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/cog/ General - Hope for the FutureAnonymous
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image:164946323677.jpg(76kB , 1080x608 , bonding.jpg)
Starting with a leaked image for the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Hopes.
Not entirely sure of the full implications of it but am deeply interested.

Previous thread >>418496
played We Love Katamari Reroll during the weekend

holy shit the final (hidden) level is such an incredibly big fuck you to the player.
>played We Love Katamari Reroll during the weekend
Yeah, noticed it on Steam myself.

>holy shit the final (hidden) level is such an incredibly big fuck you to the player.
How so?
>How so?
You have to roll up roses on one of 2-3 small sandbox levels where the roses continuously respawn. It saves your progress every time you exit the level, the goal to complete the level is one million roses. You basically have to grind it for forever.
Official games artsAnonymous
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concepts, model sheets, and artworks drawn by artist that work on the games
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image:168542759943.png(7kB , 832x1239 , Pizza Assassin.png)
Speaking of odd discarded character concepts in Street Fighter.

The website has a bunch of them to look through.
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image:168554390871.png(2.9MB , 2046x984 , Soul Calibur 2 Character Concept Art.png)
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Pretty /cog/ Fan ArtistryAnonymous
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image:167302043524.jpg(385kB , 1000x1046 , Storm 1.jpg)
Would it be worth having another fanart thread? (It will no doubt last longer than previous ones considering recent events)

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image:168555939938.jpg(1.23MB , 1700x2400 , totalwarhammer vampire pool.jpg)
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image:168579138462.jpg(169kB , 1280x720 , Ryu Victory SF1.jpg)
Just ran into the Monk from SF1 in WT.
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image:146230601100.gif(15kB , 500x500 , Codex_clogarteries.gif)
Warhammer Non-Specific: a thread for all things Warhammer.
From fantasy to 40k. Vidya to roleplaying. Post it here. Especially miniatures. If you have 'em, post 'em. Other peoples cool models is fine too.

Als, Dawn of War III confirmed!
//youtube.com/watch?v=N_ZgyNoHtjwyoutube thumb
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Beta is out.
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Random Traditional & Videogaming Image HumourAnonymous
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image:166954991917.jpg(146kB , 500x432 , 1667051521086328.jpg)
Because the world needs creativity and humour to lighten the days

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image:168556886975.png(924kB , 2048x1152 , purge wifi players.png)
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image:168558558343.jpg(17kB , 1247x1302 , Otomo GF Shogun 2.jpg)
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image:168563595390.jpg(11kB , 960x761 , Average Space Woof.jpg)
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image:158055403493.jpg(392kB , 1920x1080 , Elite_guard.jpg)
Since someone wanted a Doom thread lets get one read in preparation for Eternal, this is a haven for all Doom related discussion or posting of music and images.

Random thought; you gotta feel bad about the Elite Guards from Doom 2016 that serve as a source of upgrades for the player.
They were cyborg super soldiers and the best chance on the base at fighting off the demons, but because they were such badasses their cybernetics included a kill switch in case of mutiny... which meant they were easily killed off by the same person letting the demons in.

You never see any of them possessed and their bodies are in much better condition than other corpses, just slumped over in pools of their own blood.
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image:168200533659.jpg(299kB , 1280x1280 , 1682002991458746.jpg)
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audio:144350038400.mp3(2.62MB / 01:09s / 320kbps , 44.1kHz / Banjo-Kazooie.mp3)
Ia! Ia! Vidya Gaem Music Fthagn!

mp3 edition

Post mp3s (up to 7mb) and YouTube links of awesome, creepy, atmospheric or badass music HERE!
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video:168557532827.webm(1.66MB , 1280x720 , mars needs cheerleaders.webm)
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video:168557537525.webm(2.25MB , 960x1200 , battle chess - black is winning.webm)
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video:166105333771.webm(5.93MB , 1920x1080 , Single super battledroid singlehandedly winning the clone wars.webm)
Previous OG thread:
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image:165931000628.jpg(44kB , 602x503 , 1601257011779.jpg)
Let's have a thread about our favorite game characters. Talk about whatever characters you like. You got a definitive favorite character /cog/? For me, it's Snake with Francis York Morgan and Dante close behind.
Gene is one of the best videogame heroes period. Up there with Doomguy easily.
Gene and Doomguy should team up to rip & tear through all the demons of hell.
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image:168557347687.png(1.42MB , 1920x1080 , 13_Rodin.png)
Talking about Gene would have been cool had he been one of the cameo secret unlockable characters (like Bayo, Jeanne & Rodin) in W101, Wonder-Godhand.
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image:148556363700.png(51kB , 650x723 , Spoiler image)

So taking all bets, taking all bets on "Redfield," I wanna say it's revealed he was his brother the whole time but that seems too logical for Resident Evil.

