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Speak Your Political Mind: Because God Knows We Need This Thread

All the political discussion goes here. Try not to get too pissed off at each other.

Malcom X was a terrorist and a monster. Also are you trying to say that Dr King didn't accomplish anything? I get the feeling you aren't American because no racism didn't fucking go away but the civil rights movement was a fucking tremendous leap forward that basically rests on his shoulders both from his skills as an orator and at what we'd think of today as image control.
See, but even that is a sanitized version of history. America was not its own nation at the time. It couldn't declare war. The Revolutionary "War" was just a bunch of traitors rebelling against their proper authority figures. Their decisions to do this were not legitimized until they won. The Founding Fathers were guilty of High Treason, and knowingly so--enough so that Ben Franklin made jokes about it.

You're making the argument that people should submit to tyrannical authority in a country that was founded on the notion that you should not submit to tyrannical authority.
Yes it could, just like Baltimore can declare secession and war on the rest of America. If they did that, and attacked non-Baltimoran businesses in a series of organized "riots", it might be at least a valid explanation for their actions.

But that isn't the situation you moron.
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Is it just me or has this site's activity gone way down in the past two years?
tl;dr dozens of top contributors got banned and moved on with their lives before the ban expired
The Sneaky Tiki
Huh? No one got banned (well not top contributors anyway), the site went down and people left.
Well, there were the people who asked for permabans, like senor and pablo and Ferrous Fellow.
Tbh I'm not entirely unsure that senor and pablo weren't the same person.
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Please stop strawmaning. And ironic shitposting is still shitposting.
I'm a fishkin and your picture triggered me
Yo Moose, requesting clean up on aisle 1.
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Does anyone, by chance, have the very old images from the Child Abduction thread? Someone's TV got stuck on an image of Bill from King of the Hill, with the caption "CHILD ABDUCTION" over his head. And it stayed that way for hours.

Pincture semi-related
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"The worst" threads are a tradition of sorts, but I say it's about time for the opposite.

Here, you post the BEST things DA can provide. Any style is welcome, including photography.
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Could've posted something.
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I don't really go to deviantart. I prefer artstation.com or just directly the artist's blog/tumblr. Even if I just aimlessly want to look for fanart, I'd rather go to pixiv for that.
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I Must Go, My People Need Me Edition

I've always wanted to claim a SYM thread, and now that I've decided to fuck right off from this board for good I might as well take it while I can.
Later, dweebs. You were all pretty terrible and circlejerky, but I liked most of you. Some of you. Like 10 of you.
Ah, yes, nothing like summarizing a life of failures after high school to someone else as a quick pick-me-up.
Speak Your Mind: Missing White People Edition
Next time, on Speak Your Mind: >>397014
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>pan, as in the suffix meaning 'all'
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What's the most painful thing that ever happened to you?
Inflammatory bowel problems with no known dietary origin, or cause for that matter.
This sentence is intense understatement, as the closest way to describe it is "chronic food poisoning." Or rather, "Chronic food poisoning that eventually, your family and community decide you've relaxed and layed around enough, and now you need to live a normal person life while being sick as a dog."
The condition kind of redefines the pain measurement scale.
Had it twice. Fixed it myself. Not that bad, only 3 out of 10 on the pain scale pussy
when sjws started infecting 8chan/co/ as well
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Happy new year, you fucks.
Looks finished to me.
And 8chan is a containment site for tryhards and nutjobs. So I'd rather not have them here.
8chan has nothing to do with +4 being slow. +4 was slow long, long before 8chan existed.
It probably still hasn't recovered from people being confused by the last board switch, even though that's done now. That, and /co/ isn't down as much, plus people are going to /i/ and other places for western cartoon porn.
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Six Nights at Speak Your Mind

Most recent one hit the bump limit.

We’re almost at the end of the year. How was your 2014? Mine wasn’t all that good or bad. Just kinda…meh.
When this sinks down or you do a new one.
Whatever comes first.
By sex negative do you mean fat feminists being jealous of comic book heroines with better figures?
Old thread, testing markup
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So is there something wrong with boards like /pco/? I mean it tells me I'm posting a duplicate file for an image in a thread that supposedly isn't on the board anymore. And when I post images to a thread they won't show up n matter how much I refresh, flush the dns, etc it doesn't show up but insists it was posted.

Da fahk mang!
Anonymous ## Admin
Yeah, looks like something's a bit off; trying to force a thread rebuild is giving an empty result. I can post and the page will update when I do, though. I'll ask secret to look into it.
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What the fuck happened to this websight
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Yeah I’ve never had to enter a captcha.
Anonymous ## Admin
The site itself doesn't have a captcha; this is likely Cloudflare's protection mechanism.


We do have two or three countries blocked because 80% of the spam we were getting came from them; however, I don't believe the IP of >>395337 is included in that, so likely one of those other reasons.
Ditto this. I've only ever gotten captchas when trying to get in from Tor, and it says CloudFlare all over it.
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Can we have one of these threads here?
A long time ago. Someone might as well make a site with a questionnaire.
You mean Facebook and every dating site?
I started filling the one in the OP out but realized it was too much effort. Like holy shit look at all those boxes. It needs to be more focused
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Old thread was at bump limit >>393117
Do people still skate? Is that still a thing?
What type of skating? Like skateboarding or ice-skating or what?

I don't do any
>isn't about anything other than shitting on a small group of people
Yeah no shit, a small group of corrupt journalists.
Ignorant Scots Selfishly Endanger British EconomyAnonymous
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image:141009908900.jpg(17kB , 407x402 , buckfast1[1].jpg)

Terror threatens the greatest monarchy on Earth today, as the Scottish foolishly endanger British power in Europe by attempting to break up the world's 6th largest economy, perhaps hoping to follow this up by selling the entire island to the French.

Thoughts /baw/?
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image:141193850700.jpg(81kB , 526x526 , 10665271_784880924903728_7860064942278794804_n.jpg)
Except no one's talking about that since it happened awhile ago, whats being mentioned is about the RALLYING happening at Holyrood which are occurring recently and a week after the referendum.
Its about the protesting infront of the Scottish parliament with Yes voters trying to demand a re-vote because they didn't win.
Well of course Yes voters are evil people attempting to undermine democracy itself.
This is only a quarter relevant, but it didn't deserve it's own thread. Enjoy.

//youtube.com/watch?v=Z3zIpkc_Vm0youtube thumb
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I don't know if this belongs here on in /pco/.
HF is removing lolicon and shotacon from its site, people were quick to say paheal but as far as I understand paheal is removing those too.

>It is becoming more and more clear that images depicting "child sex abuse" in cartoon form are against the law and agencies are beginning to crack down on such content online.
>we will also be actively trying to remove this content from paheal in the future.
>there is no question that such content will lead to paheal being taken offline in the future and, from a personal standpoint, I simply dont want to host such images on paheal.
message too long. Click here to view the full post.
Well I dunno about you guys but a lot of ss artists took to Soup.io
Care to share some artist's galleries?
I want to bump this thread an implore the people to stay on topic.