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- 1c) Original Content in Western "style" (Ganassa, Kyhu, Owler)
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image:140038626700.jpg(177kB , 1059x1059 , Request Icon.jpg)
1) Check http://rule34.paheal.net/ before requesting a series in general, and glance through this thread to see if your request has already been posted by someone else.
2) Any discussion that does not directly contribute to getting a request fulfilled (details, reference images, "me too" posts (limit those)) will be deleted.
2a) Failure to shut the hell up if you violate 2 will be grounds for a ban
2b) Complaining about your request not being filled fast enough/at all will be deleted & grounds for a ban. Shit, I just might delete your request, too.
3) Stupid requests (i.e. anything non-western) are grounds for a ban.

If you are an artist, try being a name/tripfag to make it easier to have requests directed your way.
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image:140098375800.jpg(473kB , 595x850 , 138609601885.jpg)
I'd like to request an "alternate" version of this picture where Candace and Stacy have shrunken out of their bikinis, and are crawling out from under their now-oversized swimsuits. For reference, they're both shrunk to about 3-4 inches tall.
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image:140116351800.png(900kB , 958x942 , 958px-TD080.png)
If anyone's interested, I'd like to request a sketch of Tammy the rabbit chick from TUFF Puppy regressed to a young girl (about 11/12-years-old), looking embarrassed because her clothes and lingerie are falling off her body.

As for the reference image, I'd prefer the design on the right. Thanks, and have a nice day!
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image:140154447800.png(228kB , 1280x720 , 1212.png)
requesting a Stewie digging inside meg's vagina with his tiny hands searching of that stuck tampon, you know with all the fluids and Stewie's discomfort and meg's struggling face thank you
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image:140175046900.jpg(155kB , 495x751 , Tigra-Amanda-Conner-Variant.jpg)
Requesting Tigra giving a footjob. Catching her in between her toes, if you will.
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image:140195119000.jpg(68kB , 466x636 , andchron.jpg)
I know some of you guys have read some Animorphs. Can we get some Andalite porn please?
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image:140201190800.jpg(55kB , 876x717 , c3baa352efda735df6f66972414167e0.jpg)
More Andalite porn you mean.
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image:140217289700.png(81kB , 385x563 , tammytherabbitrequest.png)
here ya go. gave it a try.
Overlord Brian
Thanks! If you're willing, could you do a follow-up sketch where she's regressed further (about 6/7-years-old)?
Yes, more. There are only a small handful of pics.
D'AAAAWWWW! Also, seconding the follow-up sketch.
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image:140289320000.jpg(31kB , 354x500 , floral_rugg-reference.jpg)
This might be a bit too "ambitious," but I'd like to see a pic with a magnification overlay of a petri dish showing a microscopic (and very naked) Floral Rugg having her body fondled by microorganisms.
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image:140297605500.jpg(38kB , 232x390 , 54802_148091.jpg)
Requesting a sketch of Olga Pataki as a human-sized, anatomically-correct ragdoll...she's naked, and propped up in a chair with a blank, but happy-looking, expression on her face.

(Apologies for the small reference image).

Does anyone have Muscle Mix 4 and/or Anime Muscle by Saxxon? I'd really, really appreciate seeing those. I'd buy them, but the guy is kind of a dick. Anyone got Muscle Mix 4 or Anime muscle?
Underground Sensation
Also putting in votes for these requests.
>>10623 second that
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image:140393644400.jpg(11kB , 98x197 , MEHMEGMEGMEG.jpg)
>>10638 Do not worry, BigTyme's Is Here ;)

Hell yeah on this one!
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image:140456074100.png(700kB , 1280x704 , mer.png)
Any chance of some Esmeralda from Camp Lakebottom? Maybe a fishy blowjob would do the trick.

