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image:158466769326.png(3kB , 116x116 , plus4chan.png)
I've updated the board frontend to the latest work in progress version. This is a total rewrite that purges nearly all old code, which is why it took so long to make. It does not yet have everything I want to add, but it is already five times more powerful than the old site and makes the place so much easier to use. With this update, we are closer to parity with other imageboards out there, both in features, and in site layout, but we are not there yet.

Some highlights are:
- entire front-end rewritten from scratch, with nearly all of the old code base purged from this side (the backend has not been touched to avoid compatibility issues).
- new responsive layout, with a more old school imageboard mode. The layout is based on the browser window size. On desktop PCs, it looks like a traditional imageboard, but on tablet or collapsed windows, it looks like the previous plus4chan layout. I may make a switch later to force either style, should you guys have a preference.
For now, if you prefer the old style, just resize the browser window to half width (under 1180px). On Windows you can do this just by dragging the tab to the side border of your screen.
- new, fixed position "popup" style quick reply. This one has a huge amount of additions which I hope will make posting much easier, thereby encouraging our posters to be more active. Note that most of these enhancements require Javascript.

About the new quick reply:
- fixed positioning, and on desktops you can drag it around.
- "currently posting" status and file upload progress are shown.
- warns you if you close the quick reply with a post written inside.
- counts down until you can make your next post. You can queue your next post during the countdown. This makes it easier to make image dumps without running into flood detection errors.
- quoted posts get highlighted while you are posting.
- keyboard shortcuts added for Spoiler, (ctrl+s), Bold (ctrl+b), Italic (ctrl+i), and Underlined (ctrl+u) text. Also, ESC will close the quick reply. More shortcut suggestions are welcome.
- always shows name fields if you use a name; automatically hides the name fields if you post anonymously (it was the other way around previously, and as a result posters tended to forget about resetting their names, usually when using the name field as a makeshift thread subject).
- speaking of which - after a long absence, the subject field is back.

Theme changes:
- retired the Ghost theme (it was terrible, really).
- Greygreen theme re-added from the old boards.
- Buri and Futaba tweaked a bit to look closer to the classic Kusaba and Kusaba X versions.
- Babby removed (it was pointless)
- new template: Plus4, based on our static pages.
- new template: Heroes, based on Heroes of Might & Magic III.
If you find any issues with the templates, please post them here.

other minor changes:
- font sizes increased.
- Replies to a post are now listed.
- backlinks can now be copied into a post and still work.
- images are now lazy loaded (natively, without javascript).
- the post number is broken up to two parts, the "No." part will link to the thread, while the post number will open a quick reply.
- there's a new "permalink" icon in the corner. You can use that to link to any post and have it highlighted by default.
- report and delete buttons now have loading status indicators.
- inline reference has a loading status indicator too.
- hovering over the >>postnumber will highlight the referenced post.
- WEBM/MP4 expansions now use the same design as the youtube and vimeo windows. Additionally, the "close video" trigger was moved to the top, so they don't conflict with the seekbar controls.
- post passwords are set to last only your current session, so if you close your browser, they are gone. This may be tweaked in the future.
- thread hider fixed and can store much more posts now.
- rss feeds were tweaked to use the thread numbers as feed categories.
- NSFW images on NSFW boards will now say "VERY NSFW" on the thumbnail. You can also make "VERY NSFW SPOILERS".
- fixed a bug that prevented janitors to view the janitor board (which is not as funny as you think, since our janitors actually do their jobs).

Now that the new code is live, I'll be able to add new stuff more frequently. So expect more frequent updates from now on.

Please report any bugs here, so I can fix them as soon as possible.

I'd also like to ask you to post any suggestions or additions you would like to see on the site. Lastly, please use the site as much as you can!
And please, spread the word: plus4chan is alive.

Well, enjoy the new board, and let's hope I did not leave any critical bugs in there.
Black Hand ## Developer
Also, in case some bug breaks posting, please bring it to my attention either through twitter, or by sending an email to [email protected]
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image:158468641451.gif(973kB , 312x213 , It's Happening.gif)
Mstr Twstr
Not a bug, but I noticed drag-n-drop no longer works for posting files.
Black Hand ## Developer
I didn't realize you could do that on the old board (or that anyone used it for that matter). It was something I experimented with before though.

Should be working now, and on the entire QR box not just on the file field.
Mstr Twstr
It seems to be working, and not working. There is an option now, but it tells me my browser does not support drag-n-drop feature. Bull fucking shit.

For the record, my daily browser is Palemoon.
Black Hand ## Developer
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image:158491166031.png(12kB , 468x425 , 1307826394290.png)
I checked Pale Moon. It needed an about:config tweak to enable file dropping, it was identified as Internet Explorer 11 in online feature tests, and it could not understand ssl certificates. So plus4chan, as well as every other webpage (including its default search engine), gave errors. Feature support wise it was about five years behind modern browsers. You should consider getting an alternate support because this is just dumb.

>it tells me my browser does not support drag-n-drop feature. Bull fucking shit.

It's a bit more complex than that. Since I used the Drag & Drop API, I had to copy over the file data from the "drop zone" into the form field. But old browsers, including Pale Moon, do not support updating the "files" property of a form field. I originally put the error popup there so the entire QR box does not get stuck with the file drop overlay when you attempt to drop a file in with IE11.

