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image:163418358896.jpg(104kB , 665x830 , 1632060712333.jpg)
A football jock with the superpower to manipulate the mass of any object he touches (functionally he can make things lighter or heavier for a short while).
The idea came from an anon who felt inspired by a Lovely Ladybug storytime thread to share his own long time character ideas and it snowballed from there.

We'll need a long term thread for this guy since there's a comic in the works now.

There's no wiki page for him yet, but if you are far enough in the future then scroll down and there will be a link eventually.
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image:163418380410.jpg(9kB , 622x848 , 1632138660274.jpg)
The comic in the works is The Corn Maze Monster.


WIP comic pages (by Shark Lass Anon):

In this issue JackHammer faces off against KillFeed (pic related), the host of an internet show who is determined to unmask the young hero for his audience. They face off in this Halloween issue.
Don't know how often I'll be here... but let's establish everything that we can about him... I know years ago I had a persona (not the vidya game) sheet telling pretty much all that goes through a character's mind, it was pretty extensive too... used it for one of my D&D characters... I could do some searching to find something like that... what do you say?
Sure, dig that out. It'd be helpful as a reference.

Right now all we really have is
>He's in college.
>He has a football scholarship?
>His power is to change the density of things he is touching making them lighter (and less durable) or heavier (and more durable).
>The effect of his power only lasts a few seconds after contact is broken with the objects before they revert to their normal density.
>His best friend is named Kurt who is also on the football team.
>He would never use his powers to cheat at football.

That's about all the mental notes I have on him based off of the conversations I've been a part of.