Anyone? Anyone at all? This covers so many fetishes...
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image:140518383300.png(157kB , 745x587 , esmeraldafishblowjob.png)
gave it a try. still so many things wrong with it. may come back to it later.
OR here. Not bad, anon. In fact, I think you did marvelously well.
thanks for the compliments.
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image:140525641800.jpg(237kB , 775x800 , 1404270416297.jpg)
Requesting Coraline and Violet as big-assed milfs touching ass to ass.
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image:140578657200.jpg(45kB , 264x466 , Can_I_Keep_Him_c.jpg)
Requesting Starfire from Teen Titans fucked by her lovely Silkie.
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image:140597934600.jpg(11kB , 348x303 , kagura.jpg)
Please do a pic of Kagura from Azumanga Daioh with muscles hyper massive and an ultra massive cock, fucking Kaorin and cumming in her. Remember the pictures you did with Risty and Melona from Queens Blade, how she got inflated more than the continent? I want Kagura to cum even MORE into Kaorin, inflate her with even MORE cum than that.


Like those but Kagura has much more muscle and a much bigger cock, and Kaorin is filled with much more cum.
(/cod/ is for western material only)

>1) Content must fall into one of the following categories:
>1a) Western properties (Marvel, Mass Effect, Wakfu)
>1b) Properties with a large Western interpration (Transformers, Sonic the Hedgehog)
>1c) Original Content in Western "style" (Ganassa, Kyhu, Owler)

Sorry bro, but your request doesn't fit the criteria here on /cod/. Find an anime porn board and maybe you'll have more luck.
You're all racists.
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image:140696010000.png(1.41MB , 1280x1752 , shrinking-sequence.png)
This one might be a bit odd, but I'd like to see the sequence on the bottom redone with Canyon (already naked) shrinking out of sight (but keeping the word balloons and sound effects). Thanks to anyone interested, and let me know if better/different references are needed!
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image:140709790700.jpg(366kB , 793x1026 , tina-hellman-neighbors-from-hell.jpg)
I'd like to request a picture of Tina Hellman from Neighbors from Hell in a cherry red triangle back g-string thong and regular matching colored bra top with wide hips and very large and voluptuous booty in a 3/4 back view with her hands on her hips staring back at the "camera"/who's watching with a seductive, playful face (kind of like a sexy "you like what you see?" face). I know it's not really an original kind of request and that the show the character is from is meh at best (at least in my opinion) but I like her character design and I like MILF type characters in general. Plus I think it follows the rules (Neighbors from Hell being a Western property and I couldn't find a picture that fulfills the request on rule34.paheal.net. I've found kind of similar pics but nothing really exact).
Does Tina have a tail?
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image:140729559400.jpg(38kB , 271x429 , Tina Full Demon Form.jpg)
In her non-disguised form yes she does. Though her non-disguised form doesn't differ dramatically from her disguised form. As shown in the pic, in her non-disguised form she has a tail, small devil horns, flaming hair, and goat-like hooves.

(I'm the anon who requested the Tina pic in case you couldn't already tell but if you could then ignore this)
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image:140736668300.jpg(21kB , 157x666 , Gabby_default.jpg)
Could somebody do a pic of Gabby Gonzalez ( One of the new companions from the Titan Doctor Who comics) spread eagle, fingering her pussy, and with a dildo in her ass?
The world needs more fat SheZow.
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image:140985968000.jpg(20kB , 191x300 , blondie2-191x300.jpg)
The world needs some ssbbw Blondie Bumstead
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image:140989137900.png(249kB , 271x674 , HoneyLemon.png)
Looks like there's a BBW request bandwagon. Could definitely use some SSBBW Honey Lemon. Skinny giraffe is begging for some WG.
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image:140999503600.jpg(44kB , 403x296 , Rick and Vanessa3.jpg)
We need some rule34 of these Characters
We need more art of Gumball Watterson as a trap, fat or both at the same time.
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image:141152426800.gif(806kB , 160x220 , tumblr_inline_nccahooW191qkmm41.gif)
Can someone please draw a fat Giffany from Gravity Falls?

