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Unofficial Sonic Storytime Thread #14Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
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image:169973586769.jpg(416kB , 1572x2048 , 0.jpg)
Unofficial Threads #1: >>441769 #2: >>442938 #3: >>444299 #4: >>445531 #5: >>446501 #6: >>447788 #7: >>448671 #8: >>449430 #9: >>450408 #10: >>451275 #11: >>452685 #12: >>453667 #13: >>454689
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A Sly Encounter: >>440121
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Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/CP3XHLar
Password: zCXhuqLwAv
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Fancomic: https://mobiuscomics.com
Unofficial Ride Website: https://the-ride.neocities.org

Another thread and this time we’ll be doing some TwiX stuff! This artist likes Shadow so we got a short comic of a jackal OC that wants revenge against him and some AU stuff where Maria is still alive. Anyway, this is Spear of Revenge!

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image:169973591382.jpg(421kB , 1572x2048 , 0-2.jpg)
Another cover!
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image:169973596223.jpg(594kB , 1572x2048 , 1.jpg)
It's everyone's favorite group of jackals that are nothing more than things for Shadow to slaughter in some DLC! And an OC!
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image:169973598302.jpg(480kB , 1572x2048 , 2.jpg)
There he is!
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image:169973602086.jpg(428kB , 1572x2048 , 3.jpg)
Watch out! He can sense fear!
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image:169973606153.jpg(671kB , 1572x2048 , 4.jpg)
>speeds behind you
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image:169973610376.jpg(589kB , 1572x2048 , 5.jpg)
>says "chaos control"
>it's a punch
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image:169973613078.jpg(540kB , 1572x2048 , 6.jpg)
An attempt was made.
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image:169973615871.jpg(468kB , 1572x2048 , 7.jpg)
>narrator: he did not protect the boss
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image:169973617835.jpg(282kB , 1572x2048 , 8.jpg)
Time to sleep!
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image:169973622413.jpg(618kB , 1572x2048 , 9.jpg)
And that's how Shadow got another jackal swearing revenge against him. Maybe this one won't get distracted by a blue booty.
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image:169973624635.jpg(378kB , 1572x2048 , 10.jpg)
And some info. Now for the Shadow and Maria stuff.
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image:169973625932.jpg(337kB , 1844x1224 , F81T2UXXwAAh5aq.jpg)
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image:169973630113.jpg(757kB , 3253x1621 , F9J5j1pXwAA-wxG.jpg)
Various stuffs.
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image:169973632134.jpg(31kB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault -.jpg)
>doing shit for a programming project
>takes a while but im doing good so far in following a tutorial
>fucker in video pastes a whole fuck ton of code for a class, thousands of lines out of nowhere
>no idea where he got it from and double checked to make sure
>wasted most of my day for fucking nothing
I just wanted to make a music player...

This comic and art looks pretty nice. What is it with Shadow and Jackals
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image:169973634836.jpg(490kB , 1677x1800 , new clothes 1.jpg)
Looks like Maria isn't an outside person. Also, this guy talking about a mobian looking like a dog to a mobian.
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image:169973639464.jpg(463kB , 1677x1800 , new clothes 2.jpg)
Shadow, I would like to court your sister/grandma.
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image:169973644221.jpg(55kB , 634x680 , new clothes 3.jpg)
And that's it! There's other stuff but not really comics so whatever.
>This comic and art looks pretty nice. What is it with Shadow and Jackals
People really like Sonic Forces but not the actual game.
Forces is missed potential the sonic game
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image:169973776086.jpg(471kB , 1280x1993 , 17.jpg)
Sonic Boom Overwhelmed Page 17-18
That's all you thiiiink! That's all you can thiiiink! That's all you can thiiiink!
Seems like a common theme for a lot of Sonic stuff. The only missed potential for Sonic Mania is that there's no sequel.
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image:169973777843.jpg(422kB , 1280x2003 , 18.jpg)
Um, rude!
wtf is sonics problem
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image:169974300408.jpg(628kB , 2025x3075 , please by HagusAnimations.jpg)
>Did you know a sheep's headbutt can generate 764 pounds of force? Just thought that was a neat fact.
Might be just me, but this image is corrupted, from what I can see.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Thankfully only when expanded. When opened in a new tab it's fine. TP should be able to fix that easily.
Before yesterday's run, I actually thought Max and Lock knew each others, but no. Turns out the Brotherhood was in full hiding and it just happened that Max used the floating Islandas a second residence for vacation times.

I actually find this hilarious. So Sally really told no one about Knuckles, not even her family? It's like Knuckles was an imaginary friend for Sally...
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image:169974737781.jpg(1.85MB , 1799x2699 , SSS 08 - 01.jpg)
Archie Sonic Storytime #41
Sally Moon, Sonic #69 (nice) and #70
It kinda gives me the vibes that the comic is gonna go The Boys' route (the show, not the comics).

Has the same vibe as when I'm looking up DIY tutorials and the motherfuckers just pull up a resin setup or power tools with no previous indication it was needed.
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image:169974937960.png(188kB , 279x307 , 1576880093848.png)
Gonna be real with y'all, I do not get the utter adoration the fandom has for Spaz's art for the Archie Sonic comics. Can't deny that his poses are extremely dynamic, but the questionable anatomy has always ruined it for me.
Spaz gets praise because he was the best artist. yes his art could be wonky at times but he got way way better to make the most on model looking art there.
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image:169975423553.jpg(1.41MB , 900x1585 , issue 4 page 18.jpg)
Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 4 Page 18

Oh, so that’s where Sally went! The Phantom Ruby is giving Brutus power but it also seems to be giving him some insight. Maybe he should listen to it.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I was not expecting so much talk over Sonic Prime being Archie Sonic and not game Sonic.
Really loving the phantom Brutus here conductor. Good choice, be sure to also send my compliements to the artists, they do good job on this!
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image:169975508259.jpg(1.83MB , 1650x2550 , tumblr_682a5a718233962275f572bba08349fc_b632d115_2048.jpg)
Sonic: Chaos Control 1-35
Some interesting stuff's going on with this Metal Sonic
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Thanks and I'll let him know!
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image:169975562303.jpg(401kB , 1280x1973 , sonic_embers_issue__1_pg_2_by_wubbawakki_dgfrkmd-fullview.jpg)
Sonic Embers Issue 1 Page 2
I see Sonic is still in his human women phase.
Claiming Spire, I can correct him!
Damn, Shadow Chaos Spear'd his arm clean off
Damn, sorry to hear that. I absolutely hate the move from text-based tutorials to videos
Really, they just needed a few more cutscenes, a Chaos battle with Classic Sonic, better classic physics (i.e., no speed cap), and better (and longer) level design
Looks like the full image didn't download from desuarchive. I've fixed it now, thanks for letting me know!
>When opened in a new tab it's fine.
That's because clicking on the image link opens the one from desuarchive, in case anyone wants the original
Yeah, that's mostly us meming since they're both terrible xenophobic parents who make dumb decisions. That and that one artist shipping them made way too much sense
>DIY tutorials
That's the worst. I get all psyched up to make something only to be disappointed I'm supposed to drop a ton of money on expensive tool I'll probably never use again
Honestly I like that it's a bit weird and wonky in places, gives it a lot of charm
Yeah, that was odd
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
We haven't gotten to it yet but there is a panel showing Max and Locke talking in the past. I always assumed that was why Max went there. And in Sonic 44, Sally says she kept quiet to protect Knuckles because he wasn't supposed to talk to outsiders as part of his apprenticeship.
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image:169975862338.jpg(774kB , 2258x1689 , The Dream Cast playing DnD at Amy's house.jpg)
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image:169976261666.png(242kB , 800x675 , tumblr_e3a8375cc43d21590133a04b1455f2e6_7989b6e8_1280.png)
>I have no intention of stopping, in other words, even if the update schedule has been pushed to a two-week period for right this minute! To put a long story short, I’ve got some health issues that make it hard to stay at my desk & consistently work on stuff, & I don’t quite have the means to fix those issues right this minute. So I’m pushin’ through with what I’ve got, without putting myself into burnout! That’s why it’s taking a little bit, but everyone has been incredibly patient, & I’m always grateful for all the feedback I get in the meantime.

>Thanks for sticking it out with me! ?

He's so cute bros
We've got some interesting new friends in the thread today. I honestly can't tell if they're bots or just schizos
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image:169976621137.jpg(903kB , 1383x1069 , you_re_very_kind_by_nonic_power_by_nonicpower_dgfq27f.jpg)
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image:169976640149.jpg(1.34MB , 3000x2143 , 732830ed71044cd7fe65b45c95f52a19.jpg)
Nooooo, Kit should be with Tails!
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
>sonadow is trending
Of course it is. Prime has pretty much drowned out any Sonamy hints with Shadow just interacting with Sonic.
They all can share Tails
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image:169976730205.jpg(184kB , 768x1024 , twitter_@Pepper_Syrup_20230713-113323_1679453968819458048.jpg)
It's a show that's sidelined Amy into alternate versions that aren't interested in Sonic while having Shadow princess carry Sonic. They had to know what they were doing. We all know Sonic x Dread is endgame though
Top 10 rule34
It seems like Pixy is having a fucking psychotic break in the thread right now.

I absolutely need Maria being just as unhinged as Eggman but still a good person.
I mean, she's like 50 years old, so of course she does.
I almost feel bad for Surge. Almost.
He's too cute.
Anyone sane knows nothing will come of it, but it's still really funny they're acting so feral over it when Shadow has made it clear he fucking hates Prime Sonic.
You hate to see it!
I try not to thirstpost too much about him since it's a real person's Sonicsona, but he's absolutely adorable!
Pretty sure we can expect more Sonadow art
>Shadow has made it clear he fucking hates Prime Sonic
He's just tsun!
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image:169977573123.jpg(18kB , 248x250 , tumblr_pnnpqcixhH1whd35oo1_250.jpg)
Not sure if it's Pixy since it seems poignantly lacking in malice. Some poor bastard is having a psychotic episode and they're stuck having it in the same thread with a bunch of Sonic characters.

Yeah this. It's fun to imagine they're fucking but Prime!Shadow keeps making his hatred very clear and Prime!Sonic is a little slut himbo that gets touchy with pretty much everyone who isn't related to Eggman. Sometimes the tsundere ain't a tsundere, sometimes they genuinely hate your guts!
>Not sure if it's Pixy since it seems poignantly lacking in malice.
Yeah, on second reading it's clearly someone having a rough time
>Sometimes the tsundere ain't a tsundere, sometimes they genuinely hate your guts!
B-but unhealthy one-sided Sonadow is a cornerstone of the genre!
I just hope that, if it's real and not shitposting, whoever it is gets medical attention. Stuff like that makes me sad because all you can really do is sit and watch.

