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A thread for anything and everything concerning the anthropomorphic (or otherwise in some cases) personifications of boards on 4chan and possibly other chan based websites.

The /tg/ wiki article:

Gallery of board-tan images:
Follow the links above the gallery to boards also hosted on 4chanhouse for various comics and other information/pics not found in the gallery.

I guess I'm the one doing this since no one else has bothered to make a thread for them here on the new /coc/ board yet.
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image:142413277600.png(12kB , 691x621 , 1376805200967.png)
In b4 complaints about the OP image used.
Yes, some designs are dated, but that is the image containing the highest number of board-tans in one image.

It may become necessary to create a board-tan entry on the /co/ wiki at some point in the future, but that's future business.
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image:142413292500.png(394kB , 1000x1000 , qa 1422515611631.png)
The newest board-tan as of the date of this post is /qa/-tan.
Well, that happened.

Why does Be/ck/y have that weird black costume on her wiki page? She's wearing a white chef's hat and light-colored clothes on 99% of her pics.
Best full body solo pic available.
If there is ever a 4chanime, I think I know how to get about it.

Season 1: Focus on the main cast being /a/, /co/, /tg/, /x/, and /v/. There will be appearances with /d/ and other boards that were the main focus from the 4chanhouse site. Season 1 will be mostly the season on goofing off. Most likely this is where the initial pairings take place. The time is pre-2010. The villain depicted is /b/.

Season 2: It's not anything new to have boards be deleted. This is the plot for season 2 that introduces special appearances from sites outside of 4chan.

Season 3: 4chan 2012. /r9k/ and /pol/ (/new/) returns. The main villain is /pol/. The plot goes through clashes with reality vs. internet. At this point, outside sites have made regular appearances with the 4chan boards.

Season 4: TBA.

OVAs: Pretty much fanfiction material that covers the Winterball, 4chan cup, and various activities with 4chan users, including creations of the /co/verse, /tg/verse, etc.
Man, the /aco/-tan threads suck ass in a majorly non-sexy way.

Everyone is so caught up in wanting their design to be the board-tan that it's turned nasty and now everyone just attacks everyone else and tries to make everyone hate the designs they don't like.

They've been stuck in that loop for a week at least.
I don't know anything about /aco/. I usually leave the porn boards alone until their personalities are established (or somehow formed for an educated guess).
/aco/ had a very heated and prolonged argument over who /aco/-tan should be. They have yet to resolve the issue and are now trying to ignore it because of how much shitposting happens when it gets brought up.

Meanwhile, I've seen a ghost and a marble statue proposed for /his/-tan.
An opossum furry rolling around in garbage for /trash/-tan seems to be generally agreed upon already.
And I haven't seen anything for the /news/ board yet, though I haven't been looking. I hope it's not another /pol/, that design has already been used for both /new/ and /pol/ in the past.
The /new/ design was used for /pol/ because of the /new/ redirect. It was one of the reasons /pol/ users couldn't settle on the design of their board tan. They literally had two different userbases on the board.
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image:146217650100.jpg(332kB , 1163x800 , 09daee3f069a6890b643a0eeaca9b2ef8dba53e5.jpg)
The latest is J/aco/lyn is the /aco/tan with /Aco/rn as her sidekick a la /co/lette. The other potential tans are now residents and costumers of a brothel including Madam Peacock. So a nice expanded universe already. This agreement seems to make the most people satisfied. The BrokenLynx style seems to be the most accepted.

Writefaggotry is /aco/ is the old West of 4chan, J/aco/lyn is a Lone Ranger type hero with her largely mute sidekick deputy /aco/rn. They rustle up /d/eviants and eastern hentai that have wandered into /aco/ territory. Maybe /d/tan is a villain here. The daring duo owe money to Peacock and stay/work at her brothel.
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image:146217654400.jpg(152kB , 654x800 , c0e3d13b7e675cb414a794b07e8a3421aa7e3a98.jpg)
only colored image I could find atm
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image:146217717200.jpg(313kB , 500x700 , 1461966256293.jpg)
/qst/ is now a board has a tan that seems to be accepted as of now. /qst/ is a trial board so who knows if it'll stick around forever but I thought I'd share.

/qst/ian (pronounced like Christian) is a little brother of /tg/tan. Has a bird familiar. Is a little kid ready for adventure. That's it as of now.
I still only see shitposting and waifu wars whenever this comes up on /aco/ as recently as April, 2016.

/qst/-tan might actually be /tg/-tan's son instead of his brother.

People are moving on with the cowgirl.

Some are trying to push for female /qst/tan instead of male, but just a skirt instead of overalls. Seems to be exactly the same characterization otherwise
Female /qst/-tan got shot down, he'll be base form male.

There's still back-and-forth on the nature of /qst/-tan's relation to /tg/-tan.

As of last board-tan thread on /qst/, they have asked to hold off on making a wiki entry for him yet so they can still get some things worked out.
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image:149132443200.jpg(5kB , 1024x768 , 1376936703536.jpg)
For at least one day, he got to be a board-tan.
/cock/ - Comics & Cartoons & Cooking

Other merged boards during the 2017 April Fools Day prank also did stuff, but having this guy be "legitimized" is what was most interesting to me.
>Kiss the /cock/
Subtle as a brick, but I love it.