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image:160385084473.png(1.11MB , 800x834 , 27e77d30abe8f0026ad3fc56b62a6008.png)
Lets get a discussion of mecha games going. What are your favorites?
I don't even remember the last time I played a mecha game. I think Lost Planet was the last one. Unless you count RTS titles with mechas, in which case C&C3 KW has a bunch of them.
Hard to say with CnC. Its like asking if F.E.A.R. is a mech game. I'd at least say that Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander are mech games because of piloted robots being a focus.
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image:160387958164.jpg(267kB , 1920x1080 , dd.jpg)
Its been awhile since I played a mecha game really, there really needs to be more of them on Steam.

Games I've got there and played include BATTLETECH and Hardcore Mecha.
They actually added a couple of Gundam games, one for the Breaker series and one for G Generation, the only problem was the ones they chose are the shittiest examples from the whole runs.
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image:160406460100.png(99kB , 600x400 , Chaos Galaxy.png)
Chaos Sector / Chaos Galaxy are games obviously inspired by Super Robot Wars (though not quite the same kind of tactical experience).
Basically strategy games where you build up your forces of battleships and mechs to take over enemy planets.

The setting is very "space ancient Chinese empire which is on its last legs and needs to deal with rebels and invaders gnawing at the cracks", get to choose from various factions to play as.
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image:160761598870.jpg(141kB , 1024x576 , 1607453485210.jpg)
Been playing MASS Builder.
Its kind of shallow in its action gameplay but the mech designing gimmick is fun.
Panzer Paladin is a good retro platformer where you're a super fighting android piloting a giant robot armed with various destructible melee weapons you can break to cast spells.

In-game there's actually an editor that lets you design and stat out weapons pixel by pixel which then can be dropped by minibosses.

Also you can jump out of your mech to fight on foot with a laser-whip, its required for some sections where you use the whip to swing between hooks but it can also come into play when the robot gets taken out of action like in a boss fight, possible to continue on foot and win.
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image:160953413607.jpg(856kB , 795x2054 , characters4.jpg)
Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser
Side-scrolling shooter game.
This isn't out yet but its mecha and something I've got my eye on, mite b gud?
What kind of games do people like best in the mecha genre?
Straight up action shooter/slashers?
Tactical games? Or wider strategy games where giant robots are the preferred weapon?
Rpgs? Simulations?

Do people like games where it features both the mech you pilot and your character getting out of their machine to do stuff on foot?
The ability to tower over and trample enemy soldiers and tanks and unleash untold devestation with shoulder or arm mounted rocket launchers, destroying numerous enemy troops with just one shot. The feeling of power, basically.
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image:161393514120.jpg(77kB , 640x747 , Metal Fatigue.jpg)
Metal Fatigue is a pretty good mech-focused RTS. The gimmick of being able to individually redesign your Combots with limbs you tear off your enemies was fun.
So would you get the same thrill from playing as any old giant monster?
Or does the giant robot aesthetic specifically make things work for you.
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image:162124183386.jpg(204kB , 675x1200 , D7zB2CdUIAIn_it.jpg)

Possibility of being something to look on with interest? Can only hope.
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image:162353381414.jpg(106kB , 1000x562 , 1000.jpg)
Unusual upcoming mech related game. Like the use of black and white.
Wolfstride - Official Gameplay Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021youtube thumb

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image:162584849713.png(218kB , 1000x1000 , BiS.png)
Fist of Mars might just be a SRW-knockoff set in the Zone of the Enders universe where you can defuse most of the difficulty by setting attacking and dodging to manual instead of automatic but I loved it.

Was great seeing more love giving to LEVs in your team and having them actually be useful.
Love when the gruntier mechs are focued on in mecha series instead of just the 'gundams'.
Shit, this might legitimately be getting a western release on Steam. Licensing issues be damned.

