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image:158466769326.png(3kB , 116x116 , plus4chan.png)
I've updated the board frontend to the latest work in progress version. This is a total rewrite that purges nearly all old code, which is why it took so long to make. It does not yet have everything I want to add, but it is already five times more powerful than the old site and makes the place so much easier to use. With this update, we are closer to parity with other imageboards out there, both in features, and in site layout, but we are not there yet.

Some highlights are:
- entire front-end rewritten from scratch, with nearly all of the old code base purged from this side (the backend has not been touched to avoid compatibility issues).
- new responsive layout, with a more old school imageboard mode. The layout is based on the browser window size. On desktop PCs, it looks like a traditional imageboard, but on tablet or collapsed windows, it looks like the previous plus4chan layout. I may make a switch later to force either style, should you guys have a preference.
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Black Hand ## Developer
There was a posting problem due to a test I didn't check, should be fixed now.
Black Hand ## Developer
Seems the cause for the recent slowness was a drive that did not perform properly, I've talked to the host and they sorted it out for now.
Meester Tweester
Image uploading is seriously borked, non-functional. Plz do something.
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image:167493944186.jpg(27kB , 500x281 , 05-06-03.jpg)
edit: seems to be working on my end.
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image:139977417000.png(38kB , 300x100 , Oekaki)
i feel like anonex will just have his plus4 board specific icons in the reskin instead of traditional banners, but i will accept banner submissions to put in rotation on /z/

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image:167428757235.png(21kB , 300x100 , based reference.png)
The animated banners I'm seeing now like He-Man spinning the shield (and maintaining eye contact) are somewhat distracting.
Also the one with Tails vibrating in place.
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image:167491455611.gif(2.66MB , 896x504 , heshieldspinstorm.gif)
I am sorry, are you distracted?
Ironically not because that version only becomes animated when clicked on.
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video:161731246707.webm(2.37MB , 960x960 , dumlk.webm)
New WebM thread, get to posting.

Link to the last one
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video:167470745086.webm(1.94MB , 270x480 , 1674687523428871.webm)
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video:167493912461.webm(2.86MB , 1920x1080 , quicksink.webm)
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image:161447133922.png(346kB , 640x480 , Important client opinion.png)
Speak Your Mind: Your opinion matters to us! Let us know what you think.™ edition.

Old thread here: >>418819
Why are American state flags so terrible?
They are American.
Okay I've partly recovered but now my throat is giving me problems that weren't happening before.
Whenever I wake up after a (still irregular and random) period of sleeping my throat is dried out and raw like I was just gargling shards of glass.
And trying to leave the house even as far as the local newsagents to pick up a few things is painful because of breathing in the very cold air through my nose and throat.
Picture Unrelated, The ContinuationAnonymous
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image:165276541748.jpg(178kB , 800x1071 , space army.jpg)
Popular type of thread. Suppose people have alot of images they need an outlet to share.
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image:167488120562.png(442kB , 686x531 , nut hitler.png)
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image:167491469865.jpg(13kB , 816x612 , 1389533929631.jpg)
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image:159369145743.jpg(47kB , 512x336 , breach loading wheellock with individual self contained metallic cartridges.jpg)
Guns Thread.

Post Guns.

(Talk about guns too I guess)
What kind of gun (?) is that?
Some sort of air rifle
4chan Waaambulance/Discussion ThreadAnonymous
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image:150762611300.gif(2.6MB , 400x225 , 1459806000006.gif)
our mods are better edition

New thread to avoid memory overflow
It's someone with a 4chan pass running a bot.

