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image:164946323677.jpg(76kB , 1080x608 , bonding.jpg)
Starting with a leaked image for the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Hopes.
Not entirely sure of the full implications of it but am deeply interested.

Previous thread >>418496
Streets of Rogue 2 - Official Gameplay Trailer | Triple-I Initiative Showcaseyoutube thumb

Getting rid of the roguelike stuff to make it sandbox is leaving me pretty hype.
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image:171301262026.jpg(372kB , 1069x1620 , PresidentofBlizzard.jpeg)
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image:146230601100.gif(15kB , 500x500 , Codex_clogarteries.gif)
Warhammer Non-Specific: a thread for all things Warhammer.
From fantasy to 40k. Vidya to roleplaying. Post it here. Especially miniatures. If you have 'em, post 'em. Other peoples cool models is fine too.

Als, Dawn of War III confirmed!
//youtube.com/watch?v=N_ZgyNoHtjwyoutube thumb
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image:171071270751.jpg(453kB , 1200x2019 , kick its ass.jpg)
This actually hit me just right, so sharing.
Holy shit.
Look how much stuff is in this Total Warhammer trailer.
Total War: WARHAMMER III - Thrones of Decay Announce Traileryoutube thumb
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image:171270068723.png(155kB , 2048x1536 , Rowboat Gayman bedeviled by foul xenos.png)
Official games artsAnonymous
File deleted
concepts, model sheets, and artworks drawn by artist that work on the games
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image:170494385534.jpg(427kB , 1920x1080 , Eiyuden Chronicle New Year Image.jpg)
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image:171025094464.jpg(139kB , 1280x893 , Unicorn Overlord 2014 concept character sheet.jpeg)
This is pretty cool.
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image:171264917527.png(3.85MB , 1448x2048 , Yusuke Hashimoto.png)
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image:162602335263.png(160kB , 1231x1080 , logo.png)
As the Subject line indicates this is a thread for mentioning and discussing vidya that have explicit sexual, erotic and overall pornographic content.

I feel they've become much more mainstream in more recent years with things like porno games with actual budgets and gameplay appearing on heavily used digital marketplaces like Steam.

Corruption of Champions is a mostly text-based erotic game and CoC2 appearing on Steam is an instance of something that caught me extremely offguard considering the degenerate content of them
Encountered this Strip Poker game online based on the Poker Night at the Inventory series.


There's a surprising amount of effort put into the characters and their banter dialogue.
Might get bored of it after awhile but at least seemes worthy of sharing.
There's so much work gone into this, its frankly astounding for some free online game.
(It's a shame there was never a PNatI3)
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video:171250785810.webm(2.94MB , 500x382 , Alot of effort went into the variety of sexual violence on display here.webm)
No idea on the source. Presumably an indie porn game.
Just made me tilt my head after seeing it randomly posted on 4chan so decided to share
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image:143608238700.png(418kB , 1685x793 , Kickstarter.png)
Video game kickstarter thread

What are your feelings about it?

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image:170696612248.jpg(194kB , 680x1051 , 2e735105856f26eec44361376cd3da88_original.jpg)

This is a kickstarter was never expecting to see, who would have thought such a thing would be made?
motherfucker needs to work on more issues of Atomic Robo instead of this.
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image:171209763839.jpg(104kB , 680x383 , c81c1c7c103867e5c1d08c5bc24c6924_original.jpg)
Here's an ongoing kickstarter I recently backed, fantasy rpg game being made by the same guys that made the ATOM RPG series.

