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image:142413255400.png(1.62MB , 3104x1012 , group 138983317942.png)

A thread for anything and everything concerning the anthropomorphic (or otherwise in some cases) personifications of boards on 4chan and possibly other chan based websites.

The /tg/ wiki article:

Gallery of board-tan images:
Follow the links above the gallery to boards also hosted on 4chanhouse for various comics and other information/pics not found in the gallery.

I guess I'm the one doing this since no one else has bothered to make a thread for them here on the new /coc/ board yet.
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image:142413277600.png(120kB , 691x621 , 1376805200967.png)
In b4 complaints about the OP image used.
Yes, some designs are dated, but that is the image containing the highest number of board-tans in one image.

It may become necessary to create a board-tan entry on the /co/ wiki at some point in the future, but that's future business.
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image:142413292500.png(394kB , 1000x1000 , qa 1422515611631.png)
The newest board-tan as of the date of this post is /qa/-tan.
Well, that happened.

Why does Be/ck/y have that weird black costume on her wiki page? She's wearing a white chef's hat and light-colored clothes on 99% of her pics.
Best full body solo pic available.
If there is ever a 4chanime, I think I know how to get about it.

Season 1: Focus on the main cast being /a/, /co/, /tg/, /x/, and /v/. There will be appearances with /d/ and other boards that were the main focus from the 4chanhouse site. Season 1 will be mostly the season on goofing off. Most likely this is where the initial pairings take place. The time is pre-2010. The villain depicted is /b/.

Season 2: It's not anything new to have boards be deleted. This is the plot for season 2 that introduces special appearances from sites outside of 4chan.

Season 3: 4chan 2012. /r9k/ and /pol/ (/new/) returns. The main villain is /pol/. The plot goes through clashes with reality vs. internet. At this point, outside sites have made regular appearances with the 4chan boards.

Season 4: TBA.

OVAs: Pretty much fanfiction material that covers the Winterball, 4chan cup, and various activities with 4chan users, including creations of the /co/verse, /tg/verse, etc.
Man, the /aco/-tan threads suck ass in a majorly non-sexy way.

Everyone is so caught up in wanting their design to be the board-tan that it's turned nasty and now everyone just attacks everyone else and tries to make everyone hate the designs they don't like.

They've been stuck in that loop for a week at least.
I don't know anything about /aco/. I usually leave the porn boards alone until their personalities are established (or somehow formed for an educated guess).
/aco/ had a very heated and prolonged argument over who /aco/-tan should be. They have yet to resolve the issue and are now trying to ignore it because of how much shitposting happens when it gets brought up.

Meanwhile, I've seen a ghost and a marble statue proposed for /his/-tan.
An opossum furry rolling around in garbage for /trash/-tan seems to be generally agreed upon already.
And I haven't seen anything for the /news/ board yet, though I haven't been looking. I hope it's not another /pol/, that design has already been used for both /new/ and /pol/ in the past.
The /new/ design was used for /pol/ because of the /new/ redirect. It was one of the reasons /pol/ users couldn't settle on the design of their board tan. They literally had two different userbases on the board.
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image:146217650100.jpg(332kB , 1163x800 , 09daee3f069a6890b643a0eeaca9b2ef8dba53e5.jpg)
The latest is J/aco/lyn is the /aco/tan with /Aco/rn as her sidekick a la /co/lette. The other potential tans are now residents and costumers of a brothel including Madam Peacock. So a nice expanded universe already. This agreement seems to make the most people satisfied. The BrokenLynx style seems to be the most accepted.

Writefaggotry is /aco/ is the old West of 4chan, J/aco/lyn is a Lone Ranger type hero with her largely mute sidekick deputy /aco/rn. They rustle up /d/eviants and eastern hentai that have wandered into /aco/ territory. Maybe /d/tan is a villain here. The daring duo owe money to Peacock and stay/work at her brothel.
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image:146217654400.jpg(152kB , 654x800 , c0e3d13b7e675cb414a794b07e8a3421aa7e3a98.jpg)
only colored image I could find atm
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image:146217717200.jpg(313kB , 500x700 , 1461966256293.jpg)
/qst/ is now a board has a tan that seems to be accepted as of now. /qst/ is a trial board so who knows if it'll stick around forever but I thought I'd share.

