What is plus4chan?

plus4chan is an imageboard started circa 2006, as a place for /co/ to post whenever 4chan was down, and to give its users additional boards and functions that 4chan did not or could not give at the time. Although these additions may not be unique anymore, plus4chan is still around thanks to its own, ever loyal community.


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►>>/co/ No.421383

by Swift

Quite the badass thief, too....

►>>/co/ No.421382

by Swift

Sadly she appears in only two stories as far as I can tell....

►>>/baw/ No.418960

by Mister Twister

>>418959 In a way I envy you. Perhaps you truly love someone....

►>>/co/ No.421381

by Swift

Huh, did not know Mickey Mouse had his Catwoman expy too in Katarina Kodorofsky...

►>>/baw/ No.418959

by Anonymous

Last night I dreamt that my dad, who very often keeps introducing me to girls with the intention for me to fuck them, contacted an old flame from my teenage years for me ...

►>>/baw/ No.418958

by Anonymous


►>>/baw/ No.418957

by Anonymous