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image:164515350562.png(842kB , 3106x1822 , Millie_Moxxie_Outfit_07 posted 10-12-21.png)
last thread >>424937

Pilot: HELLUVA BOSS (PILOT)youtube thumb

Music Video: OH MILLIE (Official Music Video) -Helluva Bossyoutube thumb
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Meester Tweester
I have a bad aftertaste from shippers, but that art is both on-model and very good.
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video:166791250492.webm(12.06MB , 800x450 , HELLUVA BOSS - SEEING STARS S2 Episode 2.webm)
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image:166803781600.png(3.83MB , 1191x3000 , loona_and_octavia_closet_swap_by_swainart_dfh9odf.png)
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image:166654961644.jpg(1.55MB , 1500x1125 , pg1-1.jpg)
since Ian is writing
for idw sonic how about we venture back to past and read his failed webcomic series
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image:166655193150.jpg(313kB , 750x1140 , syk-1-3-3sm.jpg)
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image:166655205683.png(867kB , 750x1140 , syl-1-3-4sm.png)
well this was the last page that was posted on the site
Well, I can see why its "his failed webcomic series".
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image:165484215190.jpg(849kB , 900x1420 , ch 1 cover.jpg)

Updates Sundays
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image:166652119663.jpg(1.41MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 pg 7.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Page 7
That’s the second time she was going to say something but was cutoff. Oh well, it’s probably not that important.
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image:166652122422.jpg(1.31MB , 900x1565 , ch 2 pg 8.jpg)
Protect the Priestess Chapter 2 Page 8
It’s the crackling in the air. Makes it hard to hear.
You need to stop randomly switching to chibis in the middle of what is meant to be a dramatic fight scene.
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image:166568015030.jpg(241kB , 720x480 , 1513556578882.jpg)
somewhere at 4chan:
>LOLLOLOL. Based Zaslav, fuck CN Studios and its last decide shows!
meanwhile me at plus4chan:
>getting depressed over news about Zaslav destroying CN
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image:166591435203.jpg(55kB , 640x480 , Les Murray accepting a music industry award.jpg)
I mean, as an artist and art enjoyer I sincerely feel sad for all the CN artists (yes, even those working on modern shows) having their work destroyed, at all, but doubly so over something as dumb as literal tax cuts, but as an archivist and anti-IP guy I really appreciate the increased awareness of why the piracy scene is an important social service and why capitalist IP distribution companies deserve to burn.
Meester Tweester
All people need to get through their heads is that creators create, and corporations are the middle man, distributor. To think corporations can "own" your work, and then decide to censor it, or keep it locked in a vault not to be shown to anyone, THAT is evil.

TL;DR a corporation is a distributor, so distribute. If you choose to make a show unavailable, you should get fucked.
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image:166598411620.jpg(42kB , 1280x720 , tumblr_pmo8vlK7SK1r2qm9ko3_1280.jpg)
Yeah, what really cemented the point for me was seeing a few years back... I think it was Maxwell Atoms' tumblr, where someone was asking about if he allows Billy & Mandy fan art and he was saying well he doesn't even own the rights to them as characters, when he draws Mandy parodies on his blog, that's legally-ambiguous fan art. He also has made some pitch bibles, this is one that he still owns the rights to, but if I remember correctly there were other pitched ones can't legally be shared, but I don't think they will be made.
https://maxwellatoms.tumblr.com/tagged/the%20upward%20expedition (has a neat little Q&A)
>So yeah, it does hurt to throw so many projects into the vacuum. Sometimes people ask me what I’ve been doing for the last decade and it’s a downer because I’ve made some fun and funny things that no one will ever see. On the flip side, I’ve made enough money from selling those shows to finance the other half of Dead Meat. Commercial art. What’cha gonna do?
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image:141526998000.png(111kB , 1016x1024 , Ben10Omniverse.svg.png)
So.....Omniverse is ending and rumor has it that this is gonna be the last series of the Ben 10 franchise gotta say I am disappointed that this is how it's ending seeing as while Ultimate Alien wasn't anything to write home about at least it didn't treat viewers like absolute dumbasses like Ominverse does. Not to mention the fact that all those flashback episodes in Omniverse are just giant shitty retcons of the continuity because you know the retcons in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien worked so well right?