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image:162656259999.jpg(1.01MB , 1760x1261 , 1626561996927.jpg)
People not more excited for SRW 30?
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image:162670480344.jpg(402kB , 1586x1050 , metal dick measuring.jpg)
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image:162721711725.jpg(147kB , 1280x720 , 1627200224208.jpg)
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image:162809757448.jpg(395kB , 1489x1600 , 1628096146406.jpg)
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image:162809765072.jpg(445kB , 1489x1600 , 1628096284268.jpg)
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image:162809774492.jpg(414kB , 1489x1600 , 1628096350275.jpg)
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image:162816163867.jpg(345kB , 1600x900 , 1628047175075.jpg)
You can do fun stuff with it indeed.
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image:162824643104.jpg(251kB , 1280x720 , Dreistreiger.jpg)
The original battleship/carrier for SRW30


>Design: Kazutaka Miyatake

>The first ship of the Dreistreiger class of all-purpose battlecruisers. It combines the functions of an aircraft carrier, which carries a wide variety of manoeuvrable weapons, with those of a battleship, which is the centre of tactical operations. It is a very large trimaran (three-body ship) of 2 km in length, and its main engine is an over-technology large helical laser tandem compressed light quantum thermonuclear fusion reactor. It has launch gates for humanoid manoeuvre weapons in various parts of the ship, and in particular, behind the vertical super-robot launch gate in the upper centre of the ship, there is a huge hangar that can hold several large machines.

And its fucking gigantic.
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image:162852963391.jpg(1.86MB , 1352x2160 , 1628529387422.jpg)
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image:162853272332.jpg(99kB , 444x720 , RAD.jpg)
This game is Rad.
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image:162919029122.jpg(1.30MB , 1250x2025 , fanon wikis are some mad shit.jpg)
I'm always curious how many future games will be made for the super robot wars franchise, will Japan itself have to be destroyed utterly before it could be stopped?
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image:163008000672.jpg(599kB , 850x1039 , I actually want quite a few of these.jpg)
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image:163045603886.gif(526kB , 480x480 , SRX.gif)
Speaking of the SRW franchise I'd say one of my favourite OG mech designs from it would be the SRX, hardly controversial to state but its a strong design. (second I'd probably say all the various Gespenst models, its an amazing-looking Grunt mech that still kicks ass, quite literally in certain respects)

What OGs do other people like from the series.
Can't believe this got a Gurren Lagann DLC crossover.
Nowhere near as weird as Scatman John getting an Ultraman crossover.
This is kind of rare, the television ad for one of the crossover mecha games that wasn't the mainline Super Robot Wars
CM バンプレスト スーパーロボットスピリッツ (N64) [ Super Robot Spirits ]youtube thumb
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image:163237133460.png(1.85MB , 2200x2800 , E_5OJGqVIBE2mo4.png)
PV2 for SRW 30
『スーパーロボット大戦30』第二弾PVyoutube thumb

Some small things revealed, there's going to be a PV3 released and it feels like they might have held stuff back for it.
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video:163238353771.webm(1.18MB , 1280x720 , 1632383362765.webm)
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video:163266246679.webm(2.64MB , 1280x720 , fan srw.webm)
Fanfiction can be some crazy shit.
『スーパーロボット大戦30』DLC参戦作品PV | スパロボチャンネルyoutube thumb
They put out a trailer showing off the first wave of DLC units.
The Sakura Wars inclusion is a big surprise.
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image:163439378222.png(559kB , 1200x691 , 1634370058963.png)
From playing the demo people have said the male MC (Edge) of SRW30 is pretty much just Gintoki.
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video:163492765532.webm(1.25MB , 720x404 , 1634925064072.webm)
Combattler looks beefy as hell in the upcoming game.
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video:163492790878.webm(1.54MB , 720x404 , 1634925884327.webm)
The trophies for the game are now known.
Could be unwanted spoilers or could be a good way to try and gauge some of the upcoming content of the game, check it out if you want.

Found out some surprising mecha gaming news, Grendizer is getting a videogame?

Teaser Goldorak / Goldrake / Grendizer Video Game | Microids & Endroadyoutube thumb
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image:163774995130.jpg(417kB , 1761x2500 , 1637180571449.jpg)
France fucking loves Grendizer (or Goldorak as they call it)
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image:163845699465.jpg(186kB , 1600x1500 , Mazingolfer Z.jpg)
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image:164010739201.png(2.26MB , 1920x1080 , 6dbf14e0966806b426d9d18f7f5a6a51efe5a64f.png)
The second DLC pack for SRW 30 is coming out on the the 24th.
But honestly the mechs included in it are pretty shit.

I'm way more excited about this guy being added as FLC instead.
Ok, but WHY? I've had Goldorak figures as far back as 1990, and I didn't realize what it was until 18 years later.
Because it happened to be dubbed and broadcast in the country and alot of people saw it when they were younger?

