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Xierra gay threadAnonymous
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image:164581173201.png(854kB , 1217x1704 , xierra lil sis 512.png)
Thread for m/m works of xierra099
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image:166301809161.png(246kB , 900x898 , bd6802c93cfea963.png)
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image:169627405352.png(968kB , 2400x2500 , xierra lil sis 696.png)
All boy nudity but you got girls checking them out so true to the law if not the spirit
Unofficial Sonic Storytime ~after dark~Anonymous
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image:165681082735.jpg(443kB , 2100x1400 , 1_00.jpg)
What's up fellow /co/cksluts, like Shadow, I've taken off my inhibitor rings in order to unleash the full force of my lewdness. This ~after dark~ will be completely uncut, so there will be dude on dude handholding. On the last episode of ~after dark~ your favorite twink thirst-poster did a sexy vampire comic, https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/131193200/#q131199052 with Sonic and Shadow kissing as vampires. Today we're going to revisit an old favorite, this is Trick with the Hat by KrazyELF. Stay tuned after the comic as I'll be giving real answers to the questions "Who ate the third chili-dog?" and "Just what was the trick with the hat?"
Original (censored) thread: https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/130608286/#q130611878
Surprisingly, I dig it.
Thanks OP
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image:169466959238.png(478kB , 1600x2000 , wolf_love_poster_by_mayenic_dfzn3jw.png)
What if The Heart of a Monster but it's not platonic between Sonic and Shadow? You'd probably get Wolf Love.
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image:170018098582.jpg(688kB , 1600x1200 , 0.jpg)
I Guess TP will like that.
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image:166086329252.jpg(1.49MB , 2480x3508 , 75878234_p1.jpg)
All yaoi content from artist PADM
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image:166976500679.jpg(1.58MB , 2480x3508 , 3206571 - Corvin Rex Xenoblade_Chronicles Xenoblade_Chronicles_2 padm.jpg)
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File deleted
Furry thread
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image:168291221623.jpg(21kB , 600x386 , american-tail-fievel.jpg)
can i get a request of Fievel Mousekewitz (from An American Tail movies) please?

a pic of him sitting naked with his flaccid circumcised penis fully seen.

Reference images:
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sorry the image being marked "VERY NSFW" was accidental
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image:168802077539.jpg(351kB , 1352x1352 , hbjerry2.jpg)
Here's femboy Jerry from Tom and Jerry.
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image:142057484400.png(287kB , 600x896 , 8qhzxfkg.png)
A Petey Thread.
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image:164843727392.jpg(279kB , 1500x1400 , su missgreen greg guy.jpg)
Artists that draw him like this are a godsend. Very curvy, very feminine, chubby, and wearing feminine swimsuits that show off. I welcome it.
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image:168680039245.jpg(375kB , 1920x1895 , 731c2bdcbdcd3164a7137ef2c84d57afb594ac909f886b9048e45302d7ae3948.jpg)
Screenshot editsAnonymous
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image:166931678104.jpg(63kB , 960x720 , ZSSS6luk.jpeg.jpg)
Does anybody know how to do screenshot edits like this one?
aww cute
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image:168280494887.jpg(113kB , 1012x584 , 10A6FAFF-3B0F-4D74-9764-306F323E87F7.jpeg)
Nude edits of Fievel Mousekewitz from An American Tail please, if possible.

Here is a link where you can browse through pages 1 to 49, just in case: https://animationscreencaps.com/an-american-tail-1986/

Also, just in case, here's a reference image for Fievel’s circumcised penis: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1086726928838438983/1094230083218186240/7E242A72-161E-4B41-9E77-491725302F4F.png
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image:140052134800.jpg(773kB , 770x1023 , kevinben1.jpg)
I submit to this board teenage shapeshifter gayness
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image:166986633698.jpg(3.74MB , 2480x3508 , Ben_Farmerboy_nomud.jpg)
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image:166986637932.jpg(4.45MB , 2480x3508 , Ben_Farmerboy.jpg)
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image:168127189524.png(2.29MB , 2667x2000 , bb670fc0e77a871e470cad21d83bc6d4f9861fc0c3b3792abf520e62a5901a5e.png)
Does anyone have this pack?
Bart Allen / Impulse ThreadAnonymous
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image:159324965659.png(35kB , 300x650 , 1506453050019.png)
I love my wife Bart.
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image:167954757434.png(1.15MB , 1867x2000 , Sonic_Fest_1_Nood.png)
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image:167954761477.png(11.48MB , 6300x3600 , impulsingdonginsuperbuttx2.png)
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image:145960993600.png(775kB , 1024x1280 , Star vs fluffy 2.png)
Star vs the forces of evil
Gay thread
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image:166216689121.png(12kB , 800x600 , 161903.png)
Black and white images made by Dunnhier
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image:166241435706.png(189kB , 1032x888 , 1645817226164.png)
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image:166244504008.png(1.54MB , 1515x1424 , 1a6d7d736e7809e3507a431a78006fe2c9a88bb6.png)
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image:152872687000.png(282kB , 1000x1201 , big city green jersey devel 1.png)
gay thread
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image:164781026741.jpg(168kB , 850x550 , bill.jpg)
bill still underrated
thay are so cute
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image:164836409539.jpg(26kB , 375x500 , 128679899029.jpg)
Someone knows about District 9 Slash shit??
Survival Horror Video GamesAnonymous
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image:145205361300.png(299kB , 500x614 , tumblr_inline_mqtvr0PDhn1qz4rgp.png)
Of course, always remember the forum rules! I don't know when it shifts from "beat up and bloody" to "guro" either, so, uh, I guess always air on the safe side. And please label what games your pics are from, so we all know :3

This is Henry and Murphy from Silent Hill 4 and 8, respectively.
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image:145246599500.jpg(68kB , 538x760 , tumblr_mmybsexh6h1sn6sado1_540.jpg)
Cross/Mercer -- artist is dokyakutu on y-gallery
God took a peek at my room. He was not happy.
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image:140579167200.png(569kB , 516x793 , tt17.png)
Rowdy Rauser
Why do I mostly see just Beast Boy and Robin with the odd Superboy, there countless other teen titans that could be added here.

Then add them
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image:164781049745.jpg(198kB , 950x1229 , jonboymeyers.jpg)
Best costume
HTTYD Hiccup threadAnonymous
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image:140467742400.jpg(12kB , 328x240 , hiccup.jpg)
cmon hes legal now and im still having trouble finding good shit help me.

Any ship, but I don't know if you wanna post dragonporn here, seems innappropriate, humanised might be fine
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image:140710803800.png(164kB , 574x700 , drawfaggotry.png)
goddamnit its slow in here, lemme drawfag for a bit with poses that dont make sense
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image:140711030100.png(165kB , 575x859 , more drawfaggotry.png)
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image:164781041844.jpg(98kB , 372x708 , ky-jane.jpg)
God, he's beautiful
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image:142633390700.png(852kB , 720x700 , magical-fighters.png)
Aw fuck it, general thread!
Just post whatever in it!
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image:164780974432.png(305kB , 561x615 , media_Eu8_HAHWgAMPPkZ.png)