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Tell me about your fetishes /baw/
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Extensive tattoos can be hot. As in where the whole tattoo is one work of specific art, not just a random collection of different doodles across the body.
I do like gobbygirls, unless it's one of those cases where the artist intentionally tries to make them ugly. Which is surprisingly common, even in porn.
I normally don't even go for tattoos, but I can agree on this. but that tattoo is not my fetish :(
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post and talk about swords, knifes, and any other sharp item that's illegal in Scotland.
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MP3 thread?
Are MP3s obsolete
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Sort of. Normies listening to music give no shits and use either youtube or spotify, while audiophiles are using FLAC.
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Health and Fitness ThreadAnonymous
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Welcome to the Health and Fitness Thread!

aka. Ask Slowpoke Anything: The Thread
low effort hornyposting
rebuild, repopulate, it's semantics
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Wanna party?
So who is this catgirl?
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Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!

Sex thread, because the new boards are dead and this was one of my favorite longtime discussions on the old /baw/.

This is the thread for
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>Competitive sex should be who can knock up the most women. Like it was the law of the jungle.
>And it should be something like a TV show with several men competing who can nut inside the most women during the course of the show. If it ends up in draw, there's a suddendeath round where whoever orgasm first will win (or whoever can get the girl to orgasm first).

There is a problem with that in that it can require more than just nutting in a chick once to knock them up.
The setup would have to be that you get the contestants each fucking as many women as possible, then the women would be monitored until the next annual show where the intro of which would be the previous contestants and their ladies brought back with any resulting children (who would need to be genetically tested to make sure they belong to the contestant) and the winner of that prior contest would be crowned from whoever managed to prove their genetic superiority & virility by not only fucking the most women but creating the most offspring in the process.
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>There is a problem with that in that it can require more than just nutting in a chick once to knock them up.

Obviously the candidates would have to be carefully vetted so only fertile, ovulating women can participate.
Ovulation is only one element of pregnancy, it can still take months of effort for couples to conceive.
Liru the WerewolfAnonymous
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Liru loves us and wants us to be happy.
You got the numbers mixed there, it's 720x480 and 720x576 and 640x480, etc. 640/720 pixels width and 480 pixels of height ie. amount of lines (576 for PAL). But for analog broadcasts even those are just estimates, you had a few lines/pixels more or less in the active video area as a safety margin. For example the actual width is 704 pixels, with 8 added on both sides as a safety margin.
Then DVDs adopted ITU Rec.601 and once digital mastering became the norm, they tried to fill out the entire frame size as best as possible (so no more bars on the side).

>Since first widescreen LCDs were only 480 pixels high, the only way to view 4:3 content was to squish horizontally instead of stretch vertically. And that what what led people to believe 480x640 is the actual correct size of the frames
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>And why use 720x540 over 640x480? It's less computationally expensive, and higher quality cause it preserves the horizontal resolution.

Oh, and note, this only works right with progressive video. With interlaced video, it should not be done since it will just add a ton of artifacts.
Mister Twister
Once you deinterlace (or detelecine which is even better), you are dealing with progressive frames, and you can stretch or upscale with no new artifacts.
General Computers/Technology ThreadAnonymous
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Starting one because I have a question but let's have it be general purpose for anyone that comes along.

I was messing around and broke one of the fans on the laptop cooling pad/stand I have it sitting on.
Need to replace it, does anyone have advice on what model I should buy this time?

The old one just had two fans, one of my friends sent me it.
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>You don't have infinite free time
You underestimate my power!
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What is the best operating system for the computationals?
Are system wars cooled down in comparison now much like console wars are vs the heyday of it all?
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Normally the answer would be it depends what you're using it for, duh.

But for you, the best choice is Windows 11. It may be advanced, but there are plenty of video tutorials online.
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anime is for fags
Yeah thank for your stupid info i think anime is for weeb
Waku waku
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hello +4chan :3
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My last one was something that could make a decent fanfiction. It was a mashup of Prometheus, Avengers, and Pacific Rim. Basically, it is the future, and anti-gravity vehicles are the norm. The dream starts somewhere far away, where an Architect was revived from deep sleep. He vows to destroy mankind, his creation, because we are not perfect. He says all that telepathically, due to his vocal chords being cut. He calls his fellow architects, and they get together a fleet of spaceships to fly to Earth and destroy it. I am one of the few humans who learn of this first (forgot how), and I learn hat while at a picnic with a larger group of people, in a forest. After seeing the ships approach and leveling the forest, I grab the nearest speeder bike (junk, but operational and defies gravity!) and ride to my home. After I get there, I tell everyone the news (they are my friends in the dream, despite being complete strangers now that I look back). So, from the windows of the apartment, we see the Architect ships (different than the ones from Prometheus) slowly destroy the city. The human race then decides to quickly go through with a defense program. To fight monsters, we will create monsters. Very quickly. But instead of giants robots, we use magical bullshit science to make superheroes out of people. Those superheroes would make a defense team strong enough to defeat all the asshole creator aliens. The plan is successful, and my dream ends with the first batch of superheroes testing their new powers before going to fight the Architects. I also remember there being one lizard girl testing her freeze powers and looking happy after seeing they worked.

Anything you seen in your sleep worthy of talking about?
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By the way, my original post? The OP? That's very close to how the lizard girl in my dream looked like.
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>Mister Twister irl
Mister Twister
It took me a great many eons to realize you made an edit to the original. Good work, sneaky.
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This thread is for the birds.

post birds.
What is that a turkey? A pheasant?
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Dick Move.
I need help. I'm having computer problems.Anonymous
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Something feels wrong with my computer.
Every file in my folder looks like pic related and i can't make a comment on a YouTube video with a new account i made.
Can someone hlep me, please and thank you.
OK i managed to fix the file problem but i'm still in need of help with the YouTube problem.
I solved my YouTube problem too now.
4chan Waaambulance/Discussion ThreadAnonymous
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our mods are better edition

New thread to avoid memory overflow
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at least use the flash version.
Flash is Dead
No, Steve Jobs is dead. Flash still works with Ruffle.
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Politics Thread #20: The Lukewarm War

May 9th is Victory Parade Day in russia, how will vladdy turn everything around?

2 more days, Believe in the plan.
You laugh, but nowadays bees are more and more endangered, and if they go extinct we will have a planetary food crisis (no bees means no pollination, means no vegetation, no crops, no grain to make bread).
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