>B-but unhealthy one-sided Sonadow is a cornerstone of the genre!
Shit, you're right! Carry on then!
Cut to Marine with Wendy's & Sticks with White Castle
>I just hope that, if it's real and not shitposting, whoever it is gets medical attention. Stuff like that makes me sad because all you can really do is sit and watch.
Yeah, it's massively frustrating not being able to do anything, assuming it's real
>Shit, you're right! Carry on then!
One day we'll get an official same-sex romance, although it'll probably be Silver and some other twink
Grave mistake to forget chipmunks can also be borrowing creatures...
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image:169978161772.png(1.02MB , 2000x1500 , perfectly normal render but small.png)
Found a rendering tutorial that really wasn't made for my program of choice but it didn't stop me from creating this BOI

I've been recuperating my strength (AKA trying to beat a depressive slump) via lurking here and playing the bear twink game exclusively. Incorporated some vitamins to my daily routine and already I'm seeing some improvement.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
>It seems like Pixy is having a fucking psychotic break in the thread right now.
I think it is him because his last post was right at bump limit and then it stops. He's been known to eat up bumps to kill a thread faster. While it would be nice if it lasted for several more hours, it's not that big of a deal.
Shoggothnic my beloved! Love how you were able to convey his happiness through his many eyes and mouths. Noxt an expert, but the shading looks great, and the underlighting and purple bits are a nice touch
>I've been recuperating my strength
Glad to hear that! I never seem to recognize the warning signs until I'm in the middle of one
>Incorporated some vitamins to my daily routine and already I'm seeing some improvement.
I really need to do that instead of just leaving them in the bottle
I guess it could've been him. I did make some catty comments about his schizo-posting being low-effort lately
>That's because clicking on the image link opens the one from desuarchive, in case anyone wants the original
Now that's useful.
>Cream still get drenched anyway
I guess it's the gesture that count.
>(AKA trying to beat a depressive slump)
Well, fuck. I Hope you pull it through.

Nice happy Sogothnic
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I won't announce it yet but it seems I'm finally able to get the series to update twice a week. When page 23 is done, there will be a 10 page buffer. Thanks to the second artist, I can have them do some pages of the main series. The third artist could do a Knuckles series.
That looks great! I've always found getting stuff done to a good way to get out of that funk. Less things to worry about and favorable results can lift a mood. Not to be dependent on something but coffee helps me get that bit of motivation to start working.
>I guess it could've been him. I did make some catty comments about his schizo-posting being low-effort lately
I always think about why something is happening. And the fact it stopped when it did led me to believe it is the schizo.
Being a gentleman helping in the slightest goes a long way for some girls.
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image:169978815521.jpg(460kB , 624x610 , 1670187893271047.jpg)
Thank you! It was really fun making him look so happy. Despite the weirdness of the method used I really do like how it makes the shading look, I might use it again!

>I never seem to recognize the warning signs until I'm in the middle of one
Just like me fr fr. Didn't even realize I was in the middle of one until someone else came up to me and told me I looked like I was down. I gotta work on introspection to be able to notice one without help, honestly.

>I really need to do that instead of just leaving them in the bottle
It's just so tempting to the depression-addled brain, isn't it? They're just perfectly tucked away, so easy to forget they're there unless you put them right in your line of sight 24/7. That said sometimes what helps is changing presentation, I've tried capsules and packets you can put on your drink, but what worked for me was gummies, likewise I've met people to whom gummies just never worked out.

>I guess it could've been him. I did make some catty comments about his schizo-posting being low-effort lately
IDWkun took it to heart so deeply he broke his mind via tulpaforcing in order to show you he is good at it!

Thank you anon! I've been feeling a lot better this week, hopefully the upcoming holidays give me all the more time to take it easy and drawing more of best boy.
save file
image:169978851062.png(2.67MB , 1997x3187 , 0.png)
>I won't announce it yet but it seems I'm finally able to get the series to update twice a week.
Thank you Conductor! Honestly if I'm dependent on anything beyond my silly little franchises about anthropomorphic animals it's definitely caffeine. I drink either coffee or matcha nearly everyday, lmao.

Damn he shrunk her!
save file
image:169978868356.gif(213kB , 400x400 , Sonic&SallyCuddling.gif)
finally managed to find back that cute animated gif I had lost...
save file
image:169978891736.jpg(206kB , 614x1024 , baki dress.jpg)
Reminds me of this.
Thanks! I should probably clarify that clicking on the image filename shows the desuarchive image. This is so readers can get an image that can be posted on 4chan since my expanded images are in avif format to save space (these avif images are on average 20% the size of the originals, it's pretty much magic)
>I won't announce it yet but it seems I'm finally able to get the series to update twice a week.
Oh boy!
>The third artist could do a Knuckles series.
>I always think about why something is happening. And the fact it stopped when it did led me to believe it is the schizo.
You'd think he'd realize he's saving us the effort of archiving the threads. Also, he needs to charge his phone, that's genuinely irritating me
>Thank you! It was really fun making him look so happy. Despite the weirdness of the method used I really do like how it makes the shading look, I might use it again!
It's always nice to try a new technique, especially if it ends up working well
>Just like me fr fr. Didn't even realize I was in the middle of one until someone else came up to me and told me I looked like I was down. I gotta work on introspection to be able to notice one without help, honestly.
Yeah, these things sneak up so insidiously it's generally others that notice first. Frankly I need to hang up a big sign to remind me to check how messy the kitchen is since there's a 100% correlation there
>They're just perfectly tucked away, so easy to forget they're there unless you put them right in your line of sight 24/7.
Ha, that's it exactly! I'll have to try the gummies
>IDWkun took it to heart so deeply he broke his mind via tulpaforcing in order to show you he is good at it!
All part of my 99 step Kira-esque plan to mindbreak him into the perfect live-in servant! That's why maidposting is so important!
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image:169979178457.jpg(34kB , 1080x634 , twitter_@molu9818_20230923-065548_1705476036706861213.jpg)
When you think about it, Sonknux is really just another excuse for Sonic to tease Knuckles
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image:169979454543.jpg(351kB , 1000x1346 , 1699793712564623.jpg)
>Script: Dan Parent, Ian Flynn
I'm sure this is nothing... but here me out...
Also, Archie seriously only has five comics for December with new stories in them? And given the number of pages, the majority of them all are reprints.
save file
image:169979534717.jpg(383kB , 1734x1514 , twitter_@molu9818_20231029-153758_1718653408167813342.jpg)
tfw you're putting out more pages than Archie is. If only they'd finish releasing the TPBs and I could finally complete my collection ;_;
Nice! Thats great news
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image:169979824562.jpg(362kB , 1536x2048 , media_F-uz5wSXcAARJ_g.jpg)
It might not be Pixy, but there was definitely some undirected hate with a couple of the posts. It was just mostly incoherent.
That guy having a schizo moment freaked me out ngl
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image:169980454253.png(1.83MB , 1673x2203 , 260052c9cc4517592b9bb78dec10c194.png)
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image:169980703148.png(209kB , 637x613 , 1699806690607414.png)
I came after the party and skipped most of it as white noise. What was the gist of it.
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image:169980718893.jpg(205kB , 1032x774 , 0.jpg)
No matter how hard people will try to, I will not ever pretend Void and Lumina don't exist.
Shoggothnic my beloved!