She is the ultimate waifu, and there needs to be more of her to love.
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image:141167374400.jpg(138kB , 644x832 , AnnaNicole_modelsheet.jpg)
Requesting Anna Nicole Smith, or at least her caricature , fattened or inflated as you please.
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image:141250910800.jpg(824kB , 1754x2836 , redneck_kim_by_drewgardner-d7j5osd.jpg)
Requesting Kim Possible being in hot shorts and topless while being attacked by swarm of mosquitoes slapping herself on thigh and one mosquito reached her nipple.
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image:141277057400.png(802kB , 1091x800 , Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 7.10.35 AM.png)
Requesting Leanne and Luanne both fattened up and drunk off of Alamo beer.
I second this request :)
God i third this so hard.
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image:141312216000.png(259kB , 523x294 , tumblr_nd7jiyHn8Y1sgpajbo7_1280.png)
Requesting some pregnant art of this alligator lady from Superjail
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image:141373883900.png(604kB , 869x603 , 1400274294540.png)
request leggy lamb tied
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image:141423312100.jpg(50kB , 1435x953 , 1413818825518.jpg)
Honey Bee teaching the little orphan girl the best way to abuse her white sex slaves.
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image:141423314500.jpg(60kB , 720x404 , 1413833740772.jpg)
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image:141435967200.gif(41kB , 300x200 , 200_s.gif)
fifth'd :)
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image:141470555100.jpg(204kB , 674x525 , KOTH003L.jpg)
Here's a character design sheet if anyone wants to take a crack at it.
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image:141545330200.png(826kB , 1200x900 , rsreq.png)
Requesting Margaret from Regular Show relaxing in the park, wearing her normal casual outfit but with a huge, very round body. Mordecai is lying on her, head resting on her belly, and she looks happy, if not a little embarassed. Bonus points if Mordecai's a bit on the heavy side too.
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image:141557349100.png(525kB , 560x635 , 664_1000 (2).png)
Requesting Kuvira wearing this outfit and trying to command her troops. Her proportions can be tweaked if needed.
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image:141580934400.jpg(133kB , 900x703 , 1415800560944.jpg)
Ben fucking pregnant members of his harem.
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image:141582290500.jpg(112kB , 720x480 , Tatyana229.jpg)
Please do Tatyana Tushenko from "Animalympics" in these forms: SSBBW, Shortstack/Midget, Head shrunk and muscle reduction
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image:141687816300.png(633kB , 1847x979 , Sauna.png)
request leggy peggy and barbara naked in the sauna
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image:141723234100.jpg(59kB , 825x1223 , dora.jpeg)
Requesting futa horsecocked Dora The Explorer, making an ahegao face stroking her huge horse-like member.

Bonus points if she have a super messy and gooey climax.
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image:141911953100.png(207kB , 800x497 , buttercupbubblrs.png)
Someone draw oppai-loli Bubbles (around DD cup to F cup size tits) giving futa Buttercup a titfuck, please.
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image:141920385400.png(304kB , 1400x1200 , dorahorsecock.png)
were you posting in a /b/ drawthread the other day? I fulfilled a very similar request there for a guy who apparently everyone hated. So then I also got flack for, hur dur, drawing in a draw thread.
Awesome work, Zst Xkn. Also, yes I'm the guy who've requested in the /b/ drawthread.
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image:141922542000.png(243kB , 1400x1200 , bubblesoppaibuttercock.png)
and the other one.
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image:141924048500.png(307kB , 458x696 , 1361240515828.png)
requesting a zombie girl sucking dick and being fucked
some rotting and decayng would be good
Requesting Marge getting titfucked by a futa lisa or other female char
requesting marge getting titfucked by a futa lisa or other simpsons female
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image:141933810700.jpg(85kB , 512x384 , Large_Marge_39.JPG)
Requesting Marge getting titfucked by a dickgirl/futa Lisa or other female
fuck sry about that, was having web page cancel on my. Had no idea all the post made it
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image:141944489200.png(194kB , 500x484 , tumblr_mhzlink3az1qfil1lo1_500.png)
Requesting a 4 part weight gain sequence of Ms. Frizzle and the humanized bus.

