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For all the lewd thoughts and posts. This thread is mainly cheesecake and "nudity" as in the kind of casual nudity you can expect from mobians. Some rules.
>No NSFW! That means no nipples, no genitals, no sex. If you're unsure then at least put an NSFW spoiler on it.
>First rule only applies to images. You can still post links to fapfics.
>Fetish stuff that doesn't break the first rule is fine. I don't kinkshame but I know that the Sonic fandom has some... interesting tastes.
>Keep posting moderate. Posting several or a dozen at a time is fine but not dozens. We don't need every piece of naughty fanart here, just post ones you want to share.
>If possible, please provide source of some kind. Even the artist name is fine. If you can't then that's fine.
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video:171375163832.mp4(1.11MB , 900x720 , twitter_@TimmyHepper_20240223-015428_1760845547357733224.mp4)
Here's one from one of my favorite lewd anthro artists
Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #24Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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No links to previous threads just yet. Wait until next thread.

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Fancomic: https://mobiuscomics.com
Unofficial Ride Website: https://the-ride.neocities.org
Archie Sonic Ride links: Paste: https://pastes.io/ym8ziu3v87
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Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Seems to be the reboot version.
Shadow being a simp is unironically the only way I can picture him in a romantic relationship
Yeah, no way in hell that boy is doing anything other than giving up all his material possessions for a girl he likes.
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image:171292234795.jpg(508kB , 1920x1080 , Sonic Underground cast.jpg)
Welcome to /sssr/'s very own Sonic Underground thread! This thread is for posting links to Tamers' latest videos and for discussion between the 4chan threads. The occasional NSFW image is allowed provided you tag it as NSFW.

>Tamers' YouTube:
//youtube.com/watch?v=Tamers12345youtube thumb/videos
>Archive of everything Tamers-related
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He also went by Spate Hicks in the premiere chat of at least the latest episode
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lmao. The best part is that these are up here forever, no janny / bump limit to sweep it under the rug this time.
Well, at least I'm not Turkish.
General Chat and Updates #1Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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This thread and the proceeding ones will be the main hub for general chat and any updates. Feel free to make threads of more specific topics, preferably ones with a substantial amount of content. Link them here as well as any updates to get more eyes on it.

Storytimes will be in a separate thread. Smaller fancomics will be in a general fancomic thread. Larger fancomics (50+ pages) can have their own thread. You can still post comics in this thread if it's in the single digits.

IDW comics can have their own threads but you can post previews of any kind in these threads as well as in the IDW threads.
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image:171376993664.png(1.70MB , 1600x2475 , akuma_issue_1_pg_19_by_dragonswirl_dh9vg6o.png)
Akuma 1-19
It's twink bullying time with Mephiles!
>Not to mention making Angel Island a place with all sorts of communities
You know that alone made me realize that if you think about it hard enough, Angel Island is like The zone From STALKER with the exception that instead of artifacts and anomalies, you have Treasures and traps.
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image:171217725577.jpg(632kB , 1030x1585 , 0.jpg)
Full issues, previews, discussion, fanart, etc.

This thread is for the IDW Sonic comics. So if that's all you want to talk about then you can do so here (you can still talk about IDW in the general thread). Let's start with Fang the Hunter #3. Why that? Because it just came out and I don't feel like posting the previous issues! But don't worry, here's links to the first two.

Fang the Hunter #1
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image:171262118812.png(3.92MB , 3840x2402 , Adam-bryce-thomas-lanolin-sheet-1.png)
I kinda see what you mean but I'm kinda glad she wasn't and just her own thing despite everything than just being another character. Plus that sort of dynamic with a girl is too powerful for them to ever have again desu
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Maybe I'm biased and would love to stick it to Sega in a way they wouldn't notice or be able to object to.
They're like a hawk on looking at the comics, but not to the problems of their games. heh
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Ah yeah! This is happenin'!
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Pic related!
What is happening?