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Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #8Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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Unofficial Threads #1: >>441769 #2: >>442938 #3: >>444299 #4: >>445531 #5: >>446501 #6: >>447788 #7: >>448671
Sonic Future: >>442673
Sonic Genesis: >>440714
A Sly Encounter: >>440121
Sonic Adjacent Threads: PSYN: >>444737 Sylvanna: >>446269
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Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Some people just have higher tolerance for stuff like that. If the person was a patron then they'd just post on the Patreon. I don't think they'd go to DA to do it unless they want maximum attention.
Honestly hats' off to Glitcher for being that professional, I certainly wouldn't be!
>unless they want maximum attention
lmao, you've just described 20+ years of his interactions with the community

Speaking of DA, it's nice to see you've got some regular fans in your comments section, including the writer for A Sly Encounter!
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video:168595915018.mp4(15.68MB , 1280x720 , twitter_@Jackbotnik_20230519-150103_1659574898237292545_video.mp4)
This video's so hot I could've marked it NSFW!
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image:165788593343.jpg(173kB , 1920x1080 , Kung Fu Panda - The Dragon Knight - S01E01.mp4_snapshot_18.18.180.jpg)
Previous topic here: https://boards.plus4chan.org/co/t440048.html

New Kung Fu Panda show is out - The Dragon Knight. Po accidentally destroys half a town and lets two british weasel criminals steal a magic gauntlet. He teams up with the (rather reluctant) british knight bear lady Luthera of Landreth (who'd prefer to work alone) to bring the gauntlet back and regain his title as Dragon Warrior. Needless to say, they get on each other's nerves.
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image:168470781886.png(1.66MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (70931).png)
(Uncensored) Controversial scene from Police Dog Rescue Crewyoutube thumb

Can't believe I have never seen anyone post this chinese show before...
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image:168483414741.jpg(52kB , 748x576 , Biker Mice From Mars - S02E25 - Seeds of Victory.mkv_snapshot_11.31.431.jpg)
That's the closest thing to naked Carbine we get on the show. :P
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image:168589894888.png(1.87MB , 1920x1080 , Képernyőfelvétel (74917).png)
In Ninjago, snake charms you!
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image:166964437463.png(195kB , 1058x656 , Grandma Giles Everett True.png)
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image:168545069753.jpg(249kB , 1024x1429 , i_m_back__baby__by_aithen_dfyea4i-fullview.jpg)
Hellfire and hellfire accessories.
South Park ThreadAnonymous
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image:160781115915.jpg(133kB , 1280x720 , SouthPark.jpeg)
Let's have a South Park thread

>Favorite Characters
>Favorite Episodes
>Least Favorite Characters
>Least Favorite Episodes
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The fuck is wrong with your typing anon?
Mister Twister
They have sold out.
not fat enough
One Panel Comic ThreadAnonymous
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image:166680419061.jpg(1.04MB , 1820x1498 , NYC.jpg)
Seems succinctly self-explanatory, a place to post and share all examples of comics that take place in one panel.
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image:168331098611.png(366kB , 605x632 , lol mario get big because powerup.png)
Topical, right?
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image:168557622545.png(58kB , 800x800 , single_panel_comics_nate_fakes_01.png)
>(I have three size D batteries lodged inside my asshole as a defensive measure. I call it "The Shining Dragon".)
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image:168578693674.jpg(27kB , 300x300 , derpbot.jpg)
I'd call it the pikapu, the electric ass, the brap zap trap, the death star, the septic shock, the watt watt in the butt
The Shining Dragon? Feels like wasted potential.
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video:145303302000.webm(6.4MB , 1920x1080 , Julith arrives.webm)
Dofus/Wakfu Thread

New scenes from the upcoming movie

Joris and Lilotte working at the store
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image:168409647820.jpg(79kB , 1551x2327 , The_Black_Raven (13).jpg)
There is a nice prequel comic showing how Miranda and Kabrok met, which is sort of canon.
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image:168568843517.png(36kB , 1110x257 , Screenshot 2023-06-02 164548.png)
You can see in this unseeded torrent (https://downloadtorrentfile.com/hash/d57e4ae96283b6d0b8528767fbaf225edff3694c?name=wakfu) what is and isn't part of the currently seeded torrents.
These versions of Seasons 1 and 2 are the alt torrents on nyaa, They along with thsi specific season 3 are available in a pack on TL, the Dofus miniseries is not simply the nyaa one with renamed files (I checked manually) and besides other private trackers everything else is unavailable outside this torrent according to the DHT search engines.
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image:162819772889.gif(39kB , 1080x741 , 53463636.gif)
gif it to me baby

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image:168489193659.gif(3.75MB , 400x400 , 1684880200990450.gif)
Life on the street be hard
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image:168493579392.gif(2.65MB , 498x373 , guile-trash.gif)
Streetfighter and mortal kombat both had terrible western cartoon adaptations.
The Ghost and Molly McGee - OPINIONSAnonymous
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image:168544765673.jpg(793kB , 1000x1294 , The Ghost and Molly McGee - Andrea - Kiss.jpg)
what are your honest thoughts on the Ghost and Molly McGee? and don't hold back, give me your best shot!
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video:148679946100.webm(3.77MB , 512x384 , The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.webm)
ITT: we discuss the opening sequneces/intros to cartoon. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Give ratings and analysis. Disagree with idiots. Post webms. Whatever.