I would like it to go something like this:

Part 1: Ms. Frizzle discovers that her bus has been humanized...for some reason and is empty on 'fuel'. "Looks like I need to fill up your 'tank'"

Or something like that

Part 2: Humanized bus is being stuffed full of fatty greasy foods by Ms. Frizzle. Humanized bus tries to resist, but to no avial.

"Hmm, looks like you're in need of an oil change too.

Part 3:

Ms. Frizzle's force feeding humanized bus an assortment of liquids. "Great. Got ya filled up just in time for school."

Part 4: Ms. Frizzle rides atop Humanized Bus in front of the school with all of the students standing there. The bus lets out a huge belch while Ms. Frizzle says, "Hop on board kids, plenty of room!"
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image:141987279700.png(1.56MB , 3456x1944 , fionna warhammer ref.png)
Requesting fat Fionna holding a warhammer and getting ready to FUCK SHIT UP.
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image:141992724100.png(106kB , 388x378 , MegHayley.png)
I'm putting this here since thing involves drug related stuff. If it doesn't fit I can add to it or take it to /pco/.

I would like to see Meg and Hayley walking around high and super horny at some Hippie Festival/Burning Man event practically naked. Just the girls tripping balls, leaning on each other and stumbling about a meadow in nothing but body-paint, feathers, and beads with soaking wet pussies.
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image:142013165700.jpg(335kB , 650x650 , julia and sue.jpg)
The mom and daughter from Dino Time, or just the mom, bloated on soda surrounded by tons of empty soda cans and belching.
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image:142025073500.png(1.44MB , 1596x896 , latest.png)
Nicole making Gumball enter a mother-daughter bodybuilder competition with her because Anais is too young to enter.

Preferably a growth sequence, but if just one drawing then just Nicole and Gumball flexing sexily on stage, Nicole getting really into it but Gumball looking uneasy and shy, Nicole in a black string bikini and Gumball in a hot pink one.
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image:142031140200.jpg(133kB , 500x375 , gegsfv.jpg)
Sam from Totally Spies getting womb full of thick fertile semen by pig.
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image:142032428100.png(245kB , 400x276 , kitty&mystique.png)
I am requesting Futa Mystique having anal sex with Kitty Pryde.

I'm hoping it's okay to request porn of live-action material.
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image:142037880900.png(511kB , 1058x600 , 1d9c2bbb17590912522745c56ea0330a.png)
We need more porn of Gumball in drag.
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image:142043292700.gif(23kB , 270x400 , MargeSimpson6.gif)
requesting a futanari-Lisa titfucking a busty Marge simpson
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image:142075114500.png(263kB , 1400x1200 , gumballBodybuilding.png)
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image:142075476500.png(242kB , 1400x1200 , lisatitfuck.png)

>>10599 Oh C'mon man¡¡¡
Requesting Marge getting DPed by 2 or more BBCs
Requesting giant Lisa rubbing Marge on her pussy
Requestion Lisa breastfeeding Marge.
Requesting Lisa getting her mom pregnant, and the aftermath.
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image:142082905400.jpg(1.81MB , 1639x1171 , Medical-Billing.jpg)
>after math
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image:142087366600.png(125kB , 573x501 , MargeDp'ed.png)
>Requesting Marge getting DPed by 2 or more BBCs

Not sure if this is what you wanted or how good this came out but here ya go.
Seconding. Sam fuck by pig.
thx a ton! shits awesome
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image:142109976200.png(1.10MB , 4224x1220 , Trina_And_The_Chocolate_Diamond.png)
Requesting a sequence of Trina Riffin eating the entire chocolate diamond.
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image:142110755500.png(1.12MB , 2001x873 , sup.png)
Requesting a big dicked (8-10 inch cock) Timmy Turner recieving both a tittyfuck from oppai-loli Trixie Tang (DD-F cup tits) and a buttjob from bubble-butt Tootie at the same time? (bonus points if all of them are the same age as pic related)
This! Anyone?
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image:142154214800.jpg(211kB , 1256x1920 , tumblr_ni92a6QEup1t2kqb3o1_1280.jpg)
futa Stevonnie fucking Garnet
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image:142157345800.jpg(1.93MB , 1920x1080 , Minnie Mouse in Doggone Biscuits.mp4_snapshot_01.25_[2015.01.17_20.54.25].jpg)
Any art of this fat Minnie would be appreciated.
A buff Toph drinking cum thinking that it's protein shake.

