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I Know A Guy

Wiki entry:

Script pastebin:
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I don't think it would be cliche, but you would need to decide beforehand if any of them are going to be true or not later on.

Like there are conspiracies where everyone assumes or knows are true but refuse to openly acknowledge them (stuff pertaining to Mother Queen), and then there's the outlandish ones like all the money in town is laced with listening devices to spy on the residents.
But even that doesn't sound so outlandish given the setting.
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Artist Anon, if you actually keep up with this thread and not just the weekly threads, I've been reading through your big pastebin thing you posted.


I've only had time to read through the "opening story attempts" so far since I've been busy with my own writing project, but here are my thoughts so far since the Sunday thread is going to be made late due to Mother's Day.
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Now with a webtoons
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image:163544786363.jpg(429kB , 982x1384 , 01 co mlp 1388886832145.jpg)
During January of 2014 someone only known as the /co/nrad drawfag (or the preposterous artist) started drawing comics using board-tans. Mainly /co/nrad and the happenings and going-ons of /co/.

Seeing as all of them are not collected anywhere in one place, and this board has no lack of space, I'm going to use a thread here for long term viewing if I can.
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Gonna spoiler this one.
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image:163874352379.jpg(26kB , 318x450 , irishcoffee.jpg)
If anyone is familiar with the comic/animated TV show Cybersix, the creators made this comic beforehand.
Since I own a (hard to find if you're not in Argentina) copy, I wanted to give a shot at translating it, and I wanted to know if anyone is interested and/or can give me some advice on how I should go about releasing this.
Also, I'm completely new to DC++, how do I even find the files?
Library Genesis has them.
I just mean if you don't want to cut up your album to make the best scan possible, or even just don't want to spend the time doing it, these exist, so you can just erase the text on those and pop your translation in.

What he said:
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It took two years and a board change, but here it is, the third Wakfu Comics thread!

I thought I would have something special to say now, but sadly I don't.

Comics translated so far, http://brotherhoodoftofuv2.tumblr.com/comics
Need a new poll to see where current interest is.
ok thanks (:
You don't have the ogrest comics ?
https://www.japscan.ws/manga/ogrest/ there is but it still in french
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This will be fun! /coc/ are The Lucky Ones! Her cut is perfect and she's white as well! She'll bring us endless entertainment, Our new friend, Mega Channel
If she has 7 clovers there then technically she belongs to 7chan.
Why is there a page for this on the wiki?
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Today it became known in /coc/ that, despite pages from it being posted and attracting moderate attention, Hamster Jovial still has not been translated into English. An enterprising Anon said that they would buy the book and make an HQ scan if somebody would translate it, and I thought, why not make it a community project? Would anybody be interested?
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I'm not sure you know what you are getting into, offering to translate a book by Gotlib. But I'll bite. Here's a link, apparently it already had a digital release:
These couple of strips aren't too bad for wordplay, the editing would be a huge bitch though, especially for the first strip. /coc/ is really dead too, isn't it? Couldn't even finish Melusine.
Melusine had the translator(s) taking a break and it's been like that ever since.
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All /co/ Creations and Characters, Third Edition.
Settings and other projects also welcome.

Second edition is still good as of posting this one, but they're saying everything's getting moved to the archives soon.

There's a wiki now for these:
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7/24/2022's thread is going to be made late because I'll be out of town that morning.

Unless someone else makes it in my place.
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- Holi
- Lustbane
Death Nellie would be about Colette's height.
Putting a note here reminding me that Weekly /coc/ threads are created around 10 AM EST. Since the last thread lasted up to Sunday I guess we'll create the next thread on Monday 10 AM?
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plus4chan is being laid to rest.


consider migrating threads to other locations before D-Day
Did I?
This thread should be deleted so as not to unduly confuse people
Anonymous ## Mod
Like the others are said, this thread is not relevant now. Plus4chan is in no danger of being closed currently. The former administrator in 2017 lost interest, but passed the site over to a new developer before leaving. For more info, you can read
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image:161015303672.png(530kB , 608x1732 , 1443259198345 d.png)

Back in 2014 Deelette, the daughter of /d/-tan and /co/lette, was created. Up until about 2017 a monster kid school setting was a joint project between /d/ and /co/ where Deelette attended classes and had various friends.
The paste where we kept the stories and world building got privatized by pastebin's new policies, so I've moved what I can to the /co/ wiki.

