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Serious question Anonymous
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image:151593377800.png(52kB , 1920x1080 , AE730336-26A4-444A-9ACD-166F861478D5.png)
I imagine someone is going create a roblox thread,and I’m going to be that person.
Blast awayfriends,we have work to do.
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image:151594100200.gif(1.46MB , 428x270 , eyeroll.gif)
Yep, that's the perfect way to start a new thread, Sean Spicer, with absolutely no content whatsoever. Good job.
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image:151595108000.png(221kB , 900x1137 , 2423297 - Roblox tagme.png)
There isn't much good Roblox porn out there, but this should get you started.
God is dead.
Incognitymous ThreadAnonymous
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image:147209615500.png(662kB , 1650x1275 , LoliClub_Calendar08AugustCindyColor.png)
Thanks again to my current Patreon supporters. The support is greatly appreciated. If you would like to show your support my Patreon can be found at http://www.Patreon.com/Incognitymous

You can find my latest works at http://jabarchives.com/main/profile/incognitymous

Finally time for a new thread. A bit late on this one, but better late than never. Old thread can be found dying and discarded all the way on the second page at >>207537. New thread can be found here.
i just went into the gallery for Sultry Summer, checked page 0, 1, 2, 3. nothing new posted there. what are you talking about?
Is there a new thread for Incognitymous? I just joined his site and am VERY interested in seeing about some more art.
I'm not a member of Patreon.
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image:149280198400.png(445kB , 672x1060 , thundertankk.png)
Hello and welcome to my first thread on here. I will be using this as a way to post updates and inform people of what I'm working on.

Also I will occasionally take requests if I have nothing else to do.

https://discord.gg/UdEg26g. Here's my discord. Thought I'd share since pco is going under. Everywhere is welcome.
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image:151444274000.jpg(274kB , 1404x872 , 3466.jpg)
>That Gruftine

Would you mind draw more of Batoria?
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image:151095255500.png(465kB , 477x720 , Page 00 - Cover png.png)
So eh.... I'm making a comic?
It's been months that i've planned on making it, and i've been on and off with the decision of whether to go through with it, mostly because i feel like my art isnt that well off to pass for a comic (i'll let you guys decide)

but with the announcement that they were going to release a TV series soon, I just went with it. To heck with all my troubles, i wanna cross this off my bucketlist finally. My first comic!

So i just wanna upload a few of the WIP pages here and take-in some of your opinions and suggestions in hopes i could probably fix right now or take note for future comics.
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Very well done. The beach for part 2 sounds incredible!
I'm gonna keep suggesting an eventual threesome with Honey Lemon because she actually gets touchy/feely with Hiro. It baffles my mind Gogo/Hiro is more popular (not complaining on the porn though). All in all, a very nice work even when I'm not a big fan of the pairing.
Gogo is more than a handful <3
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image:150044261100.png(701kB , 1345x886 , gwen start.png)
Gwen Thread...

new thread
Because she was fully clothed, it's gotta be full on nude at least.
Previous thread:

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image:150941381000.png(2.06MB , 2034x2034 , rarelolis.png)
Taking requests and stuff. I'm vanilla as hell. https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=19666602
Can I request anything or do you have some guidelines? If it's the latter, can you please explain what guidelines you have? Personally, I'm specifically curious about your artistic stance on the following: loli (primarily under age 16 but no younger than 5 or 6 minimum; both interacting with boys/girls of similar age and adults), beastiality (not super into it, it I just want to cover my bases), incest, lesbian, gender swapping (i.e. Turning a boy into a girl), BDSM (light), (sex) slaves, and humiliation/domination. I should warn you now that I will NOT request/accept scat, wetworks (as in piss, both pants/bedwetting or watersports), blood, vore, torture, fart porn, physical violence of any kind (anything that leaves cuts, scars, bruises, broken/fractured bones, or anything on a similar level), homosexual sex (I'm not gay which would mean that I don't find anything sexually attractive about two men having sex; that's where it starts and ends), and—in most context—I'm fairly sketchy on rape. Just let me know if any of these terms are acceptable, and if so, I'll send a few requests your way.
Requesting Little Lulu turning into a demon girl as a devil imp is fucking her (it can be noncon if you'd like)
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image:150958129400.jpg(11kB , 161x320 , 2017812-tumblr_lrgozrznzm1qdgrh9.jpg)
Forgot the ref
Steven Universe Thread 8Anonymous
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image:148952746700.png(448kB , 997x1920 , steven universe somethingrelatedtothisguy peridot 5.png)
Working in the thread earns you big bucks
First Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t162060.html
Second Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t175100.html
Third Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t178074.html
Fourth Thread http://boards.plus4chan.org/pco/t183309.html
Fifth Thread http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t187945.htm
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image:150885810900.png(253kB , 906x1200 , steven universe eyemaster 17.png)
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image:150885814700.png(157kB , 906x1200 , steven universe eyemaster peridot 18.png)
Serious question
Wait,my question is,how would gems have General areas if there not human?
Star vs the Forces of Evil thread 5Anonymous
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image:149292665000.png(1.93MB , 2200x1932 , star vs juanomorfo.png)
first thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t177765.html#p177765
second thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t187639.html#p187639
third thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t207327.html#p207327
fourth thread:http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t214795.html#p214795

