What is plus4chan?

plus4chan is an imageboard started circa 2006, as a place for /co/ to post whenever 4chan was down, and to give its users additional boards and functions that 4chan did not or could not give at the time. Although these additions may not be unique anymore, plus4chan is still around thanks to its own, ever loyal community.


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►>>/baw/ No.418690

by Meester Tweester

>>418688 Well, don't read the comics and don't care too much for Batman Begins. Forgot about the whole "trained by ninjas" part, which is not even in TAS which is best Ba...

►>>/co/ No.420662

by Meester Tweester

>>420661 He prefers to share sources beforehand, and this thread does not specify....

►>>/co/ No.420661

by Anonymous

>>420658 What are you complaining about, this is the thread for posting such content....

►>>/baw/ No.418689

by Anonymous


►>>/baw/ No.418688

by Anonymous

>>418685 >Not getting the Batman part....

►>>/co/ No.420660

by Deon

>>420658 Because it’s the post random webms thread...

►>>/baw/ No.418687

by Meester Tweester

>>418686 Nevermind, unclicking "I am gay" fixes everything....