/qst/ian (pronounced like Christian) is a little brother of /tg/tan. Has a bird familiar. Is a little kid ready for adventure. That's it as of now.
I still only see shitposting and waifu wars whenever this comes up on /aco/ as recently as April, 2016.

/qst/-tan might actually be /tg/-tan's son instead of his brother.

People are moving on with the cowgirl.

Some are trying to push for female /qst/tan instead of male, but just a skirt instead of overalls. Seems to be exactly the same characterization otherwise
Female /qst/-tan got shot down, he'll be base form male.

There's still back-and-forth on the nature of /qst/-tan's relation to /tg/-tan.

As of last board-tan thread on /qst/, they have asked to hold off on making a wiki entry for him yet so they can still get some things worked out.
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image:149132443200.jpg(50kB , 1024x768 , 1376936703536.jpg)
For at least one day, he got to be a board-tan.
/cock/ - Comics & Cartoons & Cooking

Other merged boards during the 2017 April Fools Day prank also did stuff, but having this guy be "legitimized" is what was most interesting to me.
>Kiss the /cock/
Subtle as a brick, but I love it.
Wow, this thing is still up?
I made this.


I'm back to drawing and now I make doodles on the oekaki board.
>Wow, this thing is still up?
Yes, we are. Tell everyone.

>I'm back to drawing and now I make doodles on the oekaki board.
That reminds me, should plus4chan have oekaki back?
Is /draw/ different from an oekaki board?
I mean, do we want a built-in oekaki applet to draw directly on plus4chan.
There used to be one but it was completely broken and removed.
I'm glad people still come here. Anywho.

Things to complete:

-A height chart for the male board tans (females afterwards).
-Storywriting for YNH (personal project)
-A smoother animation for this one gif I made of /pol/ drinking

Things I'm currently doing for board tans:
-Small board tan doodles on 4chan's /i/ board (I don't mind an oekaki on plus4chan, I can draw on both)
-Updating some 2013 profiles on boards added afterwards.
I'll report back when I'm done with the height chart.
Who is the moat popular b
Board tan
My bad
I'm going to guess /v/ simply due to being the fastest board with a board tan.
Most of the boards seem so much less creative than they used to be, to the point of newfags actively reviling any attempt at original content.
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image:161638152974.png(99kB , 564x618 , 3d head thing.PNG)
I didn't get done with the height chart,

but most importantly i gotta tell you guys how much 3d stuff i'm making

that's what i've been doing since december.
The 4chanhouse board-tan shimmie now shows an account suspended message.
Like tears in the rain, all oldfag content lost
Everday we move into the future more and more slips away
Zecro is already working on recovering it.
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image:163168163806.jpg(346kB , 1196x1385 , 1631681015426.jpg)
/pw/ finally has a board-tan. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for "The /pw/erhouse" Mr. Dimes! The son of the late /asp/, he's taken up the mantle of his father's wrestling legacy and take it to the next level. His little sister /xs/ thinks what he does is "fake and gay" as the two have a heated sibling rivalry. That's about it for now, however the thread is still up and ripe with ideas so stay tuned for that.
There are also a few alternative colorings of his outfit but this one is board colors so it takes precedent.
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image:163168202230.png(353kB , 778x1353 , 1631662288040.png)
Also joining him in the ring, representing the women's division and the collective horniness of /pw/, Penny /pw/ers! She acts as the new era of wrestling compared to /pw/erhouse's old guard. Dimes acts as both a mentor to the new up and coming talent and a rival to prepare her for the real beasts in the ring.
No colored version yet, but there's probably more art on the way soon.
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image:163168208935.jpg(130kB , 705x632 , 1631670613027.jpg)
More art
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image:163168215244.jpg(202kB , 860x862 , 1631666039266.jpg)
One more for the road
Looks like a dime version of Hulk Hogan... oh wait.

oh haha.
I also noticed that thread.
It'll be fun to see what they come up with, especially after some rando who likely doesn't even use 4cahn tried making a wiki page for /pw/-tan a few weeks ago.

