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/rgdg/ Retro Guardian Development GeneralSeltzr
image:161827873115.png(375kB , 1135x865 , Yoto1.png)
The New Radical Adventures of Golden Guardian

The Golden Guardian universe get's advanced to the late 80s/mid 90s and now GG is mentoring her own festy sidekick.

Anchor all major plot discussion here
image:161827886561.jpg(1.96MB , 4211x5544 , Retro_Guardian2.jpg)
Aubrey Page/Golden Guardian anchor post here
image:161827907625.png(368kB , 778x835 , 1618258887437.png)
Oh, I was just about to make this thread myself. I wasn't going to call it a general because this thread will likely last for years here.

A new character in the Golden Girl universe is in development.
She's Golden Guardian's sidekick in the 1990s.

Her name is (tentatively) Bronze Buster. She's a "dark age" hero/character who is at odds with her mentor over the methods used to enforce justice.
image:161827911195.png(405kB , 852x843 , Yoto2.png)
Sydney Keegan anchor post here
image:161827911749.png(2.45MB , 1708x2972 , 1618263548439.png)
This is a good representation of the tension between her and her mentor.
image:161827936992.jpg(745kB , 2296x1440 , BB_lineup.jpg)
image:161827938637.jpg(849kB , 2586x1930 , BB_lineup2.jpg)
image:161827940942.jpg(764kB , 1660x1560 , SK01.jpg)
image:161827942559.png(601kB , 1216x914 , 1618211041522.png)
Audrey, she's Audrey Page.

So we're probably just going to have general GG discussion in this thread now since the other one is for archiving actual comics. Not like there's any lack of space on this board.

And another of Yoto's concept drawings for Bronze Buster.
image:161827946003.png(2.11MB , 1237x1130 , SK_Moodboard.png)
Sydney moodboard
Oh Christ, 90s designs.
Don't forget to draw everyone with 1 billion teeth, and their legs always obscured.
Alright. Stuff still in the works:

Backstory options (nothing decided yet, each are different ideas)
-Genius charity worker who makes prosthetics, caught Audrey's eye because of altruism. Takes justice too far because she's mad at the system being broken
-Delinquent who boosts cars for cash. Golden Guardian apprehends her gang. Need a reason why she takes her on as a sidekick. Possible criminal parents.

Powers (each is a different option):
-Concealed cables. Like web shooter, but with metal wires. Uses them to grapple things to swing the objects around, not herself. Boots have spikes for anchoring her to the ground.
-Magnetism. Can grab metal objects with magnetic gloves and fling them around. Has magnetic boots and can walk up metal surfaces. Needs to be anchored with her boots to fling things around.

At some point or another she has an accident that leaves her near dead and a silicon symbiote or something other rebuilds her body. She goes a little mad after that and uses her newfound power to enforce her more brutal dark age justice.

She genuinely looks up to her mentor, but feels inferior to her in every way. Both as a hero and in cup size. She has jealously and anger over her own lack of growth/power. She's loud and cocky when on her own, but quietly frustrated when around Golden Guardian. When she gets her silicon powers, she reshapes her body to look like Audrey's since she views her as the perfect hero and woman.
image:161828022990.png(256kB , 584x736 , 1618198783977.png)
a bunch of anons back at /coc/ were saying the project would die if we start posting our shit here. What do you think?
This board is explicitly for projects like this that need a more long lasting place for development. We'll be back on /co/ on Sunday with the next /coc/ thread along with whatever happens in this thread in the meantime. That way it still gets greater exposure for work shopping, but we don't risk triggering a shitposter with multiple threads in a row.

Still more of a fan of D or G costume wise.
Exposed collar bones with a jacket that can come off when she gets serious seems fitting.
I think that one anon had a point. Any discussion we have here will end up kinda circle-jerky and if we do post in to /coc/ thread next week it'll just be us with a bunch of made up stuff that we made offsite when the whole concept was a creation by committee. I think the BEST course of action, since the thread is already up, is just slowly putting more work into some of these designs without doing too much about her as a Character, since only two of us were really drawing designs for her to begin with. No character stuff, just mess around with the art side of things.
Whelp, the artists are still working on the designs.

I'll keep posting my art here for critique in preparation of Sunday.
Well, I followed you guys here. But I do agree that it's going to be a much smaller opinion pool here unless other anons did the same.
But on the upside, it'll be less shitposting for a while. Part of the reason why /coc/ threads became weekly in the first place was to give everyone time to "recharge". Not sure if that logic is still sound, but we still have a thread every week.

I'll give whatever feedback I can, then it can get torn apart when it gets sent back to the larger committee.
If she has the delinquent origin, I could see her Silicon form having a caveat of needing to absorb/eat technology in order to survive. Like she needs a supply of raw metals to prevent herself from falling apart.
I dig the designs, the ones which aren't full 90s crazy. The sidekick chick looks great, but reminds me a bit too much of Gogo from big hero 6.

>a bunch of anons back at /coc/ were saying the project would die if we start posting our shit here. What do you think?

They just say that because fewer people visit here, so you'd get less progress if you explicitly do any progress only here. But you can use this board to archive whatever content was already made, so they don't get lost. And if you make any progress, just post it back on 4chan prime.

>Part of the reason why /coc/ threads became weekly in the first place was to give everyone time to "recharge". Not sure if that logic is still sound, but we still have a thread every week.

Nah, that was because /co/ barely makes new content anymore, so the /coc/ threads became emptier and emptier. There were times when they all went empty for months.
Oh no, I'm talking about back in 2013 when /coc/ threads were still blazing fast. It was decided around then to only have them on weekends to give everyone a chance to recharge because otherwise they were just made one after the other and everyone was getting burnt out with the non-stop threads.
Over time they became emptier. The one we had just now was the first one that hit bump limit in months, and probably the first one that hit bump limit in the span of a day in years.

That's the power of a new character and artists actually being around drawing stuff.

Does that mean that she's also constantly losing mass as well?
image:161828432423.png(457kB , 1197x798 , 1618161097640.png)
image:161828436215.png(197kB , 505x820 , 1618097644931.png)
Earliest Sydney art
image:161828438326.png(1.14MB , 2299x1287 , 1618103071193.png)
Wait, so... this thread is exclusive for Golden Guardian and sidekick development? Or is Golden Girl still fair play here? What about villains, both new and old?
It's made with the intent of developing the sidekick, but it's likely going to have other discussions as well from the other eras of the GGverse.

Golden Guardian and Bronze Buster are going to need things to fight against.

Do you have an idea in mind for one of the other eras?
>Do you have an idea in mind for one of the other eras?
Not as much as the other eras, but I'm interested in how past villains are going to be adapted to the 90s.

I saw some anons talking about Iron Assailant in the 90s, but the discussion was very diluted (natural result, as the sidekick is a very cool idea and it used the whole thread).
But that made thought about what would happen with Jade Empress, The Racketeer, The Quiz Master, Rocker Billy (and others) in the 90s.
Jade Empress I have no idea. I assume she goes on to being a regular nemesis of Golden Guardian since she now has the bracers instead of Silver Queen. I don't know if it's even possible for her to be killed off.
The Racketeer would likely be too old by then to be an active villain, I think he'd either be dead or retired since he just couldn't keep up. (I had an idea for him in the last thread about Audrey pulling the plug on his mic mid monologue that might be worth hashing out into a script)
The Quiz Master actually reformed during the Bullion arc and is working at the TV station again after getting mental help.
Rocker Billy also reformed during the Bullion era after he got possessed by a demon who made him do things he regretted. I think he's an anti-hero during this part of the timeline or something not villainous anymore.

