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image:158466769326.png(3kB , 116x116 , plus4chan.png)
I've updated the board frontend to the latest work in progress version. This is a total rewrite that purges nearly all old code, which is why it took so long to make. It does not yet have everything I want to add, but it is already five times more powerful than the old site and makes the place so much easier to use. With this update, we are closer to parity with other imageboards out there, both in features, and in site layout, but we are not there yet.

Some highlights are:
- entire front-end rewritten from scratch, with nearly all of the old code base purged from this side (the backend has not been touched to avoid compatibility issues).
- new responsive layout, with a more old school imageboard mode. The layout is based on the browser window size. On desktop PCs, it looks like a traditional imageboard, but on tablet or collapsed windows, it looks like the previous plus4chan layout. I may make a switch later to force either style, should you guys have a preference.
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Well I'd much rather the bots were trying to get us to buy kids, rather than buy kids...
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image:168565396466.jpg(33kB , 479x365 , 1238093436224.jpg)
>I'd much rather the bots were trying to get us to buy kids, rather than buy kids...
Mister Twister
Sometimes I forget all the meanings words have. English is splendid like that.
Mister Twister
Can someone delete my thread?
as you wish
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image:139977417000.png(38kB , 300x100 , Oekaki)
i feel like anonex will just have his plus4 board specific icons in the reskin instead of traditional banners, but i will accept banner submissions to put in rotation on /z/

Ahh, I remember when I used to be able to sing this.
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image:168405273719.png(211kB , 828x326 , Dungeon Meshi Elves.png)
This panel from the manga Dungeon Meshi/Delicious in Dungeon seems like it could translate into a banner rather naturally.
Maybe, but it wouldn't be a good fit for plus4chan since we don't get much if any anime discussions.
Mister Twister
Discussions? Maybe. But most posters at least watch/read animu/mango sometimes. So it wouldn't not fit.
Filename Thread 2: retcon editionAnonymous
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image:168583466770.png(283kB , 540x405 , young teen plays with herself.png)
The filename thread returns - Now with puns!
Original thread: >>393317
Anonymous ## Mod
threads merged.
I still think this isn't as good as the one we had for the very first thread.
Mister Twister
He did get ogreloaded.
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image:168598452003.jpg(2kB , 110x125 , when you just knocked on the door to ask for directions but Kingpin was watching some crusty bums gangbang a prisoner's wife and now you have to pretend to be a crusty bum and join in or Kingpin will kill you.jpg)
All New GIF ThreadAnonymous
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image:166886826861.gif(143kB , 768x432 , medchdesert.gif)
After 8 years its time for a new gif thread

Remembrance to the forebears
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video:168543146747.mp4(1.02MB , 480x480 , I was bored.mp4)
Last thread (>>423248) stopped bumping, I was so bored that I made a new one. kiss kiss kiss.
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video:168558982497.webm(1.94MB , 720x720 , 1684528411987122.webm)
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video:168590706698.webm(1.86MB , 276x480 , 1685819813693291.webm)
More Cute AnimalsAnonymous
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image:164794824076.png(1.95MB , 1920x1080 , Shawdher.png)
People love animal threads so much the old one is weighted down and no long buoyant.
Let's have another?

Bulldog Obsessed With His Skateboard Hates When His Parents Try To Take It Away From Him | The Dodoyoutube thumb
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video:168529263304.webm(2.52MB , 512x640 , horse_chi.webm)
>"This Power..."
T H E  H O R S E  O F  B A B Y L O N
Picture Unrelated, The ContinuationAnonymous
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image:165276541748.jpg(178kB , 800x1071 , space army.jpg)
Popular type of thread. Suppose people have alot of images they need an outlet to share.
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image:168578974693.jpg(78kB , 640x478 , 1367754217853.jpg)
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image:168588017306.jpg(102kB , 1182x531 , im looking for wan direction.jpg)
Haha, I would recommend looking up machine learning lectures given from a cybersecurity perspective
Here's a nice one, with an extended Terminator case study to boot: How to hack an AI - Harriet Farlowyoutube thumb

Those kind of 'proxy' methods to get around a block are important to acknowledge. For example, you can give an insurance program data and instruct "don't make premium judgements based on their income, that's illegal here", but then it just makes a judgement based on their postal code which is pretty closely correlated to their income. Or one where it was trained to classify images of cats and dogs, but since the training dataset used arctic wolves, any picture including snow was assumed with 100% confidence to be a dog.
plus4chan's Youtube Treasure Chest of lust and mortal sinAnonymous
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image:166379891704.jpg(462kB , 2560x1440 , Jon Townsend.jpg)
Someone dismissed the idea of such a thread but it actually seems worthwhile.
A place where you can post links to videos you encounter and feel worth sharing or talk about particular channels you like.

