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Wakfu Comics Thread 3: Karmas Through TimeAnonymous
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image:141104597100.jpg(629kB , 695x1000 , Page01.jpg)
It took two years and a board change, but here it is, the third Wakfu Comics thread!

I thought I would have something special to say now, but sadly I don't.

Comics translated so far, http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com/comics
Need a new poll to see where current interest is.
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Finally! I hope you all enjoy.
PDF: https://www.mediafire.com/?dhyg7eudabrel6h
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Maskemane 8!

The next project is Remington 8

PDF: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9mmjnmb4fzr6wdz/Maskemane+08+%28Eng%29.pdf
Why are Maskemane 7 and 8 in PDF format?
Anything on issues 8 - 12 of Remington?
They're already translated, it's just a question of Editor's freetime.
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Maskemane 9!

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Remington 8!

When are d other comics gonna be translated?
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Chapter 11: https://www.mediafire.com/?rn954kp5tn4n6p1
Chapter 12: https://www.mediafire.com/?hjwh2r52pdyt5vq
Chapter 13: https://www.mediafire.com/?oed725befax0964
Chapter 14: https://www.mediafire.com/?e6rfokz2qofm3n4

More in: http://sebaanacho.tumblr.com/
Just curious, are there any groups planning on translating the Dofus manga?
Hi. Firstly, I want to thank you for scannnig and translating wakfu manga.
I also want to ask, if its possible to publish tome 3 as images (in zip/rar/sbr etc.), not only in pdf.
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And to anyone else curious about the status of the translation group.

Part of the old translation group here.

This is an image of the latest activity on the group's page. No word on if or when it'll be active anytime soon.
Hello there sorry for disturbing but I need your help. I'm a fan of cartoons, animated series and animated film. I need to find these Wakfu comics in english. If you have translated any of these comics and novels then please send me the link so I can download them right away. Thank you.
Here are the comics I need to find and download when they're translated in english.

1. The Wakfu comic Le Théâtre maudit in English because I've already had the other 4 Wakfu comics.

Next is the Wakfu Novels.

2. L'attaque surprise

3. Le repaire des roublards

4. L’affaire est dans le sac !

5. L'eau et la glace

6. Danger dans la jungle

7. Réunion de famille

8. Les Naufrageurs

PS: When you're naming the file after you're finished translating the comics and the novels then please add (E) after the file so that I can know they are translated. Thank you very much.
And by the way. I have some problems when I'm looking for Wakfu episode 10 english dubbed of season 2. When I was watching at the nearly end that is when the two MC of the stadium about to walk through the door for a starting of the boufbowl thing in the episode, turns out it was cut or maybe broken, I've searched in dozen of websites but none of the above are have a full and uncut at the end of the video. So I need your help to find a website that have a full english dubbed video without cut then please send me the link too. Thank you.
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
I can confirm that none of these have been translated so far.

As for the dub, as far as I know it is only in three places at the moment (Netflix, the Kickstarter Blu-ray and the Australian DVD - plus the OVAs on Steam) and all three use the same source. At the very least, the end of season 1 credits are cut on both the Blu-ray and the Netflix copies, and I don't imagine the Australian network that aired it made any changes.
Hello, thank you for answering my messages. If the novels so far haven't been translated then have the comics been translated including Le Théâtre maudit?
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
No, nothing in your list above is translated.
Oh ok. When they are translated then please contact me through this address:
[email protected]
And about the season 2 episode 10, I assure that I did comapare to both subbed and dubbed videos and turns out the subbed video is full (which means that I can know what happen after the two MCs of the boufbowl about to walk through the gate and start the boufbowl game in Brakmar and it turns out I got to noticed that they cheated in the game by gender swap Amalia and Evageline) while the dubbed video I download on http://www.watchcartoononline.com/anime/wakfu is different, I don't know how to call it but it kind of like broken or something (like the above, the two MCs of the boufbowl about to walk through the gate and start the boufbowl game in Brakmar but in this video when the gate is opening then suddenly the end). So can you help me find an english dubbed video of episode 10 season 2 without missing the last part? If you know then just send me the link and I'll be very thankful.
The Bluray, Netflix has the full sequence. Crappy streaming sites don't care about quality or even correctness of the episodes. So your fault for looking at bad places.
Could anyone re-upload Shak Shaka tome 1?, OP's link dead sadly and can't seem to find it anywhere else.
Nevermind this, I actually found it along some other comics, leaving the link here too http://sebaanacho.tumblr.com/Comics
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Tome 4 is out, what's the status of the whole wakfu comics translation thing?
Tome 4: https://mega.nz/#!kJZAgQyL!ez8HoC-LS4lObmiPlxx74DZahYFX6dGGG34lSK8bf1s