>>11440 For reference.
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image:142283111900.jpg(361kB , 603x780 , delicious.jpg)
Ok, someone requested this in /v/ the other day. It'll probably be the only pic I draw of this pair.
A /co/ related request on /v/?
yeah. long story...
I got time.
I vote on Sam fucked by pig.
Well, long story short, someone was going through some lengths to get my attention to specifically ask me to draw the pic.
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image:142305968100.jpg(344kB , 1920x692 , ppg.jpg)
Requesting Princess Morbucks getting spitroasted by futa Blossom and Futa Buttercup.
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image:142320763900.gif(781kB , 642x411 , 1422914480257.gif)
Requesting Francine Smith getting spanked.
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image:142335237800.jpg(16kB , 320x240 , FearEffectbug.jpg)
Requesting Rain from Fear Effect getting penetrated by that robot-bug thing while Hana gropes her.
T4 was here
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image:142575259400.png(717kB , 890x1391 , 2ad3dc986ace62968fd4f9bd0231fdf4aa6a248d (2).png)
Requesting Raven like this with a futa Starfire teasing and having some fun with her.
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image:142588835600.jpg(262kB , 938x1133 , AMG-CScotsman.jpg)
/r/ The gender-bent Scotsman from Samurai Jack in the pose at the bottom of the image.
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image:142637165300.png(574kB , 1600x900 , ppgd.png)
Requesting horsecock-futa Powerpuff Girls jerking off each other's futa horsecocks, resulting in a very messy climax.
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image:142742259600.jpg(96kB , 640x360 , 1408316446901.jpg)
Requesting Eric needles feeding Mandy struction some hot dogs
Giving my horsecock request a bump: >>11780
Looking to get a free version of Raver1357's Hyrule Warriors pack. Any leads?
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image:143048578100.png(423kB , 1167x1046 , 1590605 - Blossom Bubbles Buttercup Intest Powerpuff_Girls.png)
looking for Bendzz lewds, can anyone help?
Do you have an email to be contacted by?
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image:143497620400.png(237kB , 380x527 , ninjakitty&laurentaylor.png)
Requesting Ninja Kitty getting pounded doggy style by Aeolus futa OC, Lauren Taylor.

Character sheets:
I second this
T4 was here
Here's an idea.

Human Karai(season 1 2012) femdoming legless Fishface while making fun of his weird fishboy parts and threating to tell Shreadder about how she lost her virginity to him back in the day.(aka last year)

She's a nasty girl like that~
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image:143621785100.png(190kB , 544x246 , I need this.png)
trap frida in this position, or similar position. give her a red chastity cage too, please?
are teen titans requests allowed
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image:143751660300.jpg(126kB , 300x300 , Are_you_afraid_of_bad_luck__by_jiattmay.jpg)
Can I get some fat Jinx?
As big as you can possibly make her?
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image:143803802900.png(149kB , 597x601 , gwen and fleas.png)
Requesting Hulex making Gwen horny by stimulating her clit.
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image:144021359900.jpg(456kB , 1440x709 , GymMuscleTFRef.jpg)
Gym Teacher (Frankenweenie) Muscles TF.

