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image:140526479000.jpg(650kB , 1280x1862 , poster return of julith.jpg)
Dofus & Wakfu Fansubs
For general discussion, please use /co/ -- the current thread is at:

Previous thread (archived boards):
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Some anon on 4chan. I just reposted the link.
eps 11-13:
Are there any raws around for Abraca? It seems it's the only ankama series with no available sources outside france where I also can't locate a mega link for.
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image:170955979076.jpg(60kB , 438x794 , Star-ro_1.jpg)
Let's make a hero.
Add some faithful allies,
And a cunning villain that swears he will win another day!

A thread to collect the art for the Stargaze and the Sentinels of Starlight (SatSoS) /co/llaboration project, which aims to make an 80s cartoon made to sell toys.
The goal is to make the 80s show, but there are no limits to creativity in the journey to reach said goal: there are many proposed sequels and spinoffs set in different decades (like 90's Stargaze), and even a side project about the animation studios that made the 80s show (Tetraleaf Studios).
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image:171511172304.png(138kB , 543x745 , Asteroid_eating_goblins_concept_1.png)
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image:171511181148.png(167kB , 536x880 , Talon_Red_Sketches_2.png)
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image:171511335627.png(89kB , 533x799 , Scorpionic_80s_concept_1.png)
And now...


...but wait, it was too short. There was only
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image:152692000600.png(1.16MB , 800x1000 , melusine_03_by_theeyzmaster-d8dn64s.png)
A guy on /co/ was translating Melusine comics, and I figured it's worth a thread here. Just in case it dies off like every other attempt so far.

Mélusine Volume 01 Magic spells

Melusine 24 - The Phantom City (Scanlation)
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Hello, how's everyone? Was just checking if there were any updates on this.
Too late for this thread, does anyone still have the cbr files to share now that zippishare is gone?
which ones do you mean, the untranslated books?
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image:140921052300.jpg(16kB , 392x218 , 1409203225392.jpg)
School for vampires/Die Schule der kleinen Vampire fansubs
Thanks to the Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, retal4 and and a germanAnon a ansubbing project for this show has start.
We have one tv rip episode with subs but we are wating for DVD rips.

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All the files are empty? Do you still have the files saved somewhere else? If so could you repost them.
Mega deletes files after about a year of not logging into an account or updating them. Looks like they're all gone.
damn that’s really unfortunate. i tried to do it last year but the files screwed up and the subs didn’t work out. now that i finally decided to do it again (or at least look for s4 subbed) they’re all deleted 😅. i’m just glad we have season 1-3 subbed in english found on internet archive. there’s a few episodes on youtube too that are dubbed english, but i feel like some have either been deleted or removed.
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image:171173727852.png(146kB , 1200x1000 , ep3storyboard.png)
Just needed a place to post this stuff
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image:171173761168.jpg(275kB , 1080x1629 , Screenshot_20240329_123738_Chrome.jpg)
Heres some prev eps
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image:171173764487.jpg(241kB , 1079x1633 , Screenshot_20240329_123745_Chrome.jpg)
Newest one, quality varies cuz im lazy
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image:171173773342.jpg(122kB , 1080x1315 , Screenshot_20240329_123808_Chrome.jpg)
Here's also a blast from the past, this was one of the first fred comics, techincally not canon doe. I think i got a few moar misc comics with freddy, and a few with other ocs i won't post
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image:143568509100.png(2.08MB , 1400x1400 , grandes.png)
I'm looking for a French -> English translator for French animated mini-series called "The Long Long Holiday". It aired back in May.

What I can do:

1. provide HD WEB-DL files (1080p, 720p) (see download links below)
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Hello everyone,here is a guy from China.
Does anyone could tell me where can find le french sub?I am learning french now,great appreciation then !
much much thanks to everyone here
links are down anyone with the the subs?
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image:142413255400.png(1.62MB , 3104x1012 , group 138983317942.png)

A thread for anything and everything concerning the anthropomorphic (or otherwise in some cases) personifications of boards on 4chan and possibly other chan based websites.

The /tg/ wiki article:
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My dropbox link with a good chunk of the images is still available. >>419355
If anyone ever decides to finally bite the bullet and remake the thing, then the resource is still there.

Pretty sure they stopped suspending both of those links by now.
Pretty sure those don't have everything, for starters the shimmie seemed to have a metric ton of Colette posts, and I don't see those on your dropbox.
Go one post down from where I linked to. There will be another dropboxlink.
Then navigate into the FJCs folder, then you'll find the /co/lete folder. There are so many /co/lette pics that I had to start putting pics of her with other characters into the folders dedicated to those other characters, so you'll still have a bit of a hunt, but they all have colette in the filename.
You'll also want to go into the kid folder to find Cookie (/cock/) and Deelette.
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image:154449282700.png(1.45MB , 4092x1807 , 1436072592572.png)
The Developing Adventures of Golden Girl

Wiki entry:

Script pastebin:
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I would think so
I ask since there's a follow up on the scripts list that relies on that one for context and I don't want to leave it orphaned.

