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Thread of Organization, Planning And Discussion!Anonymous
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Made this since we seem to be having trouble with dates. Note I am not an official host so these aren't the actual dates or anything, just estimations aligning with (what I think is) the common consensus

>May - Emperor of the /an/imals
>June - Heroes and Villains
>July - /cov/
>August - /trash/ tourney
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image:169513604264.gif(811kB , 200x200 , ARAGHAST THE PILLAGER.gif)
So the recent /aco/ got a lot of people excited for the idea of a male and female /trash/ (trashman and trashwoman I guess). This is assumingly on top of the free-for-all /trash/ tourney that was long-planned. Maybe this could be one of the new tourney's the first half of next year?
I'd be down for that.
Queen & King /v/: fifth editionAnonymous
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image:168825457909.png(3kB , 1480x1600 , satanart4.png)
Somehow, four thousand posts was still not enough to contain all the discussion of the /v/idya tournaments. Here's to another thousand!

Discuss the /v/idya tournaments. Unholy beings welcome.
Sounds pretty cool, I'll look into it.
It's on Itch.io, it's also free.
In more seriousness, the game is inspired by Signal Simulator, which is currently not being further developed. You play as Dr. Kel, a scientist, and your job is to gather signals from space for your employers. You may (will) encounter some spooky things while doing so.
/cov/ Crossover Team Tournament Speculation/Waiting RoomAnonymous
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image:168005730944.jpg(313kB , 1821x2048 , loona-roxy.jpg)
Thread for discussing a crossover team tourney of /co/ and /v/ characters.

Technically this was already done June of last year on /tnt/. Temp ran a "/v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament." The winners were "Team Redemption or Death" (Doomguy and Charlie). It was impromptu and the voter turnout was very small though. A new one could get a lot more activity going, especially in lieu of all the /co/ and v/ tourney's going on here.
He asked where not when you double baka.
>asked where
when battler wins, retard
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image:169593294715.png(14kB , 1000x700 , Fish&Chips.png)
The perfect team.
Mr. /co/lympus 2023 Hype ThreadAnonymous
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image:169378962961.png(703kB , 1556x2100 , Yogi_Transparent.png)
Just because of Yugi's fails, we're going to main Yogi Bear for Mr. /co/lympus, right?
Hey welcome back, looking forward to seeing your campaign
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image:169591907846.png(318kB , 704x709 , PeterGriffin.PNG)
Hey everyone, Peter Griffin here.
We're only 9 days until the Mr. /co/lympus begins.
Isn’t it starting on the 6th? That would mean it’s 8 days
Ms. /aco/ 2023: NominationsCoayynon !hJA5r5.WJw
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image:169499163454.jpg(38kB , 554x554 , 1694837960964.jpg)
Due to deletions on the main site Ms. /aco/ nominations (and possibly the whole tourney) will continue here. Previous nominations will carry over and the reply requirement is now 7.

Since this is technically not an adult board please NSFW any NSFW pics.

Timer: https://itsalmo.st/the-end-of-nominations-ymr1
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Comfy. It's nice Loona finally has this victory on her own and not just that controversial TT 2022. More so in a board she can sneak her way in easier than Rouge.
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image:169590394091.jpg(5kB , 540x584 , tumblr_8af4e94aaf60ed96e0053a605be0338a_62cb0410_540.jpg)
It was good from what I saw of it, but I wish I wasn't busy so I could've done stuff for the PM girls. At least Queen /v/ isn't too far away so they'll get another shot there.
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image:169591868010.gif(2.64MB , 498x278 , you know why.gif)
Looks great bro. The quote is perfect
Favorite moments?Anonymous
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From screencaps, to art pieces, to vocaroos, or even specific pieces of tournament lore.
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image:169564974937.png(951kB , 1360x762 , 1665544190149.png)
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>the whole tranny drama in around 1 where a crossdressing SpongeBob image was posted saying he was a tranny only for a crossdressing Jafar image being posted as a response
funniest moment in Round 1
Tourney /Phil/osophyAnonymous
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image:167225654756.gif(408kB , 500x345 , 1445475714205.gif)
So I'd like to have a thread focused specifically for the foundational questions about the tournaments.
The biggest question I want to bring up is:
>What does the tournament actually represent? Is it a popularity contest? Is it about OC? character love? a war of wills and tactics? just plain fun? If multiple things to what extent is each?
Also by extension:
>What does it actually mean to be a board tournament winner? What makes a character "worthy" to be a winner? popularity? OC? campaign? actual quality of character?
>Should we limit more popular characters/series's/franchises? to what extent?
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Add to the fact the Glamgals anon later went on to purchase FAITH on Steam.
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image:169586467431.png(1kB , 470x505 , 1695311552118832.png)
I wonder if he ever finished it. iirc the furthest he made it was early on in Chapter 2. If he hasn't, he's gotta get on it for the spooky month and the upcoming chapter.
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image:169587952570.jpg(61kB , 750x750 , AE0T7.jpg)
I admit I kind of got distracted but I left it in the cemetary where you have to do something about a loop. You gave me a good idea about finishing it on October. The game's been fun.
Wiki Maintenance Anonymous
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image:163146396419.jpg(504kB , 1906x2732 , sdada.jpg)
This thread is for wiki discussion and maintenance.
Hi all. May I request a change to the 'announcement'? I can see from the link that it's the botched version I accidentally gave out first. I understand if keeping it how it was when it happened for posterity is the intention, but the corrected version changes none of the numbers or answers, it just removed the editing mistakes so people in the future won't be confused. Whichever route you choose, I'll understand.

Guess now we start working on that chimera wiki.
Loona is now the first character to win two tournaments and she has never made it past round 1 in Ms. /co/. That's funny.
Automating host jobsAnonymous
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image:166597135792.png(1MB , 1200x1200 , beepboop.png)
With the way things have gone in ms. /co/ it's clear theres a lot of junk in hosting that could benefit from software automation. This thread will be the place to discuss such themes and/or contribute to related projects.
Spideranon !!hAaBXjbZBz7
Not before this one, no.
Why wasn't she listed as a judge?
Spideranon !!hAaBXjbZBz7

Project updated, new release.
To wager a guess, because NSA couldnt get it running. Turns out a library was causing issues with the standalone even if not with the script itself, which is what I ran. That bit was swapped.
Tournent CursesOmen Anon
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image:163889594007.jpg(2kB , 600x375 , iceberg.jpg)
Here are all the Tournament curses so far.
>Mao Mao and Adorabat never go past Round 1
>Oswald The Lucky Rabbit never goes past Round 2
>Daffy always loses to a fucking meme
>Duck Match between Donald and Daffy ruined by the Joker of all people
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Eggman also losing to the winner for the third time now.
Recent /aco/ suggestion
>Rouge the furbidden Queen
We should really update this.