Same thing happened with Voltes V and Daimos in the Philippines, though they got an additional boost when the tyrannical regime ruling the country banned them for enflaming rebellious thought with their plotlines which then ironically lead to them becoming symbols of resistance.
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image:164029395582.jpg(163kB , 1024x768 , 1640230897447.jpg)
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image:164041834227.jpg(124kB , 640x572 , a94b5ff4d8a0544e71ecafad36586f2f_original.jpg)



Not released yet but got me excited, seems something of a spiritual homage game to Front Mission.
Always love the option to customise your mechs.
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image:164460605949.jpg(180kB , 1280x720 , 1.jpg)
>Front Mission
Speaking of-
They are remaking the first Front Mission game which seems like something relevant to talk about for this topic.
Only ever played FM3 so can't really comment on how good the other games in the series are. Still it seems like some big news.
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image:164520547477.jpg(149kB , 1266x712 , FL5A3-vX0AU_Bte.jpg)
Lineup of robot designs from its development
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image:164710152560.png(385kB , 788x502 , chunky.png)
Speaking of;
How do people feel about mechs with shields?
Very "front mission". Even has quad-mechs.
Was just browsing through the JRPG sale on Steam and came across this.

Any idea if it'll be good?
Makes me think of the Dynasty Warriors Gundam games with them crossing over and it being action gameplay.
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image:164945447210.jpg(982kB , 2048x1090 , 1649228369247.jpg)
13 Sentinels is popular and justifiably so.
Though to be upfront its heavily a VN kind of game with the mech combat being a strategy game that takes place in segments where you are on defence against hordes of enemies.
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image:164977790072.png(598kB , 1273x720 , 1649776280398.png)
SUPER ROBOT WARS 30 - Suparobo Channelyoutube thumb
Announcement for the new content in SRW30 just dropped and its pretty major.
They even got all new original upgrades or variants to mechs from existing anime designed for it
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image:164977791830.jpg(1.50MB , 1920x1080 , 1649776139219.jpg)
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image:165072268852.gif(2.95MB , 400x225 , dgg.gif)
just about jizzed my pants on starting the stage that gets you horse riding dygenguar
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image:165073300605.jpg(242kB , 2048x2048 , Quad Walker tank concepts.jpg)
This looks interesting, its an upcoming fantasy jrpg that reminds me of Chrono Trigger which also gives the party the ability to summon, move around and fight in mech armors.

Chained Echoes - Release Window Traileryoutube thumb

Dunno if people would say it is truly 'mecha' but seems worth bringing up.
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image:165147246847.png(2.03MB , 1007x1462 , WIG13SNT.png)
Animu Visual Tower Defence Simulator Novel.
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image:165305065946.jpg(113kB , 1131x796 , 123121231.jpg)
Its neat when mech settings in games flesh things out with different combat robot manufacturer companies, with their own quirks and gimmicks.

Which you then just chop up and use the parts to customise your own unique fighting robots.
Actually tried this one. The writing of the story is way too up its own ass and takes up so much of the playtime, the actual mech fighting competition matches don't last very long and mostly depend on having better parts or moves equipped.
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image:165506701660.png(5.15MB , 1920x1080 , 01_EN_キービジュアル.png)
There's a pretty good looking Gundam game coming to steam in the next few months.
Its a franchise crossover sort with action gameplay kind of like that Gundam Warriors.
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image:165528851819.jpg(63kB , 1024x576 , etb.jpeg)
Enter the Breach is a good mecha-based puzzle game masquerading as a strategy game.

If you want more of that gameplay style there's a new game kind of like it called Kaiju Wars, being a similar premise where you need to hold off giant monsters from destroying a city during stages, but that one only has a single giant robot unit amongst the forces you control.
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image:165581390642.jpg(183kB , 640x441 , Alienrebels-front.jpg)
This is a case where I actually loved the 'censored' version of a game much more than the original. Robot Soldiers are cooler than dudes in wife beaters.
Into the Breach is getting a free update (Advanced Edition) which is adding a bunch of new content like mechs, pilots, enemies etc
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image:165614491776.png(114kB , 1170x482 , 1656009494865.png)
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image:165697342259.jpg(354kB , 1920x1080 , wp4519344.jpg)
Happy America Day.

Take a moment to go polish your constitutionally-protected robot suit of FREEDOM.
Why can the west not into Mecha games?
Even Mechwarrior is a franchise that came into existence by literally ripping off designs taken from anime shows.
>Even Mechwarrior is a franchise that came into existence by literally ripping off designs taken from anime shows.