This thread is for the discussion of any Deelette or Monster School related stuff for anyone still around who is/was interested in the project.
Looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

Makes me think I need to better organize the wiki page since it feels like some of the stories and ideas might not be in the right chronological order (primarily the /tg/ Christmas is probably before she was enrolled at the school and Valentine's day with Cookie is probably even earlier when she was still living with her mom).
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I would say before.
I'll keep that in mind if/when I get around to fully writing and expanding out Deelette's first day at school.
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image:159096709164.jpg(27kB , 384x284 , triomampato.jpg)
Ogú, Mampato y Rena translation.
Old chilean comic, never been officially translated. High quality scans already exist, so everything else is fair game

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Now in Imgur, too.
I swear I'm not dead. I just haven't had any time whatsoever. I hope to finish Rena before September ends.
No worries, we all have IRL stuff to deal with.
In the meanwhile I been watching the cartoon adaptation of the comic, while the artstyle is not particularly great and the voice acting is really uneven, I must say is surprisingly faithful to the comic.
If anyone else is curious
The soundtrack specially took me for surprise, dig the Johnny Quest esque vibe.
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>What is this?
"Meme magic" got out of control and was poured into making a huge JoJo's Bizarre Adventure inspired fanfic using /co/ related characters.

Stand doc:
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Looks like someone flooded the booru way back in 2016 or so. I guess it shows how abandoned this is, that the images are still up even now.
Wow I didn't think it could get worse after the first couple of pages, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!???
Weens from cripplechan raiding years ago when part 6 was being made.
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image:157162806502.jpg(234kB , 2032x1136 , 74217837_525697721325697_646136074011148288_n.jpg)
Anyone want to look at this: https://www.deviantart.com/ani-toonspiracy

it's massive crossover with Real Life Conspiracy Theories(or at least so-called ones) slapped onto
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wow, that page is even weirder than this one. I didn't think that was possible.
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image:155295319319.png(702kB , 980x490 , ogres_dieuxt3.png)
Mishalover granted us with a storytime of the first two volumes of Les Ogres-dieux by Hubert and Gatignol http://boards.4channel.org/co/thread/106466898 , not without mentioning the existence of a third one, still only available in french. Let's work on that.

Here are the links for for the originals :
pdf : https://mega.nz/#!2BdUyawb!Gs4-_O4wvj9tq7nglmUq1CLdpcSt-UtzlGWFq4UWr8E
cbr : https://mega.nz/#!7BI3FQSY!gC6X4GC3dzo6B6LAr1iW5ru0KeQGlvN1tBGNbWCX768
Thanks man, that'd be really appreciated, yes that file is the higher quality one. I think all we're waiting for is peaulice to finish proofing and then the typesetting.
Ded project?
So has everyone actually abandoned this? Will I have to do it myself? Is there even a point as it seems that it might get an official release soonish anyway?
TeethandHungers Spooktober pic storage thread Anonymous
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Watching the Spooktober threads on /co/ prime have made me want to start keeping pictures here on /coc/.
MVP artist this year has to go to Plage of Gripes. For his pics and this //youtube.com/watch?v=Cr3mo_jVuLUyoutube thumb Previous years went to Henry for his Phantasma and Creepy Susie pics but he is taking a break now.
I would like to see more adventures of Phantasma and Creepy Susie pics in the future.
Oh, I'm totally not jelly about not being able to avatarfag in those threads. Nope....not one bit.
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Someone suggested I should take this here, so here it goes.

>What the fuck is this shit?

It's a chilean puppet show that gathered a cult following over the years all over latin america. It's a fake newscast led by egotistical anchorman Tulio Triviño. It originally ran for three seasons, with a fourth season aired last year.
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Timings guy here. I'll be posting episodes on MEGA and Google Drive. Below are the links to folders with episodes. English subtitles are muxed in. New episodes will be added there as soon as they're translated and timed

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image:143669557800.png(558kB , 640x480 , 31.minutos.S01E03.Guerra.en.el.Mar.Despensico.480p.WEBRip.mkv_snapshot_07.49_[2015.07.12_15.01.54].png)
Episode 1x03 added to MEGA folder
Good to know people outside latinamerica are appreciating this show.
I'm not chilean, though.