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Lets get a discussion of mecha games going. What are your favorites?
I don't even remember the last time I played a mecha game. I think Lost Planet was the last one. Unless you count RTS titles with mechas, in which case C&C3 KW has a bunch of them.
Hard to say with CnC. Its like asking if F.E.A.R. is a mech game. I'd at least say that Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander are mech games because of piloted robots being a focus.
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Its been awhile since I played a mecha game really, there really needs to be more of them on Steam.

Games I've got there and played include BATTLETECH and Hardcore Mecha.
They actually added a couple of Gundam games, one for the Breaker series and one for G Generation, the only problem was the ones they chose are the shittiest examples from the whole runs.
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Chaos Sector / Chaos Galaxy are games obviously inspired by Super Robot Wars (though not quite the same kind of tactical experience).
Basically strategy games where you build up your forces of battleships and mechs to take over enemy planets.

The setting is very "space ancient Chinese empire which is on its last legs and needs to deal with rebels and invaders gnawing at the cracks", get to choose from various factions to play as.