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image:163418358896.jpg(104kB , 665x830 , 1632060712333.jpg)
A football jock with the superpower to manipulate the mass of any object he touches (functionally he can make things lighter or heavier for a short while).
The idea came from an anon who felt inspired by a Lovely Ladybug storytime thread to share his own long time character ideas and it snowballed from there.

We'll need a long term thread for this guy since there's a comic in the works now.

There's no wiki page for him yet, but if you are far enough in the future then scroll down and there will be a link eventually.
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image:163418380410.jpg(90kB , 622x848 , 1632138660274.jpg)
The comic in the works is The Corn Maze Monster.


WIP comic pages (by Shark Lass Anon):

In this issue JackHammer faces off against KillFeed (pic related), the host of an internet show who is determined to unmask the young hero for his audience. They face off in this Halloween issue.
Don't know how often I'll be here... but let's establish everything that we can about him... I know years ago I had a persona (not the vidya game) sheet telling pretty much all that goes through a character's mind, it was pretty extensive too... used it for one of my D&D characters... I could do some searching to find something like that... what do you say?
Sure, dig that out. It'd be helpful as a reference.

Right now all we really have is
>He's in college.
>He has a football scholarship?
>His power is to change the density of things he is touching making them lighter (and less durable) or heavier (and more durable).
>The effect of his power only lasts a few seconds after contact is broken with the objects before they revert to their normal density.
>His best friend is named Kurt who is also on the football team.
>He would never use his powers to cheat at football.

That's about all the mental notes I have on him based off of the conversations I've been a part of.
This week’s thread has ended early while I was taking a nap so… are we done for now?
It's Thanksgiving week, so there's lots to do.
We'll pick things up again once the holiday is over.
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image:164014344730.png(80kB , 415x706 , Jack Kennedy.PNG)
I'll be posting whatever reference images we have for JackHammer
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image:164014353493.png(3.77MB , 1977x1614 , jackhammer - ref.png)
this is the mood board for Jack Kennedy and JackHammer sent by JH anon
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image:164014389262.png(1.22MB , 2303x1576 , blue moon - Aoko Mochizuki ref.png)
references for Aoko Mochizuki / Blue Moon

the girl people imagined her to be is hifumi from persona

just making a note here so ik who to search later
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image:164014421510.png(8.13MB , 2064x2753 , jh anon's sketches of JackHammer.png)
filename says it all but im still going to describe it here

this JH anon's sketches of JackHammer
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image:164014519454.png(711kB , 1565x568 , killfeeds.png)

besides this >>419063 being a concept for KF these are also the early concept of KF. the original sketch on the far left by JH anon, the 3 to its right are made by SLA and the descriptions are an anon's take on the designs
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image:164014562106.png(2.13MB , 2125x1551 , kolonel kommodo - DESC.png)
Kolonel Komodo, supporting character

I'm leaning towards making him more like Danny Devito physique

I was thinking of a possible comic where Kol. Komodo was revealed by KF and he's rescued by Shark Lass since he treated Rover once, though not voluntarily
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image:164014574481.png(701kB , 1510x644 , jackhammer concepts.png)
and this is the last JH related images I have rn

im not posting the concept cover for The Corn Maze Monster since it's just a really rough sketch
Pretty nice of you to have collected the pics

I can get behind that
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image:164075884742.png(1.10MB , 1140x1772 , AokoMochizuki-HeroStudentMaker.png)
Aoko Mochizuki created using Hero Student Maker

"personally im leaning towards the outfit and back hairstyle of lower left but with the hairstyle of the side and front and also the jacket of lower right"

what i said during the thread, but as usual. we invite other anons on their inputs
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image:164191686249.png(554kB , 741x1592 , Aoko Mochizuki - test.png)
here's a sketch of what i thought aoko would look like
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image:164191790479.png(484kB , 605x915 , Energy Wing Blue Girl.png)
I've never seen this program before, tried mucking around with it.
Is pretty simple but not the worst doll maker I've seen online.
I didn't imagine her wearing a suit, but it works.
I'll try to look up more clothes style for her. I want it to look like she's upper class and stuff. Was thinking of looking up preppy style but as I searched it I still wanted to make her look formal and stuff.
She looks cool in the first take.