Not even the weirdest one. There was one guy who made some... I dunno, Libyan revolutionary bot on /pol/ using the 4chan pass, it actually got really popular and people kept wondering if it was a legit schizo or some automated bot. The guy running it then made an entire youtube video about it.
And of course there's barneyfag.
Meester Tweester
Barneyfag was one of the first big examples where a real person inspired a bot, and in the end, you cannot tell the difference.
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image:167457063341.png(64kB , 707x354 , Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 09.27.57.png)
>what's a bot thread
Liru the WerewolfAnonymous
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image:167284780563.jpg(43kB , 640x480 , Fi4VR-eWQAAHIPo.jpg)
Liru loves us and wants us to be happy.
Meester Tweester
Pirate and check.
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image:167452425798.jpg(1kB , 720x540 , MagiPoka09_21.jpg)
Magipoka is a great anime.
It had a few moments, I agree.
The WAT thread: RebornAnonymous
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video:163937361380.webm(2.63MB , 268x480 , 1639372725350.webm)
Last one has been done for a while >>407672
Let's get absolutely crazy once again.

No explanation, no context, just madness.
Meester Tweester
That reminds me of a YTP.
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image:167450267480.jpg(196kB , 1005x1200 , flat normal big.jpg)
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image:140903272300.jpg(63kB , 700x586 , ogreload with seamen.jpg)
I don't remember this place ever having a good filename thread. So, let's have one!

For the purpose of maximizing fun, all kind of content is welcome (except lewd).

(if the moderators are okay with it)
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image:167445748919.jpg(568kB , 1273x1800 , Bonus to Seduction _ Penalty to Stealth.jpg)
Meester Tweester
Fucking gr8.
Health and Fitness ThreadAnonymous
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image:145473455600.png(2.93MB , 1242x2277 , fit.jpg.png)
Welcome to the Health and Fitness Thread!

aka. Ask Slowpoke Anything: The Thread
I had one removed and it was weird as all hell for weeks until I got used to it. The worst thing was that, even though it was bad, it wasn't the reason why I have a pain in my teeth. It's one of the other teeth you use for chewing.
How do you identify chilblains?
Think I've got a couple of mild ones on my big toe after coming in from a long walk, the streets are particularly cold and coated in frost tonight.
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image:167441737063.jpg(123kB , 1080x1065 , drink water.jpg)
Its important, I really need to get back into drinking water regularly. Just fell off at some point.

Kidney stones are a constant threat for all mankind amongst other probelms. Doesn't matter if not be having them, an ounce of prevention is worth a lifetime of not pissing shrapnel through your dick.
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image:161749377755.jpg(452kB , 2278x1687 , real life katawa shoujo.jpg)
Because sharing content is what the internet was made for. Let's have another.
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image:167432885223.jpg(3kB , 414x477 , 621636.jpg)
True Facts.
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image:167441707297.jpg(127kB , 620x1108 , 1674382085441073.jpg)
All New GIF ThreadAnonymous
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image:166886826861.gif(143kB , 768x432 , medchdesert.gif)
After 8 years its time for a new gif thread

Remembrance to the forebears
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image:167415286157.gif(984kB , 280x164 , 1282844025203.gif)
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image:167423137886.gif(625kB , 939x708 , 1674227456034204.gif)
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image:161297886560.jpg(11kB , 474x277 , Blade.jpg)
post and talk about swords, knifes, and any other sharp item that's illegal in Scotland.
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image:167417159929.gif(2.94MB , 800x708 , Spoiler image)
That is NOT a proper chainsword.
It could bisect a space marine in full armour with a simple vertical slash.
And then there was this heretic.
More Cute AnimalsAnonymous
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image:164794824076.png(1.95MB , 1920x1080 , Shawdher.png)
People love animal threads so much the old one is weighted down and no long buoyant.
Let's have another?

Bulldog Obsessed With His Skateboard Hates When His Parents Try To Take It Away From Him | The Dodoyoutube thumb
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image:167407207355.jpg(78kB , 828x1032 , 106212235_3247886925275070_6002714563737947492_n.jpg)
Meester Tweester
>not "brother bear"
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image:167415238800.jpg(29kB , 1440x1800 , 1673347192328864.jpg)