she drinking a energy shake near an open window during a thunder-storm, suddenly lightining struck her.
muscle and her breast start to grow ripping her tracksuit till she's naked and filled with desire.
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image:144040712600.png(236kB , 500x281 , meanwhile on cod tumblr_ntidh4lOed1qlpgkfo1_500.png)
Do I even need to say anything.
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image:144184625100.jpg(765kB , 1955x2403 , z1440553983721d.jpg)
requesting a 3 to 6 Panel Comic.
In the Comic Fiona and Black Fiona Are Talking about The Boy who got them Pregnant, only to find out Finn Knocked them both up.
I Wanna See Them Fuck Each other while finn is forced to watch.
Thanks in advance.
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image:144312994800.png(538kB , 534x496 , cape cod.png)
Requesting a giantess version of Zatanna with bigger hips crouching in front of a person
save file
image:144330620000.jpg(43kB , 300x225 , Terra.jpg)
Requesting strongfat(fat but muscular) Terra from Teen Titans.
save file
image:144334279000.gif(461kB , 2264x1950 , callie-kitty-breeders.gif)
Requesting a Pregnant Callie Briggs and Pregnant Kitty Katswell in a Breeder Program,
Bonus Points if they are force to accept their fates as Baby Factories.
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image:144358461700.jpg(391kB , 1712x2664 , Lenore 0.jpg)
A non detailed request of lenore
save file
image:144424228800.png(334kB , 1413x1448 , korongo color.png)
requesting a pinup of korongo
save file
image:144424232700.png(723kB , 720x480 , dvd_snapshot_21.14_[2015.09.26_16.32.08].png)
korongo is this lady of course
save file
image:144429404500.jpg(189kB , 1461x1047 , image.jpeg)
I would love to see some pregnant lambs with their bellies nine months in advance and having big titties while being fucked by the wolf and foxes!
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image:144634885700.jpg(1,000kB , 4000x2095 , peach_and_rosalina__4__by_dangerengineer-d8w1zwq.jpg)
Requesting Princess Daisy running off with Rosalina and Peach's heads on the beach while their bodies chase after her. The rest is up to the artist, where their nude or topless or anything else fetish-wise is involved,
save file
image:144875884800.png(575kB , 1500x1000 , dodgeregglaying.png)
save file
image:145038049800.jpg(112kB , 500x580 , zese says wanna fuck tumblr_nzfm4ebDDv1siwi6ao1_500.jpg)
save file
image:145193696800.png(1.10MB , 1337x738 , pai.png)
Here's a question... I wonder if there's still someone drawing for /COD/. Since I'm into oppai-loli, requesting huge titted Bubbles and Buttercup in the same position as pic related.
save file
image:145286493700.jpg(24kB , 320x240 , clara&octopussoir.jpg)
Requesting something with Princess Clara & her Octopussoir. Either Clara uses it to masturbate while it's still a part of her, or she gets tentacle fucked by it when it's a separate entity.
save file
image:145375566000.jpg(514kB , 1488x837 , Ultimate_Lavaria.jpg)
Lego has given us a new monster girl, get cracking motherfuckers!
save file
image:145390251300.png(127kB , 534x572 , samus&metroid.png)
Requesting Samus breastfeeding the Metroid hatchling. I want the pic to be cute, and Samus to be nurturing.
save file
image:145715389300.jpg(1.15MB , 3814x1904 , FLARG_scene676.jpg)
Requesting Timmy from Fairly OddParents fucking a Heavily Pregnant Carly from the FLARG episode.
save file
image:145753184700.jpg(104kB , 900x609 , zoey_and_dawn.jpg)
Requesting a sequel pic where Zoey and Dawn get tentacle fucked.
save file
image:146014879800.jpg(494kB , 2288x1263 , Pregnant Nani Fucking Stitch.jpg)
Requesting Stitch fucking a Pregnant Nani,
if you could make the pregnancy look like the pregnancy in the far left that be awesome
save file
image:146014913200.jpg(326kB , 1194x1238 , she_doesn_t_worry_by_dltoon-d9dxnbj.jpg)
Requesting some "Back To The Future" like Incest with Danny/a Younger Maddie.
save file
image:146062470700.jpg(222kB , 1405x647 , annierey.jpg)
Requesting Antimony and Renard from Gunnerkrigg Court. Post sex and waiting for his knot to calm down enough to pull out. (Renard wouldn't be an anthro though)
save file
image:146102081000.jpg(268kB , 800x1035 , LincolnLoud.jpg)
Requesting crossdressing Lincoln getting fucked. Something like the reference with the panties still covering his dick. He's not a very good trap, but i'm pretty sure it can be made cute.
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image:146131498100.png(69kB , 371x505 , gaveitatry.png)
i liked this idea so i gave it a shot. i know i forgot the glasses, sorry.
Hey this is pretty good, you did great! Thank you
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image:146172103000.png(304kB , 898x928 , preggoloud1.png)
for /trash/
save file
image:146186129400.png(359kB , 1093x721 , loudpreggo2.png)
part 2
save file
image:146196988300.png(158kB , 1280x766 , Vambre.png)
Requesting lesbian themed drawings with Vambre from Mighty magiswords
save file
image:146196995600.png(391kB , 1249x1920 , princess.png)
And even though I couldn't add the second image to it. Lesbian themed pics with the princess from the very same webtoon please.
First time finding out about this place. Is this where I can draw futa milf on shota?
Look no further. You've come to the right place.
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image:146256993600.png(241kB , 1080x720 , loudhousepreggo5.png)
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image:146314257100.jpg(118kB , 480x334 , zone-tan&engie-tan.jpg)
Requesting Zone-tan and Engie-tan swapping their tentacle partners (Engie-tan is fucked by Lemmy, & Zone-tan is fucked by Jo). Bonus points if there's some yuri incorporated.
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image:146357430700.jpg(238kB , 1034x577 , ucogi&alraune.jpg)
Requesting Ucogi (from Ucogi.com) getting fucked by the vines from this Alraune (flower girl).
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image:146403856100.png(250kB , 878x990 , lilypregnant.png)
it just wouldn't be complete without it
OR of the Orginal Request of Lori and Lincoln. wow. just wow. Good Job dear sir
Well thanks. I had requests for several other characters, so I thought it would be best just to do the whole series.