And here's the current Blue Moon plot outline. Catbox isn't optimal since I can't make edits without a re-upload and it looks like the different apostrophes the other anon used in the dialogue are broken in it, but pastebin rejects it for some reason.


Still waiting on feedback since this week's /coc/ thread didn't even last one day and died while I was asleep.
so far I'm updated with the Blue Moon outlines and I have nothing more to add. I think I prefer Blue Moon to be finished first than corn maze monster since it's halloween themed. but then again corn maze has a finished script and seems like a special unlike BM that's more part of the overall story of jh
Corn Maze Monster is like the pilot episode. It more or less establishes Jack's personality and dynamic with Kurt while also establishing that JH is new to the hero scene and giving a rundown of how his powers work. I worked in all of the points I felt were need to know ASAP into that plot. Or at least everything that felt necessary to know with that had been discussed when I wrote it.
That's why I didn't waste any time in Blue Moon talking about how his powers work since it was more about Blue Moon and her setup. If Blue Moon were issue #1 then I think people would think she was the main character. After Blue Moon part 2 I think there would be a different bad guy of the issue before getting back to her.
is there a way to more efficiently make comics? I used to just draw all pages in one psd file. but as i reached more pages PS started lagging. so now i separated them in parts. even before that i had 1 psd file per page

i should've asked seltzr or the ladybug team how do they do their comics. but i was always shy talking to them
1 PSD per page sounds right to me.
i guess i'll do that for the meantime until i can streamline my workflow. additionally, i think im going to change the last 3 panels on the recent page. it doesnt seem to capture the horror essence
Oh cool, you're back at it.
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image:164294862144.jpg(1.58MB , 4960x3508 , JackHammer - The Corn Maze Monster pg09 comparison.jpg)
so here are the two versions of the next page page 9 in the actual comic but is page 7-8 in the script

still trying to try to capture that horror feel with jack and the guard.

trying to cutdown with drawing too many frames like a storyboard or key poses
In the last frame, the Jack'o Lantern looks better in the left version.
I would say that having the jack-o-lantern be right up behind the goon's face would be more terrifying.
SLA is back, that’s great! How’s the rest of Jackhammer projects coming along?

You could look up other mandatory school clothing for inspiration? Nobody could make a difference if she’s the only one wearing one
Trying to encourage a different anon to get some writing experience by developing the I2Eye story since it was mostly their idea.
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image:164401525672.jpg(3.74MB , 4032x3024 , 45B6D95F-ABA3-4EB4-A8D1-AA6766D2579B.jpeg)
Hi it’s me, JH Anon. Had some free time on my hands and made a drawing on how I imagined Mr Thick and Ms Thin. At least in concept. I made the moustache looking like two arms flexing. Thought it was funny.

The husband is extremely durable and strong, while the wife can make herself as thin as paper, if not more. She can also fold herself and use any part of her body to cut and pierce her opponents. The happy coupling of Ben the Thing Dimmadome and Edge Shot Lady Demetriscu.

I don’t have the time to write a story, but here’s the bones of one if interested.

Mr Thick is heading inside a bank. Almost everyone guess that the man is a criminal because of his appearance. He heads towards the girl at the front desk, cutting the line. The girl keeping her cool ask what he wants. He says to cut the chase and sound the silent alarm, he’ll be heading to the vault and nobody gets hurt if they don’t stand in his way. He lifts the vault and carries it like a barrel. Cops show up to apprehend him, but their guns gets cut in half. Heroes show up, but they get cuts too. Everything went too fast and no one saw Mr Thick move.

Part 1 of 2… at least
Then out of Mr Thick's vest unfold Ms Thin showing off her deadly fingers she used to slash the heroes. She then sits on one of Mr Thick's arms, while he holds the bank's vault. She gives him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

Later the two of them are contacted by Don Darkness (I read it on the /coc/ thread. Nice character), and are tasked with eliminating JH.