Now if someone wants to translate it, I'd be thankful.
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
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Working on it. Thanks for the rip, B.
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
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And here it is:

As always, please try to buy some of the official comics so we keep getting more. It's been awfully quiet on that front this past couple years.

Manga 1 & 2 official translation:

Shak Shaka:
Seth !!ohti1tbFd7+
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Wakfu novel 1 - L'Attaque surprise

Here is the first Wakfu novel in English. Formatting could have been better, but since I'm working with different fonts and character counts, not every illustration would simply fit in its intended place. Enjoy!

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Wakfu Manga 5 - L’Arène des neiges

Here is the final book of the Wakfu Manga series in English. I’d say I did a much better job with the editing this time around. Thanks anon for the rip.

question to translators:
- if raws were supplied, would you guys consider translating Tangomango?
- did the Kabrok book ever get a HQ release? The only translation I've ever read used very, very poor quality scans. If not, would you guys consider re-releasing that using HQ raws?
Speaking for myself only of course:

- The team had raws of Tangomango 1 and 2 already but never got around to it. I personally didn’t want to translate it because I was hoping to convince Ankama to make an official English release like they did for Shak Shaka for example, and I didn’t want our scanlation of my favorite comics to hinder sales if it came to pass. Unsurprisingly, my e-mails fell into deaf ears and since I ended up not going to France I didn’t get to pitch my ideas to Tot directly.

Now the point is pretty much moot since the Spanish scanlation has been out for a number of years (I’m really bummed that Ankama never published the original after all) and Wakfu/Dofus comics have all but dried up. I started thinking about translating it last summer, but I just lack the time. And I’m not sure how many people are still around who care anyway; Wakfu Manga 5 hasn’t even reached 100 downloads yet and that’s kind of the flagship.

- Not as far as I know; that was the first or second comic that was scanlated, before most of the team(s) had even joined the fandom. The comic itself would be trivial to put back together using HQ scans since there’s nothing crazy with the typesetting except the photo album’s textured background. The most time-consuming part would be to re-type everything into new files, but someone could slash that time in half by providing a text file of the old translation’s transcript along with the scans. The Gazette would take a good deal more image editing work, but I’m not sure that’s included in the Comixology version anyway if that’s where you’re thinking of getting better-quality files.
>I’m not sure how many people are still around who care anyway;

People on /aco/ are talking about translating it, using the Spanish scanlation as a base. There's definitely interest there! It would be nice if the scanlation team could handle it directly, instead of getting some amateur 2nd hand translation from low quality sources.

For the Wakfu manga, your download counter might not be the best direct source since once it gets into public shares, it can rank up infinitely more downloads without you being able to track it.
>For the Wakfu manga, your download counter might not be the best direct source since once it gets into public shares, it can rank up infinitely more downloads without you being able to track it.

Certainly, but it’s still doing poorly relative to every other upload I’ve been in charge of. I doubt it’s because there are more reuploads than ever.