And yeah, I've been depressed for a while now - it gets even worse since it lets intrusive thoughts come easier. It's sometimes easy to ignore it, but for me, it never truly goes away.
It could also just be a bot, some posters are literally not even people
At least 90% of /v/ is composed of bots at this point.
>tfw when most of /sthg/ doesn't give a shit about archie that much except archieschizo
Is that schizophrenic spamming that place again?
lol, what a obsessed schizo
>Prime will be ending and have less episodes than Satam
wtf this can't be real
That's what happens when a show gets sent to Netflix. Being on that service is essentially a death sentence.
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image:169981738682.gif(787kB , 480x360 , 0.gif)
> Being on that service is essentially a death sentence.
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image:169982108857.jpg(843kB , 1280x2027 , 29.jpg)
Nicole vs Sage Page 29
Listen, when you're being a badass, you don't have time to come up with any original one liners.
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image:169982126467.jpg(630kB , 1280x1811 , 14.jpg)
Emerald Chaos Page 14
Friendly reminder that the brown hedgehog used to be Eggman and her daughter is Metal Sonic.
I hate forced tf. fuck that shit
that's actually my favorite kind of TF, but I hate identity death. sonic here is the only saving grace.
Identity death makes me actually mad too
Look like Nicole is starting to run out of juice. Eh, it's fine, I kind of wanted to return to the Green&Red background.
save file
image:169982614452.jpg(1.22MB , 2630x4016 , F-sPspRaEAAOcjF.jpg)
Spongebob reference.
And barely anything happened in this last batch, at points it feels like is just mindless fight scenes for a plot that could be told in less time.
I like Prime Sonic as a cute himbo and how he makes oldfag Sonic fans seethe
He's an idiot but an endearing idiot, rather have that than the "cool" inexpressive meat robot some fans want
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image:169983214299.png(107kB , 1304x547 , dhhd.PNG)
save file
image:169983374671.jpg(770kB , 1316x2048 , KtE 22 - 01.jpg)
Archie Sonic Storytime #42
Knuckles #22-24 and Sonic #71
Watching SatAM and I got to a part where the following happens
>Sonic: "I've been thinking..."
>Sally: "Oh, Trying something new are we?
I laughed so fucking hard. I love them. Speaking of that, just curious conductor, when did you first started to like sonally? The show or the comic first? Also care to deep dive on your love for their dynamic and why to make it so big part of your comic
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Mainly the comic. I just like how Sally interacts with Sonic. Very spicy and Sonic loves it. As for making it a big part of the comic, I just wanted to have romance along with action and Sally allows that.
Cool and understandable
save file
image:169984415784.jpg(590kB , 1280x1752 , egg_dimension_comic_pg_30_by_lonelybrowncow_dgfwlwu-fullview_cunet_anime_noise3.jpg)
Egg Dimension Comic Pg 30
Sigh. I genuinely dislike this comic
I'm not caught up in the 8chan/8kun/8chan.moe drama but it's nice to see there are other imageboards interested in talking about the blue rat. I'll take a look around to see if there's any ideas we can use for our board. Oh, and they've got a fancomic thread too!
Fun fact, IDWkun got upset when I accused him of being a bot
NO, I DEMAND A TIMESKIP EPISODE WITH NINE! I just want more WWMH Tails bros ;_;
I actually like him, even if his characterization is wildly different to other Sonics. He is borderline special needs though
imageboards need to be less dead
I guess most people have moved on to social media, probably because it's more convenient and just as much of a hellscape as modern 4chan. It's a shame, since imageboards are such a comfy format
I fucking hate those sonic accounts in Twitter that keep asking questions like “which ship is better!” Etc. they keep fucking up me looking for fan art and I hate seeing them
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image:169984877489.png(506kB , 1134x1210 , tumblr_50c178d48b5c712fbd0dd8445671ae9b_62652ab8_1280.png)
I get many people use twitter for drama but I just want to see cool art
Oh shit, that's by Motobug, the artist responsible for all those sexy Black Doom pics!
Pic related's by
Went through the entire thread and we've storytimed all of them! They did suggest these links too:
>same arguments
This can't be a coincidence
I mean it reminded of these anti satam threads on 4chan /co/ and of course that schizo.
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image:169985328939.jpg(435kB , 1661x2176 , Nah.jpg)
Ngl, Tails and Carrotia sound like a more fun duo than Tails and Cream
>Boom Eggman is disgusted by the idea of having to eat his nemesis
He jut hat that hedgehog that much.
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image:169987075490.jpg(980kB , 1171x1688 , THoaM 8-11.jpg)
The Heart of a Monster 8-11
>the bear defeated the eel
So we all know Sonic's more of a twink, but would the Werehog count as a bear?
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image:169987499299.jpg(92kB , 1240x665 , 0.jpg)
Mad about Shadow.
Shadow is the worst, he's just a cancer on the entire franchise.
save file
image:169988265154.jpg(437kB , 1280x2002 , 19.jpg)
Sonic Boom Overwhelmed Page 19
It's Shadow! Probably still mandated to not be funny.
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image:169988486100.jpg(95kB , 1280x800 , not_alone__by_mysterious_d_dgfyuxw.jpg)
Well, he's been kicked off every other Sonic forum so why not there too
They really should've made Cream Amy, Blaze or Shadow's sidekick. Kind and polite isn't really that interesting by itself
We know Eclipse!
>Probably still mandated to not be funny.
Him being tsun is what makes him fun!
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Even though there's not much left of the Knuckles series, I think I'll no longer start with any Knuckles issues and even save them for last. That won't help when Penders gets more active in the Sonic issues and continues his Knuckles stories in that.
Why did Penders think ripping off a holocaust poem was a good fucking idea? He derailed the comic so fucking hard with that offensive shit. I'm still kinda interested in some things but the comic quality just tanked there for me.
Randomly scrolled through Twitter for stuff and saw a person recommend your comic, conductor, when talking about fan projects to follow. That’s nice
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Penders has ambition but he lacks self awareness. He doesn't think how others will receive his work and he probably doesn't care. That's the kind of thinking that had him wanting to kill off Sally. His bigger problem is favoring his characters over the ones others have created. That's what I've noticed as the Knuckles series went on. Knuckles got sidelined and as someone else mentioned, the Chaotix barely do anything. They just stand around and talk but are nowhere around when the action kicks in. His narcissism is something else and it led to his downfall. If he worked on that then he'd still be writing for Sonic. Ian might have never gotten a chance to work for Archie. He could've even muscled Bollers out of the writing spot if he was really devious.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Nice! That's always good to hear!
>Well, he's been kicked off every other Sonic forum so why not there too

How fun it would be if he started posting here?
save file
image:169988913991.jpg(38kB , 472x607 , knuckles_the_cool_echidna_by_knockabiller_dbj3hbm-fullview.jpg)
Penders seriously needed a tard wrangler to tell him no when writing that shit. And it does suck the star of the comic, starts to get fucking sidelined and so his friends. They're could've been a balance but penders would not budge in shilling his characters. Cant believe he wanted to replace Eggman with Dr. Droid! I hate that while reading theres glimmers of actual good stuff.

Knuckles for one being peeved off at all this myterious bullshit, and the brotherhood having legit reasons to stay so secret and having someone like spectre disagree with the grandpas. Problem is, he makes Knuckles just accept that bullshit and only until recently did spectre do anything, which was very based. He's the best one there. But for the rest, they talk about doing things for the greater good but do nothing and expects us to see that as good. It's frustrating.

And it just makes me mad that Knuckles having to deal with his people is a genuinely good idea and direction for the character than just guarding his dumb rock. I havent played chronicles yet but I hear it does that aspect well and wouldve done more with his people on earth after it before penders decided to fuck things up. Knuckles is doomed to never do anything interesting again and some would point to frontiers, but knowing the games, it wont go anywhere. Being a Knuckles fan is suffering.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Penders made enemies out of a lot of people but he was his own worst enemy. And now we're seeing the pushing of OCs in IDW. Funny how history repeats itself.
I just think events that clearly take place in a series before the oens taking place in the other should be done first.
He just cant help himself
>And now we're seeing the pushing of OCs in IDW. Funny how history repeats itself
I've advocated better character balance for comic originals and game characters but god, I just cant care for the idw characters. Diamond cutters suck with their new member, sheep tits, making it worse. And for diet scourge and her simp being a fucking disapointment and jokes that lost all their credibility as bad guys. What a giant fuck up.
IDW can't really make their OCs relevant.
So much that it's actually detrimental to the comic.
The OCs are necessarily always going to be nobodies in the greater context of the series even inside the setting of the comics.
And they also can't ever have any meaningful interactions with a game character, to the point where two IDW minis revolve around OCs talking to each other and the other revolves around 2 game characters by themselves.

I'm almost sure that it's mostly a Sega thing rather than just IDW too, so I can't even blame them.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
We've gotten out of publication order quite a bit. For example, the Image crossover was done a lot earlier than when it was printed. We're also doing the Knuckles issues so their arcs aren't broken up by Sonic issues.
In cases such as that, I place all the blame on the writers. It's obvious they have more freedom since the OCs don't have nearly as many restrictions but that doesn't excuse how badly they're written. At least Penders gets negative responses from some of his OCs while somehow writing some genuinely good characters. The IDW OCs generate some anger but then apathy.
Its the writers fault for making surge change her motivation every other issue and get beaten to made out to be a joke even when sonic is weak and shes all powered up. What were they thinking. Also its a meme but actually true with whisper crying all the fucking time and being sad for tangle to be there too. And lanolin, she really is the geoffrey of the comic and makes it worse for existing.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
But look at Monkey Khan. He's got simple stories that likely wouldn't trigger any mandates and I find much more interesting. The last story we covered was all OCs. And it's drawn and written by someone I know nothing about. A good writer can work within restraints and whenever Ian and Evan get a chance to do so, they don't. I understand that they get screwed over here and there but some bad decisions they've made is obviously their fault. I'll happily blame SoJ for a lot of stuff but I'm not letting those two off the hook. You can also lay some blame on the editors as well.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Imagine Lanolin getting really close to Amy and taking her on missions and Sonic starts feeling left out. Of course you can't have Amy and Lanolin making out in front of him but the comic has done romantic undertones so that could be done. And then Sonic and Lanolin fight for some reason, neither win, and Amy breaks them apart. Then Lanolin and Amy start hugging while Sonic is fuming.
>He's got simple stories that likely wouldn't trigger any mandates
I don't think you understand how bad Sega's autistic micromanaging can be, remember that Shadow had to be rewritten out of an arc where he was going to do nothing but sit down and watch a bunch of Chao doing tricks.

Also remember that this is a company that caused multiple others to go bankrupt before, including themselves.
Archie could casually give game characters their own families and love interests and have entire arcs made around those things.
I know our threads are mostly Archie fans but I don’t wanna seem like I entirely dislike idw for “not being muh Archie”. I gave it a reading as it’s own thing but I just don’t like what I read. Just boring stories and mid stories and awful shit like the eggperial arc made me actually quit giving a real fuck about it.. That along the classic pandering shit is genuinely tiring to keep seeing.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
But that's Shadow, the most notoriously heavily mandated character, not an original character like Monkey Khan is. He has his supporting cast and even villains. A better comparison would be the IDW original characters. The restrictions we know about would be not being able to beat Sonic or Eggman but when you have Iron King and Iron Queen then you don't have that problem. And that's another thing, killing off Starline really sucked. I also didn't like how he was so reliant on Eggman's tech, even when he was working on his own stuff. And then that 900th Adventure issue got rid of the Warp Topaz, as if saying Starline is never ever ever coming back.
Why do people enjoy Archie more than Satam?
>He has his supporting cast and even villains
like who?
For me its
>freedom fighters are more active
>better iteration of Robotnik
>more game elements
>more world building
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I do wonder how people who have very little exposure to Archie view IDW. I can see IDW's flaws without thinking about Archie. But what about others that have IDW Sonic as their first and only experience to the franchise in comic form?
SatAM focused on Sonic and Sally and no so much the others. There's very little character development and then it ends after a couple seasons. Would Archie be remembered as much if it stopped at issue 50? Maybe earlier? I think SatAM would be more fondly remembered if it got a few more seasons and improved upon things. But Archie is as close to a continuation of the cartoon series as you can get.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
The various clans, the lion guy and fox girl, that brother and sister he was with in the last story. And of course Iron King and Iron Queen. Just make her a badger or whatever. Not bad for a few stories about Monkey Khan.
Oh, I thought you were talking about shadow. my bad
>The restrictions we know about
I see people talking about this and honestly I think it's nothing but wishful thinking of fans, unwilling to accept that Sega who reviews every single issue individually before they're released might be tanking the overall quality of the comic with their demands that might be or not completely arbitrary and chaotic, despite this happening before in multiple instances with other companies, sometimes to disastrous outcomes.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to say but I think I might. If you take out everything that only Ian has said and only focus on stuff that others have said and even the changes made because of it, there are plenty. Shadow wasn't allowed to be on a team with Rouge and Omega and Amy took his spot. The writers for both Sonic Boom and Sonic Prime have talked about how Shadow was heavily restricted. And there's minor stuff like Marine not being allowed to appear at the end of the Metal Virus arc because they don't want characters getting their first appearance at the end of an arc. And there's the change to Blaze's mouth in the reprint for an issue. We've also heard about Sega wanting artists using 3D game models and sticking to that but you can file that under "take this with a grain of salt."
Why is ABT getting shit now?
What? Explain
save file
image:169989569568.png(2.13MB , 1228x1892 , page_5_by_blackatstoryteller_dgfzoc3.png)
Trapped Inside Page 5
All I remember is Shadow is running around and talking to Rouge and Omega isn't in the comic for some reason.
Omega isn't in these because the artists dont wanna draw him lol
save file
image:169989604731.jpg(22kB , 214x404 , sonic 203.jpg)
The Blaze mouth thing was pretty funny, I couldn't believe it at first.
Imagine how hellish must it be to work on a comic about silly cartoon animals where drawing one of their faces a bit to cartoony might trigger someone at SoJ.
I still prefer SatAM, but Archie simply has more. Either ways, it's weird to me to try to put the two against each others when they share so much DNA and sometimes are almost indistinguishable.
save file
image:169989620671.jpg(151kB , 955x902 , sonic bye bitch.jpg)
Yardley's been told to change his faces a few times I can remember. The Sonic crying during Ian's 25 Years Later arc, one panel of Sonic running mad and his mouth had to be moved, and of course pic related. Not sure if it was editorial or Sega for each of them.
Sonic attitude erasure. I cant stand it
save file
image:169989670809.jpg(211kB , 1382x689 , StH 039 - 04 edit.jpg)
And that was pre-reboot Archie.
save file
image:169989681291.jpg(74kB , 776x900 , F-uj9qcXoAAE0lb.jpeg)
I also found a kinda femboy/slutty Nack of all characters
Why do female sonic artists like to make guys so twinkish?
save file
image:169990047855.jpg(286kB , 1536x2048 , Idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 36 page 1.jpg)
save file
image:169990049160.jpg(317kB , 1536x2048 , Idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 36 page 2.jpg)
save file
image:169990050402.jpg(192kB , 1536x2048 , Idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 36 page 3.jpg)
save file
image:169990051585.jpg(343kB , 1536x2048 , Idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 36 page 4.jpg)
save file
image:169990052909.jpg(244kB , 1536x2048 , Idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 36 page 5.jpg)
save file
image:169990054125.jpg(271kB , 1536x2048 , Idol✮Amy! AU v2 pt. 36 page 6.jpg)
Why would Sega have them edit this? Sonic being cheeky while Tails ends some poor bastard is would totally be in line.
save file
image:169991009285.jpg(106kB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault - 2023-11-13T161414.975.jpg)
I wonder if the official Sonic social media will delete his video off the channel now lmao
>I wonder if the official Sonic social media will delete his video off the channel now lmao