At first the fight between JH and the two would go bad for him, until Kurt who's using a bluetooth device tells JH to use the bond between the two to win. JH would say that he doubts he can break a married couple that fast, but Kurt says to exploit the weakness the other way around.

Mr Thick is about to finish off JH, but before the blow is stuck, JH insults Ms Thin saying she can't kill him. Irritated, Mr Thick holds JH up in the air by the arms while Ms Thin is about to pierce his heart with her fingernails.

At the last second, JH makes himself float (starting by the feet to do a sick flip) and Ms Thin strikes Mr Thick. Though it wounds him, it is far from fatal. Ms Thin on the other hand, got her own hand busted and she can't use it. Jack then projects his weightlessness to Mr Thick while he regains his own weight, totally turning the tables in his favor. Ms Thin tries to slashes at JH, but everytime JH uses Mr Thick as a shield. Each cut barely does anything to him, and Ms Thin says sorry everytime while Mr Thick says it's no problem. Then Jack uses Mr Thick to wack Ms Thin repeatedly, since she can makes herself like a sheet of paper to almost nullify every blow.

While not the most hero like way of vanquishing a villain, I do think it has its potential. You can tell me what you think.

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image:164404570755.jpg(4.19MB , 2480x3508 , JackHammer - The Corn Maze Monster pg10.jpg)
here's a rework of page 10, im not sure if it's uploaded properly over at Imgur since our internet here is fucked, nationwide afaik.

which hero should we use? make a new one or use some from the /co/nservatory?

i was wondering at first how JH can use Mr. Thick as a shield everytime Ms. Thin attacks. Then I realise he can just change the density of Mr. Thick everytime Ms. Thin strikes.

additionally, why would don darkness want jack eliminated?

The other challenge I was thinking is how to convey that whatever Jack touches changes density. I thought about using thicker and thinner lines and also whitening out some items he makes lighter, but im not sure what to do if it's heavier, maybe blackening it?

i'll usually try to update every weekend here, /coc/ threads start too late where i am from and usually i dont have free time during the weekdays

im still trying to find easier artstyles to depict JH overall, something easy to draw yet is still appealing. if any of you has some suggestions or inspirations to share that would be great!
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image:164405317441.jpg(45kB , 1024x576 , 67BBD871-A2D6-4E94-A9D1-3F9B302FFFD1.jpeg)
I don’t know which hero to pick, my take is to choose minor ones. Could be the same arrangement as the ones in the beginning of the Corn Monster comic.

I suggest using highlight like pic related to show the power in effect. White for lighter, black for heavier… or it could always be black but the intensity of the highlights is different. Density would be demonstrated by the outlines… perhaps for this and the art style you could ask on /ic/. They are surely better than me on the subject.

As for the reason for Don Darkness wanting to off JH… always kill supes before they grow too powerful, send a message to others not to fuck with you, and this is retribution for doing hero stuff on his territory.

You really improved with the paneling. Congrats!
That's much more detailed than the first version.
I miss the little *clap* sound effect though. It's also a bit odd to start two lines with "well" like that, but that's just a pet peeve of mine.

As for showing something being made heavier, thicker lines are an option like you said. There's also the option to add shaded lines to them to indicate how much more downward force is now being applied to them with their additional mass.
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image:164408019583.jpg(69kB , 722x730 , jack rework.jpg)

tried reworking jack, still trying to look for that style i want. so far im looking at skottie young and dommcell.

mostly i want to eliminate too many curves and stuff that might be overlooked when actually working on the comic. but they kinda lose their appeal or immediate characterization. like i tried removing the inward curve for the eyes and he lost that chad/jock appeal

thanks for the input about the demonstration of density. we'll see what works when im going to finalise the corn maze monster pages.