Iron Assailant after the soviet collapse should still be explored.
image:161829081402.png(259kB , 771x1062 , Sidekick7.png)
I'm not gonna lie. Designing BB has been fun but I honestly feel like me and Seltzr are kinda at odds in terms of the design. A lot of push and pull. Like it's a character by committee so I accept that there's gonna be a bit of compromising to be done. I guess I just have slowly grown this attachment to how I've drawn her so I don't really know where we go from here.
I still think she should have a copper colored leotard. But anyway...

What do you think the main point of contention is? The accessories on top of the base clothing? Or the base underclothes themselves?
The color of oxidized copper might also be interesting for one of her costume colors now that I think about it.
I'm probably overreacting but I definitely just feel like we have different approaches to character design and we're more or less each individually designing her character.
image:161829646484.jpg(193kB , 753x1159 , SK.jpg)
I'm actually trying to meet you halfway now. What would you change?
image:161829733216.png(595kB , 2430x3692 , SK_body_isolate.png)
Here's my isolates. You can concept on it if you wish. I'm not going to force you to. Its at your leisure.
image:161829734606.png(152kB , 2430x3692 , SK_head_isolate.png)
image:161829735844.png(202kB , 2430x3692 , SK_hair_isolate.png)
Sorry if I'm being kinda unreasonable. I know you worked hard on those outfit designs too and they're pretty good. I really like that belt I drew on her hips that's sorta sits diagonally on her hips. Kinda fits that 90s "I don't care" type style. Also I usually give her sunglasses, but I dunno I think some sorta glasses or goggle she'd wear when she's in like..."hero" mode would be cool? How do you feel about those things?
If I may stick my nose, I think both Yoto and Seltzr are doing a terrific job, and all this discussion is all part of the creative process.
And if we are being honest, usually it was a single artist who usually drew the base concepts of new characters, and later other artists would threw their bone into it.
At least for me, this is a first seen two artists working together, at the same time, trying to fresh out a concept.

So, please keep going, you two rock.
image:161829870130.jpg(136kB , 589x702 , SK smile.jpg)
I dunno. I guess I saw her a little darker.

I'd imagine she'd enjoy teasing thugs with knives.
I honestly really like this picture
image:161830208930.png(517kB , 801x1834 , BB concept-smaller.png)
I tried. I'm not too attached to the suit color or design and we can definitely work on it. What do you think about that logo I made for her? I definitely like it in theory but I feel like it could definitely look better. Also what're your thoughts on fishnets for leggings, or her uniform having slight shorts rather than leotard? Finally I really like the idea of giving her sunglasses and Think a borderline blackish brown is the best look (I was actually thinking pure black but I think a brownish hue looks good). If you have any opinions on what works and what doesn't please feel free to tell me and we can figure out what direction to go from here.
I get that the idea is for her chest to contrast GGs in size, but could you at least not make her completely flat?
I think she'd get darker in attitude as time went on.
She certainly becomes that way when the silicon incident occurs. Like she goes from cocky smile to psycho smile as we get closer to her transformation.

I really like this. The logo on her chest looks good with that color.
I'm not an artist, but would fishnets end up hard to draw if they showed up in multiple panels in the same comic?
Yeah I imagine her being either a large A-cup or A B-cup. Not completely washboard but might as well be compared to GG
>I'm not an artist, but would fishnets end up hard to draw if they showed up in multiple panels in the same comic?
Fishnets aren't really hard to draw. They're more just...tedious to draw. Not difficult, just time consuming.
Neat to see people working on new concepts after all this time.
image:161835091995.jpg(437kB , 1619x1242 , retro design.jpg)
This is more of a Bronze Era 70s fashion
Especially with that earthy green color. 80s/90s (Retro Era) was all about loud colors. The only people who weren't wearing colors were goths; who wore strictly black. We can have darker colors to keep her gothy, but we'll need a couple of loud items somewhere; like purple gloves or something. I try to stay away from pure black and pure white in general when it comes to art. If people want to use solid black for an extremely dark brown, that's fine too.
We need more angular shapes in her costume. Horizontal divisions in the colors are not retro enough. Everything needs to look more shapely and dynamic.
The chest emblem is nice but most of the newer superheroes were dropping that in their design. Only legacy heroes kept their chest emblems; Batman, Superman, and now Golden Guardian. If the newer heroes had an emblem, it was a button or a medallion somewhere on themselves; like Rogue.
The jacket is pretty dated. Its very loose and flappy looking; like bell bottoms. A more fashionable 90s jacket would be tight fitting and angular.
And a lot of those items seem like they are off-the-shelf. She needs more special looking boots/gloves.

I like the fishnet and the shorts.

Also I believe she's a gadgeteer. We need her to look techier. One of the ideas was that her choker has an AI in it named Sylikon/Silicon which is what she eventually mergers with.

I also like the idea of her being a skater ninja too with a high tech hoverboard.
If she does end up being not-powered from the start, where should she be keeping whatever gadgets she uses? Just in the belt or in the jacket?

There could be some cables hidden in the jacket that she can move around as if they were tentacles.
Just as much potential to skewer people with them as there is to wrap them up to incapacitate them.
image:161836029758.png(404kB , 1122x792 , sidekick5.png)
I get what you're saying with the sleeves and that's a good point. I always associated 90s fashion with baggy clothes but fitted jackets are actually a pretty big part of it too. I still like the idea of it being black especially since I'm going a bit Superboy with it >>418798. As well as sorta wanting her to be modeled after punk and eventually grunge which started creeping up. But to your point it depends on what she has underneath. If her jacket's black, her clothes have to be vibrant or vice versa. I only picked that Greenish color cuz it fit the "bronze" theme but I'm really not attached to it.
So my idea that I should've typed out before now is that she's been GG's sidekick for a few years and as time goes on her costume evolves from a more stereotypical superhero suit into what it is at the end, with so much fashion covering it that it barely resembles its former self (in the same way 90s superheroes practically wore casual clothes). Especially with more stylish but also more punk clothes just to show she's going in a different direction than GG might've expected. Having said that I do like the idea of her having a logo that mirrors GGs at first but as time goes on and she mods her costume it's like a Pin or maybe even nonexistent on her outfit. (Or maybe printed on the back of her jacket. That'd look kinda cool)
I like the high tech skateboard idea too but I feel like if we go that route we almost have no choice but to give her something akin to a backpack or else she'd have nowhere to keep it (unless it pops out of a capsule like dragonball or is just INCREDIBLY collapsible and can fit in a belt compartment.) It really does lend itself to the "hip young kid" aesthetic that a lot of 90s and 2000s characters tried going for.
Oh, OH.

How about this? You said the BB logo would be the on the back of her jacket. What if the hover skateboard (that's a Back to the Future reference, right?) is attached to her back? It looks like her logo (the butterfly BB) when collapsed, almost like she has wings on her back when it's not in use.

Just throwing that out there.
That's actually super neat. I dunno how I'd draw that out but it'd be such a cool idea to keep that design in that way. It kinda reminds me of something I thought of a while back which is that BB gets...exponentially better at gadgets. Like at first it's simple things like magnets and smoke bombs but as time comes up she starts making increasingly phenominal things because GG's funding/pushing her to follow her dreams.
Maybe the hover board is collapsible?
It can be shortened like a sliding door. She grabs the two Bs and pulls them to make the part that she stands on. So there's a B facing both directions when she's on it.