Warning: opinions will appear in this thread
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Mister Twister
Yer be lacking in courage!
Unofficial Sonic-adjacent Storytime: PSYNAnonymous
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image:166159323511.png(1.2MB , 1614x2478 , Thief in the Night 00.png)
We've covered a lot of great artists during the Unofficial Ride of Sonic fancomics (current thread >>442938), but some of their comics don't actually feature Sonic at all, gasp! This thread's all about showcasing those artists branching out and doing their own thing.

We'll be starting with my favorite artist Knockabiller, who you might remember from The Vulture (https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/128305743/#q128306553), a comic featuring a delinquent Silver that took home several of The Ride's awards (https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/131193200/#q131194985). This is PSYN/Psynthesis (psychic+synthesis, but pronounced like synthesis), and the first comic is Thief in the Night.

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image:166203205406.png(77kB , 711x711 , 2020-09-23 Ya Like Jazz?.png)
And probably the rarest piece of comedy on the internet, an actually funny joke about Bee Movie
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image:166203238604.png(1.2MB , 2200x1650 , 2022-03-16 Rmx and Clr in greenland or something.png)
I think I'll finish this storytime here with the latest Remix and Claire art. This was posted in March of this year so there's still hope of more PSYN fun! Honestly, I wish Knockabiller would open a Patreon or something, I have a great need to throw money at this!

I've got the next Sonic-adjacent comic lined up, but I'll wait until konductor-kun posts their Sonic comics first. Also very happy to take suggestions!
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image:168506176611.jpg(4kB , 1280x1615 , remix_brand_compliment__trademark_pending__by_delphoart_dffnj53-fullview.jpg)
MANGO Thread! (shpff)Anonymous
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image:164534784632.jpg(131kB , 585x900 , Original.jpg)
Its time we had a Mango thread on plus4chan. If for no other reason so that other people can experience a classic moment of content creation in the future.

Double Dragon Neon OST City Streets 2 - Mango Tango Neon Jungle [+LYRICS]youtube thumb
Humour is Misdirection
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image:167919682610.png(1.38MB , 760x776 , New Mindblowing Flavour - Atomic Mango Blast.png)
You're more likely to see these posted on /k/ rather than /co/ on 4chan now, oddly enough.
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image:166133130438.gif(7.63MB , 625x974 , street samurai jenny.gif)
My Life As A Teenage Robot thread, because the last one used to catch attention.

Also have a couple of images worth sharing.
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image:168425028384.jpg(189kB , 1180x900 , 1545748%20-%20Jenny_Wakeman%20My_Life_as_a_Teenage_Robot%20PenniCandies.jpg)
hold the fuck up. is this official?
Seems to be.
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audio:168493907948.mp3(1.3MB / 00:42s / 256kbps , 44.1kHz / I Miss You (Love Robot).mp3)
Unofficial Sonic Storytime: A Sly EncounterUnofficial Conductor
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image:164540990557.jpg(2.03MB , 1576x2280 , 1.jpg)
Too hot for the other /co/! I want to post this comic and I hope I'm not breaking any rules over here.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

It's a Sonic and Sly Cooper crossover comic. It's weird but give it a chance. It's pretty good, especially if you like either property. Also if you like booty.
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In this case, it's more an explanation for the video games, where most of the boss is invincible but there's always a spot you can hit that blows the whole thing up.
I just noticed that http://achromatic.hapisan.com/ finally died. The site returns a 500 so I'm guessing it was another case of the server upgrading PHP versions, which broke compatibility with the old software.
and oh, I should mention, it was a traditional oekaki site that hosted quite a lot of sonic related art.
betaman: tactical waifu simulatorAnonymous
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image:157931472003.jpg(116kB , 848x1200 , waifubot_01_001.jpg)
I'm posting magi's comic here because 4chan captcha makes it fucking impossible to do a storytime.

note: I'm not magi.
OK, cool. It's great that your other projects are actually progressing now, so with that in mind I don't even mind that this is on hold. It's better for your workflow.
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image:168483525303.jpg(152kB , 848x1200 , TWS 01_37 REV 2023-05-23.jpg)
A revised version of the page 37. I felt up to working on something when a robot wife thread pop up on /co/, but the thread was deleted before I was able to post it for some reason.
oh hey, this is still ongoing? Nice.
New Webcomic ThreadAnonymous
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image:162832460947.png(1.91MB , 980x1514 , 1628285266526.png)
If you can find any good webcomics still existing that would be a nice change

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image:168350827007.png(1.03MB , 1000x1500 , 283-Lose-Win.png)
Looks like we are heading for a shower scene.
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image:168477516116.png(694kB , 760x596 , 1684774833110887.png)
Skeletons are cool.
Skeletons should be heroes and protagonists more often.