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Speak Your Mind 2: SON OF SPEAK YOUR MINDAnonymous
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!!Speak Your Mind!!
A thread where you can just get anything off your head either to vent or randomly think out-loud.

Was one of our more popular threads >>422927 and could do with a sequel.
Have less than pure reasons for reviving SYM, have a friend in hospital.

She's a homeless beggar who recently has been plying her trade in my area outside a local supermarket, with her dog (staffie-mix) who is adorable and incredibly friendly.
Got talking and befriended them after passing multiple times on my daily walk and playing with the dog.

She's got serious problems with her lungs and she's been in-and-out of hospital. Kept discharging herself due to a fear of being in hospitals and some other reasons.
Recent weather has been really wet and colder which has been detrimental, got a wakeup call and now is more serious about staying in this time (with my insistent nagging to be honest).
Also trying to get her to give up the ciggies, since its obviously not ideal when you have a serious health issue concerning your lungs, but addiction to a 'legal' drug is hard to break (honestly just lucky she isn't hooked on anything harder).

Dog's staying with an old friend of hers at the moment (getting flea treated).
Feel like I've been tossing away too much money recently. Most recently in that I forgot a big block of cheese in one of my shopping bags left in the house instead of putting it in the refrigerator and only found it again after it got majorly funky.
Why no one post anymore (except twister)
We just don't have anything to say right now.