>You really improved with the paneling. Congrats!
thanks, after the corn maze monster i want to be more experimental with how to present the comics. i want to do how tf2 delivers their comics since i always re-use the same panels to deliver an action

hopefully the internet here gets better, i cant even browse the wiki properly
i forgot to add the *clap* sfx when reworking i already updated the page but havent uploaded it yet over at imgur. as for the well, I removed the first one, i usually just copy paste the lines from the script. I dont really take time to re-read through the whole thing after finishing a page
I had to double check the script to make sure I didn't start two lines back-to-back with "well". I didn't.
Not really relevant, it just would've made me feel deeply ashamed if I had done that given the circumstances of my upbringing.
forgot that i added the 2nd "well" for the last panel, my bad. i thought changing up the last line would make it clearer that KF is questioning why his men are still idle instead of just "Go find him"
Dunno about all the other minor heroes, but I think Duet could fit in. There’s always Kolonel Komodo, but I believe he mainly operates in Los Angeles
That works fine since the beat panel isn't there. It firmly establishes that his men aren't getting a move on fast enough.
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image:164456995485.png(2.15MB , 4083x5324 , JH most voted design.png)
placing this here, the most voted color scheme of JackHammer from the last thread

additionally some anons mentioned JH wearing a bomber jacket, even an antique one. will try to come up with some concepts but i do think that since he wears a scarf one of the distinct feature of the jacket, the collar. would be blocked
Reposting some characters discussed from on old thread over here

Here's a short summary/recap of those villains/characters, if anyone is interested to do anything with them

>Perfect Storm (and Snowball)
Kind of crazy villain who always creates disastrous situations, then worsen them, and worsen them some more. Would cause something like oil spills in the oceans, then when a maximum amount of sea life is endangered he would lit it on fire, then do something else right after. Sometimes he would even butt in other villains’ plans just to make it worse. Could have a sidekick/henchman/associate named Snowball who would help escalate every perils the heroes face. My take is Snowball would be a Harley Quinn type of character, and perhaps Perfect Storm would be the old (emphasis on old) classical moustache-twirling villain.

>No Pain No Game
A character that can turn pain and misfortune upon himself into good karma. Regularly uses schemes like breaking a leg for insurance fraud, then uses his broken leg to have enough luck to win the lottery. Space up his scams to give himself time to heal. Can also accumulate minor inconveniences like spilling coffee to get a powerful reward/good luck.

>Mr Thick and Ms Thin
Happily married couple. Mr Thick is an incredibly large and tough man. He can dish a lot of pain, and can endure even more. He can also cook one mean spicy lasagna. Ms Thin can be so “thin” she’d appeared almost as if she was 2D, and can fold herself any way any shape as fast as the eye can see. They are entirely devoted to each other, and trust their other half like no one else could.

Teenager that has the power to generate/control pixels. He has a limited number of things he can create from video games at the same time, and while testing his abilities he managed to glitch a speed power-up to always be active, thus reducing the amount of things he can summon. Like he sprints to a bank at Mach 2, busts the vault door with a diamond pickaxe and uses Half-Life gravity gun to transport the gold.

>Silver Line
Silver Line! The hero telling you everything will turn out for the better, sometimes actively doing a hero's duty, and probably isn't much help at all! He's pretty much a joke hero reminding of Captain Hindsight.

>Kolonel Kommodo
32 years old, short and fat, small time veterinarian named Maximillian Wellers, living in Los Angeless and reaching a mid-life crisis. He wants to leave a good mark on the world and decided to don the costume of a super hero (a reptile onesie) and uses a tranquilizer gun to put a stop to criminals! If the tranq darts aren't enough, he uses his normal man wits to find a solution, or wait for somebody better qualified to intervene. Along his pistol, he uses his gloves and soles that can kind-of stick to walls, as well as a detachable tail that can hold a secret weapon, as well as his encyclopedic knowledge of the animal kingdom. Also he got doxxed by KillFeed.

