plus4chan donations

plus4chan hosts an ever-growing amount of content, some which is adult in nature. This limits our choices when it comes to hosting and increases the costs. Therefore donations are greatly appreciated. It helps to not only keep the site online and functioning without compromises (both technical and legal), but also potentially allowing future growth.

There are various ways to donate:


Patreon accepts credit cards and paypal, and allows for automatic donations and withdrawals, making it the easiest to use method. The downside is that they also apply tax and their own cut on donations. A $10 donation means you could be paying $12.70 while we only recieve $8.60. However it is also anonymous from the billing side with neither your or plus4chans name not shown anywhere - although it will give us access to the email address you use on Patreon. Additionally, withdrawals on our side is also automated, so any donations sent will go directly to our host funding pool. Theoretically if there are enough donations, the hosting bills may get cleared automatically.

plus4chan patreon page


Ko-fi allows for direct Paypal donations. You need a Paypal account for it to work, and any donations will feature your registered name under paypal. Donations can be one-off or automated. Ko-fi does not take any cut from the donated money. This is preferred if you want maximum value for your money, and you do not mind your real name (or the name you have set in your Paypal Business account) and your email address being featured on the bill.

plus4chan ko-fi page


Donating via bitcoin will require you to sign up in any of the popular bitcoin exchanges (OKX, Kraken, etc) to be able to donate. However the bitcoin donations themselves are fully anonymous. Due to the nature of bitcoin, any donations made this way may not be immediately useable for hosting purposes, but the value of the donation may increase as the price of bitcoin fluctuates. Consider this a savings pool, best used for single, larger donations.

To donation via bitcoin, please use the address 1DbS2dq2geye6rhcMmTfybTqsfH1z2tATZ.

Optionally, in case you want us to know where the donation comes from, you can choose to include your email address in the bitcoin message, or send the transaction details to (or not).

What perks do donations come with?

Due to our nature as an anonymous imageboard and comparatively low traffic, there aren't many things we can offer in return. Feature suggestions are always welcome.

For long-term supporters, we can offer a VIP account, which comes with a nice blue user name.