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Mr. and Ms. /a/ speculation threadAnonymous
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image:163250058763.png(1.58MB , 1600x1200 , KyoukoVsMadoka.png)
This is a discussion thread about a potential Mr. and Ms. /a/ character tournament, historically called in the board as "Saigar" and "Saimoe". Pic related is a versus graphic an /a/non made back in 2011 when 2channel's saimoe character contest was still active.
Well we can all agree a true ms. /a/ would be the biggest shitfest of any boards. It'll probably never happen cause of /a/ and /a/ mods rampant paranoia and xenophobia.
I've got a hypothetical ms. /a/ ranking I've been thinking of a while though:
>1. Rei/Asuka
>3. Yostuba
>4. Haruhi
>5. Saber
>6. C.C.
>7. Taiga
>8. Makise Kurisu
Sweet 16's/wildcards: Usagi Tsukino, Ryuko Matoi, Sakura Kinomoto, Lum, Lain, Kagome, Dorothy, any Madoka girl (especially Homura).
I'm considering /a/'s particular taste, old-fag nature, and favor for the classics (much like /co/ but more so as they were the 'original board'). I don't see a girl from the last 5 years having a chance. Recent waifu's like Senko, Chika, Nagatoro would get spited early. Even the most popular newer girls like Megumin probably wouldn't get past round 4. The only exception is KLK cause that shows seems to have energy with oldfags, being a trigger-gainax connected Imaishi classic now and all.
>It'll probably never happen cause of /a/ and /a/ mods rampant paranoia and xenophobia.
should it fail in 4chan, the tourney can always be held here, if enough users show interest that is

there's multiple dorothy's in anime, which one? from MAR?
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image:163256911355.png(11kB , 362x528 , torphy.png)
OP here, i'm going to share my opinions:
>/a/ used to have "Saimoe" threads about 2channel's "Anime Saimoe Tournament" because they're interested on the tastes of Japanese users, and many believed that Japanese preferences are "superior" and "definitive". The board didn't hold their own version of saimoe because of it.
>However in 2007, an anon named "SaiGAR Guy" decided to create a website imitating 2channel's voting site, and organized /a/'s own competition known as "SaiGAR" - a contest meant to find /a/'s "manliest and most bad-ass character". Despite the name, it's actually a mixed-gender contest because some females were entered, like Revy and Nanoha, with Rena, Rika, and Kino later joining.
>According to lurkmore wiki ( https://www.lurkmore.com/view/GAR ), /m/ was heavily involved in the 2007 contest. The final came down to /a/'s Guts (Berserk) versus /m/'s Master Asia (G Gundam), which Guts won.
>SaiGAR spawned a sequel tourney in 2008, which Gurren Lagann was heavily favored (especially Kamina and Simon), but they were spite-voted out. That year was full of controversies, such as anons claiming to have rigged the tournament using proxies, and "shit results"; idk what else happened but ultimately the tournament was abandoned even before the elite eight started. And it was never talked about it again.

I've been trying to document /a/'s old tournaments in a wiki in hopes of making it more accessible, but admittedly i don't really know anything because i can't easily find a 4chan archive that covers 2006 and 2007
>from MAR?
I’ve heard of the saimoe stuff before. Doesn’t seem like a true ms./mr. cause the badass stipulation. Ironically though I still think Guts and Kamina would be a very likely finale two mr. Them or Lelouch.
>spite-voted out
kek, of course. TTGL was fotm and it was the 2nd year (when meta-gaming starts to really creep in). It’s popularity has endured though.
also, i think there's more things to consider regarding rules of an /a/ character tournament:
>Either allow only characters within a certain timeframe, usually one year before the contest (like the original saimoe), or
>Allow all anime characters, but a "FOTM rule" has to be present.
>Should the contest include unadapted series? (i.e. Fire Punch, Onani Master, Punpun). Allowing them might come into conflict with the FOTM rule especially if more recent manga gets anime adaptations (like CSM, or Oshi no ko in the near future), which gives them a massive advantage
>Yotsuba might not be allowed because she's the 4chan mascot; and she'll probably win it anyway if she was allowed
>The "Elite 8" rule will probably not work in /a/ because metagaming is stronger there
and that's before deciding what format to use:
>either use 2channel's saimoe and /a/'s saigar format: single elim but the first few rounds are "triple threat" matches (pick 1 out of 3, only one advances), which allows more contestants in the same number of rounds.
>Or just use a 1v1 single elim bracket, pure and simple. Might have to expand to 256 or 512 players because 128 feels so few given the sheer quantity of anime characters out there

Lastly, where will the people vote:
>Google Forms like the /co/mpetitions, but it might be easily exploited, idk how it works tho
>Or someone codes a new, dedicated voting website, which is highly unlikely. And the maker has to think of every possible way to prevent rigging/vote stuffing and the like.
Well since there appears to be little interest at the moment, I'm going to attempt to understand the history of 2channel's saimoe and expand its wiki pages. it's a part of /a/ history after all, and it's serious fucking business. If anyone's interested feel free to suggest or edit the wiki pages.
Wow this taste is fucking garbage. It's like comparing the rest of the net's cartoon voting to /co/. I highly doubt anything 'saimoe' would reflect /a/.
Incredible, I dislike almost every single one of these characters. What a horrid list.
>Rem for Greatest Waifu of All Time
They seriously couldn't have picked a worse token yandere as their absolute favorite huh.
what we'd ought to do is try and make a thread telling anons to come here, doubt we'll even get a thread to last that long honestly though
Do they even have these thread over there? I've always assume their mods are cuck who doesn't allow any kind of these events
They don't and never will, which is why it's all speculation.