Kinda funny looking back at this franchise, because I remember back in 2006 CN used to play the original series every single day and it would bring in big numbers but now? Most the kids that grew up watching Ben 10 have moved on, the fanbase has split and the TV ratlins for Omniverse have been abysmal.
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image:165866158437.jpg(6.75MB , 2550x3300 , a_casual_day_of_aliens_26_by_nauyaco_df9t1hb.jpg)
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image:166186310981.jpg(6.8MB , 2550x3300 , a_casual_day_of_aliens_27_by_nauyaco_dfc9ako.jpg)
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image:166563171926.jpg(5.88MB , 2550x3300 , a_casual_day_of_aliens_28_by_nauyaco_dffc8d9.jpg)
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image:153302945500.png(209kB , 500x647 , Superman-Print_8x10_sm.png)
Why do Kryptonians and Humans look exactly alike?
Has this been ever covered in a story arc or something?
Though budget has nothing to with the fact alien cultures in Trek are always written to be ridiculously one-note.
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image:166559626891.jpg(284kB , 917x601 , Daxamites_003.jpg)
Why do Daxamites and Kryptonians look exactly alike?
And why do Daxamites get cucked by having their weakness be to something that is super common, and it doesn't just poison/depower them for a little while but takes away their superpowers permanently while giving them a terminal case of poisoning?
there was an issue that explained it, but I forgot which one, some time in the late 2000s I think, probably around the time when Supermans creators were suing DC so DC quietly started removing Superman form everywhere and for a while you had Mon-El taking Supermans role.
Basically, Krypton used to create intergalactic colonies, and Daxam was one of the worlds they colonized. Daxamites are therefore "genetic cousins" to kryptonians. I don't remember where the lead poisoning comes from though.

I think that one issue I mentioned also explains why earthlings are so much alike, but I forgot the details.
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image:161335684628.png(965kB , 1250x1111 , Whats_Happening_to_Ellie_A_Book_About_Puberty_for_Girls_and_Young_Women_with_Autism_and_Related_Conditions_2015_Page_01.png)
A book about sexuality and masturbation for girls with autism.

dumping this here for that anon who asked. Warning, some pages are NSFW.
It was drawn just recently by an anon over on regular /co/.
Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #4Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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image:166312500007.png(44kB , 664x942 , shadow is dead by beastofeuthanasia.png)
Previous Thread: >>444299
Sonic Future Thread: >>442673

We're just rolling along and since this is a new thread, I'll post some single image comics. Nothing lewd this time.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
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image:166825089920.jpg(278kB , 740x1050 , 1.jpg)
Some Vacation and Sonic Chaos Clash
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image:166830754780.png(434kB , 800x750 , 0.png)
Auroblaze Comics
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
New thread!
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image:139966440400.jpg(111kB , 720x942 , 2014-movie-figs.jpg)
Next gen TMNT thread!
Well atlest the "Undercover" Raph look nice.
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image:166295613812.jpg(271kB , 1079x1797 , TURTLES AKBAR.jpg)
might as well sneak this in right at the end
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image:166329456838.jpg(147kB , 1121x1280 , 1393368089_annairu_turtlerazem.jpg)
Fetish thing, right?
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image:165631383483.jpg(64kB , 800x961 , 28d.jpg)
People love posting art.

