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image:165931000628.jpg(44kB , 602x503 , 1601257011779.jpg)
Let's have a thread about our favorite game characters. Talk about whatever characters you like. You got a definitive favorite character /cog/? For me, it's Snake with Francis York Morgan and Dante close behind.
>Is it worth buying?
The soundtrack alone is like 5 hours worth of ass kicking, and the game plays just like it did in the 90s, but with less bugs, better performance and improved UI. The upscaled graphics can be turned off with a button press, and there is mod support. It includes all the original missions, mission pack CDs, and console-only levels AND cutscenes.

Only downside is that it plays just like the original, so be prepared to cheese the AI and seeing your Harvesters stroll into the enemy base if there are no other resources but there.
Hi-Fi Rush seems like a well-received game that has just come out recently.
The lead game designer was previously the director for Viewtiful Joe 2 and also game designer for Vanquish and the first Bayonetta.
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image:167488066744.jpg(347kB , 1917x1078 , HiFiRush EvilWithin.jpg)
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image:146230601100.gif(15kB , 500x500 , Codex_clogarteries.gif)
Warhammer Non-Specific: a thread for all things Warhammer.
From fantasy to 40k. Vidya to roleplaying. Post it here. Especially miniatures. If you have 'em, post 'em. Other peoples cool models is fine too.

Als, Dawn of War III confirmed!
//youtube.com/watch?v=N_ZgyNoHtjwyoutube thumb
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image:167431877182.jpg(455kB , 1181x1191 , 1666080272973140.jpg)
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image:167483769755.png(813kB , 1000x1000 , 1674810237876266.png)
All the designs for NuMarines just keep getting worse and worse
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image:167486692227.png(896kB , 1000x1000 , nerf or nothing.png)
Pretty /cog/ Fan ArtistryAnonymous
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image:167302043524.jpg(385kB , 1000x1046 , Storm 1.jpg)
Would it be worth having another fanart thread? (It will no doubt last longer than previous ones considering recent events)

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image:167456176774.jpg(1.04MB , 1400x1000 , EsfjAOFVoAAgCeU.jpg)
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image:167466792259.jpg(1.23MB , 1800x1800 , rule63fighter.jpg)
Random Traditional & Videogaming Image HumourAnonymous
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image:166954991917.jpg(146kB , 500x432 , 1667051521086328.jpg)
Because the world needs creativity and humour to lighten the days

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audio:144350038400.mp3(2.62MB / 01:09s / 320kbps , 44.1kHz / Banjo-Kazooie.mp3)
Ia! Ia! Vidya Gaem Music Fthagn!

mp3 edition

Post mp3s (up to 7mb) and YouTube links of awesome, creepy, atmospheric or badass music HERE!
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video:167392097867.webm(2.11MB , 256x144 , Eminem Story.webm)
This might not be 100% related to the original topic of the thread but does anyone mind it being posted?
/cog/ General - Hope for the FutureAnonymous
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image:164946323677.jpg(76kB , 1080x608 , bonding.jpg)
Starting with a leaked image for the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Hopes.
Not entirely sure of the full implications of it but am deeply interested.

Previous thread >>418496
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image:167408629247.jpg(455kB , 1920x1280 , european-parliament.jpg)

Potentially interesting EU gaming news.
The EU parliament takes a decade to get anything through, and the laws they create just make it harder for the average person to do their thing.

Companies might just straight up stop selling games in the EU if they make laws against loot boxes, the same way some sites just geoblocked all of Europe instead of bothering to add GDPR notices.
This is weird.
Ikki Unite - Official Release Date Traileryoutube thumb

A game from way back on the famicom is suddenly getting a new instalment to jump on the Vampire Survivors-style train. But with massive co-op.
Nintendo Specific ThreadAnonymous
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image:165876818840.jpg(1.34MB , 1800x1800 , Nintendo Direct.jpg)
We used to have a thread for stuff all about Nintendo, should we have another one? >>201563

Not quite sure what I should put in the opening post, here's some recent Announcement videos Nintendo has put out.
Mario Strikers: Battle League - 1st Free Update - Nintendo Switchyoutube thumb
Kirby's Dream Buffet - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switchyoutube thumb
Bayonetta 3 - Release Date Revealed - Nintendo Switchyoutube thumb
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So that's how they got around not choosing only one of the lords...
//youtube.com/watch?v=7lZFtCbP0ukyoutube thumb
Another free update for Mario Strikers Battle League