The /v/ mod for Friday Night Funkin' brought in a lot of new traffic to the wiki.
I did notice (three days later) that you linked to the wiki in them since you wanted to get them on there.

Going through the threads, I didn't see any real discussion about his relationship with other board-tans and I just finished filling out the page on the wiki with what I saw in the /pw/ threads before I saw this thread mentioned there.

Anyway, that page on the wiki is unlocked now so feel free to edit it if anything I put on it is wrong or if you feel I left anything out (which I likely did).

I don't know what the correlation is with /pw/ and dimes, so it'd probably be better if someone in the know looked it over.
Is the shimmie just a blank page for anyone else right now?
Black Hand ## Developer
It's a 500 error on my end. The most likely scenario is that the host upgraded the php version and that broke the ancient software. If anyone has their contact, tell them that if they need any help, I can try looking into it.
I don't have Zecro's contact.

At least it's not a problem on my end for once. Boorus across the spectrum have been giving me issues for months now.
According to http://www.4chanhouse.org/about.php it's admin@4chanhouse.org but I don't know if they actually use that email or not.
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image:164027940458.png(81kB , 1000x900 , vst 1597710704425.png)
In the recent /coc/ thread Zecro made contact and is in touch with the plus4chan guys, so maybe we'll see the shimmie resurface in some form.

Also, does anyone know anything about /vst/-tan? Someone made a page for it on the wiki and it's just blank. What the hell?
Never heard of it, but then I didn't keep up with later tan developments.
That image is confusing, it looks like a Tiger tank, with what looks like a king sitting on top, but then why isn't it a King Tiger instead (which looks completely different)?
/vst/ is videogame strategy board, presumably it is taken from the many worlf war strategy games.
There is also alot of games under their purview where you play as both kings and generals, so that would be why the character looks like a general wearing a crown?
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image:164029820600.png(103kB , 689x891 , vst 1597679897432.png)
The king is an "armchair general" who wanted them to drive closer so he could hit them with his sword, but then got the genius idea to load the sword into the tank's canon.

There were a bunch of pics on the shimmie and with that still being down I went digging into the archives trying to figure out what's going on with this board-tan, but it all seems to still be up in the air.
>In the recent /coc/ thread Zecro made contact and is in touch with the plus4chan guys, so maybe we'll see the shimmie resurface in some form.

Special thanks for whoever dug up his email for that.
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image:164101233130.png(56kB , 418x644 , Không Có Tiêu Đề12_20220101114407.png)
I drew /int/-tan in SATW style drawing
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image:164633712784.png(588kB , 824x2000 , 1646331344443.png)
Are board-tans still a beloved part of 4chan?
4chan is actively trying to censor any board meta, so if they are, it is in spite of that.
After the massive resurgence of interest they got due to the /v/ mod of Friday Night Funkin', who can say?
What happened to the house shimmie?
Is there another art booru out there that has the archived images??
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image:164801740728.png(138kB , 720x1280 , vt.png)
New design for /vt/-tan is available
Zecro was contacted and said he would migrate it to a newer system... but this was back in december. No word since then.
So where did this one come from?
Well, if you ever get to the point where you don't think Zecro is going to get back to you, I'll share this.

Not everything that was on the shimmie, but enough to rebuild if anyone has the capacity to do so. Maybe 70% - 80% of what was on the shimmie.

/lgbt/-tan creation thread (I think it's the second one)

/vr/-tan creation threads

/m/ CYOA
Part 1
Part 2

We don't need to worry about the /fit/ comics, I already posted those over on /co/ (this site's /co/).
Oh, right, also this. The /co/nrad and /co/lette pics are in the FJCs sub folder. I have those in the /co/ creations folder separate from the board-tan folder cluster since /co/ creations are quite numerous.