It'd just be drawn attached to the back of the jacket like how one would carry around any other sort of weapon on their backs.
image:161836381126.jpg(190kB , 1042x715 , early 90s.jpg)
Well actually, I guess fitted angular stuff was really more for the adults in the 90s. It was actually pretty popular for the the kids to wear the looser stuff. hmm, I guess there was a lot of baggy wear, even before Grunge took hold in the later half of the 90s.

But I think the question is are we mirroring the fashion of irl 90s or are we mirroring the fashion in 90s comic books. Because if we are mirroring comics fashion, then we're actually mirroring the most outrageous fashion at the time. I don't believe anybody irl actually wore those big Jubilee shades. No, they got them from music videos and red carpets.

I was actually thinking of just cutting out the back of her jacket so she can carry a bo staff. And the staff also has a hidden blade for when BB gets more "feisty".

Honesty, maybe the capsule idea might be better for weaponry. And then she can pull sais and knives from under her jacket.

Also track suits were popular in that era. Something to consider.
image:161836400928.jpg(119kB , 631x1239 , adssadsadsad.jpg)
too Rogue?
She doesn't have a hair streak, so Rogue doesn't come immediately to mind.

What's going on with the glove and cable?
image:161836706191.jpg(27kB , 499x680 , 8c7b2324eb801904351e3c73fc75cef9.jpg)
>Rogue doesn't come immediately to mind.
Rogue did dress up like that in the 80s, she was rocking that punk rocker getup plus she had the fluffy hair. And she always wore some green dress, usually based on black all-body stocking (that ALWAYS got shredded during the fight, no matter what).
image:161836722711.jpg(1.05MB , 2932x3851 , dsadsadasads.jpg)
So first of all, I just want to throw this out.

I'm only working on the stuff that we agreed on (or nobody protested about) in the 4chan /coc/ board. I don't want to run into the problem of us sprinting ahead of the larger forum.

So I don't want people introducing new shit here. This thread is workshopping only. Save your new ideas for Sunday.

We can work out the technical aspects of BB and other characters here. So we can go ahead with skater/ninja/techie BB concept, but don't be introducing new characters and plot stuff here.

Its sad because I want to tell you about the new villain that I've been thinking about. GG/BB could immediately start fighting him without getting into the complexity of the BB arc. People want to start running with these characters, right? I think anons will like him, he's going to be very New.

You know what, I just came up with a more elegant solution. She has hi-tech boots, right? She can just project an energy board. Easy.

Hacking, but I just came up with a better idea.
Everybody knows that if you want to hack in the 90s you pull out a Game Gear. We can nix the stupid glove now.

Okay, I'm really feeling this design.

Also the Sylikon AI has to talk to her, right? I'm guessing Sylikon can feed her information through her shades I suppose.
Her torso looks too man-like in that base pic. Maybe shrink her ribs some and perhaps give her less wide shoulders. The jacket can stay the same size, since if it is a leather jacket, then it would far thicker than her skintight suit.
I wasn't planning on coming up with scripts for her yet since I know too many things about her are still in the early stages of development.

An energy board, huh? Then I think her boots need a more neon pink color or have neon highlights of some sort.

Hacking in the 90s was almost always portrayed by a polygon face that took cues from Tron. Binary stings didn't really become a popular representation in media until The Matrix came out, and even that wasn't binary.
If you want to really go all in, tie the AI back into BIGRAC, the old super computer that Silver Queen and Golden Girl used back in the 50s. That thing has probably been massively upgraded by then.
Now I'm thinking of a gag quirk of her Silicon form being that she lacks the dexterity to type out hacking, yet her spiky hand can just plug into terminals like Robocop's Spike.
What exact physical features do you even differ on? Your BBs could easily be the same girl with different make-up, expression and haircut when I look at them.
as of now, not much.

when I was exploring these concepts
it was a bit more different
Wait, if the hover board became an energy board generated by her boots, then that removes the idea of her having some gear she carries on her back in the shape of a BB.
image:161854115210.jpg(267kB , 1903x1170 , BB004.jpg)
Alright what do you think?
Yoto, where you at?

I dunno about carrying stuff on her back. She wears a jacket. It makes things weird. She can just pull stuff from inside the jacket itself. BB emblem on the back is nice though.
The jacket is a good stand in for not having a cape.
The jacket also makes for a good callback to how a Bullion design has her with a jacket for some reason.

The boots could use some sort of color highlights if they actually have tech built in.
I'm not sure about the purple color, it might be too dark in hue for 90s costumes, but I don't know enough about the comic hero aesthetics of that time since I was more into the DCAU during that decade than the comics.
image:161854346223.png(377kB , 467x1116 , BB concept 2.png)
Sorry I'm here! I really really love the jacket.The shades look good too. I think the one element that I'm not a huge fan of is the arm sleeves on the costume, cuz they really clash with the jacket. I get the desire to have them on the suit without the jacket though. Also I get what you're going for with the bronze color but it's a little to dark and brownish. I feel like even as bronse it should have a lighter shine just to pop more. (Also I apologize I'm not CRAZY about the purple color, though I also don't have another suggestion right now.) The boots look nice, I was picturing something a little bit more traditional but with a cyber punk aesthetic but these aren't bad.

Sorry for my abscence. Been working on other stuff
image:161854442157.jpg(40kB , 675x675 , complimentary-color-wheel-675x675.jpg)
purple is generally a darker color. BB is a darker character. That was my logic, I guess.

Adding in tech lights could divert from the gothy aesthetic.

well the purple was chosen because its a complementary color to GG's yellow. I wanted to go with a cooler color.

I see what you're saying about the bronze and gloves.
Something you gotta be mindful of is to never have too much brown in a design. It just makes the whole drawing look muddy and earthy. You gotta be really careful in general how you balance the colors on a character. Color theory isn't my specialty but balancing out a design's color scheme is no small task. I think it'd be smart for us to take some photos of super heroes and heroines from this era and see what they did in terms of color. Especially ones that used a bronze/golden aesthetic
Looks pretty damn good. The boots look bulky though. I get they're tech, but still.

Yeah, bare arms do work better with that jacket. Another option is to simply give that jacket long sleeves.
image:161854664229.jpg(86kB , 740x370 , 2-Wonder-Woman.jpg)
What about long gloves and short sleeves?

And if the bronze color brings too much brown, then how about making the purple leotard the oxidized copper color (that loud green color) and have the collar and belts be a different color?

Darker characters in the 90s didn't necessarily wear darker colors. For example, Cable, the poster boy for 90s pouches, wore a lighter shade of blue a lot of the time.

Also, this is just funny to me when I went looking for more examples of the 90s superhero jacket.
image:161854786953.jpg(206kB , 943x1227 , dsfdfsdsf.jpg)
dirty edit

how's teal?

I can simplify the boots a bit so that the tech portion is isolated to the feet.

I was jumping off of Yoto's black jacket design. I just wanted the jacket to be sportier and show off her slim arms. So the reader can see how weak she clearly is compared to GG and others. And it looks nice.
I like this. I might be the only one though.
It might look even more "earthy" like this, but I don't think that's a bad thing since she's supposed to be grungy. So kind of dirty in her tactics I assume.
Earthy, dirty, grunge... it all sort of runs along the same tracks in my mind.
I think teal is a good color choice yeah! Works well and gives off the bronze vibe very well since aged copper (the main component of bronze) starts to oxidize into green. Definitely the more vibrant colors read better!
The thing with those boots is that you can't make them look fashionable without a complete re-design. So if you think that's unreasonable, you should either keep them full bulky tech as-is or have them be something she changes into. This half and half just makes them look less like cool tech while still keeping them unfashionable.