Mario Strikers: Battle League - 3rd Free Update - Nintendo Switchyoutube thumb

Not nearly as interesting as the previous ones, but I'm sure there are people out there who like these characters.
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image:167441456106.jpg(682kB , 1666x1597 , gay lolicon grooming underage jew.jpg)
Fire Emblem Engage localization.
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image:140157706100.jpg(237kB , 1024x768 , Dices_by_Nabucodorozor.jpg)
Next gen Paper & Pen games thread!
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image:167216334946.png(1,013kB , 1024x1024 , halfling with wardog mount.png)
Hero Forge seems really cool
Things have been really fucked up recently in regards to WotC's treatment and behaviour towards their customers.
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image:160385084473.png(1.11MB , 800x834 , 27e77d30abe8f0026ad3fc56b62a6008.png)
Lets get a discussion of mecha games going. What are your favorites?
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image:167082745212.jpg(438kB , 1200x1713 , Big Bro Armored Core Is Back.jpg)
Yknow, since Armored Core has been revived... maybe they could also slip a Metal Wolf Chaos cameo into the game while they're at it?
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image:167421891343.png(46kB , 800x450 , fb8526223ac05554bae85a616267cdc8c0ec8a14.png)
Dunno if you'd strictly call it a Mecha Game, since the mechs are just one of the types of units, but have been pretty obsessed with playing Chaos Galaxy 2 recently after buying it during the winter Steam sale.
Its a sci-fi space 4X type of strategy game and feels as if heavily inspired by the likes of Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, makes sense since it seems to be made by an asian indy dev.
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image:164642840321.gif(2.78MB , 363x284 , Evoland_2_Graphic_Evolution.gif)
We have videogame webm thread, should we have a videogame gif thread to maintain balance?
Just for posting any sort of videogame-related gifs.
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image:167372115809.gif(928kB , 250x144 , praise yevon.gif)
The flashback party was really weird in FF8.
You have three unimportant squaddies in the regular army.
One is equipped with the standard assault rifle, makes sense. Then the other one is instead running around with two oversized Katars... okay. Then finally the big guy is swinging around a giant fucking harpoon.
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image:167416962851.gif(364kB , 308x320 , How a tree walks.gif)
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image:143608238700.png(418kB , 1685x793 , Kickstarter.png)
Video game kickstarter thread

What are your feelings about it?

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image:167055110911.jpg(279kB , 1280x720 , eoo.jpg)
Cool lookin citybuilder here but its not quite funded yet and only has 6 days left in its campaign.
Maybe donate to it if you think its in your field of interest.

Did pretty well for itself as a one-person indie game, made over $11,000. Its original goal was only $2000.
Randomly browsed KS for new games to back. Saw two different campaigns advertising a new NES game.
Why do people want to literally make new games for outdated consoles? Instead of just games liken to the ones from back then so as to cater to nostalgia but released on modern machines/PC.
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video:166105333771.webm(5.93MB , 1920x1080 , Single super battledroid singlehandedly winning the clone wars.webm)
Previous OG thread:
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video:167392058909.webm(5.92MB , 640x360 , Mugen Ryu Combo.webm)
Can't imagine ever doing these sort of self-imposed "Never Get Hit / Never Drop Combo / Speed Run" style of challenges when it comes to games.

The frustration of having to start all over again when I fuck up even once would make my head explode like a zit.
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video:167402993042.webm(1.96MB , 640x480 , Cheating in the racing minigame you can play at the start of 7th stand user.webm)
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image:158055403493.jpg(392kB , 1920x1080 , Elite_guard.jpg)
Since someone wanted a Doom thread lets get one read in preparation for Eternal, this is a haven for all Doom related discussion or posting of music and images.

Random thought; you gotta feel bad about the Elite Guards from Doom 2016 that serve as a source of upgrades for the player.
They were cyborg super soldiers and the best chance on the base at fighting off the demons, but because they were such badasses their cybernetics included a kill switch in case of mutiny... which meant they were easily killed off by the same person letting the demons in.

You never see any of them possessed and their bodies are in much better condition than other corpses, just slumped over in pools of their own blood.
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image:167013450264.jpg(107kB , 1200x630 , slayernite.jpg)
Doom Slayer is in FORTNITE now, you can all rejoice that your niche franchise has been recognised by the greatest in the shooter genre.
Where would people want Doom to go from here?

Since the last game was somewhat controversial.
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video:167384692517.mp4(9.48MB , 512x288 , Project 2 compressed.mp4)
vidya rpg im working on. i wanna make it fallout 1 like. all the default graphics im going to redo later when i have the gameplay /story done
oops my eyes are getting bad, ment chuck for the title im not a namefag
I haven't heard Eins Zwei Polizei in over 30 years.
Emulator/Rom ThreadAnonymous
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image:161104512392.jpg(182kB , 1000x600 , emulation.jpg)
An important thing that must be remembered, since particular companies go out of their way to remove Roms from existence of games they will never go back to thus depriving people of a chance to experience them.

This goes double for games that were never translated and thus you only ever had a chance to play through fan-translation-patches.
Anyone have personal stories when it comes to that? Live A Live was mine, in the process became one of my favorite rpgs now.
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was The Legend of Dragoon a good rpg?
remember people saying it was just a cheap attempt to jump on the popularity that ff7 brought to the genre, much like Shadow Madness
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image:167364291000.jpg(21kB , 640x640 , 1673642048454893.jpg)
Someone shared this translation over on 4chan's /vrpg/ and it actually looks like an interesting game.
>Private Eye Dol is a 1995 detective adventure game developed by HuneX and published by NEC Home Electronics for the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM2 system. Released late in the PC-Engine’s lifespan, it showcases a highly polished presentation that often makes it feel more like a next-generation game, with large and detailed graphics, full voice acting, and features such as text scaling that are rarely seen on the console. Perhaps its biggest distinguishing element is its RPG-like overworld, which provides a higher degree of freedom compared to traditional menu-driven Japanese detective games.

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image:167380554219.png(12kB , 400x289 , 3a4227ed-fcf8-4822-a74d-a23ef8bf8498.png)
Check this translated shit out.