That said I'm disappointed with how most of them turned out, and I think I rushed the whole thing to much. But I'm taking more time with the finale shot, and at least the sketches so far are looking better.
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image:146435371700.jpg(333kB , 1167x471 , arcee&predaking.jpg)
Requesting Arcee getting fucked doggystyle by Predaking while he's in his dragon mode.
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image:146709607400.jpg(718kB , 1768x1032 , 0.jpg)
requesting Gertrude peeing in a bottle
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image:146764075400.png(163kB , 414x356 , Lucina&palutena.png)
Requesting a sequel pic where Palutena & Lucina both get tentacle fucked by this Inkling.
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image:146829256200.jpg(422kB , 1538x900 , 45994965_p0.jpg)
How about an Arabian harem/Belly Dancer/Genie themed Shotacon/Straight shota artwork?

Characters can be either original or from a work.
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image:147325996500.png(278kB , 640x363 , Crack_The_Whip_073.png)
Requesting Sadie Miller transforming into a succubus.
i got one question : its says furry is allowed on all boards but non-western is not allowed

what of a non-western furry then?
I'm sure that is not allowed either
The Saprophyte

With the exception of the "Properties with a large Western interpretation" allowance presumably?
how about something like digimon?
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image:147863284700.jpg(55kB , 450x461 , 988e0306bcfaf2814d8d5543bc34eff1b759004787c52a65df3e4d719f484b66.jpg)
requesting leo lying on the floor, and both of his dick and balls are tied up with a n64 controller's cord, and a angry aeris is lifting him up by the controller.