My perfect option would be a pair of fashionable boots that transform into your original design, but that half and half thing is just "no".
The teal is great, but those bronze outlines have too much wonder woman vibe.
I dislike the mascara, but that's just my opinion.
I always thought of Wonder Woman has having more gold or silver flair with her accents.
About how much vibe can be used in a design before it's too much?
It's not the colour scheme that reminds me of WW, it's that the edge of her top has a thick line accentuating her breast line - Wonder Woman has the exact same feature on her costume.
I don't dislike that, but I do see your issue since Silver Queen's design already takes a lot from Wonder Woman and it can be argued it's not in-line with the 90s look BB is meant to have.

At the same time, I don't think she should be in a bikini top like Wonder Woman was in during that decade. The shoulder-less leotard is good I think.

So what do you think should be topping off that piece of clothing?
I get what you're saying. I felt like giving her copper accents would be better than making the whole outfit copper colored. I feel like our options are somewhat limited since we decided early on she has a bronze collar meaning most outfits she wears would have to leave her neck bare. Most superhero outfits , being one piece's suits that cover the neck.
Of the characters here Dazzler has the choker and jacket but she's not really even wearing a super suit, just a low cut top because that's all you needed in the 90s to be a super hero. I guess the hardest part is figureing out if we wanna go full 90s "The character doesn't wear a superhero costume at all" or do the "Mix of fashion and costume" that a lot of other characters have.
Now this is just my own dumb thing I thought of with BB having a proper costume when she was younger that she slowly grew out of wearing. So I dunno maybe we can have our cake and eat it too by trying to think of what a proper costume would look like by itself that we use to figure out how her fashion would evolve. I mean I'd hate to lose the costume we've made so far I'm just thinking about the kinds of styles these types of characters went through.
What if you put the outer copper rim into the jacket edges, not the bikini top? You'd still get the color contrast that way.
One silly idea I had is that the copper collar would have part of the costume under it, so it was keeping part of the costume attached to her body.

So far most of the ideas about BB stem from the time which she's the most at odds with GG, meaning her costume would already be that far along.
Would that be early 90s, mid 90s, or late 90s? Or does that not matter and it's just a big melting pot of everything that is the 90s?

For what it's worth, I do like the current build/direction of the costume.
Her basic Gimmick is "the rep for the 90s." But being honest I think her pre-transformed look should be early to mid-90s inspired while her Post-transformation form would be based more on mid to late 90s. Basically so her character eventually covers the entire 90s.
image:161861973854.jpg(874kB , 1885x1128 , lineup.jpg)
Honestly, I feel like purple was the better color.
A lot of the early 90s aesthetics are still very similar to the late 80s from what I can tell.
The "trashiness" of the 90s wasn't in full display until, I want to say, 1994. That's when the bad girl hooker costume trends started becoming more and more popular. I think. I have to stress that's what I think, I'm probably wrong on this time frame.

So I think the current design for BB is actually on-track for early 90s since the jacket look really was early 90s.

Sylikon's look though, that's probably going to end up being the trashiest of trashy bad girl inspired with Venom on top, but I guess that's a conversation for later.
I am biased to green colours. The fuchsia may look more in line with the 90s trends.

The slapper suits became a trend once they started Liefeld and his ilk on comics, which was earlier than 1994. You already had some characters dressed as such, for example Psylocke's new design in 1991. But you are probably right in that by 1994 EVERYONE used that trend.
I like the oxidized green color, but I'm not super attached to it. I'm just glad it got tried at all.
90s colors tended to be pretty loud before darkness set in I think, so purple still works.

I think she needs to look loud in terms of color.
But if we're only discussing color now, does that mean the rest of her design is pretty much set?
What still needs to happen with the jacket and the boots?

I bet Audrey hated that. >>418809 Is something that will probably get fleshed out more once the design is further along and we're back on /co/ on Sunday.
image:161868033929.jpg(158kB , 1678x1248 , silo.jpg)
I may just end up making a poll for either teal or purple on Sunday.

So I've been taking a look at the silhouettes and I feel like I need to shorten her boots to sneaks so she looks more agile. Being weak is one thing, but being slow and weak is another. She'll look a bit more like Tracer, but that's fine because Tracer isn't going to show up.

Also, she can use a hip pouch. Maybe a bit smaller than what I drew, but you know what I mean.
Are you gonna include all the colors you did in that poll or just the teal and purple?
image:161868440654.jpg(147kB , 883x1179 , dasasdeasd.jpg)
I only really feel teal and purple.

>teal - oxidation color, cool contrast to GG
>purple - complements GG's gold color perfectly. Exotic like BB.
>blue - isn't too bad I guess. Its a placid color though.
>pink - is exotic but may be too feminine for BB
>red - too close in temperature to GG. BB is fiery though.
>orange/yellow - too close to GG
>black/white/grey/brown - too boring

experimenting with stockings
image:161868557949.jpg(203kB , 1279x1176 , fgghfkh.jpg)
I don't want to make her too complex. I want her to be accessible for other artists and not constantly a pain to draw for myself.

With that said, I kinda like this.
Knee pads to fit with the totally radical hover board?

Also, just be prepared for the possibility of the poll being hijacked and spammed. That always happens whenever a character gains traction and a poll happens.
I'll to be the final judge and I'll listen to the arguments as well.

Anyways its only going to be options that already satisfy me.
Well don't forget, late 80s, early 90s Hot pink was EVERYWHERE. It wasn't just the girl color. It was the "hip young person" color.
I actually really love the stockings/Kneepad combo. Honestly the more things you add the more it feels like the super suit is the element of her design that's the hardest to reconcile. Sorry I haven't drawn much lately to help but I legitimately am having trouble thinking of what to do with it.
image:161868876735.jpg(94kB , 634x1095 , rtrerte.jpg)
If its pink it has to be the hottest neon pink ever. And it has to be accompanied with another neon color. We could replace the bronze color, but do you really want to do that?

Anyways bronze and neon pink? I dunno.

Really, its the bronze that limits my options. I'd have a larger range of colors to choose from without it.
I think the bronze is what should be the foundation it's all built upon.
That is sort of her theme in the succession line she's in after all.

It's also an option to change the collar and other bronze colored pieces to that oxidized teal color.
image:161869983287.jpg(487kB , 1775x2532 , sdasdasadssda.jpg)
Here's a different value scheme. Teal and purple.

black jacket style is on the left for comparison.
Making the jacket colored with the under color being black actually works since GG's outfit does the same thing.

This will be an interesting poll tomorrow.
image:161902041058.jpg(473kB , 991x1239 , 1618970449967.jpg)
Well that was a productive thread. This seems to be the final design based on it.
image:161902047562.png(473kB , 1153x1015 , 1618984057683.png)
Possible backstory for Sydney:

She has neglectful parents, like "Matilda" tier neglectful parents.
She gets by on her own by doing odd jobs fixing things, which she learned to do on her own. Things like cars for the older siblings of schoolmates or something.