You are going to be hard pressed coming up with non-anime-inspired mechas given that anime gave birth to the genre. I can't even think of any western original "giant robot" designs except maybe the AT-ST and AT-AT from Star Wars.
The Iron Giant? The tripods from War of the Worlds?
Trailer for SD Gundam Battle Alliance showing what some of the DLC will be.
SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE - First Paid DLC & Free Demo Announcement Traileryoutube thumb
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image:165875032758.jpg(113kB , 640x955 , 11.jpg)
>When you play Into the Breach as a beginner
Or maybe just when you play most mech games where you are supposed to be protecting a city, Robot Alchemic Drive was quite bad when it came to the collateral damage.
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image:165919412326.jpg(817kB , 2000x1000 , voltax.jpg)
Game called Volta-X is being removed from Steam on the 5th of August (only found out because I own it, must have bought it during some sale)

Like usual for Steam games removed from the store you can still play if you purchased it beforehand, so if for whatever reason you wanted to buy the thing get to it in the next few days (not sure if also being removed from the Switch store)
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image:165963850545.jpg(569kB , 1656x1280 , steelmurrica.jpg)
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image:166001400414.jpg(140kB , 1920x1080 , flipper xlr.jpg)
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image:166039886851.png(223kB , 1049x1742 , azbEoQ3.png)
Wish they would make a new Gihren's Greed game.
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image:166047653177.png(528kB , 624x752 , LeoEWACS.png)
I just want to say I love the Leo mobile suit, I love it so much and wish it was playable in more Gundam videogames.

Hopefully it will appear in this, and not just the base model but some of the variants too.
Well, this is certainly something. And it has a mecha in it?

Seems most of the mook suits are just NPC enemies rather than ones you can get.
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image:166220166522.jpg(143kB , 720x719 , 425319004.jpg)
Its not 'inspired' in the case of BattleTech. It was taking specific designs from anime series 1-to-1.
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image:166256968715.jpg(220kB , 1792x1016 , FcEIhXFX0AQu_oi.jpg)
Has mech modification confirmed so I'm really excited, its one of my favourite things to do in giant robot games.
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image:166307837117.jpg(118kB , 640x620 , 1533603137.jpg)
Front Mission 1 and 2 are getting remakes released on the Switch mentioned in the Nintendo Direct.
But it also says there is a Front Mission 3 remake coming as well!
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image:166507976012.jpg(97kB , 1024x768 , Zone_of_the_Enders_2___Jehuty_by_neofireatlarge.jpg)
sad that the franchise is dead
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image:166533906202.jpg(10kB , 250x279 , cute pig.jpg)
Which route is better- Alisa or Emma?
Is Mechwarrior 5 any good? Have been noticing its on sale and will be until the 17th.

The game itself seems well reviewed but the DLC's reputation is notably more Mixed.
I guess it wasn't good enough to warrant a reply...
This is a really cool update from the Kriegsfront devs.

Seeing shots actually exist and threaten other units than the one you are aiming at directly, requiring them to evade, is interesting.
Unusually its just a graphic in strategy games that if it misses the thing you are shooting at will just become harmless.
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image:166750898245.png(2.95MB , 1220x1700 , Super Robot Wars.png)
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image:166767751085.jpg(117kB , 1080x1080 , tg.jpg)
Fuckin Sick
looks like a badnik from a Sonic game.
Sonic would be fucked if he went up against the Tallgeesenik, Metal Sonic doesn't have shit on that beast.
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image:166937625377.png(1.92MB , 1920x1080 , 237ecc527591cc53c31e8b70486758ed69396199.png)
A giant robot/monster game called Dawn of the Monsters is getting a new fighter added to it, a Voltron-inspired giant robot.

Was decided by vote against some other concepts, just happy since it was the one I voted for personally.
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image:166937629874.png(1.09MB , 1500x844 , 69157526a7932b955a05d8f46820e101e01330d2.png)
(this was the other two options if anyones curious)
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video:167009334506.webm(2.47MB , 900x720 , ZoEFoM MainTheme.webm)
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video:167009336275.webm(2.63MB , 900x720 , ZoEFoM Intermission.webm)
People looking forward to ARMORED CORE 6?