Also, the game is really good. i mean, not 100+ dollars (if you include the season pass) good, but good.
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image:168254355453.jpg(33kB , 720x887 , regenerator waifu.jpg)
why is the internet like this?
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image:168557294343.jpg(1.55MB , 4300x3659 , 854.jpg)
how many resident evil movies are there
heard they are going to make a sequel to the reboot movie they made, the one where the the first two games into one live action hollywood film
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image:140157706100.jpg(237kB , 1024x768 , Dices_by_Nabucodorozor.jpg)
Next gen Paper & Pen games thread!
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image:167974219497.jpg(175kB , 1170x1870 , 54323743257.jpg)
>Telling people they should try a different system is equal to the Trail of Tears
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image:168555315740.jpg(123kB , 827x1092 , Street Fighter - The Storytelling Game (1994)_0000.jpg)
Since this is currently the Street Fighter board have something felt like sharing.

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image:164642840321.gif(2.78MB , 363x284 , Evoland_2_Graphic_Evolution.gif)
We have videogame webm thread, should we have a videogame gif thread to maintain balance?
Just for posting any sort of videogame-related gifs.
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Nintendo GeneralAnonymous
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image:148442500400.png(1.7MB , 960x695 , 1429497571249.png)
Mario's adventure is gonna get odd or I basically copy pasted this from the Nintendo gen on /vg/ edition
old thread here ==> >>199859
Switch Presentation Here: //youtube.com/watch?v=uuC4YLLkqMEyoutube thumb
Nintendo Switch Treehouse Stream Here: //youtube.com/watch?v=qadzCB3CLlIyoutube thumb
Learn More about the Switch's Features here: http://www.nintendo.com/switch/
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You know what I would wish to see for Mario at some point, a strategy/nation game.

So you'd have places from the SMB world as the map then you would have factions like the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser's Kingdom who would be the primary two facing off.
Expanded from that you'd have others like Kong Island, K.Rule's Pirates... maybe even Sarasaland etc etc.

Some primary objectives would be obvious, like Bowser trying to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and them fighting him off, but you could also have diplomacy with the other factions and get their troops or heroes to fight on your side as mercenaries or allies.
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image:168448443932.png(1.1MB , 1168x1069 , l5ifb7bbzo0b1.png)
There's a collab happening between shonen jump and nintendo.
There's a new Daemon X Machina game being developed, they've only released a teaser so far so no details to go off of.
Daemon X Machina Titanic Scion Official Traileryoutube thumb

What I'm wondering is if this one will also be released on the Switch? Since it came to the likes of PC eventually, possibility of them just going straight back to the stronger platforms?
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image:165031833450.jpg(1.14MB , 3024x4032 , edgy in handheld form.jpg)
Encountered this image and wanted an excuse to post it, can we have a thread for ridiculous or extremely shitty gaming controllers?

>Aim for Mad Catz tier or higher
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image:168052808105.jpg(2.75MB , 4032x3024 , fmegal47fjra1.jpg)
the difficulties of being an oldschool console mmo player
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image:168529676131.png(1.37MB , 724x694 , _bigboy.png)
Even 5 seconds spent on google and one can find multiple variations on Gameboys with all sorts of their add-on nonsense strapped to them.
Pornographic VideogamesAnonymous
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image:162602335263.png(16kB , 1231x1080 , logo.png)
As the Subject line indicates this is a thread for mentioning and discussing vidya that have explicit sexual, erotic and overall pornographic content.

I feel they've become much more mainstream in more recent years with things like porno games with actual budgets and gameplay appearing on heavily used digital marketplaces like Steam.

Corruption of Champions is a mostly text-based erotic game and CoC2 appearing on Steam is an instance of something that caught me extremely offguard considering the degenerate content of them
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image:168090346202.jpg(115kB , 1000x1500 , 36743576.jpg)
Hmm, is Liz Katz popular? To be entirely honest I have no familiarity with any specific cosplayers/porn stars in real life.
My browsing of 3dpd pornography is very much a generic scattershot affair.
Steam is being silly buggers at the moment. Random games are having community content blurred out all of a sudden and it isn't letting me change the settings to fully display them.

It isn't strictly just porn games, being any that have a hint of nudity or sexual content but some seem far too mild to warrant it.
Not a big deal since nothing serious is being blocked but still weird, did a new update go through recently or something?