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2) Content not allowed: guro, scat, beastiality.
3) Don't complain about someone's fetish, just hide the thread (whiners get a week's ban)
4) Lesbian and Straight-shota are considered /pco/ material
5) Due to the nature of Western material, furry is allowed on all promotion boards

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/cod/ Related RequestsAnonymous
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image:140038626700.jpg(177kB , 1059x1059 , Request Icon.jpg)
1) Check http://rule34.paheal.net/ before requesting a series in general, and glance through this thread to see if your request has already been posted by someone else.
2) Any discussion that does not directly contribute to getting a request fulfilled (details, reference images, "me too" posts (limit those)) will be deleted.
2a) Failure to shut the hell up if you violate 2 will be grounds for a ban
2b) Complaining about your request not being filled fast enough/at all will be deleted & grounds for a ban. Shit, I just might delete your request, too.
3) Stupid requests (i.e. anything non-western) are grounds for a ban.
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image:161196220172.jpg(671kB , 2048x2048 , Ms Heed 1602586565245.jpg)
requesting this stupid bitch with the shiteating grin getting pissed in her mouth.
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image:161514160842.jpg(1.09MB , 1678x892 , amaliaref.jpg)
Requesting Amalia, being pantieless and only having a tiny sidebag, using her pussy to store/hide objects. Could be a scenario where it's a desperate option to hide a coinpurse or quest item or she's just super weird and casually does it all the time with various stuff in full view of the other characters.

Kinda open on poses but one could be a side view of her standing with an xray of her pussy and the item(s) stretching it out a good foot. Maybe with additions of her putting things in and pushing them out all wet.
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image:162179304440.png(313kB , 1280x720 , Gas-tronomy example.png)
Requesting one of the pre-exsisting fart-themed MLP OCs sticking out his/her butt towards a party table full of delicious treats, saying "I put 'gas' in 'gastronomy'!"

I'm requesting it just for the sake of pun, so you don't need to draw visible fart gas.
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image:162831957261.jpg(362kB , 820x1656 , Gummy req.jpg)
Requesting Princess Bubblegum sexually groping her aunt Lolly's breast, while Lolly enjoying it and have this pleasure expression.
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image:140099496800.jpg(269kB , 917x877 , 1400432814.decadencecupcakes_la.jpg)
All purpose dickgirl thread
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image:168867118951.png(819kB , 1115x1500 , owl house xierra 27.png)
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image:169211419804.jpg(1.23MB , 2965x4009 , owl house perrox 1.jpg)
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image:169393362034.jpg(340kB , 1880x2722 , owl house problesmall 4.jpeg)
The Return of the Muscle ThreadAnonymous
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image:140304843200.jpg(121kB , 600x900 , 1326053 - Neurodyne gogo_bomango vanheist webcomic.jpg)
The new boards have been up for a while now, and still no muscle thread? I've got to rectify that.
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image:146859796400.jpg(104kB , 668x812 , JungleJanet.jpg)
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image:168595213776.jpg(2.86MB , 2000x2667 , 165806214958567.jpg)
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image:168672790256.jpg(52kB , 565x800 , nT_6v082b9qei50ek6jq1g85d6v_600.jpg)
Shortstack thread.Anonymous
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image:140646517300.jpg(198kB , 811x1080 , 1398378802488.jpg)
Shortsized thread for the new board.
Goblins, gnomes, dwarfs, yordles, and asura. All kinds welcome.
Are shortstacks really a /cod/ topic, as in something that couldn't be done on regular old vanilla /pco/?

There's nothing all that odd about being attracted to curvy midgets, dwarfism-sufferers are people too!
It's not a normal body type no matter how you look at it. Gay people are people too but we still have /cod/.
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image:167138100054.png(954kB , 1479x1108 , minus8 dangerously furry 3.png)
It tends far more to monster-girl stuff than it does actual little people, making it inherently /cod/.
The Complex Adventures of Eddie PussAnonymous
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image:167105247542.png(2.59MB , 1280x1363 , 000 Bat-Mom Grose.png)
A thread for the cat with the hawt mom :3
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image:167105343135.png(4.31MB , 2400x3000 , 422 2027369_lafrugele_17206609110037913740.png)
Why post it here though? This is generic /pco/ stuff.