Also Cookie (/cock/-tan) and Deelette are in the Kid sub folder.
My public dropbox links have been temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic.

I guess that means someone is using them.
Black Hand ## Developer
nice. Here, have a mirror.
Did you get the /co/nrad and /co/lette pics from the other link?
Black Hand ## Developer
I didn't, if you can post them over again (or just send a link privately to me in email so as to not piss off dropbox), and I'll mirror it.
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image:164894062161.png(79kB , 496x384 , VR fighter.png)
took a quick peek at the zip, it's missing some of the Trevor Virtua Fighter model pics.
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image:164894063288.png(112kB , 579x1013 , VR fighter - Trevor body.png)
save file
image:164894064479.png(101kB , 640x480 , VR fighter - Trevor.png)
save file
image:164894071433.png(177kB , 800x600 , vr fighter - I have no mouth and I must bomb bg.png)
And here are the rest of the pics from that thread... if you want the original pics, you'll have to look for them in the /vr/ archives I'm afraid, they were posted some time in 2016 I think.
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image:164894072531.png(126kB , 545x604 , VR fighter - phalanx 2.png)
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image:164894073701.png(173kB , 800x600 , VR fighter - phalanx.png)
save file
image:164894074864.jpg(100kB , 1000x1000 , VR Fighter CG Portrait.jpg)
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image:164894089999.png(86kB , 496x384 , VR fighter 2.png)
The reason there's so much is that someone made a Virtua Fighter mockup of some popular-on-/vr/ characters, and I'm not sure at which order the pics were posted, but we got Bubsy 3d, Trevor, Phalanx cover art guy with the banjo, and the Turbografx16 Bomberman cover art guy.
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image:164894110887.png(215kB , 640x480 , vr fighter gang.png)
This was the last pic made, as far as I know the roster was never completed, the modeler guy didn't finish it.
I think the next character we discussed to add was either Popful Mail or Rami-chan from Keio Flying Squadron since both were popular (possible because a dude on /vr/ once tracked down and scanned a previously unscanned Keio Flying Squadron / Popful Mail doujin by Studio Katsudon, it later got translated too).
The zip is just what I personally had in my dropbox folder. I never saw any of these virtual fighter pics so there's no way I would've had them.

Once they've stopped suspending my ability to make public links, sure.
A /coc/ booru sort of thing would be a better solution, but you can't make boorus anymore and I spend enough of my time updating and tagging the /d/ drawthread booru as is.
Black Hand ## Developer
I emailed Zecro again, but I haven't heard from him since December. I'm hoping that he could at least send a backup our way and then I'd host it here on plus4chan. As long as there's someone to manage it, since I'm completely unfamiliar with booru administration. It would be better than starting from zero, plus I'd want to preserve the image dates on the booru.
Yeah, I know you want to preserve the time stamps.
I'm just trying to provide an alternative in case things don't work out, and also because someone asked me for all this in the weekly /coc/ threads.

If the dropbox links are still not working in 2 days then let me know and I'll try re-doing the links and send them your way once I find the plus4chan email again.
Any updates? It's really sad to see these gone.
Zecro is not responding unfortunately.
Good afternoon everyone.
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image:166024761436.png(1.88MB , 1493x3700 , Colored_2.png)
/pol/'s tan would be a brown-skinned guy waving a soviet russia flag nowadays.
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image:166026855282.png(286kB , 1750x1750 , shadow-chan art.png)
I thought it was Shadow-chan.
I wouldn't know. I don't go on 4chan a lot these days and I just want to keep to the old board's history.

I draw what I want more than what people want.
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image:166060285140.png(334kB , 900x958 , pol 1660374603328927.png)
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image:169568345903.png(256kB , 1000x1000 , 1695134125547679.png)
It really sucks no longer having a board-tan gallery.
OK, so who here can actually administer a booru? Zecro stopped responding.
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image:169569011809.png(113kB , 1004x756 , 1695634894525990.png)
I have my hands full with /d/'s booru already and I don't think you can make new boorus anymore.
A booru is just a software package, you can install it anywhere you like.
For ex. http://shimmie.4chanhouse.org/ was one, but it's dead now and the admin is MIA.
But we have the files and we can start anew.
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image:169573782493.png(302kB , 544x408 , pol int 1682409845364564.png)
Last I checked we only had the files I provided via dropbox and the major issue with not having the upload dates of the shimmie.
That's why a new gallery wasn't made on here.
>we only had the files I provided via dropbox and the major issue with not having the upload dates of the shimmie.