Why? What did I miss?
kept a bunch of money meant for charites for a decade
could it be the reason of his fall-out with the Bear guy?
maybe idk
save file
image:169991546667.png(902kB , 1350x1478 , 1682278260493042.png)
>gets immediately forgotten
Your wife was a fotm, conductor...
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Dangerous thought, she feels like an NTR target. My poor namesake doesn't know that [Sonic Character] has been banging her behind his back.
save file
image:169992011679.jpg(2.62MB , 1988x3041 , StH 072 - 01.jpg)
Archie Sonic Storytime #43
Sonic #72, Sonic Kids 2, and Knuckles #25
At issue 262 of Archie. When is the New 252 supposed to become Not Boring?
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I was not expecting a lengthy debate over the two Sonic 1 games.
Issue 291
oof, nta but im guessing you are not a fan of it
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
No I found them to be perfectly fine. I'm just being cheeky.
>Penders seriously needed a tard wrangler to tell him no when writing that shit.
He had Mike Kanterovich at the start and you can really see his bat habits start to form when he starts writing solo
That's why Rough and Tumble are the only OCs that really work. They've got cool designs, but don't overshadow the main cast; are villains, but clearly not an Eggman-level threat; have a cool rhyming gimmick and great chemistry, but don't overstay their welcome since they're not in every issue. I'm obviously biased though
>The IDW OCs generate some anger but then apathy.
That's their main problem. They're hyped up as competent new heroes that are on Sonic's level, but spend most issues talking in front of gradient voids
100% this. If other writers can make stories like Scrapnik Island, then it's not a mandates issue
Not the Konductor, but Shadow's got his own team with Rouge and Omega, villains like Black Doom, and working for GUN means there's a lot of enemies for them to fight that aren't Eggman
Is he? I know some people aren't happy with his use of 3d models or rounder style
See this one I do agree with, Sonic's fucking creepy here.
Plap fucking plap!
There's a reason yaoi is written for and by women
Sonic you moody bitch. I love you so much!
Damn, what a prick if true
I couldn't help myself!
Last arc and issue Knuckles 25 really cemented the knuckles comic being mid. It's a shame, i was generally enjoying it until the derailment and repeating of the brotherhood doing the same talking each time. I wanted to see remington and julie-su get more development as I really like them from their appearances but its actually crazy how sidelined they get pretty quickly, espically julie. Fucking sad, she isnt that bad and pretty decent.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
>Not the Konductor, but Shadow's got his own team with Rouge and Omega, villains like Black Doom, and working for GUN means there's a lot of enemies for them to fight that aren't Eggman
Sadly none of that is allowed because Sega is overly protective of him and want him to be as one dimensional as possible.
>I couldn't help myself!
Well that and the anon posting a bunch of images are making sure the thread won't last the night. Yay?
Sorry, I just like posting fan art and a ton of people jump ship when its over to do it. Hope you're not too mad.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
It's fine, I can't stop you and it does help on days that are very slow. Those that can't make the thread until much later only have themselves to blame.
It gets worse towards the end of the Knuckles series, but picks up again once it's in the main books
>Sadly none of that is allowed because Sega is overly protective of him and want him to be as one dimensional as possible.
>Well that and the anon posting a bunch of images are making sure the thread won't last the night. Yay?
That's why I multipost, otherwise half the thread would be mine. I'd prefer the threads last longer but anons have desuarchive and the website if they want to catch up. Frankly, I'd prefer if we had the actual discussions here but it's a slow process
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I like having a presence on 4chan as long as possible but maybe threads dying earlier incentivizes more anons to come here more often.
>Sadly none of that is allowed because Sega is overly protective of him and want him to be as one dimensional as possible.
Whoops. Didn't paste this in.
I suspect they still don't know what to do with him. He's supposed to work for GUN, but they don't want to actually show GUN anymore. It's such a shame because having Team Dark go on missions to exotic locations is exactly what's needed to flesh out the world. Surely Eggman isn't the only threat to the planet and Sonic can't be everywhere at once
Shadow is such a weird character. Sometimes he works with others like with gun and team dark but is supposed to be a loner otherwise. Problem is that he does fucking nothing in those periods. There’s no stories of shadow doing shit by himself meeting people like sonic does, nothing. It only happens when he’s with some other established character and then he can appear on screen. Like what is the point of him if he does fuck all most of the time?
Also to add more, with GUN as of now, none existent, and rouge and eventually probably omega will hang out with sonic more. meaning shadow will appear less and less since they don’t do any stories of his alone travels. So weird.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
That's why him being part of Team Dark and working for GUN works. It makes coming up with stories for him so easy and gives him a place and surrounded by people that care for him.
Shadow is the Wolverine of the franchise. He's not the main character but the edgy guy that came along and became wildly popular. Imagine if Marvel just stopped using Wolverine.
I get some people complaining that he would too tied to it but he does fucking nothing without something like that
save file
image:169993301313.jpg(413kB , 1280x2034 , 20.jpg)
Sonic Boom Overwhelmed Page 20
This entire comic feels less like a Sonic Boom comic and more like a typical Sonic comic. Oh well, at least we have Egg Dimension! Actually that doesn't feel like a Sonic Boom comic either.
I really want to know what is his problem in this comic.
save file
image:169993519429.jpg(116kB , 549x549 , sage likes what she sees.jpg)
>thirstposter when he sees the new krazyelf comic
save file
image:169993535673.png(1.46MB , 1182x1200 , c5d4670f3ff8fb893a4412617831933b.png)
save file
image:169993545104.png(1.91MB , 1895x3935 , ed65c708f5a7ed923141c7187035a411.png)
>one of those dumb ass sonic interaction accounts getting destroyed for asking about sonic x sage if anyone liked it
save file
image:169993763494.png(4.64MB , 1920x1920 , d7f33ced332f5b7f6e8941917ff7b8a9.png)
Kintobor bad
Robotnik good
Knowing this artist, there's going to be more
Yeah, that's what I'm hoping for
He's not too bad on his own since he's very introspective so he'll talk/think to himself a lot. We only really see it in his game and 06 though
They did mention GUN in Frontiers so maybe they're willing to do something with the concept again.
Oh, and not everyone gets this, but the reason Ian doesn't think Team Dark's a thing is because he's good at misrepresenting things and Sega's terrible at explaining things. Functionally, Shadow, Rouge and Omega often work together and are close, but they're not an official team. Technically only Shadow is confirmed to work for GUN. In 06 Rouge isn't a part of GUN, she's just on loan (probably from the President). They'll obviously work together for missions (06, Forces) and even go racing together (TSR), but Shadow and Rouge have different bosses so they're not Team™ Dark™.
I suspect that's why there are restrictions on showing them as a trio in IDW, but that's mostly because Sega didn't want GUN to be mentioned
>Shadow is the Wolverine of the franchise
100% this
It's so good! I love that KrazyELF doesn't make Knuckles an exclusive top just because he's bigger and more muscular than Sonic
save file
image:169994184306.jpg(3.08MB , 3892x4096 , F-Q-nn5asAAe6sb.jpg)
It's so polarizing to see statements that they arent friends but official stuff like this comes out too. Also to be completely honest, Im not a fan of Rouge becoming apart of the "gang". Like I get her fans (coomers) want her to interact with characters that arent omega and shadow but her being with sonics main group starting with prime feels even more forced than team dark could ever be. It also erases the few bits of her having a gray side even more. Which they always refused to ever truly follow through with (like with most things in this franchise)

She (and shadow for that matter) cant never do anything morally questionable or something another character would say "wow, that was very fucking shitty of you to do". And before you say anything, Im asking for rouge to mass murder or some shit, but do a form of bad that an average good character would heavily disagree with. Something that give them an actual distinction. I guess its kind of hopeless to expect though because the fans would reeee and general tendacy of this franchise to have mid writing so Ill always have a bit of a dislike for her.
*Im not asking for rouge
Don't forget the archie mini comic crossover for The Ride
Yeah, that's the problem. Anything coming out from Sega has been (poorly) translated across a cultural and linguistic barrier but (almost) everything from Ian and others working on the comics is biased and inaccurate. I'm not even sure if the "they're not friends" even came from Sega. In their bios, Shadow and Rouge have each other as their most trusted/important person so even if they don't braid each other's hair, they obviously care about each other and regularly work together.