It becomes a "Don't tell mom the baby sitter's dead" type of situation. She's good at fixing things, but can't keep or get a job doing that because she's too young. She finds a flyer for the position of system admin at Sterling Steelworks, which is entering the digital age (really early digital age) and through lies, luck, and being a fast learner, manages to score the position.
Now she has income, but has to fake a number of things about herself to get and keep that income. Audrey is also looking into the process of bringing Sterling Steelworks into the future and notices some of the inconsistencies in the payroll and employee listing. Maybe some exemplary employee didn't show up to accept an award.
Anyway, she looks into it as Golden Guardian, suspecting foul play or espionage, and finds young Sydney running the show.

Sydney being in the position of system admin tasked with digitizing records puts her in the perfect position to find the monetary link between Sterling Steelworks and Golden Guardian.
She literally just followed the money to uncover Audrey's identity, which also serves to highlight the changing times.

So she might've even been expecting GG to show up.

Sydney got caught because she double dipped. She had her fake employee system admin ID, but then also made up another position as intern/assistant for her actual self so she could keep anyone from finding out by being present and not suspicious.
image:161902064372.jpg(3MB , 3062x2304 , 1618758145257.jpg)
New villain for the era: 'The New'

'The New' is a rampant criminal infomarketer android, who's supported by a cabal of rogue corporate promotional agencies. The New's main objective is to commit high-profile crimes in order to gain maximum promotional exposure.

The New's Attributes:
>stronger and more durable than the competition.
>perfectly lit.
>flawless segues.
>always upbeat.
>always knows where the camera is.
>indoor voice is as quiet as a bullhorn with amazing vocal range.
>can instantly change the color and pattern of his suit at will.
>can produce any useful product; on the condition that it's given its promotional attention.
>can spawn any article of clothing/outfit depending on the product. (ex. western theme = cowboy hat + lasso)
>can emit music, sounds, and short jingles.
>can project text/logos and images around him.
>can make any door (hinged or not) slide up or down with accompanying glowing fog.
>can easily break through walls for EXTREME marketing entrances.
>refers to others as 'customer', 'consumer', 'the competition', etc...
>if successful, can dazzle observers with his products. Dazzled victims will shill alongside him.
>often uses phrases like “Feel the Rush!”, “Catch the Wave!”, “Refreshingly Original”, and so forth.
>Can shill in any language.

The only way to defeat him is to shill a competing product better than him.
An outline for a 'The New' story taken from the thread, slightly edited based on comments in the thread:

>cops have a bank surrounded
>The New explodes out of the front of a bank in a big dramatic entrance
>the explosion takes out/knocks down the cops
>news cameras are on him, he proceeds to shill his products
>onlookers become dazzled
>GG/BB arrive to the scene
>Some character interaction
>fight begins
>GG/BB end up getting surrounded by dazzled bystanders
>The New prepares for a finishing blow
>"But first!... Let me enjoy the the Wild Fruity Taste of the New [Soft Drink]!", says The New.
>"I think the lady would like something a little more classic!" says a dark figure from up on high
>He's dressed in all black and wearing a facemask, but we can see that he's sporting a pompadour.
>Tosses a bottle which GG catches
>Proceeds to open the bottle
>soda fizz spraying recklessly
>seductively drinks the sweating bottle
>her hair blowing through the breeze
>Turns to the camera and says, "I prefer the crisp clean taste of [Soft Drink] Classic."
>The New is stunned
>BB comes in with the hacking
>GG punches his ass to the stratosphere
Another plot outline with 'The New' taken from the thread:

>average citizen in Platinum City
>thinking about getting a sandwich, when suddenly, The New appears
>he's holding a toaster
>he starts pitching to me about how great it is
>"Try the brand new Toaster Deluxe Ultimate™, a technological modern marvel that no kitchen should be without! Making the perfect sandwich will no longer be a problem, as it toasts a variety of -"
>"Stop right there, The New! Let that citizen make his own choices about the products he purchases!"
>The Golden Guardian appears with a shorter brown girl by her side.
>"Ah, Golden Guardian! Say, are you interested in sandwiches? I've got a perfect-"
>"The only sandwich I'm interested in is the one I'll be giving you!"
>"Oh, you're selling a sandwich, too? Better than mine? What's it called? What's the main ingredient?
>"The main ingredient... is my knuckles!"
>Golden Guardian cracks her knuckles and makes a fist, and her partner(I think she's the Bronze Buster?) tenses up as well.
>The New opens his mouth to speak, but stops short and turns to me
>shoves the toaster into my arms and hands me a business card.
>"I highly value you as a loyal consumer, and I hope you'll enjoy this quality product. Don't forget to tell all your friends!
>He runs away, with the Golden Guardian and Bronze Buster in hot pursuit.
>look at the toaster
>seems alright, nothing too special
>flip it over
>it's made in China
And another GG/BB plot idea from the thread, just so we have all the big talking points here:

A new game is coming out called BAMF. The local Chancy Clown King Hotdog place (he has a whole theme park but I can't find the name of it) is running a promotional event to win a copy of he game early.
They have a new item on the menu: The Satan Supreme. A super spicy bratwurst named after a boss in the game. Anyone who buys and eats it gets an entry to a lotto to win a copy of the game early (limit three entries per customer per day).

The New provided the copy of the game, leading to the whole promotional event being suspect.
Someone wins it, they play it, the enemies come out of the game and begin terrorizing the city.

GG and BB get the call about pixelated monsters: a three headed monster up on goat devil legs. Each head does something different like shoots lasers, breaths acid, and the middle one has horns for a charging attack.
They find out the monster takes no damage no matter how hard they hit them.
GG stalls for time so BB can figure it out with her portable computer (think the book computer Penny had in Inspector Gadget).
She figures out the video game characters are only programmed to be defeated by certain weapons from the game. Tracking down the special copy, she pulls weapons out of the game like how the monster came out of the game.

Gives BB an excuse for a triple head shot.
She brings forth the weapon from the game used to kill the monster and blows its head clean off while GG is fighting it, showering her in pixel gore.

How well does GG take it? Not well, but she understands it was the only method to kill the monsters.
She still chastises BB for double tapping it.

The whole thing was arranged by The New as a publicity stunt for the game to boost sales by involving the heroes.
I like this guys design so fucking much.
The funky original pattern looks the best, reminds me of the backgrounds in Toejam & Earl.
image:161903601477.jpg(545kB , 1600x1182 , tuff e nuff.jpg)
He reminds me of the American box art for Tuff E Nuff.

Which is actually very fitting.
image:161905035907.jpg(171kB , 1178x1197 , BB-sheet.jpg)

>thinking of things to add to her arsenal
Hah, was the one who threw out the idea for shock prod nightsticks. Making them collapsible is a good idea.
Who did that art? I remember that style but can't quite place it, I think I saw it in either 80s Superman (Man of Steel era) or in X-men...
The brass knuckles are a must.

So is the hoverboard set for coming out of her shoes?

I have no idea.
image:161905540518.jpg(154kB , 1200x1622 , 1356900831923.jpg)
>hacking device is a Game Gear
Don't forget the TV Adapter!
BB needs a logo. >>417832 Any suggestions?
'The Brilliant Bronze Buster' was the idea that caught on a little in the thread.