I thought furry incest was DP material :/
Deviant Furry thread 2Anonymous
File deleted
Last thread >>10654
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video:166152826524.webm(13.23MB , 1920x1080 , Don'tThinkAboutSex.webm)
Alebrije from Legend QuestAnonymous
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image:166921680947.png(672kB , 905x1283 , tumblr_f14c9a50d0756a386a801e203cbe35a5_267b70f6_1280.png)
I love this dragony thing so much and I know he's an absolute slut. There are only a few pics of him on e621 and none of them good except one of him solo. Could someone provide me with an on model solo pic, perhaps with some coom? Thanks
Still nothing?
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image:143906420600.png(928kB , 1000x1650 , tumblr_nsmpupnS9R1rjiugko1_1280.png)
I wanted to post this in the Fantasy thread but I going to be on the safe side.
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image:143915174300.jpg(465kB , 1280x1454 , a7cca1a9b91f7984d19b553d9a8fd298.jpg)
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image:143915178800.jpg(563kB , 2324x1935 , bfe125913c30eb415f7cfd54868b7cf2.jpg)
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image:143915195600.png(922kB , 963x807 , a3483618559ed3af3075d2c6ebd96f1e.png)
Symbiotes threadAnonymous
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Are symbiotes like venom and co such a deviant porn topic? Like would there be a problem if I just posted them in a superhero porn thread?
symbiotes are halfway between tentacle porn, living skin, and bodily deformations. If you post vanilla pics, sure, it's ok on /pco/, but the stuff here nearly all has some weird ass bodily proportions.
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image:141585767000.png(377kB , 726x1227 , 139600992473.png)
Rule 63 thread
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image:158204837461.png(573kB , 1264x1842 , odd parents toongrowner 1.png)
It actually looks more like art by Kami Tora.
cute but not porn.
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image:142360942100.png(853kB , 770x800 , d4c3f65f50d87f027f42607297337531.png)
Lactation thread
Where is the rest of the comics?
Why did the thread stop?
cause no one's posting more, duh.
Lilo and StiichAnonymous
File deleted
admittedly I wasn't actually doing much fucksmithing, just throwing out some ideas, cause this intrigues me enough that it's going into the list of potential commission ideas I might get done(admittedly that list is rather large cause 99% of my very limited income went into saving up for a convention so it probably won't be until next month that I could afford anything of that sort), and yes I'm aware I do that kinda thing a tad too often, I've been trying to reduce that for the most part(as could be seen with the last time there was significant Dextra discussion on original 4chan /co/, where I was trying to trim the concept down to a much more manageable one), one of those times having an actual mental disability can get in the way of this sort of thing

also I accept the apology, hopefully we can move on and maybe get some smut made eventually(Van was talking about finishing up sketches on his tumblr, hopefully we can get some of his Lilo pics finished up properly)
sauce please
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image:162994349033.jpg(930kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 cover.jpg)
Housemating - The Futanari Spin-Off of Deviants!

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image:163763655131.jpg(855kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 13.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 13
I’ll give you one guess as to what this new girl has in her pants.

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image:163825408512.jpg(1,009kB , 900x1507 , ch 1 pg 14.jpg)
Housemating Chapter 1 Page 14
This princely and seductive woman knows what she wants and Kennedy knows what that is as well.
When you post the other chapters?
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image:140592972900.png(2.06MB , 1400x1126 , 1392811311.themirth_pingpong101.png)
Since no one's made a thread for it here yet, might as well. Copy pasting the info from the last thread:

"/cod/'s very own Vore Thread! Same Size, Micro/Macro, F/M, M/F, Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Cock Vore, Unbirth, Digestion, Absorption and everything else! We'll cover the entire spectrum!

Just so we're clear, this thread will be for any picture where there's a clear pred or prey. Any picture where it's not clearly indicated that there's prey involved (x-ray shot, bulges, dialogue, etc.), or isn't pre or post vore, please find the most recent Fatty Thread and post there.
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image:162272853453.png(48kB , 544x582 , 1531962370549.png)
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image:163902140842.jpg(223kB , 1164x1280 , 1413807450.malus22_hotstrid.png.jpg)
There's far too little of Astrid vore.
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image:163902157322.png(727kB , 1280x1197 , 139555947130.png)
Deviant Furry threadAnonymous
File deleted
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image:159095886314.png(503kB , 1500x1500 , 74b9a6607c5645b2ba3f71c3df45ea63.png)
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image:159095890406.jpg(124kB , 941x1280 , 1585019173.cooliehigh_persian.jpg)
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image:163157724645.jpg(145kB , 1400x1471 , EfLCxIRXYAE9HuM.jpg)