Having Rouge in the Dreams game is really just them needing a girl Knuckles to go with girl Sonic (Amy) and girl Tails (Cream), and in Prime they never really explained what her deal was. Does she live in Green Hill too? Is she part of the Sonic and friends™ group or does she just drop by occasionally? I don't think we even get to see her interact with Shadow, which is a wasted opportunity to cement their current official relationship

It would be nice to see Rouge pull off some heists or for them to be more explicit with Shadow going too far. He (probably?) did kill all of Infinite's team in Forces, but they shy away from confirming anything
Theres always a bit of weirdness. But there is something I do wanna say, I trust what Ian says more on actual behind the scenes stuff than random fucks on the chans (no offense to you). Because if ian was really lying this much about stuff and considered disrepecting sonic team as much as people say he does. He would have been fired YEARS ago as they for sure pay attention to what he says regarding the franchise. fans tend to leave out that he always does say things do change at a whim too, and I feel some are too stubborn with changes happens, specially lore ones.
Yes her being in dream team does seem to be a type thing and in Prime she's clearly a friend as she's seen hanging out with them before the shatter as a super close friend than she usually is.
Shadow did kill that squad. He destroyed them.
Konductor! I've cleaned up the two Archie minis and put them in the Mega. I suggest running them before the Sabrina comic
No worries, I'm not offended. I only go by what I see in the actual games and occasionally what the official twitter says. Even the interviews with Iizuka/Kishimoto/etc are pretty unreliable since the translations are garbage
>He would have been fired YEARS ago as they for sure pay attention to what he says regarding the franchise
Honestly, he's mega unprofessional on his podcast and I'm guessing they don't fire him since he's better behaved on twitter where more people pay attention. It's an odd situation where I feel Sega knows it isn't communicating well with the West, but isn't willing to change how they do things. They're definitely using Tailstube to correct some of the stuff Ian's gotten wrong though
>fans tend to leave out that he always does say things do change at a whim too
That's where I disagree with him, but I get not everyone sees things that way
>Shadow did kill that squad. He destroyed them.
He did, but it could've been handled better. I get that they can't show him snapping necks, but it would've been nice to have Infinite say something later in Shadow's DLC about getting revenge for his fallen comrades (unless he did and I missed it)
4/co/'s down again. Been over an hour now
>Sadly none of that is allowed because Sega is overly protective of him
the recently released bio provide some actual wiggle room to actually allow it.

It was weird seeing people getting upset by it when it basically confirm "Yeah, they make a team". I just see it as Shadow being mega-tsundere or something "Yeah I just risked my life to save yours, but only because I see you as an asset to protect the earth just like MUUURIAH! wanted it, it's not like I am your friend or something... baka"
You don't actually want to know.
His problem is that Sonic need to find Jesus
save file
image:169995384995.jpg(121kB , 1280x1165 , twitter_@AtlasWolf1_20220715-075752_1547852937921118208.jpg)
What a cute couple! Forget Sonally, we're a Strikarry house now!
Three hours now
It was weird, but not unexpected. Some fans will complain about anything. Shadow and Rouge are very close, it's just that Shadow's tsun. If anything, Rouge probably finds it endearing
save file
image:169995424904.jpg(215kB , 960x1280 , Spoiler image)
This artist also drew a nice Dingo. Spoilering since it's suggestive but not explicit
save file
image:169995443161.jpg(505kB , 4096x3031 , twitter_@AtlasWolf1_20200216-035753_1228891220660846593.jpg)
Actually, he drew some lewd(ish) art too

>On quiet nights in Sandopolis, you can faintly hear two male voices upon the air. Those voices belong to General Helmut Von Stryker and his boyfriend Harry, as the former hits his spot with great precision (not to mention intensity).
save file
image:169995508234.jpg(102kB , 1280x638 , Spoiler image)
It's a shame the image stops where it does
save file
image:169995513547.png(2.84MB , 2785x3653 , helmut_by_atlantart_dc4embx.png)
And that's it for now
from Sonic point of view, YOU are the asshole.
save file
image:169995970645.png(629kB , 1600x1200 , 0.png)
save file
image:169995975319.jpg(216kB , 1024x1366 , 0.jpg)
don't know if more will come from this, it's meant to be Movie Sonic.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
>Konductor! I've cleaned up the two Archie minis and put them in the Mega. I suggest running them before the Sabrina comic
Okay. That means I'll have to change what else I post again. Maybe I'll just add an issue of Sonic and save the next Knuckles arc for the next thread.
4chan's been down for 5.5 hours now. I wonder what they do with the jannies? Do they get paid time off? Hew hew
Oh no, my greatest weakness: zoomer culture!
Gotta keep you on your toes!
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I think I'll break a Knuckles arc and have the first part in the thread afterwards. That way the big Sonic reveal can go uninterrupted.
>next thread = crossover stuff and sonic 73
>thread after = sonic 74-75 and knuckles 26
>after that = sonic 76-77 and knuckles 27-28
Yeah, I think that works well
Sonic, the Emerald isn't supposed to be used like that.
save file
image:169997624915.jpg(2.70MB , 1783x2504 , F-5yfQ2W0AASFo6.jpg)
save file
image:169997626635.jpg(2.40MB , 1783x2504 , F-5ygHbXcAAMMW1.jpg)
save file
image:169997754368.jpg(91kB , 1134x1440 , media_F-eqfvKbYAAPhSi.jpg)
save file
image:169997817199.jpg(193kB , 1954x2048 , media_F-4DsKgW4AAKWFO.jpg)
save file
image:169997990867.png(507kB , 512x768 , _request__sally_and_sonic_s_day_at_the_beach_by_mobiangenrequest_dgfgpop.png)
Tails is stinky
save file
image:169998035623.jpg(178kB , 1024x1809 , sonic_fan_by_lazycafe_dgg2bj1-fullview.jpg)
save file
image:169998063483.jpg(302kB , 1600x1200 , Spoiler image)
POV: you're about to lose NNN
Rank the Guardians
Knuckes>Spectre>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everyone else
save file
image:169998787472.jpg(367kB , 1280x1709 , sonic_on_the_run_by_speedway66_dgdqree-fullview.jpg)
>go on DA
>someone made dr. ian droid fan art recently
I suspect that someone might have been on the ride...
save file
image:169999137694.jpg(10kB , 200x200 , penders.jpg)
>Dr. Ian Droid fanart
What the fuck?

