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Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #10Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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Unofficial Threads #1: >>441769 #2: >>442938 #3: >>444299 #4: >>445531 #5: >>446501 #6: >>447788 #7: >>448671 #8: >>449430 #9: >>450408
Sonic Future: >>442673
Sonic Genesis: >>440714
A Sly Encounter: >>440121
Sonic Adjacent Threads: PSYN: >>444737 Sylvanna: >>446269
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Shadow Retrieval
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image:169534479618.png(853kB , 1000x1000 , abduction_by_kajikimaguro427_dcsewca.png)
It's so unexpectedly detailed!
Specifically, that's my favorite Sonic tummy artist! I've gotten so many warnings for posting their SFW but lewd art
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Various Stories #163
South Park ThreadAnonymous
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Let's have a South Park thread

>Favorite Characters
>Favorite Episodes
>Least Favorite Characters
>Least Favorite Episodes
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image:169010525621.png(2kB , 438x469 , laughing Masons.png)
Give me more of Alexa !!!! 😭🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️
MANGO Thread! (shpff)Anonymous
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image:164534784632.jpg(131kB , 585x900 , Original.jpg)
Its time we had a Mango thread on plus4chan. If for no other reason so that other people can experience a classic moment of content creation in the future.

Double Dragon Neon OST City Streets 2 - Mango Tango Neon Jungle [+LYRICS]youtube thumb
Mister Twister
A professional assassin will be VERY careful using a mango.
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image:166133130438.gif(7.63MB , 625x974 , street samurai jenny.gif)
My Life As A Teenage Robot thread, because the last one used to catch attention.

Also have a couple of images worth sharing.
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image:169486929635.png(777kB , 1038x1770 , 1694863254797429.png)
tiddies but no vagoona

handjob seems like it would be a bad idea, the joints between the fingers seem as if they would pinch

seeing as her mouth doubles as a pencil sharpener a blowjob seems like an even worse idea
New Webcomic ThreadAnonymous
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image:162832460947.png(1.91MB , 980x1514 , 1628285266526.png)
If you can find any good webcomics still existing that would be a nice change

Well it specifically mentions some company here, not just the jews in general, which is why I'm wondering.
>So, you finally had sex with the guy?
>I can't believe you did that without me! I told you I wanted to watch!
>I know a way to make it up for you
>Let's have a threesome!
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Super /co/ General KingdomAnonymous
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image:166982366475.png(542kB , 541x679 , 34523426236.png)
How about that upcoming Mario Bros movie huh? All this new info to be seen.

Charlie Day as Luigiyoutube thumb
Cosmo from Fairly OddParents has the same voice actor as Spotswoode from Team America: World Police.
Well that's an interesting piece of information.
Team America - Blowjob Pactyoutube thumb
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image:159934022750.png(66kB , 188x319 , ERMNMd_WsAEDl5z.png)
Dexter's Lab thread?
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image:169317758177.png(162kB , 700x976 , fc7f153dff47569bbd1cd69d878202ddb66b4bb3.png)
I remember what must be decades ago at this point, there was an autist that was absolutely OBSESSED with DeeDee's asian friend there. Had a very specific way of referring to the three of them he would constantly use that stuck out.

Wasn't as notable an internet 'personality' as say Dobson or Chris-Chan, but its funny what stuff sticks in your mind even all these years later.
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video:148679946100.webm(3.77MB , 512x384 , The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.webm)
ITT: we discuss the opening sequneces/intros to cartoon. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Give ratings and analysis. Disagree with idiots. Post webms. Whatever.

Warning: opinions will appear in this thread
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I hate when series, especially common with comicbook universes, don't bother to make use of the storytelling potential of the existing universe (or even whole single GALAXY) their setting takes place in and rush straight to OMG MULTIVERSE AT THREAT over and over again.