Either way, I made a workaround (all file fields operations now use a virtual filelist property which is copied over into the ajax form field on submission), and it seems to work. As a side effect it also works on Internet Explorer now.
Mstr Twstr
Well, drag-n-drop works on every other websites. It also worked on the old version of +4.
Black Hand ## Developer
On the old code there was a file upload field hidden with 0% opacity. You can natively drag into normal upload fields, but only on SOME browsers. It's also why it had no styling applied whatsoever, because it was a trick.
Mstr Twstr
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image:158492680696.png(259kB , 633x900 , 99-little-bugs-in-the-code-jordan-a-chamberlain.png)
Well, works now. Thanks, good job, quality person.
Mstr Twstr
Oh, and I will keep using Palemoon no matter what. Freedom isn't free, and if using an """outdated""" browser is what it takes to give the middle finger to Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla, I'll keep on dragging my cross.

Palemoon uses less RAM than Waterfox, so there.
That's admirable but you will very soon start finding sites just incompatible with the browser (I would know, I use IE).

I don't even get why they'd fork the browser if they don't plan on updating it.
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image:158496399629.jpg(18kB , 474x271 , LINX MASTER RACE.jpg)
>and if using an """outdated""" browser is what it takes to give the middle finger to Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla, I'll keep on dragging my cross.
If you're not blocking certain JS and if you're not using a high-quality proxy or TBB master race then I feel that middle finger is in vain.

For those who aren't techies:
+ a grain of salt.
Mstr Twstr
>why fork
When Mozilla stops caring about you and goes in a direction you don't want, you fork.

t. constantly checking the forums and talk with the developer often.
That's not the problem, the problem is that if they completely stop all development then the fork is completely useless; you might as well just keep using the old version and not update.
Mstr Twstr
They are developing, to the beast of their ability. Again, I check the forums daily.
If it's stuck with 5 years old standards support then it doesn't sound like they are developing it at all.
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image:158500723255.png(1kB , 462x326 , dev.png)
I checked, surprisingly they are still developing and updating. They just aren't modern. That isn't their goal. (Which one died? I must be confusing it with IceWeasel or WaterFox...)

To a large degree I believe in security through minimalism, but if you are running something that old for browsing, it will break functionality. It's a trade-off and devs are rarely interested in maintaining access to the one or two people who demand backwards support.
User 9
I'm been using Pale Moon and Seamonkey, the latter partly because I have noscript and RequestPolicy on Pale Moon and some stuff doesn't work well with that even if you enable all permissions for it.
seems like the pedo spambots is back, just reported a thread started by such on /jam/
User 9
Removed. While I'm at it, some notes on the janitorial interfaces:

Pressing the delete button from the koba panel still does nothing, you still have to go to the thread to remove a post.

Janitoring does not work on mobile. There's no way to bring up the menu for the link to the reports page, possibly because nothing counts as hovering the mouse when you're using a touch screen interface. And for some reason, when you go to delete something, Safari renders the CSS layer that dims the rest of the page on top of the pop-up control, making it impossible to interact with.
There might be a more sophisticated form of spambot targeting /co/.

Not only the OP but the first reply are pretty suspect yet formed in a way they could at a glance pass for sincere.
Now they are just a bit more active in general. Remember to report them everyone.
Black Hand ## Developer
>Pressing the delete button from the koba panel still does nothing, you still have to go to the thread to remove a post.

Can you elaborate on this? There's a bunch of different menus where you can get to that button. I know that it works when you delete a post while doing a ban, and when you just use the mod view and go to delete post from there, it drops you into the same page that loads when you'd click delete inside a thread anyway. Both work on my end.

>Janitoring does not work on mobile. There's no way to bring up the menu for the link to the reports page, possibly because nothing counts as hovering the mouse when you're using a touch screen interface.
I'll do an ugly workaround (it's already up on the beta site). Note that the koba panel is in nothing short of a catastrophic state, and much of the code is unreadably archaic. If you know any other older bugs, please tell me, chances are you've been using it for longer than I did.

>when you go to delete something, Safari renders the CSS layer that dims the rest of the page on top of the pop-up control, making it impossible to interact with.
This seems to be a z-index bug with OP posts, probably due to how I set up the "post a reply" sticky button on mobiles. I'll look into it.
Not gonna lie, the heroes pop-ups get annoying, especially after declining them and changing theme. Might turn off JS again.
Mstr Twstr
I want the feature to stay.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
This. At least give us the option to turn off the pop-ups.
Look at the date, dumb fucks.
User 9
Finally, some style. I appreciate the clover and flying chan city.

Here's a screenshot, it's the X button that's doing nothing for me. I click it, get redirected to the main koba panel, go back to the reports, and the report is still there.
Post the screenshot on the janitor board pls.
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image:158586669186.png(156kB , 480x480 , me irl.png)
Timezones and work stress took me for a spin. Joke's on me.

Anyway, it was fun. Thanks Black Hand.
Minor bug: Highlighting text, dragging it and releasing inside the quick reply results in a permanent Drop File Here overlay. Can be done accidentally when highlighting text within quick reply.
(Windows, Firefox)
Black Hand ## Developer

- fixed file dropper in the Quick Reply triggering when non-files are dragged over it
- fixed error message when uploading mp3s with Chrome (it listed mp3 as audio/mp3 instead of audio/mpeg and the board checked the mime type only)
- tweaked the mobile view a bit, it now uses a centered thumb without wraparound text, and the fonts are a tiny bit larger. OP post no longer gets covered by the delete/report overlay (I'll need to redo those buttons complete because they are too small to be useful on mobiles).
- tweaked the loading icon a little
- added hover effect for viewing off-screen post quotes. Also works with inter-thread and inter-board quotes, with some mandatory loading. Note that while it is loading, you can't open an inline reference (it's the same process).
- other minor bug fixes, mostly in the css

If you got stuck with the Heroes theme from April 1st, remember that we have the style switchers on the bottom, press Default to return to whatever style the board originally uses.

I knew it had some bugs left, thanks for reporting. Luckily there's a way to check what type of content you are dragging, so it was possible to fix it easily.