I made this request on /pco/ but i'm not sure if i should have posted it there or here.
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image:148408372900.png(248kB , 639x358 , Screenshot 2016-12-31 at 8.57.26 PM.png)
requesting Thomas fang passionity kissing Anne Kennel naked
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image:151023019900.jpg(610kB , 1190x863 , pavita and mini.jpg)
Requesting Pavita (the turkey with the big tits) milking herself and a big dick futa Mini (the cat) into a glass in a similar fashion as the girls in the left pic
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image:152550160200.png(485kB , 1176x1248 , SPM_Luvbi_1.png)
I would love to see a fanart of Luvbi being possessed by Bonechill. It should be called Luvchill. Her skin should turn blue but her eyes should be Bonechills eyes as he has found a new body to jump into. What Luvbi looks like.

She should also have Bonechill's six wings on her back.

How it would happen is that she would sacrifice herself to the dragon and he would suck her up in his cannon and transform into a new God. Like how Goku Black and Zamasu fused together.
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image:152675769600.jpg(1.25MB , 2248x3628 , 435.jpg)
Good morning or afternoon!

Anyone could please draw this qt totally naked(top image), wearing this lovely cowgirl outfit and having fun with a stallion(A)(please draw a little box showing stalion's dick ejaculating into her womb) that or she just wearing that outfit and riding a horse dildo(B).

If this is a lot, then please just draw her totally naked, trapped in a Pillory in this way(Lord Dominator) and having a nightstick into her anus, and she yelling: deeper!(C)
Please draw her on-model and doing a freaking lewd face.

Please and thank you!
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image:154521479600.jpg(216kB , 1152x1068 , 1472588122893.jpg)
requesting Cake suit Fionna porn. Feel free to get creative with the ideas.
>cake controlling fionna to make her fuck people/animals
>cake giving them a BBW body or large proportions
>both being fucked at the same time
>cake is in heat
>cake letting both of them get fucked by animals
>or similar lewd ideas etc
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image:154723904596.jpg(106kB , 629x259 , DrewWadi.jpg)
Requesting Drew Saturday and Wadi from "The Secret Saturdays" comparing their pregnant bellies.
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image:156833582116.jpg(411kB , 1601x1025 , 1566388252795.jpg)
Requesting these 3 girls from Fairly Odd Parents being fucked on the beach.
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image:157757523182.jpg(79kB , 1024x576 , the_spitting_tree__harvey_beaks_1001_animations__by_sofiablythe2014_d8oz8c7-fullview.jpg)
Requesting Fee and Foo streaking and Harvey Beaks chasing after them carrying their clothes
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image:158192187098.png(2.02MB , 2650x1536 , 1dad4399f3858847a71eba03c00e0572530cdeb3.png)
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image:158970180252.png(1,016kB , 1107x814 , Jester brothers The Glo Friends.png)
Requesting these with boobs
I was told to come here to request anything scat, but the board rule says it's not allowed. Can I really request a new scat art and/or an edit of an innocent fanart into a scat one?
Why would you even want such a thing?
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image:161196220172.jpg(671kB , 2048x2048 , Ms Heed 1602586565245.jpg)
requesting this stupid bitch with the shiteating grin getting pissed in her mouth.
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image:161514160842.jpg(1.09MB , 1678x892 , amaliaref.jpg)
Requesting Amalia, being pantieless and only having a tiny sidebag, using her pussy to store/hide objects. Could be a scenario where it's a desperate option to hide a coinpurse or quest item or she's just super weird and casually does it all the time with various stuff in full view of the other characters.

Kinda open on poses but one could be a side view of her standing with an xray of her pussy and the item(s) stretching it out a good foot. Maybe with additions of her putting things in and pushing them out all wet.
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image:162179304440.png(313kB , 1280x720 , Gas-tronomy example.png)
Requesting one of the pre-exsisting fart-themed MLP OCs sticking out his/her butt towards a party table full of delicious treats, saying "I put 'gas' in 'gastronomy'!"

I'm requesting it just for the sake of pun, so you don't need to draw visible fart gas.
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image:162831957261.jpg(362kB , 820x1656 , Gummy req.jpg)
Requesting Princess Bubblegum sexually groping her aunt Lolly's breast, while Lolly enjoying it and have this pleasure expression.