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Unofficial Sonic Storytime: Sonic FutureUnofficial Conductor
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image:165595971422.jpg(2.97MB , 4001x6000 , 1.jpg)
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv

Eggman is dead, Sonic is having a midlife crisis, and there’s a new girl to flirt with. Oh, and a new villain is causing all sorts of trouble. What happens when interoffice romance mix with danger? Let’s find out in Sonic Future! Also, this comic updates constantly so keep checking back for new pages.

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image:166956694254.jpg(348kB , 1365x2048 , 15.jpg)
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image:166956695533.jpg(244kB , 1365x2048 , 16.jpg)
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image:166961569906.jpg(376kB , 1365x2048 , 17.jpg)
Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #5Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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image:166830790735.jpg(937kB , 1200x1855 , 0.jpg)
Previous Thread: >>445531

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv
Unofficial Ride Website: https://the-ride.neocities.org
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image:166960614272.png(852kB , 900x1147 , 8.png)
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image:166960617410.jpg(181kB , 900x1197 , 10 (no).jpg)
And last but definitely not least.
Nice! All of these are perfectly SFW, and yet all of these would earn you a trip to the shadow realm
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video:148679946100.webm(3.77MB , 512x384 , The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.webm)
ITT: we discuss the opening sequneces/intros to cartoon. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Give ratings and analysis. Disagree with idiots. Post webms. Whatever.

Warning: opinions will appear in this thread
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video:166955358120.webm(6MB , 472x360 , Beetlejuice opening.webm)
Pretty decent and exciting intro, still weird that the cartoon is about Lydia and Beej being besties considering the actual movie it is spun off from.
meh, I liked the first seasons opening more.
Beetlejuice Intro Openingyoutube thumb
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image:164534784632.jpg(131kB , 585x900 , Original.jpg)
Its time we had a Mango thread on plus4chan. If for no other reason so that other people can experience a classic moment of content creation in the future.

Double Dragon Neon OST City Streets 2 - Mango Tango Neon Jungle [+LYRICS]youtube thumb
Aku holding that fruit reminds me of that /co/ thread screencap where an anon completely fucks up trying to draw the people doing the "S" handsign, and it leads to a landslide of people editing images to make fun of it.

Does anyone have the thing saved?
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image:166133130438.gif(7.63MB , 625x974 , street samurai jenny.gif)
My Life As A Teenage Robot thread, because the last one used to catch attention.

Also have a couple of images worth sharing.
>Jenny gets worked over by gang of greasy thugs and enjoys it
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image:166955374112.jpg(212kB , 592x828 , jenny_s_party_by_soxtin_d2kggat.jpg)
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image:166955810171.png(1.91MB , 1838x757 , jenny soul still burns.png)
(2B's makes alotta sense as a fighting style for Jenny)
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image:159934022750.png(66kB , 188x319 , ERMNMd_WsAEDl5z.png)
Dexter's Lab thread?
I struggled to remember what this was from, but there was an episode where all the kids went to the mall where a superhero was holding tryouts for a new sidekick wasn't there?
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image:166782520338.jpg(132kB , 999x768 , Star_Spangled_Sidekicks.jpg)
Yep. The episode is called "Star Spangled Sidekicks"
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image:166955797435.jpg(1.25MB , 2041x1950 , one scene character art ms physics.jpg)
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image:162819772889.gif(39kB , 1080x741 , 53463636.gif)
gif it to me baby

Why is this not an actual comicbook concept by now? You'd expect it to have happened.
BIGTOP BURGER: DOWNyoutube thumb
New Bigtop episode.

Things have gotten real
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image:163190425529.jpg(411kB , 800x1200 , SF1.jpg)
I'm feeling nostalgic, let's have a Simpsons thread.
It can be for anything, just wanna post funny bullshit related to the series? Want to wax lyrical over the good old days when you loved it? Want to bitch over how fucking terrible it is now as a lumbering zombie of a series? Go nuts!

Gonna storytime this fan comic as a starter, cuz its not bad at all.
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image:166955472732.jpg(8kB , 632x1023 , 1669529978135769.jpg)
Was the Simpsons Arcade beat-em-up as great as I remember or is that just the power of nostalgia?
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video:160834182414.webm(4.37MB , 1728x720 , Iron Giant army.webm)
We need a new webm thread.
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video:166955433305.webm(1.39MB , 640x480 , baseball conga.webm)
I spent so much time trying to find what that song is. Apparently it's "Ahi Viene la Conga", but the exact arrangement is unique to Carl Stalling who did the music for the Looney Tunes, and his version was never released on a soundtrack. The original song is quite a bit different, and does not repeat that refrain much if at all, only variations of it.
The recorded version that sounds the closest is the one by Nino Menendez: Ahi Viene La Congayoutube thumb
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video:166961150129.webm(3.59MB , 400x300 , Arthur_sidekick_lounge.webm)
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image:158375927937.png(207kB , 400x345 , Jon sets his sights on world domination.png)
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video:166934184147.webm(3.52MB , 888x664 , Garfield Specials_S01E02_A Garfield Thanksgiving_2.webm)
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video:166934199745.webm(8.93MB , 888x664 , Garfield Specials_S01E02_A Garfield Thanksgiving.webm)
Its weird seeing them all praying at the dinner table, including the animals
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image:165317044620.png(1.28MB , 1748x1181 , 1651056891960.png)
Anyone here interested in Stella?
Even if activity would be lacking, it'd still be nice to have a place where you can post new Stella shit when the /co/ thread currently isn't up.
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image:166858030938.jpg(107kB , 766x910 , 1668533164198444.jpg)
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audio:142519271600.mp3(5.39MB / 02:20s / 320kbps , 44.1kHz / 01 - Showtime (Piano Refrain).mp3)
Post /co/ music, be it link or file, HERE.
Relevant to the new episode coming out, full versions of the ending themes from both seasons.

Worthikids - UPyoutube thumb
Friends In Low Placesyoutube thumb
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image:148954059600.png(1.87MB , 1440x1080 , {S01E02} 12.23.png)
ITT: Context is for the weak.
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image:166939115812.jpg(113kB , 920x478 , there goes the neighbourhood.jpg)
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image:166939232295.png(472kB , 955x344 , traci13 banana.png)
ahaha, he wants to fuck his daughter
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image:166680419061.jpg(1.04MB , 1820x1498 , NYC.jpg)
Seems succinctly self-explanatory, a place to post and share all examples of comics that take place in one panel.
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image:166937755149.png(28kB , 800x911 , SMBC_comic_25_March_2008,_with_caption.png)
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image:166947512544.png(36kB , 1200x1000 , yolo swag musk.png)