Also, I just realized that Droid looks similar enough that you could substitute him for Jimbotnik pretty easily.
Knuckles is going to punch his brother and he knows exactly why.
Sonic you dick. And of course Eggman is taking advantage of this.
Maybe you shouldn't have ghosted and ignored him you drooling dumbass.
SoJ despises the idea of Sonic displaying more emotions than "vaguely snarky". For a long fucking time, they didn't even let his (or other mobians) ears emote - not until after the movies, at least.
Knuckles is at least being depicted as playable in Dream Team so maybe they'll use him more.
He's not big enough.
>demonic satanist Eggman is actually the servant of a universe devouring cosmic horror
>oh, and he also eats Sonics. Exclusively
What in God's name is this comic
Hey, it's still cool!
It's Tails who started spending more time with Eggman to begin with, though.
save file
video:170000347914.mp4(5.69MB , 440x232 , 20120711 - The Lost Ones TRAILER [quGiiAeCyjo].mp4)
Wow, that was unexpected. I wonder if anyone's seen the trailer for The Lost Ones movie?
lmao, we've corrupted so many
He'd need fancy CGI armor first!
We could always split the difference and call him a bara!
save file
video:170000425789.mp4(5.82MB , 352x288 , 20170108 - Sonic Armageddon - Ken Penders Movie Pitch [DNteN_qlHp0].mp4)
And here's the trailer for SONIC ARMAGEDDON
Oh, we've passed 1,700,000,000 in Unix time. Happy 1.7x10^9 everyone!
kid starting to talk about their dad is when I stopped the video.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I would unironically storytime The Lost Ones.
save file
image:170000519511.png(885kB , 755x677 , ailsds.png)
>tfw did nothing but self destructively looked for things that make me mad and goofed off the entire day
At least the storytimes will make feel better I guess...
Today /v/ had an unusually good Tails thread.
It was pretty gay
save file
image:170000647112.jpg(1.72MB , 1958x3032 , StH 073 - 01.jpg)
Archie Sonic Storytime #44
Sonic #73, A Halloween Tale, Case of the Haunted Comic Shop, Sabrina #28, and Crossover Chaos
save file
image:170001024391.jpg(381kB , 1647x1609 , Sonic giving Eggman some parenting advice now that he's taking care of Sage..jpg)
>Good Tails thread
>On /v/
There's no way, I need proof
I still don't get how he thought this was acceptable. Imagine subjecting the Sega execs to this. FYI if you mute it, you'll get to see some Penders animation storyboards over stock photos
I've been trying to find a copy for a while now but no luck. You can see some of it here though:
Yeah, I do that a lot
Why dont you just ask penders himself about it?
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Imagine if The Lost Ones did take off and Penders ditched Archie to pursue that series. And when it failed, he tried to go back but couldn't.
And imagine if Penders thought you were a curious friend and he liked talking to you about all sorts of Sonic stuff.
I'd rather not talk to him or give him money. He deliberately got my favorite comic canceled because he was jealous it survived without him and I'll never forgive him for that.
>Imagine if The Lost Ones did take off and Penders ditched Archie to pursue that series. And when it failed, he tried to go back but couldn't.
Man, that would've been awesome. If he was less lazy he easily could've got 4-6 issues out before it was canceled, which would've been plenty of time for Flynn to establish himself at Archie
>And imagine if Penders thought you were a curious friend and he liked talking to you about all sorts of Sonic stuff.
save file
image:170001605248.png(349kB , 1654x1070 , can't argue with that.png)
Speaking of /v/ threads
Found it:
All part of the Gay Agenda™
save file
image:170001944193.png(31kB , 1304x159 , 1625548054274.png)
IDK if any of you remember but the other day I mentioned reading archie and mentioning how I didnt understand the narrative that he was this big jerk the entire time without much good. and I was refering to old debates of archie and fleetway being the source of seeing it. After some tracking down, I found this image of an example of what I was talking about. I still dont get it.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
The stuff that contributes to the narrative that Archie Sonic is a jerk is under 5%, probably even less. It's just some bad stuff he did scattered across hundreds of issues where he's otherwise a really nice guy. Also character assassination by some writers. Fleetway Sonic is an ass but it's because he's dedicated to being a hero and he cares very much about saving everyone no matter how much they annoy him. He has difficulty opening up to people and his mouth is how he copes. I do wish he was nicer to Tails though but it's all banter.
Understandble. Actually reading the comic just makes me a bit mad at seeing all the things people are 100% truthful like that.
save file
image:170002174903.gif(1.82MB , 325x326 , 1687396572114445.gif)
>anti ian tumblr cult having a massive circlejerk meltdown over surge in dash and evans tweet about it
I really should stay away but laughing at these losers is just too good. They are literally OBSESSED
Couldn't agree more. Sonic has some jerk moments but they're few and far between over the course of 20+ years. That said, Ian does write him as a bit of a jerk to Tails. It's pretty apparent just how patronizing he Sonic treats Tails in that one Boom episode he wrote
I think most people just don't get that the banter with his friends is intended to be affectionate. It's very different to the banter he has with Robotnik and other villains
You wouldn't think adding a character to a mobile game would cause so much salt, but here we are
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
>I think most people just don't get that the banter with his friends is intended to be affectionate.
Well, he did make Porker cry and apologized about it. I have no problem with him being a snarky ass because a lot of characters deserve it. But not Tails or Porker. At least Tails got snarky towards the end.
Yeah, he should've known Porker wasn't in a place to be receptive to the banter but at least he did apologize. Agreed about most of the other characters, you could easily argue the townsfolk were the real villains.
>At least Tails got snarky towards the end.
See that's what I think the intention partially was, to get them good at bantering. One thing that's common to all Robotniks is that they're weak to banter and frustrate easily, and that's when they make mistakes
save file
image:170002929005.png(1.15MB , 1750x2850 , 1699988602710.png)
Yeah it was kinda gay but props to the guy that posted what I think it's his own fancomic
save file
image:170002935878.png(1.40MB , 1750x2850 , 1699988746205.png)
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Fleetway Sonic was also very concerned about his image and being the top hero. When he came back from the Special Zone and heard that Tails was doing well on his own, he refused to believe it. I liked how STCO continued that and Sonic supported him in that. I also like how Sonic was nicer to Charmy than the Chaotix were even though he also found Charmy incredibly annoying.
save file
image:170002973585.png(1.63MB , 1750x2850 , 1699988912763.png)
save file
image:170003002727.png(1.42MB , 1750x2850 , 1699989009697.png)
So I think this is like an AU
save file
image:170003028407.png(1.42MB , 1750x2850 , 1699989535122.png)
Always nice to see Tails use his butts for something other than flying. Wait no, that sounded wrong.
save file
image:170003067825.png(1.70MB , 1750x2850 , 1699989661021.png)
See ya later Tails!
save file
image:170003085197.png(1.55MB , 1750x2850 , 1699989777316.png)
save file
image:170003122936.png(1.72MB , 1750x2850 , 1699989887084.png)
Lol. So this seems like "What if Skypatrol happened before Tails met Sonic" and Witchcart replaced Eggman, sounds like it could be fun, hopefully that anon will make more
Yeah, both Fleetway and Archie Sonics are a bit egotistical, although I think part of it is to boost morale. STCO did a great job evolving the partnership into mutual respect. The Charmy thing was pretty cute too
What a lovely little comic! Great backstory for Witchcart that contrasts with Robotnik's, and it's nice to see Tails so confident. Really hope we see more
save file
image:170004771064.jpg(193kB , 1008x1238 , twitter_@sk_rokuro_20231114-195322_1724515889801048166.jpg)
So cute!
save file
image:170004789530.jpg(533kB , 1080x1440 , twitter_@Mav3s_illus_20230913-134411_1701954931727466780.jpg)
And to show I don't play favorites, here's some hardcore Sonadow
>"What if Skypatrol happened before Tails met Sonic"
I think, it's more meant to be a role reversal.
So, this is Infinite's true endgame?
save file
image:170005433235.jpg(3.86MB , 3736x10000 , twitter_@TooDamnCycle_20220804-043554_1555049868850233345_photo copy.jpg)
Was that not clear in Forces? Infinite's entire plan was to make his OTP a reality! Oh, and here's a censored version of Infinite doing his best
save file
image:170005840697.jpg(476kB , 1240x1754 , shock_and_awe___issue_2__page_120_by_underworldcircle_dgg879d-375w-2x_cunet_anime_noise3_2x.jpg)
Shock and Awe - Issue 2: Page 120
Pretty metal, hew hew!
Wait, how Julayla relate to the Acorn family?
Her title's Empress Dowager so she's either the mother or widow of the Emperor. This title sometimes grants regency so she could've been ruling. My best guess is Julayla's Sally's grandmother and was ruling after Max was lost. Because she's died, Sally's now Empress/Princess Regent/Queen Regent
save file
image:170006108499.jpg(770kB , 1280x2010 , 13.jpg)
Cosmic Nexus Page 13-14
save file
image:170006110265.jpg(618kB , 1280x2010 , 14.jpg)
Go sexy mobians go!
It took me three goes to read that, and I don't even like breasts that much! I've honestly got no idea how Tower gets any work done with all those sexy Mobians around
The perfect balance of edgy drama and sexiness
save file
image:170006170728.jpg(1,008kB , 1236x3112 , 0.jpg)
>My best guess is Julayla's Sally's grandmother
On the father's side, apparently.
While the Duchess title likely belong to Elias's wife, I was a bit confused by the mention of an Empress in plus of the Empress Dowager in the listing of those took part in the march, until I realised Nicole is talking in present tense and referring to Sally per her current tittle of Empress.

Everything is now clearer, now, but hey, at least it give me an excuse to repost this picture of Sally.
Claiming the literal Bridge Bunny.
The jannies are sensible faggots lol
Yeah, that makes more sense now. I skipped the green text because it was hard to read
>at least it give me an excuse to repost this picture of Sally
That's the spirit! I'm glad we have here to post because there's no way Sally's assets are getting past the 4chan janny
Sold, but I'm claiming the redheaded cat/fox on the right!
Huh? Did they do something?
They always delete posts
Yeah, anything containing busty Mobian ladies is a no-go over there. Buff Mobian dudes too now, since a few of the Stryker images I posted got deleted. They really hate our threads, but can't really get rid of us since we're the most popular thread on the board (and represent 3% of all posts), with the Murder Drones being a close second
This is such low quality garbage
Upsacalling at 200% in MSpaint will only do so much.
The low quality part extends beyond the lack of visual fidelity of the file
Is the Shock & Awe comic the one the heroes end up losing anyway?
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
IIRC they win but everyone dies. Then Silver goes to his time period and enjoys 10 years of peace before going back in time to prevent the war from happening which makes him cease to exist.
That's kinda sucky
Shock and awe is too fucking depressing for my tastes.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
My memory is hazy and other anons like Thirstposter have read all of the summaries but here's the brief pieces from each issue that has been written. The whole thing is planned out and there's no way the artist will cover the entire series.
The Archie mini crossovers were to promote their properties and the Sabrina crossover was a desperate attempt to boost her dying comic.
What was the point of the Image crossover again?
>What was the point of the Image crossover again?
The reason was "Why the hell not" and it was too late when they could come up with an actual answer.
save file
image:170008202125.jpg(208kB , 1500x1417 , 0.jpg)
Not a corssover I ever considered. Anyway, the last bit alone make it worth posting it.
save file
image:170008692995.jpg(300kB , 1040x1600 , Preview page for Sonic The Hedgehog #67.jpg)
>She is my girlfriend, now.
save file
image:170008768849.png(497kB , 1210x922 , surge stole amy.png)
save file
image:170009296074.jpg(2.55MB , 1965x3041 , StH 074 - 01.jpg)
Archie Sonic Storytime #45
Sonic #74-75 and Knuckles #26
save file
image:170009883016.jpg(1.67MB , 2692x4096 , Scourge Eternal issue 6.2 page 17.jpg)
Minor website news: We've just passed 500k visitors and 985k pageviews on the website. Almost at 1 million! Looking at the numbers, the engagement's way up ever since we started the Archie Ride
save file
image:170010916557.jpg(326kB , 1449x1228 , 1698881113130149.jpg)
How much of a meme is this graph ?
Not accurate at all in my experience, and I've read through the entire run over 5 times. Archie's extremely inconsistent if anything. It's most apparent in the Knuckles comics where we'll have interesting arcs with dumb moments followed by terrible arcs with the occasional good moment. Even the issues with Geoffrey creeping on Sally are fairly fun outside the panels with him. Of course we also have absolutely garbage specials like Live and the Image crossover, but those can also be ignored
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
>lots of potential
Oh that poor person that made this didn't know...
More Klonoa pages just dropped so I've storytimed them here: >>456179
The synopses for the later issues are arguably too depressing to be palatable for most.
They win, but Enerjak gets summoned and kills everyone and even though Enerjak is eventually beaten, he's exterminated all species on Mobius barring hedgehogs and echidnas since Manik and Knuxkles' daughter end up repopulating the planet, which incidentally makes Silver a direct descendant of theirs. Silver gets his future and its peaceful and happy, but again, there are only hedgehogs and echidnas on Mobius (and I guess Mogul too, since nobody kills him) so whilst he enjoys his 10 years of peace in his future, he eventually resolves to fix everything for good and saves everyone by going back in time one last time, which ultimately erases him from existence since he'd never be born without the circumstances leading to Manik and Lara-Su repopulating Mobius.
Man, this comic is great.
Only because Sonic started ignoring/avoiding him.
;_; I kinda want to make one for IDW but I'd be too biased
That's exactly why I don't really enjoy the story anymore. Knowing almost everyone dies and none of it even matters because Silver erases everything with his sacrifice just leaves a bad taste in my mouth
Yeah, that's how it goes unfortunately
save file
image:170014599208.jpg(20kB , 247x603 , nicole 414 edit.jpg)
lmao, that's wonderfully unhinged! I thought it was obvious that each of Sonic's friends is in charge of a different shatterspace. Rebel's in charge of the resistance in New Yolk City, Dread's captain of his ship, and jungle Amy's in charge of jungle world. You could also argue Nine's in charge of that one shatterspace he found and Shadow's the only living resident of desaturated Green Hill.
Also, I'm surprised he didn't notice that while they covered up Rouge's breasts, they added way more junk in her trunk
save file
image:170015134584.png(468kB , 658x354 , 0.png)
Why is Tails mean to Barby like that?
He doesn't know how to treat a girl cuz he wasn't raised right
save file
image:170015316495.png(926kB , 689x1052 , s_t_c_issue_21_page_15_by_okida_dggdo54.png)
S.T.C Issue 21 Page 15
That hair's certainly an interesting look for Sally
Well, it' her hair, but bigger on the rear.
Currently working on a Definitive and Complete Reading Order, (up until issues 50 for now) and let me tell you, Pender is a BIIIIG pain in the ass. But I am pulling it through. The solution is to put all of the Echidna stuff in a single block before the comics start becoming less episodic.
save file
image:170016583738.jpg(776kB , 1316x1850 , 0.jpg)
I now realise there was literally no point in putting this Helmet on Sally. Robtnik make zero use of her state and even if he did, there is nothing this helmet do that Roboticization wouldn't have accomplished itself.
It looks so silly.
I think conductor should do Sonic Eggs as part of the X comic storytime for good laughs to be had
Robotnik is just a big goofball really.
I have to wonder about the lives of the people who make such psychotic garbage posts.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I was thinking of doing the various Archie continuation comics again when I'm done with Archie. That is if I feel like posting on 4chan after the Archie Ride. I just want to post one issue of Sonic X every thread because aside from the issues where Eggman becomes a wrestler, it's even more boring than the Knuckles comic.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
So I will be a bit late for today's thread but not by too much. 30 minutes at most. Hopefully.
I do love that Ivo, despite being a tyrant, can be damn silly. Like dude straight up loves amusement parks.
save file
image:170017891451.png(3.57MB , 1072x2557 , 0.png)
>I was thinking of doing the various Archie continuation comics again when I'm done with Archie.
I thought that had always been the intend. At least just before you started the Archie ride, especially as, by that point, ASO will likely have bridged their last remaining gap in their series, allowing to finally story-time it in the intended reading order. And Forever will have a more substantial amount of issue to do.