Anyway, I can’t commit to anything for now. I’m already forced to take time off work because of RSI, so I can’t add another side project to the strain when I already have so many that are actually useful to me. Maybe in several months.
x hunter
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image:157201757588.jpg(311kB , 1213x1755 , Tango_Mango_WT2S_page_0001.jpg)
i translated the first tangomango book "the first pirates"

i'd be willing to trade it for a completed picture
x hunter
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image:157201761550.jpg(169kB , 2056x720 , xelor.jpg)
of this one

need some fixes to the thighs
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image:157339351889.jpg(457kB , 1213x1755 , Tango_Mango_WT2S_page_0006.jpg)
One thing for sure, i need proofreaders for my translation. i know its awkward in places

Page 3
[on the map] : Three washerwoman archipelago
[1st panel] : In the vast white sea
More south than the most southern of the islands of the World of Twelves, there is a snippet of shallow ocean.
The waters are clear and warm.
The sand, white like the snow and the reefs, vast and ancient.
[2nd panel] This paradise as for name.
[On map] Mild Waters

[3rd square] Rare are those that have heard about it. It is very far away from the great cities, several months of seafaring away. The technology of Zaap portals never reached there, for better or worse.
[Map] Nao the great
[4th square] At Mild Waters, we find hundreds of islands and atolls, some smaller than a house and others big enough to shelter jungles, mountains and swamps.
[bubble] The perfect place of a pirate tale...
[5th panel]
Isn't it?
[6th panel]
Thats right! Pirates always roamed these waters, as far as we could go back.
From the Three Washerwoman Archipelago to the Dishwater Jetty, they have assailed the ships of rich merchants...
Or those filled with gold and jewels of the governor...
and they took shelter of far away islands to bury their treasures and party under the moon...
Dancing and drinking Greedo rum until they faint...
[note : in french there was a perfect rhyme between "rhum" and "poms" but "falling into the apples" is a french only expression that i cannot translate. if only there could be a word meaning "fainting" that could rhyme...]
And find themselves the next morning, cooked under the sun, with a giant headache..
but I digress again!
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image:157368380833.jpg(383kB , 1213x1755 , Tango_Mango_WT2S_page_0007.jpg)
just so you know, i already translated the whole book. i used a physical french version to that. especially since the only images available online are in spanish

Page 4
I was saying that at Mild Waters, there as always been pirates...
[1st square]
That is, until around the year 972 of the Wakfu era, when the governor died of Myxomawose and had for successor Poupo Mogrovejo.
This new governor was worse than the worst scourge and more terrible than the terriblest of hurricanes.
[couldn't come up with a "terrible" word that was too repetitive. on the other hand, this one has some very wakfuesque flavor]
[3rd] As a man concerned with order and discipline, Poupo took a decision once he ascended the throne of Nao the Great, capital of the Mild Waters : get rid of all piracy. The pirates could not rivalise against his powerful fleet and where annihilated one by one.
They resisted painfully until the ultimate battle where Auralis, the last great pirate, was killed.
Tus begun a new age at Mild Waters.
An age of repression and tyranny.
[6th square]
However, the sun has always shun high in the sky and its reflection in the clear water has always made the seafarer dream. Piracy runs trough the veins of this old place because piracy, it is freedom, and freedom is anchored deep in the reaches of the Mild Waters.
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image:157774430623.jpg(405kB , 1213x1755 , Tango_Mango_WT2S_page_0008.jpg)
its new year and so why not give a new page?

Page 5
[1st square]
Those first pirates, the ancient indigenous people called them...

[2nd square]
Tome 1 - The First Pirates
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image:157774438736.jpg(124kB , 800x1200 , xelor 4.jpg)
if i get a new drawn image of this xelor girl, im posting the whole thing

as an option, this one could be fixed >>417876
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image:157774441604.jpg(353kB , 1213x1755 , Tango_Mango_WT2S_page_0009.jpg)
Page 6
Year 982, somewhere in the Mild Waters...
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image:157774443752.jpg(442kB , 1000x1200 , xelor 3.jpg)
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image:157774445794.jpg(174kB , 536x1000 , xelor 7.jpg)
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image:158217920934.gif(1.59MB , 500x281 , hype03.gif)
Huys, Wakfu season 4 trailer is gonna drop soon, hope you are ready to do some translating!
Nice! Here's hoping they'll be able to get season 4 done properly, not rushed and cheap like season 3 was.