To get it rolling would bring up the Townsends channel.
Its about American colonial-era history and re-enactment and is ran by an extremely charming little man named Jon Townsend.
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image:143337834900.png(1,018kB , 800x534 , guess.png)
Wanted to do this for a long time.

It goes like this: you post a photo of some part of the world, and others will try and guess the country. Nature is preferable, but cities are okay, I guess. If 5 posts get it wrong, someone else can post another photo.

Naturally, I'll go first. Hint: it's somewhere in Europe.
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image:168564047537.jpg(1.46MB , 2666x4000 , a place somewhere.jpg)
Have fun!
Just too fuzzy for me to read much text, I'm assuming central-east Europe from what I could glimpse, and it doesn't contradict the architecture. Is it a lighthouse?
Judging by the text, it is somewhere in northern Europe, England, maybe the Benelux, or wherever they have Ingman ice cream parlors.
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image:161447133922.png(346kB , 640x480 , Important client opinion.png)
Speak Your Mind: Your opinion matters to us! Let us know what you think.™ edition.

Old thread here: >>418819
Mister Twister
I'd rather they start praising Gadget, and declare war on Hollywood for creating the Rescue Rangers "movie".
It can, possibly, be a dependency of something you actually did sign up for, and they created an account on your behalf.....
actually no, I just looked it up, it's a crypto wallet and probably a scam. Even if you do have a crypto wallet with them, don't use a link in that email.
There was no link in it, though there was a PDF attached to the email I think. Obviously never opened it.
Show Me Your War Face - Reaction Images #2Anonymous
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image:168383273492.png(788kB , 848x828 , new dawn in horror.png)
Old thread stopped bumping. No holding back now, it's time to post reaction images! old thread: >>424543
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image:168557763923.jpg(382kB , 1332x1085 , No Leave Away.jpg)
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image:168560389004.jpg(76kB , 519x600 , 1228922903994.jpg)
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image:161749377755.jpg(452kB , 2278x1687 , real life katawa shoujo.jpg)
Because sharing content is what the internet was made for. Let's have another.
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image:168554422604.jpg(44kB , 552x811 , Oppen Heimer Style.jpg)
how are images that shit quality in 2023.
jpegxl when?
The answer should have been obvious, that that is "bad settings".
The WAT thread: RebornAnonymous
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video:163937361380.webm(2.63MB , 268x480 , 1639372725350.webm)
Last one has been done for a while >>407672
Let's get absolutely crazy once again.

No explanation, no context, just madness.
Mister Twister
>Gypsy Empire
Hungary is already a gypsy empire though.
thanks for the nightmares once again. i forgot what that was. i feel dumb.
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image:159369145743.jpg(47kB , 512x336 , breach loading wheellock with individual self contained metallic cartridges.jpg)
Guns Thread.

Post Guns.

(Talk about guns too I guess)
That's an actual real cartridge by the way, and from what I recall it broke the gun upon firing.
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image:168504660349.jpg(3.09MB , 3600x2695 , DCTK.jpg)
Anon, do you have YOUR OWN personal DCTK?
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image:140156200800.jpg(31kB , 261x329 , 1270218267732.jpg)
Tell me about your fetishes /baw/
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image:168539585016.jpg(246kB , 1048x1048 , dragon lady.jpg)
Extensive tattoos can be hot. As in where the whole tattoo is one work of specific art, not just a random collection of different doodles across the body.
I do like gobbygirls, unless it's one of those cases where the artist intentionally tries to make them ugly. Which is surprisingly common, even in porn.
I normally don't even go for tattoos, but I can agree on this. but that tattoo is not my fetish :(