
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image:166604803081.jpg(331kB , 1280x1600 , 57.jpg)
This thread is for all the content made by Reit
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image:166965643498.jpg(4.73MB , 4000x5000 , Korrina 5.jpg)
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image:166965647704.jpg(4.53MB , 4000x5000 , Korrina 6.jpg)
What matters are the images, please post them.
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image:164020870655.png(779kB , 1486x1395 , loud house ardidon 5.png)
thread 1: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t181570.html#p181570
thread 2: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t206945.html#p206945
thread 3: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t212387.html#p212387
thread 4: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t219740.html#p219740
thread 5: https://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t225393.html#p225393
thread 6:
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image:165419878789.jpg(215kB , 1020x1500 , loud house white bunny 1.jpg)
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image:166958347667.png(6.74MB , 2894x4093 , Fiona Lincoln.PNG)
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image:166965683519.png(2.98MB , 4270x3282 , Leni Lincoln Lori.PNG)
I'm pretty sure NatekaPlace would do an animation for this.
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image:159638913381.jpg(305kB , 1500x964 , 2020JUL29_weebgirls_triple_blow_jobs_colored_serenity_harper_birch_small_rosemary_crop_wip3.jpg)
Its a little weird making thread on my own.

I will be using this thread to aggregate information about nsfw projects that I am working on, primarily /co/ and /coc/ related subject as well as some personal oc projects.

Some of the subjects I'm planning to include in this thread:
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A small comfort at least, considering what became of the comic.
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image:166964672171.jpg(109kB , 607x910 , 2022-11-28 sinfest slick monique and Xanthe Justice.jpg)
i used to still holds a sliver of hope that it was some sort of long con but I am not only sadly mistaken, he basically didn't care about how people who used to like these characters feels about it, so there is no reason for me to hold back at all.
That's the biker radfem, isn't she?

She deserves much worse, much more demeaning porn than just that. Way way worse.
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image:166569177050.png(2.01MB , 1294x1200 , extro_Patreon_Ringu_Sadako.png)
last thread: >>442069
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image:166958719545.jpg(783kB , 2046x2048 , Jucika The Fence.jpeg)
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image:166958874491.jpg(215kB , 1139x1365 , tali_Blojob Port.jpeg)
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image:166964336745.jpg(881kB , 2445x4096 , d6b46c439060ca00b13956f2d5d488c3.jpeg)
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video:165764862625.mp4(9.37MB , 1920x1080 , dff3d0b2e16390dd71be64ccd6c841c6.mp4)
Previous thread maxxed out >>439595

Time for a new one!
Not sure about the big part, but the rest is actually true.
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image:166963954215.png(6.97MB , 3000x4200 , sue franklin.png)
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image:165850562587.png(1.52MB , 1200x1697 , 2126ac749571f72975991b23b3b3bb57.png)
The purpose of this thread is to allow people to give out ideas for potential comics from Palcomix, either for original comics or sequels to existing comics.
I have confirmation that I could post my ideas on the discord, though there some technicalities.
Guess that makes me a jackass.
I'm still gonna post my ideas on this thread regardless.
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image:166959421270.jpg(151kB , 976x896 , 9d2484ed331def1b05053cadcbceb4f73d06609b.jpg)
I got "Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg" on my mind, so I'm gonna make a comic idea for him.

The story involves Billy Hatcher and Rolly Roll having sex after hatching an egg with pink hearts on it and releasing a pink light that makes them both naked and super horny.
For a little bit of comedy, the ending would involve Rolly Roll releasing a bunch of chicken eggs out of her vagina.