Star and Jackie showing of the goods.
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image:150799239500.png(561kB , 906x1200 , star vs eyemaster jackie 3.png)
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image:150802102200.jpg(449kB , 731x1213 , 65296559_p0.jpg)
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image:150807830100.png(597kB , 906x1200 , star vs eyemaster jackie 7.png)
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image:150567293600.png(124kB , 500x900 , 139298096194_2_2.png)
Anybody have an extensive archive of simon's old drawings and sketches? If so, I'd really appreciate it if you zip it and upload it to https://mega.co.nz

I know there was a lot simon threads going here in the past, but I missed most of them, and all of the threads are now dead.

Any help will be appreciated!
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image:148936176900.png(2.36MB , 1736x1229 , Molly and Rebecca.png)
Furry/Anthro Thread

previous thread: http://boards.plus4chan.net/pco/t203874.html
That merchandise is completely off the rails. Making that show must have been REALLY fun for the crew involved.
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image:155428321647.png(725kB , 920x819 , 2661165_SoulCentinel_c_cubnickmilfbun.png)
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image:143340332400.png(497kB , 640x1032 , lilo-and-stitch-porn-comic-13339.png)
Lilo & Stitch Thread
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image:150357291800.gif(1.60MB , 800x853 , Sfan-533374-Animation_-_David_Kawena_and_Nani_Pelekai.gif)
Oh myyy, that's a nice one. :-)
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image:150109882200.png(106kB , 1280x800 , Untitledn.png)
test page
please delete the thread it was a test
nozorohc Thread part 3: noznorohc With a VengeanceAnonymous
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image:148835012200.png(432kB , 3244x1687 , alice1.png)
Alice is ready to go, so I guess that means it's time for a new thread. I decided to forgo doing a complex background for this one, as it had already been more than a month since the last thread and I felt I should get the led out. I'd still like to do that at some point in the future, but we'll see how that fits into my current to-do list. Speaking of that to-do list, lets talk about what's coming up next.

I said last time that I wanted to start doing comics, and I ended up putting that off, but I'm starting right out with that this time. I want to start small, with one page scenarios mostly of what I like to call 'noncontextual sex' (just fucking with little to no plot or set up). My goal right now is to learn the fundamentals of how to accurately convey a sequence of actions, which I'll need to be able to do properly before I can try more ambitious things like story telling, so keep that in mind if you make any requests. As for what these comics will be about, I've been practicing Lilo and Stitch, so some Nani and Lilo /ll/ will be first. I also have some ideas featuring my typical cast, particularly Clementine and Gruftine.

There's also some leftover ideas: that Lilo and Stitch canvas I started last thread is not quite full yet, I did a Clementine request in the interim that I'll post later on, there's that one anon's baseline iterations, and maybe I'll get to some of the things I promised in the first thread and never got around to.
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This is the best thing ever
Why the growth spurt? She's too old now.
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image:150001849200.png(1.88MB , 3507x2480 , tzipporah.png)
Here's an update on the current commission. Moses is almost done, which means we're nearing the creation of the next thread.

>wow, what a little slut!

We've been training her well.
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image:149620839600.png(1.18MB , 1222x990 , sfhd.png)

It's a little quick and dirty but forgive me I've been out of practice, In time I'll improve.

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image:150059262600.png(1.12MB , 1920x1080 , rukia_futagwen_bedroomangle2_copy.png)
These were on Cafe Anteiku discord.

Don't know if they made them, but that's where I get them from
Post in the new thread bro
Previous thread

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image:147626665600.png(970kB , 1340x3177 , Yen.png)
/MLG/ - Manic Loli General

Manic draws lolis
Throw out a name and personality traits(One Positive, One Negative) and maybe they'll be drawn
There might be a loli sex game in the works for me. Lots of lolis will be needed.

For the next bit. Please post refs and why you think they should be added.

Which girls are super popular and MUST be included?
These girls are not going to be finished anytime soon.
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image:149958159800.gif(20kB , 480x270 , eey.gif)
Keep watching