The B in buster should have some punches or indented fist marks.
image:161914851619.jpg(137kB , 1798x765 , logo.jpg)
Nice lookin logo
Makes me imagine the logo is being presented like bullets hitting a wall.
Very body bags feel if it did that
image:161923323571.png(429kB , 963x926 , 1618766511999.png)
image:161923330050.png(432kB , 943x945 , 1618772855557.png)

I believe the idea suggested was Sydney actually does need glasses, but wears contacts when in costume.
image:161923350046.jpg(536kB , 1647x1263 , 1618783643557.jpg)
Sylikon is still a work in progress, but it's still good to have the current build in the thread.

It might be good to take some cues from the T-X Terminator design if she's too heavily Venom/Carnage influenced.
image:161923882697.png(917kB , 7426x3156 , BB_Title.png)
I'm just organizing a character sheet for BB. This design
>>418895 is pretty much locked in.

Yeah, I was thinking of leaning more into the liquidy design rather than the crystalized witchblade growths
Does Guardian have any lingering body looks issues?

Wondering because I have a comic idea I'm working on of GG and BB on the side of the road while GG changes her bikes tire. BB just pestering her with questions while GG is flat out done with the subject.
Makes me think of brass knuckles and the aftermath of being hit with them.

I think she's fairly comfortable with her body by the time she's Golden Guardian. Everything finally fits into place.
But remembering her awkward teen years might still make her uncomfortable.
Looks like a McFarlane version of the Silver Banshee (DC Comics).
>Does Guardian have any lingering body looks issues?
Nah, she's very confident with herself by this point.
image:161929351499.jpg(328kB , 1651x2592 , 1618939467779.jpg)
Making sure we're not losing any art made along the way.
image:161929467590.png(305kB , 1000x1272 , 1618757281622.png)
At some point or another I imagine the idea of an elastic villain will be brought up again.
image:161961178522.png(824kB , 1708x1296 , 1619594476841.png)
>When you keep annoying your mum until she finally agrees to play computers with you
image:161966634415.png(1.50MB , 3265x2440 , 1619642416031.png)
Alternative Bronze Buster design.
A lot of things happened in the most recent /co/ thread.
My main contribution was writing scripts for both Sarah and Audrey's first meeting and Audrey and Sydney's first meeting.
'The Sensational Silver Queen Presents: Heart of Gold' was received more warmly than 'The Glorious Golden Guardian Presents: (title pending, Bronze Star suggested)'

The bits of feedback I got for Bronze Buster's origin I've incorporated into a second draft. That mainly consisted of adding panel breaks to make it easier for others to gauge the pacing and adding in a few lines and uzis.
I'll likely tweak the second draft some more before the next thread, but I don't want to dedicate too much effort to it until I know whether or not anyone actually likes the idea I put forth.

I still don't know where and when to add in that 90s slang. Most of the suggestions feel too 80s, but I suppose it would be early 90s when they first meet.
Bronze Star Rising is a fine title.
They first meet in the late 80s, so its up to you whether to use 80s or 90s slang since it overlaps a lot.
Trying to shoehorn in your speshuk donutsteel character and you can't even get Audrey's name right. SMH. Probably have ignored all the other stuff about her too.
What else is usually associated with bronze? Aside from bronze metals.
I want to see if I can worm anything through my mind for later possibilities.

I can think of one spot to use something I actually remember from the 90s without it feeling forced.
When people say bronze to me I tend to think of bronze sheriff stars like in the wild west, which is presumably what people are thinking in combining the common idiom "Rising Star" which is naturally applied to an up and coming young hero in the making with "Bronze" to get the origin comic title.

Its not as common in terms of sayings & metaphors as GOOOOOOOLD to be sure, since humans have always been obsessed with that which glitters so.
Huh, not sure if she would ever refer to herself as the new sheriff in town, but it does open up new avenues.

Anyway, here's the current draft I have of The Glorious Golden Guardian Presents: Bronze Star Rising
image:161973997024.jpg(47kB , 700x351 , luke-skywalker-hand-1593184127.jpg)
Can't draw.

Cut myself badly on my finger joint. Every time I bend my finger it tears itself open. Sucks.
I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope you heal up properly.
image:162033025705.jpg(1.95MB , 3036x4048 , 1620054879540.jpg)
Azul drew BB.
He wanted to do a "bring it on" pose, but had trouble with the hand placement.

With how it's scribbled out, it looks like she's flipping someone off, which kind of fits her.
image:162033027854.jpg(710kB , 2354x2267 , 1620109426862.jpg)
And another one from Azul.
image:162033060960.jpg(95kB , 1066x1131 , 1620275992139.jpg)
WIPs for some bad guys for GG and BB to fight.
A mother and son pair. Designs probably aren't final.

Prinprick - Design is inspired by 90s sleaze. She has the power to make spikes grow out of her body from anywhere. Possibly gets her powers from a drug made from alien piss, or these are just her normal powers. A mood swinger. Meant to be as over the top and ridiculous as possible with 90s sleaze.
Sidestep - The boy who can dodge anything. He inherited this power from his father who dodged raising him. He's just really good at dodging. If it's raining and he decides to dodge the rain drops, he's not getting wet. Likes to badmouth others so they take a swing at him, then dodges to watch his would be assailant stumble or get a face full of his mom's spikes.
image:162033087150.jpg(113kB , 1048x1131 , 1620258509563.jpg)
Sensei Dave.

>Audrey is driving Sydney somewhere telling her that if she's serious about being a caped crusader she at least needs to know how to defend herself, and not the dirty tactics way. Sydney is all excited thinking she's being taken to some super secret training place.
>Cut to her being dropped off in Sensei Dave's mall dojo with an annoyed frown as Audrey smiles and waves goodbye saying she'll pick her up later.
>Rub some salt in the wound that she's the oldest kid there to make her think it's a class for babies. The younger kids are actually better than her at the moves and that pisses her off enough to take Sensei Dave's training seriously, no matter how laid back he is.

Sydney ends up learning a great deal from him, even if she gets all the wrong meanings from what he's trying to teach her. He looks lame, he says lame things, but somehow he's a cool guy.
May or may not have had mystic kung-fu adventures in the 70s thanks to a magic surfboard carrying him across the ocean.
And there was also a bunch of conversations about what sort of origin Sydney should have and everyone flip-flopping from one idea to the next.
I have no clue where any of that stands right now. It will probably have a stawpoll forced upon it so everyone can be disappointed with what gets chosen.

Also, I just feel like saving this idea.

Let's say BB has her ninja throwing stars taken away by GG
"No blades!"
So BB thinks and gets a whip. She Indiana Jones whips some criminals to tie them up. GG can't complain about that.
When GG turns her back and isn't looking, the criminals begin to struggle, so BB pushes a button on the whip to electrocute them.

Later on, they're fighting The New, who has shilled hard enough to get some dazzled zombies. He throws a punch at GG who has her back against the wall or otherwise does not look like she can dodge it. BB uses her whip to snare The New's arm. He'sun phased and starts pulling BB in like a fish, until she pushes the zap button and shorts him out just enough that he's now shilling a different product, undazzling the bystanders and giving GG time to punch him down or out or away or however they get rid of him.

So BB thinks GG is going to take her whip away and is holding it up reluctantly, but GG doesn't take it from her.
"You're responsible enough to have that."