Its just so shallow, lazy and devalues everything that exists.
Sonic X Theme Song - Gotta Go Fastyoutube thumb

The intro song 4kids made for Sonic X was actually pretty good.
Why was this show even made.
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image:169464996373.jpg(48kB , 1095x1552 , stupid god.jpg)
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image:169465233382.jpg(61kB , 522x522 , eustace of war.jpg)
>eustace of new genesis
Imagine if you could lift weights with your dick to make it bigger and more powerful...
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image:169073195182.jpg(861kB , 1988x1170 , Harley Quinn 30th Anniversary Special 01.jpg)
Previous one stopped bumping, so time for a new one.
Cartoon Animals - 2022/#2: >>443550

Let's start with an old favourite, Orca from DC comics. She was back in some recent releases. Namely, showing up for a swim in Catwoman's pool in the Harley Quinn 30th anniversary special.
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image:169461477130.jpg(134kB , 1440x1080 , CatDog - S02 E11-E12 - Climb Every CatDog and Canine Mutiny (1080p - Web-DL).mp4_snapshot_10.45.416.jpg)
Mister Twister
I thought anons were sharing a clip from the old show. Now I know it is not, and thus I have 0 reasons to watch it. Star Trek was ruined with recent shows and new writers anyway.
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image:169472991252.jpg(829kB , 335x5000 , sexy cat lady show.jpg)
4chan Pime is being allergic to this image right meow.
Things Ellie LikesAnonymous
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image:161335684628.png(965kB , 1250x1111 , Whats_Happening_to_Ellie_A_Book_About_Puberty_for_Girls_and_Young_Women_with_Autism_and_Related_Conditions_2015_Page_01.png)
A book about sexuality and masturbation for girls with autism.

dumping this here for that anon who asked. Warning, some pages are NSFW.
oh baby,
let me show you.
Oh man, didn't know they made other sexed books. Would you mind storytime it?
I don't own either of those books.
Barbucci's new work, The Gremillet sistersAnonymous
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image:158233260799.jpg(184kB , 543x720 , Les Soeurs Gremillet- Le reve de Sarah.jpg)
So Alessandro Barbucci is joining the scenarist from Monster Allergy,Giovanni Di Gregorio to make this new series
Dont understand much of it, but it seems to be a fantasy book for young people, about 3 sisters that discover that their mother (no longer with them) had a secret.
First tome is coming out 27 of march.
there are some pages in french here

Yeah, I read the existing scans, and it's actually pretty good and keeps the story going - it's not just new stories with no change in the status quo, things advance. But damn it's very long and most of the old scanlations are terrible quality. I hope they can do the whole thing but at this rate it will take them decades.
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image:163288467396.jpg(1.36MB , 1920x2542 , The Grémillet Sisters 002 - Cassiopeia's Summer of Love-000.jpg)
Book 2 came out recently by the way.
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image:169455933898.jpg(1.3MB , 1920x2542 , The Grémillet Sisters 004 - The Mountain Goat and the Comet-0000.jpg)
The series is now up to 4 books released in English!
The SimpsooooooonsAnonymous
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image:163190425529.jpg(411kB , 800x1200 , SF1.jpg)
I'm feeling nostalgic, let's have a Simpsons thread.
It can be for anything, just wanna post funny bullshit related to the series? Want to wax lyrical over the good old days when you loved it? Want to bitch over how fucking terrible it is now as a lumbering zombie of a series? Go nuts!

Gonna storytime this fan comic as a starter, cuz its not bad at all.
Wolfcastle was one of the more amusing parodies in the Simpsons.
When you make a 10 strength and 10 intellect character in Falloutyoutube thumb

It was weird when they actually used Ahnold in the movie instead of him.
Steamed Hams but it was banned in the USSRyoutube thumb
This is one fancy take on it.
Venture Bros Thread.Anonymous
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video:169436234063.webm(5.9MB , 960x540 , fucking magnets.webm)
One Panel Comic ThreadAnonymous
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image:166680419061.jpg(1.04MB , 1820x1498 , NYC.jpg)
Seems succinctly self-explanatory, a place to post and share all examples of comics that take place in one panel.
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