And, who know, maybe even Retold will actually have its Retold-Grams finally done for its issue #5, but let's not get our hop too high, there.

> I just want to post one issue of Sonic X every thread
How about you make 10 consecutive threads of 4 issues each so you can be done with it? Sound like a great idea...
save file
image:170018083027.jpg(108kB , 362x875 , 1635481934963.jpg)
save file
image:170018090628.jpg(62kB , 403x436 , 1635481773266.jpg)
save file
image:170018111030.jpg(2.63MB , 1960x3044 , StH 076 - 01.jpg)
Archie Sonic Storytime #47
Sonic #76-77 and Knuckles #27-28
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I like ASO but I keep forgetting when their last issue came out. Archie Sonic Forever hasn't released anything in over a month. Glitcher's face is on the side of a milk carton. And don't forget A Sly Encounter is still chugging along.
>How about you make 10 consecutive threads of 4 issues each so you can be done with it? Sound like a great idea...
Only if you're willing to help fill those threads with posts everyday because we both know it'll barely get anyone posting in them.
save file
image:170019162062.jpg(80kB , 616x663 , 1700183148629450 edit 2.jpg)
Kawaii cartoon animals.
Kinda crazy how you can relatively, pump out a bunch of pages compared to them.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Releasing pages weekly is preferable IMO to posting them in batches. That approach would keep the series fresher even though it would lose that comic book feel of getting entire issues at one time. I think Sonic Legacy managed to put out issues fast for a bit but it's been a while for them as well. The only other series that's as consistent as my series is Sonic the Continuation.

And what do you know, it's been just over a year since I started posting Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. The cover was posted on the website on November 13, 2022.
Man, that is crazy. At least you're more active in making posts talking abou the comci than STC-O. They rarely ever talk.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
I'm curious about that reboot. I know there was a lot of stuff people didn't like about it but I would've preferred they kept going and fix stuff as they went along. That's what Archie did.
save file
image:170019706863.png(787kB , 1142x1500 , eclipse_p125_by_tierafoxglove_dgggbqe.png)
Eclipse p125
FYI, the latest issue of STC-O is in the mega
Cool! I'm planning on redoing the original scans so people have the option of reading either version
It looks like she's going super!
That'd be fun
>That is if I feel like posting on 4chan after the Archie Ride.
I'll probably do the occasional storytime, but mostly to let anons know about here
>Sonic X
Yeah, probably best to space it out. There are a few really good issues though
Happy anniversary! Yeah, I like the weekly pages but with a storytime of the complete issue when it's done
I think they went through some major turnover but they're at least getting back to it
you also get a different rate of production when you pay an artist to do it rather than them drawing it either for themselves or for the project's sake.

Drawing is not the same time-sink, in term of organising your daily-life, when you get paid for it. At least this is how, as someone who isn't actually an artist, understand things.
>Mr. Monster Guy
So these creatures are pretty much confirmed to be anti-Gaia, right?
Happy (late) anniversary for your comic.
save file
image:170022599792.jpg(744kB , 1171x1688 , THoaM 8-12.jpg)
The Heart of a Monster 8-12
Just remember I've already claimed all the snow twinks!
save file
image:170024065475.jpg(157kB , 623x800 , 0.jpg)
IT IS FINALLY DONE! well at least for up until issue #50. I intend to update it every time we will have gone through 50 issues in the mainline series. Nevertheless I present to you
Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog: the Definitive and Complete Reading Order

Entries without quotes are the names of issues to read as a whole, except when it is followed by (minus "story name"), which indicate a story to skip.
Entries with quotes are names of specific stories to read on their own and the respective issues each come from is indicated right next to it.
Entries that are non-canon are also specified.

-It was the best of times, it was the silliest of times:
Sonic original mini-series #0-#3 (partially non-canon)
Sonic #1
Sonic #2
Sonic #3
Sonic #4
Sonic #5
Sonic #6
Sonic #7
Sonic #8
Sonic #9
Sonic #10
Sonic #11
Sonic #12
Sonic #13
Sonic #14
Sonic #15
Sonic #16
Sonic #17
Sonic #18
Sonic: In Your Face! special
"Everything Old is Newt Again" from Sonic Archives vol. 5 (non-canon)
Sonic #19
Sonic #20 (minus "Deadliest of the Species")

-Getting more serious(-ish?)
Sonic #21
Sonic #22
Sonic #23
"Deadliest of the Species" from Sonic #20
Princess Sally mini-series #1-#3
Sonic #24
Sonic #25
Sonic & Knuckles special
Sonic #26
Sonic Triple Trouble special
Sonic #27
Sonic #28
“Growing Pains: Part 2 of 2” from Sonic #29
Tails mini-series #1-#3

-Echidnas, echidnas everywhere!
"Knuckles’ Chaotix Sneak Peak!" from Sonic #30 (single spread teaser)
Knuckles’ Chaotix special
“Lost… and Found” from Sonic #31
“Prisoners” from Sonic #32
“The Big Picture” from Sonic #33
“Fathers & Sons” from Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles
“A Sense of History: Part 1" from Sonic #34
“A Sense of History: Part 2" from Sonic #35
“A Sense of History: Part 3" from Sonic #36
Knuckles mini-series #1-#3
Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles special (minus “Fathers & Sons”)
Archie & Friends: A Halloween Tale (non-canon)

-Roboticisation intensifies
Sonic #29 (minus “Growing Pains")
Sonic #30 (minus "Sneak Peak!")
Sonic #31 (minus “Lost… and Found”)
“Tundra Road: Part 2” from Sonic #32
“Blast From the Past” from Sonic #32
Sonic #33 (minus “The Big Picture”)
Sonic #34 (minus “A Sense of History")
Sonic #35 (minus “A Sense of History")
Sonic #36 (minus “A Sense of History")
Sonic #37
Sonic #38
Sonic Super Special #5: Sonic Kids
Sonic #39
Sonic and Knuckles: Mecha Madness special
Sonic #40

-Oh yeah, there is a King to rescue, I guess?
Sonic #41
Sonic Blast special
Sonic Quest mini-series #1-#3
Sonic #42
Sonic Live special
Sonic #43
Sonic #44
Sonic #45
Sonic #46
Sonic Super Special #1: Battle Royale

-Gentlemen, we are in the End Game!
Sonic #47
Sonic #48
Sonic #49
Sonic Super Special #6: Sonic 50 Director’s Cut


I made this trying to follow two directives:
-as much as possible, respect the publishing order
-as much as possible, make so each issue can be read as whole
BUT Priority is given to:
-respect the chronology. if one issue state that a story took place before it, then put that story before it
-try to make arcs as undisrupted as possible.

save file
image:170024071609.jpg(123kB , 658x392 , 5.jpg)
In case you want me to elaborate a bit more as to why and how I made this, something that has increasingly bothered during this ride is when an ongoing plot is interrupted by a different story that clearly take place at a different point in time with completely different stake, especially if this is a mini-series done in the middle of an unrelated ongoing arc. It's particularly the case when it's in the form of a bonus story told over several issues.

But, depending of the situation, I have two different approaches. Let's take today's story time to illustrate my point:

For the Knuckles issues, you had the story of Knuckles getting an Date and Mighty trying to find ray. In the Knuckles story, Mighty is present at Echidnapolis. in the mighty Story he is away and it's clear he can't come back in between, it's impossible those two stories happen at the same time. So, to respect the chronology, you have split the successive issues in their distinctive stories, reassemble them into their own arcs and tell each arc as a whole one after the other. Let's call it the Mighty Rule.
save file
image:170024082561.png(1.93MB , 816x1744 , 1.png)
For the Sonic issues, you also had tow stories: Sonic facing the swatbots and Jules and Bernie telling a story, but this time, it is clear that chronologically, they happen at the same time or at least in alternation to each other, so it is best to keep things the way the issues present them. Issues will be read as a whole one after the other. Let's call it the Jules&Bernie Rule.

One last rule is about the chronology is that in later publication they tell a story that clearly chronologically to take place way earlier in the series, but is meant to be told when it was published, YOU STILL TELL THAT STORY IN THE PUBLICATION ORDER. For example, you don't put the story of Naugus's origin before the first issue of Sonic the Hedgehog. I call it the Naugus Rule. However, I might break that rule from time to time when I consider it more convenient, especially for non-canon stuffs.

Anyway, if you are interested in a more detailed breakdown of my process, here it is, "chapter" by "chapter" (that I made up myself), in the following posts...
save file
image:170024086063.png(2.87MB , 951x1475 , 0.png)
>It was the best of times, it was the silliest of times
would you believe Sonic The Hedgehog wasn't always the epic Space-Fantasy of sword and sorcerer TV-Novella Saga that we all know? I am as surprised as you are.