BB now has something to be happy about.
One of the starting pitches for Sidestep is he's a school classmate of Sydney and is the one who can't tell that he is Sidestep even though it is obvious to the audience and Audrey who thought Sydney already knew.
That is how I pitched it.
I was thinking about how Sydney would react when she finally realizes. In an EXTREME way? Or how quickly she would be made to realize.
I'm thinking it wouldn't be a status quo thing like with Billy, more like only an issue or two. Just long enough for her to make a friend only to find out he's a bad guy.
Looks like nobody was watching the /coc/ thread, oh well. Guess I'll post progress here.
It happens. /co/ moves fast and there's not someone awake at every hour of the day to keep /coc/ threads up.
Anyway, the script featuring Pinprick and Sidestep. Sorting it didn't take as long as I thought.

The New Adventures of Golden Guardian & Bronze Buster: Highway Robbery
Draft 1:


It's a first draft, there is currently no page pacing because I'm sure more things will need to be added in and lines will be changed.
Oh, nice.
I'm going to have to take some time to look at this.
Should we talk about this stuff here? Some anon was angry at me for having discussions outside of /coc/.
I personally do not distinguish between the weekly /coc/ threads and the /coc/ board.
Links to plus4chan /coc/ are posted in every single /coc/ thread and plus4chan is an open message board that has been around for over 10 years. The very board we are posting on right now was made for the exact purpose we find ourselves using it for: the discussion of /co/ projects.

Also, I was the anon who first came up with Pinprick and Sidestep (I didn't name them though), and I'm here now initiating this conversation.

So if you want to give me feedback about the script I'm writing now instead of waiting until Sunday, I'm here.
alright cool
Alright. I like it. So here's my suggestions.

They should have face covering helmets when they're riding the cycle. When GG/BB finally introduce themselves, then the helmets come off for a proper reveal.

This is GG/BB's first comic, so we need to get their relationship right. We need more infighting between them. They're pretty much the opposite of PP/SS.

Maybe GG catches BB throwing the stars.
>"I said no stars!"
>"It was just a couple!"

When PP/SS finally get away BB should instead say
>"Ahhhh... come on! Look they're getting away! You should have tore her head off when you had the chance!"

We can shorten the scenario where BB "defeats" SS and instead have it from SS's perspective
>SS is moving bags to the car
>SS notices that there's bags on the floor on the other side of the car
>shot of BB looking smug in the car with no loot in there

We need more witty dialogue.
>BB is running straight at the POV of the reader, now brandishing a tonfa.
>BB: “You won’t get away from me!”
She needs to say something wittier here or something that shows she's frustrated
>BB: "Come and get some tonfa fondue!"
I dunno

>SS: “Hah-hah, you can’t hit me.”
>SS: “Hah-hah! Having trouble? You're hitting nothing but air!”

>PP: “Can't touch this!”
>PP: "How do you like the new look?"

>GG has her hands on BB’s shoulders to clam her down
>GG: “Are you unharmed?”
>BB: “Somehow he’s able to dodge everything.”
BB needs to collect herself after getting motorboated by GG. Maybe she stutters a bit too.
>GG: “Are you alright?”
>BB: “Wow... y-you're really..."
>GG: "BB?"
>BB: "uhhhhh... I was trying to hit him but... he j-just dodges everything I throw at him.”

There's probably some more scenes/dialogue that needs a little more grooming.
When GG runs off panel when the bike stops, she leaves the helmet behind then.

"Can't touch this" was an attempt I made to inject 90s into it.

I don't disagree with any of those suggestions, I'll edit the draft tomorrow.
The dialogue is always a challenge. That's probably going to be an on-going struggle.
Looking at it some more, the "like the new look" line doesn't work with the context since GG would've already seen PP all spiked up by then.
I updated the bin.
Now it's just a matter of tossing more stuff at it to see what can be worked in if it needs spicing up.

Changed a few things from the suggestions. I left in "can't touch this" for the time being because of the context.
Tried doing a different tonfa pun.
Also had SS call BB a spaz instead of the hitting air line. She already recoiled in humiliation just by being watched as she made a less than spectacular entrance earlier, so being called a spaz is probably enough to make her turn red.
Golden Guardian doesn't actually announce her name at all in the script. That would be a big "reveal panel".

I don't know if people will catch the “Ton-fa pain!” joke.
Maybe "Its Ton-fa pain!" would get it across better.

BB's sidecar can be called "The BB's Seat" (The Baby's Seat). kek. It can even have a little label.

Overall a big improvement.
I didn't realize that's what you were going for with her announcing herself by name in the third person. Playing it out in my mind it just came off as awkward.
What do you think of re-adding Pinprick being the one to say her name?

GG leaps over the wall of cars blocking traffic, she’s pointing dramatically.
GG: “Halt right there Pinprick! Desist this despicable demolition, you deviant!”
PP: "Golden Guardian!"

Make it a long panel. Pinprick has one hand on her bosom and another on her leg.
PP: “And just who are you calling a deviant?”

Also, somewhat unrelated, the way I've been imagining Golden Guardian for this time period is that she is subconsciously mimicking the way she remembers how Silver Queen behaved back when she herself was the sidekick.
In the preceding time period, where she's solo or with other 2nd gen SoS members, I would write her with different mannerisms.
PP announcing her name is fine too. I just want a big reveal with her name said alongside it.
OK, so what else do you think needs to be changed/added to the script?
What's “aliens” pose?

Other than not knowing what that is, it overall satisfies me.
image:162087423610.jpg(123kB , 1170x1024 , 1612156944663.jpg)
Basically both hands up, open palm, chest level, facing each other.
I guess it's an older meme by now.

Want me to try my hand at page pacing it again?
image:162087545631.jpg(587kB , 1680x1756 , Pinprick and sidestep.jpg)
okay, I think I'm finished with these two

If you want, but I can't guarantee that I'll follow it to the 'T'
I assume you have far more experience with this sort of thing than I do.
If you think the draft script is sufficient to work with, then I'll just do a final update to the bin and be on stand by if I can actually be of help with anything.
I have a lot of art experience but not much comic specific experience. I have been doing some research lately, (reading 90s comics) if that's worth anything.

I want to start the layout on Sunday. Just to be exposed to criticism as I develop it.
That will be interesting to see.
Let's just hope we don't fall into that pitfall with why 90s comics are often remembered with mockery.
image:162112583291.png(2.14MB , 1930x3793 , 1620640099208.png)
Oh, this didn't get posted here.

Sensei Dave.
Very productive thread with a comic being drawn.

I just want to save some ideas I was having that I might develop into a proper script later on depending on how further discussion goes.

Freeze breath is robbing a jewelry store, he's wearing a hoodie over his head so we can's see his face, just the ice coming out from that hole.
GG and BB bust up the robbery. GG smacks him across the jaw and a piece of gum flies out of his mouth, when he turns to blow more ice, nothing. Then the panic sets in and he has to make a run for it. BB catches him and has him pinned to the ground, maybe a blade to his neck, maybe a tonfa tip pressed on his adam's apple. Just to show she's a brutal little edgelord. He talks and says his powers came from the gum he was chewing and that he got it from "The Candymen". BB doesn't buy it, but GG picks the gum up (using a napkin) to have it analyzed.
Either she's doing it or a member of the SoS is doing it and they find out that there is a super drug in it, as well as a bunch of other addictive compounds.

Stakeout time. BB goes undercover to make a purchase from this "candyman". They catch two Candymen (man woman pair mentioned before? Or too different to work here? Just one?), but they ingest a lot of their own product to avoid capture turning into either monsters or overloading their bodies with power to the point of self-destruction or both. GG prevails, but their captive candymen say there's always more Candymen to take their place and that they cannot stop the "Candymaker".

That'd be the end of that issue.
But building off of that.