An overwhelming portion of the files have unix filestamp filenames plus they also have older dates. Upload dates would therefore be possible to trace from either or the other.

The major issue is that no one is stepping up to rebuild the shimmie.
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image:169574328981.png(436kB , 1000x623 , vr v vg pol 1687383507403028.png)
The unix filestamp filenames are only relevant to when I saved them though.

And yes, the big first step in someone making the structure still needs to be taken for anything to start.
I would hope it would have a mass uploading feature and maybe a feature that allows for the filenames to be included in the tags. That would save a lot of effort since I included the board letter(s) in the filename of a lot of the pics.
>The unix filestamp filenames are only relevant to when I saved them though.
It would be a start. Also you could check the old shimmie through archive.org. The static files should still be accessible, only the PHP program is broken.

>And yes, the big first step in someone making the structure still needs to be taken for anything to start.
If anyone cares to manage it, I can host it.
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image:169578275075.png(554kB , 930x1313 , co 1695373439009059.png)
The static files don't hold any information. They were all named index or the number they were uploaded to the index. The upload dates were contained on the individual webpages.

If were were to have a new gallery, it would probably be better to have it here. Less chance of it disappearing since I assume plus4chan isn't tied to just one person's existence.
>If were were to have a new gallery, it would probably be better to have it here.
That's what I'm saying, but someone has to manage it.

>Less chance of it disappearing since I assume plus4chan isn't tied to just one person's existence.
It is.
hm, after further checking, the links for each page is in a format:
but the actual image on the server is stored the same way as other boorus, and the index.php just links to that:

And since the index is broken, this would make crawling difficult. We can't just grab all images by sequentially advancing the filename, we need the MD5s, but the only way to get those is to get the images. It also means we can't use the MD5s (from the existing board-tan zips) to get the image number, and therefore page number, to crawl the tags.
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image:169585630130.png(197kB , 1702x1597 , 1669079103408470.png)
Is it? I always thought it was like a group of 3 or 5 people running the place.

I just can't manage that myself since I'm already locked into managing too many other things without any help. I can't add another thing on top of that.

Didn't this conundrum get brought up before?
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image:170922440642.jpg(72kB , 900x507 , m toy tg co 1669660105501.jpg)
save file
image:170922444195.jpg(2.45MB , 5760x4320 , m 1659856837147.jpg)
No one has been keeping an eye on /m/ for new /m/-tan content.
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image:170958725186.png(19kB , 1322x187 , 1640044365209.png)
OK, went through the archive.org backup of 4chanhouse, and unfortunately it seems that it is missing the grand majority of images. Basically only something like 39 images are there out of ~9630. Thumbnails are slightly better, with 707, but they are only useful if someone manually checks each one of them since the server stores data by the images md5, not the thumbnails.

pic related was Zecros last known post confirming that an archive at one point was made, but it is unknown if he ever sent it to anyone.
My dropbox link with a good chunk of the images is still available. >>419355
If anyone ever decides to finally bite the bullet and remake the thing, then the resource is still there.

Pretty sure they stopped suspending both of those links by now.
Pretty sure those don't have everything, for starters the shimmie seemed to have a metric ton of Colette posts, and I don't see those on your dropbox.
Go one post down from where I linked to. There will be another dropboxlink.
Then navigate into the FJCs folder, then you'll find the /co/lete folder. There are so many /co/lette pics that I had to start putting pics of her with other characters into the folders dedicated to those other characters, so you'll still have a bit of a hunt, but they all have colette in the filename.
You'll also want to go into the kid folder to find Cookie (/cock/) and Deelette.