Not much to say there, pretty much everyone agree on this order. I just placed the "Everything Old is Newt Again" story right after the Sonic: In Your Face! special as it give a direct alternative to the canon origin of Nicole. Conductor just did the same.

Also, I removed the Princess Sally teaser in issue# 20, as it clearly is meant to take place after issues #23
save file
image:170024089122.jpg(388kB , 992x750 , 1.jpg)
>Getting more serious(-ish?)
There isn't really a clear issue where you can pinpoint the switch in tone in the Archie Sonic comics, but the introduction of Spaz's art-style with the story of E.V.E. is as good as any. But don't worry, the zaniness isn't completely gone yet, far from it.

Still not much that need justification, aside from "Deadliest of the Species" having to be moved to before issue #24 as there is no possibility for Sally to have come back for issue #21, #22 and #23 while being on her mission in the Princess Sally mini-series. Per Mighty Rule, the teaser and the mini-series take place between issue #23 and #24, issue #24 which explicitly refer tot it and establish Sally just came back from it.

By the same Mighty Rules, the second part of "Growing Pains" must take place immediately after issue #28, whose events are explicitly referenced by the first part of "Growing Pains" and establish it take place right after, with no wiggle room for other events to take place (even if it doesn't make sense that Tails is suddenly upset). And still by the same logic, the Tails mini-series must take place right after "growing pain". Is it too much Tails in a row, well don't worry, because now come...
save file
image:170024095488.jpg(221kB , 658x1024 , 2.jpg)
>Echidnas, echidnas everywhere!
aka the Knuckleing, aka Why Can't I Hold All those Knuckles, aka Whoops, All Knuckles...
I really hope you like Knuckles cause you are getting Knuckles at every meal, there. Keep at least one eye open cause his best friends the Chaotix just might pop in to wish him luck. Oh, and Sonic are sometimes there too...

Boy was this one a dozy. As of now, that was the most time consuming part in the making of this Reading Order. Almost make me think like Penders personally hated my guts. I know, I know, I can already see Conductor reeling seeing this...

But please understand, I am not the one who chose to start a story in a special, decided to continue it through several issues AND an other special, only to conclude it in its own mini-series, all the while only lasting in-story time probably LESS THAN HALF A DAY! It leave ZERO WIGGLE ROOM for anything else to happen in-between. The Migty Rule dictate that they all get together in a single go.

It's not all bad, though, having all those parts weaved in a single arc make for an easier and even enjoyable read. Many of those bits are just two pages comics anyway, which make it shorter than what you might think at first glance. Also, those who pay attention will remember that Tails's mini-series actually prelude to all of this Echidna arc, so it is actually neat to follow straight away with all of the echidna stuff, so the reader doesn't have the time to forget about it.

Anyway, once that bit is out of the way, there is no continuity contradiction to put the rest of the Super Sonic vs. Hyper Knuckles special issue after the Knuckle mini-series. Mighty being there sure wouldn't have allowed to put it in-between. Mighty rules, per usual.

I have also decide to drop the Archie & Friends: A Halloween Tale there, because there isn't really anywhere else it could fit and what do I have to lose at this point anyway. Robotnik is still alive but they also mention the events cause by Ian Droid, making it incompatible with any point in the continuity, but we can just chose to ignore that.

Phew, that part is done. Moving on...
save file
image:170024102183.png(3.05MB , 2800x2247 , 2.png)
>Roboticisation intensifies
Back to normal business. For some reason, a lot of those stories have a bigger focus on the plot point of Roboticization. Whether it was intentional or not, I am making it the thematic of this bundle. We start directly with Sally volunteering of Roboticization. I heard it does great for the skin.

We are back to materials that are easier to manage. Just remove the echidna stuff. The one thing to be wary of is that the Bonus story of issue #32, where Rotor try to rescue his people, has to be done first to follow on the first part in issue #31, other wise, you can't explain why Rotor is present. Mighty Rule.

This is also the first time I break the Naugus Rule for a canon story and putting the Sonic Super Special #5: Sonic Kids right after issue #38. In its publishing order, it's put interrupting ongoing stories and the final story chronologically follow issue #38. Plus issue #38 get to show us Sonic as a little baby, so that sealed the deal for me. Stories of the FF fighting Robotnik fit better before issue #50 anyway and I don't think seeing Merlin earlier cause any trouble to the general story.

I could shuffle things around and put “Total Re-Genesis” right after "The Rise of Robotropolis...The Fall of Sonic!" and lump "Bedtime Tails" with all of the Kids stories, but it read well enough as it is. Let's keep the issues whole when possible and consider the other stories as flashbacks and/or intermissions.
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image:170024107582.jpg(95kB , 331x226 , 3.jpg)
>Oh yeah, there is a King to rescue, I guess?
What is more important than saving the king? Everything. But let's do that anyway.

I could have lumped it all with End Game, but most of those issue are so focused on retrieving and healing Max (only to conclude with a sort of nothing-burger) that I consider it make a chapter of its own.

One thing that bothered me was how issue #41 having Geoffrey present at the end, only for him to have been gone for a while and just come back at the start of Sonic Quest. Surely, something must have happened in-between and this is where Sonic Blast special fit nicely, especially as it starts with Sonic telling Sally he is surprised she knew Knuckles beforehand, so not long after it became public knowledge.

Per Jules&Bernie Rule (it can't always been Mighty), I don't need to Frankenstein the different part s of Knuckle Quest. It even explicitly states that events of other issues take place between each part. Let's keep things chronological.

There is no continuity contradiction in putting Sonic Live after issue #42 and this way issue #42 can be kept whole. Tails simply came back for the start of Sonic live, after he showed Knuckles the big hole in the ground.
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image:170024110561.jpg(67kB , 975x549 , 4.jpg)
>Gentlemen, we are in the End Game!
Thank Fucking finally, I am so done with it. And so is Sonic who has a skunk right up his ass.

This one is straightforward, just replace issue #50 by Sonic Super Special #6: Sonic 50 Director’s Cut, but everyone know that.

Many thanks for the one and half person who somehow was interested in reading ll of that.
Anyway, for who did I do that? For new readers? I doubt it's a very good recommendation for new readers to jump from one issue to the other.
Maybe for TP to reorganise his file for the next time there is an archie Sonic Story time. Though, per experience, we have learned the audience is not too keen on the Knuckling (what you thought there would be only one?) It might be too much even for the Conductor.

So, for a future publisher who somehow secure the right again so that they have a correct order of publication? Let's go with that, sure...

Anyway, I needed to do this and now it's done. until we hit issue 100 but I think it won't be as hard this time (I hope).
Based anon
>Many thanks for the one and half person who somehow was interested in reading ll of that.
Jesus Christ. I am convinced there is some Evil Font Conspiracy that prevent you to see the spelling and phrasing mistakes when you write in a text box, but use a slightly different font that make them all pop in you face when you read them once published.

There are so many mistakes and terrible way I expressed myself that I am only seeing now, sorry for subjecting you to all that. I hope it was still worth it.
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image:170025303684.png(1.43MB , 1920x1080 , 0.png)
Let's not even bring Barby, Fiona or Mina into this.
That artist did a pretty nice Tails x Nicole image set, thoughever.
He's pretty good at drawing cute girls.
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image:170025652069.jpg(133kB , 1280x851 , 0.jpg)
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image:170025728891.png(96kB , 746x980 , media_F_KcQR6XQAA8sxc.png)
ASF finally getting an update soon
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image:170026169226.jpg(1.54MB , 1980x3060 , tumblr_f3607334592461f319c7b9c273e442ce_9d300592_2048.jpg)
Infested 1-22
Gross, gross, gross!
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image:170026184847.jpg(164kB , 540x397 , 0.jpg)
Might have to start putting those pages under NSFW...
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image:170026193033.png(1.51MB , 800x3082 , cosmic_tales_christmas_special_pg2_by_riosd_dggj4td-375w-2x.png)
Cosmic Tales Christmas Special pg2
I don't remember most of these characters ;_;
Wow, thanks for going to all this effort!
Yeah, the chronology's a bit of a mess with Archie. I ended up using the reading order from here: https://thankskenpenders.tumblr.com/readingorder, and while it's much better than going publication order, there's still problems.
I'll definitely be reorganizing all the comics, and cleaning up all the original scans so readers have a choice between the originals and the digital recolors
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll have to do that soon ;_;
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Today is the day we do the naked Sally story. I'll do the censored version because I can't risk getting a dozen pages deleted and given a vacation. I'll post the originals here and anyone else can post those in the thread after the thread is done.
>Wow, thanks for going to all this effort!
Glad it could be worth of notice for at least a few people, then.

>Yeah, the chronology's a bit of a mess with Archie.
It's mostly due to several stories being written and published at the same time, which is still standard practise for comics nowadays, but believe it or not, so far, I have been able to organise each of those stories without a single timeline incompatibility, at least for the canon stuff. That's one thing I am quite satisfied about.

>I'll definitely be reorganizing all the comics
If you try to follow the Reading Order I made, that might turn into quite a grind, but that's why I tried to maintain issues whole as much as possible to at least limit the pain. Either ways, good speed.
Well, I intended to post some of the latest Sally drawing from Omegasunburst in the thread once the sotry-time was done anyway, so I can also do that.
Unofficial Conductor ## VIP
Based. Godspeed, anon.
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image:170026581211.jpg(2.90MB , 1964x3033 , StH 078 - 01.jpg)
Archie Sonic Storytime #47
Sonic #78, Girls Rule, and Knuckles #29
Last thread was actually #46.
Sonic grams poster here, I got banned for a dumb reason and won't be at least wedensday. I will be posting the Sonic grams here, and if you would be so kind conductor, is to repost them on the main threads. I'll post the ones needed for each day here.
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image:170026728182.jpg(817kB , 1316x2048 , Ascension - 02.jpg)
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image:170026729784.jpg(711kB , 1286x2048 , Ascension - 03.jpg)
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image:170026733828.jpg(888kB , 1316x2048 , Ascension - 04.jpg)
save file
image:170026735269.jpg(846kB , 1272x2048 , Ascension - 05.jpg)
save file
image:170026736641.jpg(756kB , 1296x2048 , Ascension - 06.jpg)
save file
image:170026740479.jpg(700kB , 1316x2048 , Ascension - 07.jpg)
save file
image:170026742134.jpg(881kB , 1266x2048 , Ascension - 08.jpg)
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image:170026743523.jpg(751kB , 1296x2048 , Ascension - 09.jpg)
Unofficial Con