Just released some social goals to drive engagement with the public.
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image:160385084473.png(1.11MB , 800x834 , 27e77d30abe8f0026ad3fc56b62a6008.png)
Lets get a discussion of mecha games going. What are your favorites?
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image:171079208475.png(312kB , 1280x720 , Mobile Suit Police.png)
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image:171205140773.jpg(163kB , 1200x917 , BTsicko.jpg)
This image here is too good not to share
Random Traditional & Videogaming Image HumourAnonymous
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image:166954991917.jpg(146kB , 500x432 , 1667051521086328.jpg)
Because the world needs creativity and humour to lighten the days

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image:171042227635.png(407kB , 1387x751 , clanner scum.png)
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image:171129625558.jpg(59kB , 750x598 , this is my jam.jpg)
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image:171182511960.png(608kB , 1080x1194 , NOD Youtuber.png)
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image:144664129500.png(322kB , 512x512 , fallout_4_png_icon_by_s7_by_sidyseven-d9acz5n.png)
So although there seems to be an agreement on this game looking awful, discussion in the General thread seems enough to merit a containment thread. This is that thread.
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image:171165727674.jpg(203kB , 1747x1433 , 654634.jpg)
Fallout as a franchise is more garbage than not by this point.
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video:170913657817.webm(2.11MB , 1192x1046 , ogre.webm)
>Dude is a werewolf
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video:171131843938.webm(2.75MB , 1280x720 , 1711318204739873.webm)
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image:158055403493.jpg(392kB , 1920x1080 , Elite_guard.jpg)
Since someone wanted a Doom thread lets get one read in preparation for Eternal, this is a haven for all Doom related discussion or posting of music and images.

Random thought; you gotta feel bad about the Elite Guards from Doom 2016 that serve as a source of upgrades for the player.
They were cyborg super soldiers and the best chance on the base at fighting off the demons, but because they were such badasses their cybernetics included a kill switch in case of mutiny... which meant they were easily killed off by the same person letting the demons in.

You never see any of them possessed and their bodies are in much better condition than other corpses, just slumped over in pools of their own blood.
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image:171071896530.png(1.62MB , 1000x719 , d64.png)
Is Doom64 a good Doom game?
Never tried it personally.
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image:148556363700.png(510kB , 650x723 , Spoiler image)

So taking all bets, taking all bets on "Redfield," I wanna say it's revealed he was his brother the whole time but that seems too logical for Resident Evil.

Also, the game is really good. i mean, not 100+ dollars (if you include the season pass) good, but good.
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There's a game coming out that's sort of a Resident Evil Gaiden (for the GBC, did anyone play that?) spiritual successor but with the setting RE1 took place in.

You Will Die Here Tonight - Official Release Date Traileryoutube thumb
I bought this during a sale but haven't got around to playing it yet, any good?
Perhaps not even that good of movies but still will download the 11 movies.
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image:140789374300.png(175kB , 500x279 , tumblr_na7t7rqHYh1qiz4ulo5_500.png)
Silent Hill thread I guess

I didn't care about Death Stranding, is modern Kojima worth it?
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image:170995630185.jpg(3.11MB , 3096x4128 , In my retro dreams.jpeg)
>Would still be better than the upcoming remake
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image:164642840321.gif(2.78MB , 363x284 , Evoland_2_Graphic_Evolution.gif)
We have videogame webm thread, should we have a videogame gif thread to maintain balance?
Just for posting any sort of videogame-related gifs.
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image:170970115755.gif(1.55MB , 540x500 , my face whn.gif)
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image:171207804383.gif(1.41MB , 480x270 , 1712021814845356.gif)
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image:165031833450.jpg(1.14MB , 3024x4032 , edgy in handheld form.jpg)
Encountered this image and wanted an excuse to post it, can we have a thread for ridiculous or extremely shitty gaming controllers?

>Aim for Mad Catz tier or higher
I'm pretty sure it does work.
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image:170952614338.jpg(189kB , 1080x810 , GHwYomQaMAA9AI6.jpg)
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image:170955282574.png(98kB , 244x289 , 1697016364467972.png)
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image:140382263300.png(870kB , 1220x945 , rf Heather phone.png)
God tier videogame music thread!

[cool vgm: 1] Queen of the Rodeoyoutube thumb
Finding this song so catchy
Dave the Diver OST - Hot Pepper Tunayoutube thumb

Wasn't even made for the game originally, was an existing piece of asian rap they fished up... since its a game about fishing and making sushi.