I was JUST about to ask in this week's /coc/ thread, but it archived right when I made a post. Dammit.
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image:170777773818.png(2MB , 1500x4500 , 1707752044587716.png)
Billy's Hero
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image:163418358896.jpg(104kB , 665x830 , 1632060712333.jpg)
A football jock with the superpower to manipulate the mass of any object he touches (functionally he can make things lighter or heavier for a short while).
The idea came from an anon who felt inspired by a Lovely Ladybug storytime thread to share his own long time character ideas and it snowballed from there.

We'll need a long term thread for this guy since there's a comic in the works now.

There's no wiki page for him yet, but if you are far enough in the future then scroll down and there will be a link eventually.
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image:170157636098.jpg(176kB , 947x1200 , 1647323289251.jpg)
and as JackHammer
Hi SLA. I'm that anon, also the anon who wrote the Corn Maze Monster script and others.

Both of my parents are dead now.
I'll have to move and find a new job in the coming year. I don't know if I'll be around enough to continue making the threads on a weekly basis anymore come some point next year.
I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope you're doing fine and best of luck with your endeavors. Sorry if I'm not really good with words. Just, take care and hoping for the best for you.
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image:169356943120.jpg(1,006kB , 3000x4000 , ea484b0b-52c3-4d32-84c4-19db2fe65645.jpg)
Hey Im new to 4chan and idk if this is supposed to be here but I wanna work on a webcomic to help improve my skills in drawing fight scenes and I kinda need help I will credit whenever I release a chapter of the webcomic dm my discord beelzebandz if u wanna help me with the comic ty heres one of the charatcers I wanted to add in the comic btw its gonna be drawn in a ms paint style
Have you considered drawing space marines?
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image:161827873115.png(375kB , 1135x865 , Yoto1.png)
The New Radical Adventures of Golden Guardian

The Golden Guardian universe get's advanced to the late 80s/mid 90s and now GG is mentoring her own festy sidekick.

Anchor all major plot discussion here
This may have happened because posting "good morning (sir)" has become a meme where people flood the thread with the phrase. Apparently, /g/ and Indians are to blame: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-internet-is-filling-up-because-indians-are-sending-millions-of-good-morning-texts-1516640068
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image:166654563170.jpg(1.41MB , 3356x3600 , 1666534369857459.jpg)
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image:167695973809.jpg(3.35MB , 8152x5841 , 1676879975958424.jpg)
Updated model sheet for Pinprick and Sidestep.
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image:167212103064.jpg(734kB , 1000x1414 , CC WIP 00.jpg)
This is a comic that got started back in May of 2015, but CosCrus Anon vanished during 2017 because of his job.

There's a page on the wiki:

This thread for being able to read the first issue in the somewhat complete state it was left in.
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That's some really good art there man. Wonder how it would look inked.
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image:167217014522.jpg(557kB , 1190x1684 , 1452766825799.jpg)
I don't remember if these were scrapped ideas or if they were also from issue 2.
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image:167217016159.jpg(432kB , 1190x1684 , 1453031936663.jpg)
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image:166950960367.jpg(1.01MB , 3264x2448 , 1571389147318.jpg)
Thread dedicated to Stella and her life.


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image:167186719642.png(260kB , 800x1200 , 1671802901851023.png)
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image:163949924470.png(1.05MB , 2576x1674 , Codie colored.png)
Wouldn't it be funny if all of the negative, contrarian, and mean-spiritedness of the /co/ board was encapsulated in a single person. How about if this person was a goth girl with big boobs? Thus the creation of /Co/die miraculously occurred one day in a /coc/ thread.

Initial sketches from the thread she was created in (Called /Co/rrine until the /Co/die name was settled upon): https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/127163782/#q127196032

A thread for discussing /Co/die and collecting images featuring the character
Happy birthday, cunt!
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image:167090322877.png(106kB , 1027x809 , Screenshot (577).png)
had no idea what the comic she was holding should be
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image:167174578708.jpg(498kB , 1080x1440 , p264322_i_v9_aa.jpg)
Hell Yeah MinoriTeam!
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image:141013705300.png(279kB , 651x1095 , Briana.png)
BreastQuest (otherwise known as BQuest or just BQ) is a /co/-created project about a lone well-endowed supersoldier and her friends vs the evil DFC empire.

Old /coc/ thread: http://plus4chan.org/b/coc/res/50487.html
Google docs page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ai3U4gANt4s_dHZndi16U0RYc2VlWDEzSXVPcE5SMFE&usp=sharing#gid=0
Issue 1 script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11oblulzZFOXiU9c88kZbDTcYU2nlkzGoGNq9K1RsIsk/edit
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image:165841465717.jpg(156kB , 1331x1049 , 1658242263485411.jpg)
Mindwipe happened to draw some new BQ art
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image:165841466849.jpg(175kB , 1536x850 , 1658242232933591.jpg)
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image:165841468200.jpg(432kB , 1541x1447 , 1658242295640990.jpg)