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News and PoliticsAnonymous
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Good morning plus4chan, with major events going down seems like a fitting time to start a new instalment.

Civil War is brewing in Russia, military group Wagner has moved against the heads of the Russian military and has marched his mercenary company into Rostov calling for other armed groups to join him.

Its being reported on by the normal worldwide media and discussed across the internet, you can verify by checking your online news outlets of choice.
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Smash Mouth - All Star (Official Music Video)youtube thumb
Mister Twister
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image:169547125847.jpg(152kB , 899x686 , Pacific Kaiju Unleashed By America.jpg)
Now I THINK this is meant to be a political cartoon portraying America as a dangerous warmongering monster threatening 'Asian country' but honestly just looks ridiculously goofy as a piece of art.

At least that's a step up from making America look incredibly badass like alot of such images usually do.
More Cute AnimalsAnonymous
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image:164794824076.png(1.95MB , 1920x1080 , Shawdher.png)
People love animal threads so much the old one is weighted down and no long buoyant.
Let's have another?

Bulldog Obsessed With His Skateboard Hates When His Parents Try To Take It Away From Him | The Dodoyoutube thumb
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image:169541368550.jpg(1.14MB , 1700x956 , War Rhinos are an absolutly terrible idea in real life.jpg)
Friend's dog was just hit by a car today, in the vet, don't know how its going at this point. Had to help friend out with some money since even with social assistance didn't have enough to cover the cost. She's a lovely dog and doesn't deserve such a fate. Friend broken up since the two of them are inseparable.
Bad news: imgur is going the way of tumblrAnonymous
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image:168213514995.gif(48kB , 119x90 , tenor.gif)
all pics will be deleted next month.
better save now
>YouTube is having a similar problem of not being able to keep their infraestructure afloat

Youtube always had that problem, it's why they got sold to Google in the first place.

you are right in that people usually stick to sinking ships because they are the ones with the most content. It's why both Twitter and 4chan are still huge, despite technologically superior successors existing.
4chan Waaambulance/Discussion ThreadAnonymous
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our mods are better edition

New thread to avoid memory overflow
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which chan is that from?
Mister Twister
The biggest one.
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image:169281288079.jpg(6kB , 275x183 , download (10).jpeg)
If I go to the west can I quit smoking?
What do you mean by "the west"?
I think he means where the skies are blue and where the air is free:
Village People - Go West OFFICIAL Music Video 1979youtube thumb
West is Europe and America, isn't it?
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image:161297886560.jpg(11kB , 474x277 , Blade.jpg)
post and talk about swords, knifes, and any other sharp item that's illegal in Scotland.
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image:169135005995.jpg(29kB , 378x504 , Fighter 8bit figure.jpg)
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video:169264228777.webm(8.89MB , 720x1270 , Alexa We Need Guns - Home Automation Setup.webm)
Youtube Poop LIVES!Mister Twister
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image:163568839963.png(673kB , 920x600 , the JOJ resurrection.png)
[YTP] Night of the Living JOJyoutube thumb
Mister Twister
Hory sheeet!
Mister Twister
This brings back Spadinner.
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image:140469117300.jpg(4kB , 600x806 , the original king of space.jpg)

My last one was something that could make a decent fanfiction. It was a mashup of Prometheus, Avengers, and Pacific Rim. Basically, it is the future, and anti-gravity vehicles are the norm. The dream starts somewhere far away, where an Architect was revived from deep sleep. He vows to destroy mankind, his creation, because we are not perfect. He says all that telepathically, due to his vocal chords being cut. He calls his fellow architects, and they get together a fleet of spaceships to fly to Earth and destroy it. I am one of the few humans who learn of this first (forgot how), and I learn hat while at a picnic with a larger group of people, in a forest. After seeing the ships approach and leveling the forest, I grab the nearest speeder bike (junk, but operational and defies gravity!) and ride to my home. After I get there, I tell everyone the news (they are my friends in the dream, despite being complete strangers now that I look back). So, from the windows of the apartment, we see the Architect ships (different than the ones from Prometheus) slowly destroy the city. The human race then decides to quickly go through with a defense program. To fight monsters, we will create monsters. Very quickly. But instead of giants robots, we use magical bullshit science to make superheroes out of people. Those superheroes would make a defense team strong enough to defeat all the asshole creator aliens. The plan is successful, and my dream ends with the first batch of superheroes testing their new powers before going to fight the Architects. I also remember there being one lizard girl testing her freeze powers and looking happy after seeing they worked.

