What is plus4chan?

plus4chan is an imageboard started circa 2006, as a place for /co/ to post whenever 4chan was down, and to give its users additional boards and functions that 4chan did not or could not give at the time. Although these additions may not be unique anymore, plus4chan is still around thanks to its own, ever loyal community.


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►>>/baw/ No.430396

by Anonymous


►>>/tnt/ No.63551

by Anonymous

>>63549 I'd be down for that....

►>>/tnt/ No.63550

by Anonymous

City 17 ring doorbell (Gmod)...

►>>/tnt/ No.63549

by Anonymous

So the recent /aco/ got a lot of people excited for the idea of a male and female /trash/ (trashman and trashwoman I guess). This is assumingly on top of the free-for-all...

►>>/tnt/ No.63548

by Anonymous

The perfect team....

►>>/tnt/ No.63547

by Anonymous

>>63542 Isn’t it starting on the 6th? That would mean it’s 8 days...

►>>/co/ No.451384

by Anonymous

>>451383 >Man, placing speech bubbles is way harder than it looks! Boy isn't it? My one attempt at it on just one page turned out to be a much more difficult and...


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