Don Darkness:
>Head of the italian mafia
>Pushing late 50s
>The concept behind him is a mixbag of Father from KND, Mr Negative, Ebon from Static
>His power is to basically rule over all aspect of Darkness and use it in dozens upon dozens of different ways
>Can corrupt an individual by emerging the darkness that hides inside the heart and taking control of it
>Turned Belthazar into a temporary villain named Whip Scream
>Hates goth culture and its variants, consider them weak of will and a disgrace to be associated with
>Famous quote "Nobody truly appreciates to bask in the light before they meet me." Usually used before punishing someone and sending said person into a pit of infinite abyss
>One of his goals is to have every powered human working for him one way or another

Belthazar (name up to change):
>Has a weak tactile telekinesis power
>Mostly uses his power to enhanced an array of belts he has on his costume to make efficient whips, or improve his physical feat o a moderate degree via his clothing
>One of his special move is to enhance the whip crack sound to stun an opponent
>Another is to make the belts stick together, which would increase his range. The closest an arrangement is to him can be compared to a steel cable in sturdiness
>Do not use actual whips since his agent told him it sets a bad example for children (most find him lame nowadays because of that)
>Wants to inspire people despite being weak on the hero scale himself, will none the less try his hardest
>He's a wash-up, a has-been, and he's getting less and less popular throughout the years
>Barely makes a living with being hired for his services. He's not in to make money of course, but he still has to pay rent, and being a hero is all he knew and all he ever wanted
>Fighting style inspired by Grandad The Boondocks S4 - Freedom Ride or Die: Town Riotyoutube thumb
>Main source of income nowadays is to sometimes being assigned to watch over powered students/sidekicks, occasionally mentoring them... if they want to listen to him that is
here's my timeline of what i HOPE to do

>finish a wip art of kurt (finishing line art and adding colors)

>make a valentine's themed short comic with JH and Ladybug. hopefully i can finish before 14 well, at least most of /co/'s 14 since someone realsied im 12 hours ahead of most people

>finish the remaing pages of corn maze monster

>do at least 1 line art or finished page of the corn maze monster comic

>make a final art of KF, focusing on his mask and the static effect

>some sketches of aoko/BM and also her female version of BM

>a "promo" art for JH

>possibly more character sketches focusing on i2eye, mr. thick & ms. thin, Kolonel Kommodo, don darkness, and pay2win

additionally in between these i'll be trying to make art of Shark Lass, Melting Point, and The Racqueteer. Probably a /co/die picture too since i realised most active artists already did a take on her and i kinda plan on using her as a BG character in some pages
Ambitious, but I highly approve and admire your endeavour
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image:164476389993.png(7.48MB , 8001x4500 , JH & Ladybug.png)
this is the only thing i managed to do for the short comic, just 1 rough of the panel

might not finish it, but at least i'd get back to cmm
You are far enough in the future to have found the wiki page.

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image:164528593515.jpg(894kB , 2480x3508 , JackHammer - The Corn Maze Monster pg14.jpg)
im kind of concerned with how i portrayed jack's powers as like gradient waves going through someone. might want to rework that more. but originally for THIS issue i want his powers to feel and look terrifying. originally i wanted jacks hands to look like it's emanating darkness

and for the last panel, i just wanted to show the feeling of being buried alive. i want to keep the last panel as much as possible

and i've noticed lately for these recent pages i do take up more pages for some panels, even page 13 is not in the script. but i just wanna do the horror aspect more justice
If you feel something needs more pages then give it more pages. No one will fault you for that.

When I wrote the script I was trying to keep things as tight as I could. That's from years of being in /coc/ and trying to keep any project idea from being overwhelming, especially when someone is actually drawing it.
The way I see it, every page a script/project/idea gets is a miracle.
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image:164529510180.jpg(187kB , 883x905 , 2D4AE76F-2CE7-45DF-9082-47D2331F2E86.jpeg)
Wow… wasn’t expecting this
saw this while backreading previous /coc/ threads

Got another idea with Don Darkness’ first interaction with Jackhammer.

Jackhammer has been snooping around and disrupting the Don’s plans. Out of patience the boss set up a trap for the hero.

Jack infiltrates the Don’s mansion, and when he thinks he got the drop on the bad guy, the lights come on, armed goons surrounding him, and other gang boss attending.

This is a demonstration of strength, and the Don intends to show the others why he used to be feared.