Previous thread.
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image:166334871316.jpg(163kB , 794x1226 , venture romance.jpg)
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image:166668581716.png(4.14MB , 2400x3300 , horror crossover.png)
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image:166883721162.jpg(412kB , 1280x1369 , don_t_bite_the_dust_by_thebestcomicking_dfi7jjx-fullview.jpg)
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image:163329509275.png(1.2MB , 755x1004 , 1632652949957.png)
Is this show cancelled? Is Netflix gonna actually develop it? No one knows.
It looks very sweet, though. Which is why I hope they develop it. Here, leaked art and production notes: https://mega.nz/folder/SyISAZZJ#-mqEUPeX3406YFOFpKMAmA
I will stop acting like I talking to a large crows I promise
Lulu L
Meester Tweester
Realistically, this will accomplish nothing. I am optimistic when the situation calls for it, and this situation is hopeless.
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image:166159323511.png(1.2MB , 1614x2478 , Thief in the Night 00.png)
We've covered a lot of great artists during the Unofficial Ride of Sonic fancomics (current thread >>442938), but some of their comics don't actually feature Sonic at all, gasp! This thread's all about showcasing those artists branching out and doing their own thing.

We'll be starting with my favorite artist Knockabiller, who you might remember from The Vulture (https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/128305743/#q128306553), a comic featuring a delinquent Silver that took home several of The Ride's awards (https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/131193200/#q131194985). This is PSYN/Psynthesis (psychic+synthesis, but pronounced like synthesis), and the first comic is Thief in the Night.

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image:166203197767.png(6kB , 472x607 , 2017-08-06 Knuckles The Cool Echidna.png)
Now I said this is the Sonic-adjacent thread, but if you look closely, this is actually Knuckles the Cool Echidna from Tamers' Sonic Underground videos. Highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already. I'd describe it as the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and/or Venture Bros of Sonic content. //youtube.com/watch?v=Tamers12345youtube thumb/videos is the channel, but I'd start with this playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0U9kJDLvLDwDJ66rmlSyaqYsB8MPxCH0
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image:166203205406.png(77kB , 711x711 , 2020-09-23 Ya Like Jazz?.png)
And probably the rarest piece of comedy on the internet, an actually funny joke about Bee Movie
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image:166203238604.png(1.2MB , 2200x1650 , 2022-03-16 Rmx and Clr in greenland or something.png)
I think I'll finish this storytime here with the latest Remix and Claire art. This was posted in March of this year so there's still hope of more PSYN fun! Honestly, I wish Knockabiller would open a Patreon or something, I have a great need to throw money at this!

I've got the next Sonic-adjacent comic lined up, but I'll wait until konductor-kun posts their Sonic comics first. Also very happy to take suggestions!
Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #3Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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image:166008402717.jpg(147kB , 1024x948 , 0.jpg)
Previous Thread: >>442938
Sonic Future Thread: >>442673

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv
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image:166312056401.jpg(271kB , 1600x1506 , i will be your valentine 0.jpg)
Various Stories #57
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image:166312478984.jpg(1.17MB , 1789x2750 , sonic_frenzy_issue_3_page_20_by_killerboss2_dfdcnhc.jpg)
Sonic Frenzy Issue 3 Page 20
Things are looking like they're getting more complicated.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Image limit reached. New Thread here.
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image:144579597100.png(2.33MB , 804x1155 , strangeadventures_015_01.png)
Hey, guess who got banned from regular 4chan!

Yes, again.

Anywho, I've got some obscure comics that Carmine Infantino drew, so let's get on with it, shall we?
Meester Tweester
Did someone necrobump this thread?
The last bump time doesn't reset when a post is deleted (the thread probably got hit by spam). It's on my todo list.
There's no such as necrobumping on this website, since there's no limits on the amount of pages each board can have.
Thus threads don't pass away only stop bumping after they hit their limit.

Indeed a thread with actual comics posted within is actually worthwhile to bump since it gives more people a chance to read through it.
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image:157792033098.jpg(478kB , 895x1385 , 2020 new years 01.jpg)
SIR posted another one for 2020.
Hasn't /fit/ the Isekai already been done a couple of times by Japan?
Is fit still a good board that can stand equal to its glorious past or has it gone the way of pretty much all 4chan boards and become nothing but a shitstained refusepile of its former magnificence?
Artists that draw comics on the internet seem particularly prone to turning into total weirdos as time passes.