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Silent Hill thread I guess

This looks fucking terrible.
SILENT HILL: Ascension | The Essentialsyoutube thumb
Silent Hill is in the toilet, and not even James would reach in to pull it out.
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>Silent Hill is in the toilet, and not even James would reach in to pull it out
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Next gen Paper & Pen games thread!
There's lots of cave fodder isn't there though, like goblins.
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image:169952586494.jpg(336kB , 1000x1592 , Spoiler image)
This is a spin on an oldass joke but that just makes it a classic to be treasured.
Pornographic VideogamesAnonymous
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As the Subject line indicates this is a thread for mentioning and discussing vidya that have explicit sexual, erotic and overall pornographic content.

I feel they've become much more mainstream in more recent years with things like porno games with actual budgets and gameplay appearing on heavily used digital marketplaces like Steam.

Corruption of Champions is a mostly text-based erotic game and CoC2 appearing on Steam is an instance of something that caught me extremely offguard considering the degenerate content of them
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image:168849558455.jpg(138kB , 1280x960 , kas.jpg)
Well shit.
>Corruption Of Champions II
With the power of modern technology fans don't even need the creators to milk them via physical merchandise of their waifus, they can milk themselves!
There's so many shovelware porn games showing up on Steam now mostly made by the same developers, using samey 3d models for their visuals. For some reason they manage to hit New & Trending when they release.
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God tier videogame music thread!

[cool vgm: 1] Queen of the Rodeoyoutube thumb
Pizza Tower OST - Unexpectancy, 1 through 3 (Final Boss)youtube thumb
Is Pizza Tower a good game? Only listened to some of the music from it multiple times without playing.
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Let's have a thread about our favorite game characters. Talk about whatever characters you like. You got a definitive favorite character /cog/? For me, it's Snake with Francis York Morgan and Dante close behind.
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HUNK is the coolest Resi character.
The cast of Operation Racoon City are okay (though the game itself is pretty shitty) but they are just trying too hard to directly capture the same appeal, its a bit too 'forced' and diluted.
I've got a more general question related to 'Characters' for the thread.
When playing a videogame RPG do you prefer to create your own 'Avatar' character from scratch or take up the role of a pre-existing/pre-defined individual?

Myself I prefer the chance to make one rather than step into the shoes of an existing one.
For a first time, I tend to go for the avatar, but on subsequent playthroughs, I like to go for the latter and try to roleplay more.
Nintendo GeneralAnonymous
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Mario's adventure is gonna get odd or I basically copy pasted this from the Nintendo gen on /vg/ edition
old thread here ==> >>199859
Switch Presentation Here: //youtube.com/watch?v=uuC4YLLkqMEyoutube thumb
Nintendo Switch Treehouse Stream Here: //youtube.com/watch?v=qadzCB3CLlIyoutube thumb
Learn More about the Switch's Features here: http://www.nintendo.com/switch/
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LEGO X Animal Crossing - Official Teaser Traileryoutube thumb

Suppose its not all that shocking considering how many other properties LEGO has crossed over with.
I actually hate when remakes of old school rpgs add voice acting, just hate it so much.

Often rpgs/crpgs in general would be better off without voice acting, instead taking the time and resources would be used to add it to the game to improve other areas instead.
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image:169696158169.jpg(119kB , 1219x1080 , Douchebag.jpg)
Having a pikachu talk human with a grown man's voice is weird.
Do people like the Detective Pikachu stuff?

Detective Pikachu Returns - Official Traileryoutube thumb
Sony hates the PS Vita – why?Anonymous
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image:142699046200.png(1.10MB , 1050x700 , why does Sony hate you?.png)
It was visible from the beginning, but now it's just blatant. Sony does not give a shit. If Sony wanted, they could have ordered the development and release of many great titled on PSP 2.0. With the system's power in the right hands, most games could be developed for/ported to it. Vita has enough power to handle most games that aren't TOO big or TOO long.

But Sony is not supporting the system, and I think it is a very deliberate move on their part. Is it because they fear the PS4 will fail if they won't delegate ALL resources to it? I want to know what you think (if you give a fuck to think).
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Sony truly hates the Vita
Mister Twister
They half assed it, and abandoned it quickly. However, perhaps a major reason is not just Sony being assholes, but also them realizing splitting their market, while spending MORE on game development. Nintendo did it better, I admitted that years ago. Put all your money into ONE version of a game, choose if it's portable and running on limited hardware, or NOT portable but running on a stronger CPU.