Before JH do anything, darkness engulfs him and he’s been swallowed into a dark pit. He tries to escape, but nothing works. Don Darkness gloats that nothing can escape his shadows, not even those with teleportation powers got mercilessly beaten to death by him. Just to demonstrate what he did before, the Don only leaves the hero’s torso and head out of the pit… and starts hitting him cruelly with a cane.

Aoko is in shock, and under the guise of Blue Moon, makes an illusion showing JH escaping. Don is astonished, nobody, NOBODY, ever escaped his darkness before! It’s absolutely impossible! Quickly he retracts his attack to protect himself, and Aoko uses the distraction to pull JH away to safety.
sounds good, sounds good. Perhaps after one or two issue of JH disrupting the Don's plans?
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image:164651456661.jpg(1.37MB , 2480x4669 , JackHammer - The Corn Maze Monster pg18.jpg)
made an update for the 18th page
finished the pages for CMM

here's the link: https://imgur.com/a/vuahJfw

now i do really have to make a character sheet, might try to redo the hairstyles of jack and kurt and focus on simplifying things
That's a pretty big accomplishment around here.
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image:164892422463.jpg(64kB , 742x395 , Jack Head.jpg)
tried making a turn around of jack's head. the side views feels off to me and am currently having a hard time with it. it kinda makes the face look flat but so far with most anatomy stuff i saw the part of the brow kinda goes down straight towards the lips and a part of the chin

also hair, i dont want just to flip the 3/4 view to the other side.
I think the angle at the bottom of the nose is what's trowing it off. It needs to be a sharper angle maybe.
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image:164896568531.jpg(49kB , 616x713 , jack side from CMM.jpg)
how about this? this was a a side view i did for CMM
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image:165000088404.jpg(111kB , 512x512 , AI gen - JackHammer.jpg)
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image:165001072788.jpg(50kB , 516x663 , Screenshot 2022-04-15 161528.jpg)
i attempted to do this hairstyle

im just really having a hard time to get jack's hair right, i think im out of my depth rn
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image:165003846180.jpg(83kB , 980x399 , Screenshot 2022-04-15 234952.jpg)
I think you're getting pretty close.

If realistic hair is too much, then tone it down to being even more cartoon-y.
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image:165981467071.png(290kB , 1154x519 , Screenshot 2022-08-07 033625.png)
tried to redo the first panels in the first page

i might just go with the current angles i already did. just changing up how close they are and merging some other things
It's cool to see Tatyana again.
nice to hear mroe from you man!
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image:166107351485.png(69kB , 550x589 , Screenshot 2022-08-21 164902.png)
yeah, but sadly i have to go away for a while, again. gotta prep my 3d portfolio and apply. hopefully it'll be brief. maybe i'll squeeze in a few updates for CMM. I've been distracted doing other small /coc/ projects

here is another rework for the first panel of pg 1
It’d be nice if CMM could be ready for Halloween and we could show it to all of co! They can’t say the board doesn’t do anything anymore
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image:167695981115.png(1.75MB , 1500x1342 , 1676376372663945.png)
Jack and Aoko.
save file
image:170128664715.png(243kB , 1000x1299 , shark lass jack mistletoe.png)
>Shark Lass deviously waiting under the mistletoe to maim the first idiot to try to kiss her
>Jack obliviously comes in, sweeps her off her feet, deep frenches her, and leaves with a cheery "Happy Holidays" before she can recover from the shock

Still IP range banned, managed to narrow it down to my ISP.

Also can anyone send my condolences to OP/guy who makes the threads.
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image:170157617218.jpg(86kB , 800x1200 , 1701484579401397.jpg)
Magi's take on Jack
save file
image:170157636098.jpg(176kB , 947x1200 , 1647323289251.jpg)
and as JackHammer
Hi SLA. I'm that anon, also the anon who wrote the Corn Maze Monster script and others.

Both of my parents are dead now.
I'll have to move and find a new job in the coming year. I don't know if I'll be around enough to continue making the threads on a weekly basis anymore come some point next year.
I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope you're doing fine and best of luck with your endeavors. Sorry if I'm not really good with words. Just, take care and hoping for the best for you.