What is plus4chan?

plus4chan is an imageboard started circa 2006, as a place for /co/ to post whenever 4chan was down, and to give its users additional boards and functions that 4chan did not or could not give at the time. Although these additions may not be unique anymore, plus4chan is still around thanks to its own, ever loyal community.


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►>>/honey/ No.18

by thirstposter ## VIP

>Honey gets her own board >Everything else Sonic-related has to share a single board This is a travesty!...

►>>/md/ No.3756

by Anonymous

>>3731 1000 posts or so...

►>>/md/ No.3754

by Anonymous

>>3752 Goth is more about style, emo is more about emotion...atleast that's what google sayd...

►>>/md/ No.3753

by Anonymous

>>3752 the name… and that’s about it...

►>>/md/ No.3752

by Anonymous

>>3751 What the difference between a goth and a emo?...

►>>/md/ No.3751

by Anonymous

>>3750 Nia also isn't Goth but emo...

►>>/md/ No.3750

by Anonymous

>>3748 Nia wasn't an asshole tho...

►>>/md/ No.3749

by Anonymous

>>3742 >See two robots of different brands walking hand in hand. >A third robot point at them and scream about interracial couples. >It's holding a human's...


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