//youtube.com/watch?v=MlH3L6nmKVMyoutube thumb
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image:167082745212.jpg(438kB , 1200x1713 , Big Bro Armored Core Is Back.jpg)
Yknow, since Armored Core has been revived... maybe they could also slip a Metal Wolf Chaos cameo into the game while they're at it?
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image:167421891343.png(46kB , 800x450 , fb8526223ac05554bae85a616267cdc8c0ec8a14.png)
Dunno if you'd strictly call it a Mecha Game, since the mechs are just one of the types of units, but have been pretty obsessed with playing Chaos Galaxy 2 recently after buying it during the winter Steam sale.
Its a sci-fi space 4X type of strategy game and feels as if heavily inspired by the likes of Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, makes sense since it seems to be made by an asian indy dev.
Phantom Brigade is gonna fucking finally hit 1.0
Phantom Brigade 1.0 Launches on February 28, 2023!youtube thumb
Its been awhile but heres a trailer giving an idea what gameplay will be like.
UFO Robot Grendizer - The Feast of the Wolves Reveal Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Gamesyoutube thumb

Would be cool if Mazinger also makes an appearance, like near the end of the game.
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image:167752106967.png(272kB , 553x368 , kriegsfront pilots.png)
I'm excited that there's a number of good looking mecha games in development at the moment but also pissed off that they aren't available YET.

GUNDAM EVOLUTION: Season 3 Update - IGNITIONyoutube thumb

Phantom Brigade seems like it might be another Phoenix Point.
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image:168975652969.jpg(231kB , 600x422 , 1275899557594.jpg)
I love the guntank so fucking much, it deserves more love from the franchise.
Here's another trailer showing off features.
FRONT MISSION 2: Remake || Features Traileryoutube thumb

Will need to pick these remakes up at some point down the line.
Looking back on it the Player Character from FM3 is a total shit. Can't stand anything about him now, though as a kid didn't even think about it.
>"Muh Sister, RAAAAAGH!"
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image:169095119397.jpg(68kB , 630x983 , 7ae7f899336605c2ea7ebe9313812135.jpg)
The SD Gundam G Next games were ones I played so much on an emulator as a kid.

It was the combination of basic strategy combined with arcade combat gameplay all in a Gundam shell.
What new series would people want to see included in Super Robot Wars?
アーマードコアを勝手にスパロボに参戦させたyoutube thumb
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image:169254935183.jpg(604kB , 2012x1132 , 6324563.jpg)
Tank mechs are cool.
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image:169298456464.jpg(742kB , 3072x4080 , Armoured Core Mega.jpg)
Here's the Best Megas.
This vid is interesting and vaguely mecha related.
Elden Ring - Just for demonstrationyoutube thumb
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image:169538417812.jpg(1.93MB , 3000x2326 , 1695354971440273.jpg)
>The balls on that dude
Huh. This is some nutty shit.
CUSTOM MECH WARS - 2nd Traileryoutube thumb
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video:170028099671.webm(3.66MB , 1280x720 , The Scramble Vice.webm)
This looks pretty cool.
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image:170181662913.png(2.96MB , 1024x1376 , Untitled.png)
Super Probotector and its robots was so much cooler than Contra and its army dudes.

Bring this up because apparently the new Contra game is adding the Probotectors as playable characters.
Why are they talking so much? This is damn annoying.
Another reason why Metal Slug is superior, I guess.
>Why are they talking so much
>Another reason why Metal Slug is superior
you're mincemeat
go home to mommy
Here's a uh... mecha game, and its free for you.

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image:170439620179.png(22kB , 500x390 , Ranger piloting gigantic unloader Barga srw-style EDF EDF EDF.png)
EDF getting into SRW would be so sick.
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image:170446500830.jpg(1.68MB , 1524x2048 , Piebunker.jpg)
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image:170533862915.jpg(76kB , 1000x719 , elemental muscle mommy waifu.jpg)
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video:170571806699.webm(2.99MB , 640x480 , giganticarmy.webm)
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video:170581329083.webm(3.86MB , 1024x576 , VOTOMS nosound 2.webm)
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image:170598772713.jpg(137kB , 1600x480 , Gundam vs Gundam size comparison.jpg)
Is there examples of mecha games where you have playable mechs that are radically different in size?
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image:170653377508.jpg(490kB , 1270x1230 , 1331462092246.jpg)
Better image representing possible size different between mecha.

Though because its a jpeg the small mechs will be totally unrecognisable before too long, they are already getting pretty blurry.
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image:171077495717.png(573kB , 1280x720 , 1710774029195447.png)
The suit creator in that new GB game seems really advanced, lets people who want to spend the effort make all sorts of crazy things out of the gunpla parts availible with all the different editing options on hand.
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image:171079208475.png(312kB , 1280x720 , Mobile Suit Police.png)
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image:171205140773.jpg(163kB , 1200x917 , BTsicko.jpg)
This image here is too good not to share