I would LOVE a PSP 3, but that will never happen and it will just cost Sony more than they get, if they ever try.
Sucks because the original PSP was really damn good.
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image:148556363700.png(510kB , 650x723 , Spoiler image)

So taking all bets, taking all bets on "Redfield," I wanna say it's revealed he was his brother the whole time but that seems too logical for Resident Evil.

Also, the game is really good. i mean, not 100+ dollars (if you include the season pass) good, but good.
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how many resident evil movies are there
heard they are going to make a sequel to the reboot movie they made, the one where the the first two games into one live action hollywood film
6 + 1 (with 1 more in development).

If you include CGI movies that's another 4 or so.
There's a game coming out that's sort of a Resident Evil Gaiden (for the GBC, did anyone play that?) spiritual successor but with the setting RE1 took place in.

You Will Die Here Tonight - Official Release Date Traileryoutube thumb
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image:147312941000.png(996kB , 733x1012 , BURNANATE ALL THE PEOPLES.png)

last thread >>189041

Looks like Kaladesh is the artifact centric plane as we saw it in Origins. And Tezzeret is mucking about for reasons, so my bet is on Phyrexians in the second half. Poison counters plus Energy counters, oh my!
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Yoji Shinkawa is making Magic art
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Why would you hire the Pinkertons of all people to harass someone over some cards?

Is the company intentionally trying to look like a bunch of cliche heavyhanded scumbags?
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Ia! Ia! Vidya Gaem Music Fthagn!

mp3 edition

Post mp3s (up to 7mb) and YouTube links of awesome, creepy, atmospheric or badass music HERE!
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South Park Gaming thread, from the new RPGs to the classic first-person shooter. All are welcome.

Personally I've gotten ridiculously hyped over Fractured But Whole, makes me keep browsing the same information about it over and over again.
If anyone has something new then share it, need to scratch that itch.

//youtube.com/watch?v=SzXFFEuJraEyoutube thumb
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The election really messed them up. Both the lead up and the results.
There's a new South Park game in the works?
New South Park Game Teaser THQ Nordic [HD 1080P]youtube thumb
SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY! | Game Reveal Traileryoutube thumb
Would this be the game in question.

Features the New Kid again, but instead of an rpg is an action game with co-op
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Weapons thread

Kobracon is my favorite videogame gun.
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video:169003566668.webm(2.98MB , 914x400 , wepon.webm)
The landshark gun was honestly pretty basic bitch as far as that game went.
How do people feel about joke weapons when the joke is just that they are shit?
Not like some of the examples in this thread where the weapon is wacky or silly but also effective, more like getting a literal toy to use that only deals 1 damage on hit.
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image:169169909496.jpg(130kB , 1021x705 , Goldeneye_007_N64_RC-P90s_Firing.jpg)
If we're talking Goldeneye then there's something that can not be forgotten.
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image:146795022800.png(2.46MB , 1649x959 , meat match.PNG)
Also, TF2 general.

Brand new update!
New maps, new taunts, HUGE BALANCE, PASS Time out of the beta, and what most people wanted: a fresh new MatchMaking system for TF2!

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Holy shit, TF2 is actually getting a for-real update?

It happened again even.
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Discussion of all things Monster Hunter
What's your stance on the current MonHun Games?
What would like to see Return or Cut?
What is your current Armor sets?
What was your First experience with MonHun and how did you find this series?
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image:167757636136.jpg(208kB , 1332x850 , art-miwa-shirow-pacific-rim.jpg)
What's the biggest monster seen in the MH universe?
Seen like in game it would have to be Zorah Madaros.
Monster Hunter has action games and rpgs, what other genres could it branch out into. RTS? Dating Sim?
Legend of Zelda GeneralAnonymous
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image:140257077000.png(1.57MB , 1280x901 , 20140610184642!Hyrule_Warriors_Official_Art_2.png)
New LoZ thread for the new /cog/

Could talk a bit about Hyrule Warriors. People hyped for the chance to play as other classic characters from the series?
HYRULE WARRIORS E3 2014 Anounc…youtube thumb
Zelda Hyrule Warriors New Trai…youtube thumb
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Are Koroks really that annoying?
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image:168452778362.png(3.11MB , 1280x1418 , ZEON DID NOTHING WRONG.png)
People are recreating the colony drop from Mobile Suit Gundam on the fuckers.