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Welcome to /cod/ - Deviant Promotions. This board is for sexual material of a western nature. Please read the rules before posting:

1) Content must fall into one of the following categories:
- 1a) Western properties (Marvel, Mass Effect, Wakfu)
- 1b) Properties with a large Western interpration (Transformers, Sonic the Hedgehog)
- 1c) Original Content in Western "style" (Ganassa, Kyhu, Owler)
2) Content not allowed: guro, scat, beastiality.
3) Don't complain about someone's fetish, just hide the thread (whiners get a week's ban)
4) Lesbian and Straight-shota are considered /pco/ material
5) Due to the nature of Western material, furry is allowed on all promotion boards

- MILFToon
- Jab Comix
- John Persons (The Pitt, etc)
- BannaGalactic

Posting content from any of these will be a week's ban for first offense.

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image:140592972900.png(2.06MB , 1400x1126 , 1392811311.themirth_pingpong101.png)
Since no one's made a thread for it here yet, might as well. Copy pasting the info from the last thread:

"/cod/'s very own Vore Thread! Same Size, Micro/Macro, F/M, M/F, Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Cock Vore, Unbirth, Digestion, Absorption and everything else! We'll cover the entire spectrum!

Just so we're clear, this thread will be for any picture where there's a clear pred or prey. Any picture where it's not clearly indicated that there's prey involved (x-ray shot, bulges, dialogue, etc.), or isn't pre or post vore, please find the most recent Fatty Thread and post there.

Also, make sure that you adhere to the "No Scat" rule. If there's a picture in a sequence that involves it, please link to it offsite instead."
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image:140601823700.jpg(292kB , 900x900 , Has_Been_Eaten___by_VVITch.jpg)
I have lots of new katia stuff if you guys want it posted

Of course! Haven't heard from ya in a while. How've ya been?
T4 was here
I dont like Vore but I like this dudes art style.
To bad for me right...
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image:141099363700.png(1.24MB , 853x1280 , 1345941 - Astrid_Hofferson Hiccup How_to_Train_Your_Dragon Toothless.png)
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image:141099368600.jpg(143kB , 900x637 , 1300578955731.jpg)
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image:141099378900.jpg(154kB , 900x900 , 212715-10140-preview.jpg)
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image:141099386100.jpg(170kB , 902x1165 , 1300579649836.jpg)
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image:142257828300.png(213kB , 609x687 , 1381352733.finalroar_down_the_hatch.png)
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image:142257892800.png(2.36MB , 1265x2000 , 2_Pingpong.png)
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image:142257939300.png(107kB , 339x460 , 1389609871.breadtop_wip.png)
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image:142257941400.png(430kB , 709x1012 , 1391213097.breadtop_pingpongoneohone1small.png)
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image:142257944200.png(567kB , 945x713 , 1391548960.breadtop_pingpongoneohone2small.png)
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image:142257950300.png(441kB , 800x1000 , pingpong1015sketch_zpsf797389c.png)
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image:144317930100.png(34kB , 1314x140 , vorequel - Cropy.png)
Vore Astrid
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image:162272853453.png(48kB , 544x582 , 1531962370549.png)
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image:163902140842.jpg(223kB , 1164x1280 , 1413807450.malus22_hotstrid.png.jpg)
There's far too little of Astrid vore.
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image:163902157322.png(727kB , 1280x1197 , 139555947130.png)