Anything you seen in your sleep worthy of talking about?
Dr. Strange
Why didn't you tell the world, eh?
Mister Twister
Because the dream ended before there was an episode 2.
I've been having really vivid and involved dreams recently, though can't remember all the details by this point since they tend to be pretty varied.

Possible cause is the unpleasantly hot weather we've been having at nights and the fact its been throwing my sleep off, functioning like some all-natural Trip. Other people experienced anything like that?
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image:140156200800.jpg(31kB , 261x329 , 1270218267732.jpg)
Tell me about your fetishes /baw/
Visiting a clown strip joint, where this is the music playing as the grease-painted stripper gives you a very chaotic lapdance
dave edmunds sabre danceyoutube thumb
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image:169077946286.jpg(271kB , 928x973 , Spoiler image)
Haha, goblins are great
Shota simply means having sex with little boys, it doesn't imply anything in regards of consensual sex. And from my experience, the niche is filled with a lof of degeneracy like rape and forced sissyfication. Vanilla romantic straight shotacon is quite rare actually.
Alternative od 420chan (was shut down)Anonymous
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image:167696888897.jpg(68kB , 243x302 , 260B84C1-6C21-4466-BCC5-22474FF7C828.jpeg)
Are there any chance that are similar to 420 Chan I miss 420 Chan because I value discussion about substances
>>42nNvm this is better than 8chan and 420chan
update, the site was bought by Fredrick Brennan back in april. there has been no update since then though.
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image:169012149122.png(447kB , 596x1685 , 1663557262433214466.png)
Yeah, Brennan shot themself in the foot and got shot in the other foot........ actually I realized halfway through typing that's a badly chosen figure of speech.
Didn't go with Lynxchan (smart), didn't go with jschan due to a tantrum over a petty licensing triviality (dumb) and went home to write another imageboard with blackjack and hookers. Then some drama and legal complication about their mission to get the server back happened (picrel, late May). And then a month ago they bought another niche imageboard for furries. So I wouldn't hold your breath.
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audio:139967119300.mp3(6.45MB / 04:34s / 192kbps , 44.1kHz / 03 The Clock_[plixid.com].mp3)
MP3 thread?
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audio:168946912830.mp3(315kB / 00:20s / 128kbps , 44.1kHz / little guy.mp3)
That's... certainly an mp3.
How long has it been since then?
Picture Unrelated, The ContinuationAnonymous
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image:165276541748.jpg(178kB , 800x1071 , space army.jpg)
Popular type of thread. Suppose people have alot of images they need an outlet to share.
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image:168847924503.jpg(295kB , 620x877 , 1688478524566547.jpg)
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image:168857629546.jpg(95kB , 579x655 , siberian-bear-hunting-armor.jpg)
Looks neat, or something out of a horror movie.
Much like this image.
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image:143337834900.png(1,018kB , 800x534 , guess.png)
Wanted to do this for a long time.

It goes like this: you post a photo of some part of the world, and others will try and guess the country. Nature is preferable, but cities are okay, I guess. If 5 posts get it wrong, someone else can post another photo.

Naturally, I'll go first. Hint: it's somewhere in Europe.
Mister Twister
People, it's northern Europe. Just keep guessing!
Jersey, the island.
N^ E> <W vS ?
Mister Twister
Go north(er).
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image:161447133922.png(346kB , 640x480 , Important client opinion.png)
Speak Your Mind: Your opinion matters to us! Let us know what you think.™ edition.

Old thread here: >>418819
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image:169217936131.jpg(104kB , 586x674 , pickle stews.jpg)
There is literally nothing wrong with [that art you hate].
The human body is an amazing thing, and it goes both ways.

Don't look up "Heart Attack Grill".
I'm so bored that I'm creating elliptical curve animations.

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image:140392886200.jpg(14kB , 360x270 , i never ever asked for this.jpg)
Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!

Sex thread, because the new boards are dead and this was one of my favorite longtime discussions on the old /baw/.

This is the thread for
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>There is a problem with that in that it can require more than just nutting in a chick once to knock them up.

Obviously the candidates would have to be carefully vetted so only fertile, ovulating women can participate.
Ovulation is only one element of pregnancy, it can still take months of effort for couples to conceive.
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