GG and BB are after another candyman.
BB has the man up against a wall with a tonfa to his neck, he should explain that the serum works differently person-to-person and each person always gets the same power from the gum. He then activates his power, GG pulls BB off of him at the last second and he falls to the ground landing on a dog.
Power works by a flash of light. Anyone in physical contact who is exposed to the light gets body swapped. The candyman is swapped with the dog, GG and BB are swapped with each other.

The dog (candyman) gets away then they need to chase the dog in each other's bodies. BB realizes the bracers don't really work for her and just turn to stone to weigh her down whenever she wants to be brutal.
The dog in the man's body has a different power from the gum.
GG in BB's body adapts very quickly doing things with BB's body she never thought of and isn't trained for.

BB needs to have a moment of clarity to understand how to make the bracers work and not be bricks to save the day at the end and make the dog switch them all back.

Lots of detail need to be worked out with the second idea, but it's a starting point for later if we end up using the Candymaker idea.
image:162157446647.jpg(473kB , 612x792 , pg13.jpg)
fucking 3 day ban for rollan in a waifu thread.
I didn't make the thread. Why punish me?

fuck jannies.

I'll be back on /coc/ on Monday
/co/'s jannies are unpredictable and strange.
It's partly why I've stopped posting in random threads on /co/, the other part being there's not much of interest on /co/ for me anymore.

I'm impressed you got the whole thing drafted out so fast. Good job there!
this time it wasn't /co/.
One time I got a three day ban when I posted a page from a manga in an /a/ thread about the manga I posted the page from. And that's why /coc/ threads get made on Sundays now instead of Saturdays.

Anyway, I made a script from >>418889 and >>418890


Consider it more of a draft 0, I'm not sure the title I came up for it works: "New Age Criminal". It very much so probably needs more in some places and compression in others, but I think I managed to add a little more to it while arranging what was there into a streamlined short plot. It's shorter than Highway Robbery anyway.

We'll see what anyone else thinks about it later on I guess.
The script is a good start, but it is going to need more in the middle.

I didn't want to go directly to The New (another self-contained comic) after Pinprick. I was hoping anons could help fill out critical lore after the Highway Robbery comic. Highway Robbery really serves as more of a stake in the ground for the humor, tone, tempo, characters, etc. That way people can visualize what's being done here.

I was hoping we can connect more threads to og Golden Girl lore.
What are IA, SQ, and Iris up to? Stuff like that.
I'm not sure about throwing more old characters into the mix yet.
Introducing characters and being bogged down by exposition is why a lot of GG scripts never got drawn (Lucia's intro, Jade Empress' intro, the Crusaders intro, Silver Queen's origin to explain the bracers, the list goes on). Doubly difficult here since a lot of the "lore" is based in stuff no one wants to tackle. I've been trying to find someone willing to tackle it with me for years, but I'm rebuffed every time I try to get down to brass tacks with the foundation content needed for the extended cast of characters to see proper use. And that's just in the 50s time frame. There's interest everywhere (Girl, Bullion, Guardian), it just takes someone dedicated to getting something done and at least one other person to give feedback so conversations don't just die.

I really want to avoid any "as you already know" stuff too. The best I can think up right now is maybe having Foresight (Iris) show up in the super gum plot as the one analyzing the chemicals in the substance. That introduces her and gives her a chance to interact with BB, but doesn't force her to join in on the rest of the plot. Maybe she's just on the screen and located somewhere far away at the time.

It makes me think of something I read once about why Sean Connery didn't want to come back as Indy's father in Crystal Skull, besides retirement being too damn fun. They didn't want to introduce a character that the audience would want to see tag along and then not have them tag along. So getting too many characters in too fast would have that kind of effect, I think. Especially when BB is still finding her footing.

BB could also complain that she still hasn't gotten to meet the rest of the SoS yet.

As for IA, I think we'd meet way too much resistance getting her into the 90s before she's established in the 70s. It's one of the many things that's been rebuffed a lot over the years, but at least your 90s effort is forcing that discussion to finally happen.
Maybe someone else in the next thread will have more ideas than me to build off of.
>So getting too many characters in too fast would have that kind of effect, I think. Especially when BB is still finding her footing.

True, but on the other hand having the new character team up with an established one is an age-old practice for launching new characters.

I don't know much about any of the /coc/ characters but if this is set in the mid-90s then the floating /co/ city, the Justice Comrades, Internet Hate Machine and Chaptor are already active. Conrad and Colette however are still children.
Ah, no. The GGverse is actually a comic within the main /coc/verse (a comic book series within a comic book universe). It has more independence from the rest of the /coc/verse because of that, similar to Supermoms and BreastQuest before it, but with more success due to the much more narrow scope.

Having BB team up with an old character has merit, but is GG also there in this plot? This early on I wouldn't separate the two too much until their rapport is firmly established.
>Ah, no. The GGverse is actually a comic within the main /coc/verse

shit, okay, my bad. Shows how out of touch I am with all of this.

Although you could still do something like a story starting with Colette reading their comics, since she is known for checking vintage comics.
I remember when the concept of Breast Wars 2 was being kicked around (BW 1 was from before GG was created) there was an idea where Ladybug had grown up reading GG comics and, towards the end of the crossover, showed Golden Girl how she would turn out after being at odds with her throughout the crossover because Ladybug is mad jealous of not having huge tits herself.
another dead /coc/ thread.

That's fine because I'm going to be busy moving into a new home this week. Its not too far away so I'll get to progressively move boxes there, but at some point I'll have to tear down my computer desk and setup it back up a mile away.

Just a heads up.
It happens. There's usually not many people up past 2am EST by my observations to keep the thread a float.

Thanks for the heads up.
image:162223614117.jpg(465kB , 1836x2376 , HRpg1f.jpg)
I'm going to be doing some heavy moving over the weekend. I may be too busy to work on the comic next week.

Here's some lines. I'm really enjoying this art style. Not something I'm familiar with, but its working alright so far. Post it if I'm not available next week.
Looks cool!

Just try not to burn yourself out.
image:162356047942.jpg(798kB , 1224x1584 , HRpg2a.jpg)
Kinda got bored of working on page 1 so I moved on to page 2. Nothing says that I have to complete everything in order.

I don't know about the 90s comicbook style that I was trying to mimic. I just can't get it down. Maybe I should stick with the style that I'm familiar with. I dunno.

Anyways, I probably won't be in tomorrow's thread again. I'm going to be busy all Sunday and maybe Monday too. Just post this for me again, will ya?
Just take inspiration from the 90s style rather than trying to mimic it.
Take whatever it is that makes the style appeal to you and hold onto that while giving it your own take.

Also it's posted in the weekly thread now. We'll see how long it lasts for this time.
Seltzr, I just want to say to you if you feel like you are doing too much too fast, it's OK to take it slower.
Or if you are feeling overwhelmed, it's OK to take a breather.

I want to think that I get it, that you want it to be amazing with cool sheen and vibrant colors, and I agree with you that it would be amazing, but if you're starting to feel burnt out there's no shame in just taking it easy rather than feeling obligated to force yourself.
The thread died before I could reply to the feedback for "The Weapon Wonder" script. I've made some changes to it based off of that, but it's still in need of more work and discussion since I struggle with the dialogue.


I wanted to post it here now since a hurricane has a chance of being on top of me this weekend and I can't see the future.
Well so much for that thread, it didn't even last a full day! It's been a while since that happened, but I guess everyone in the thread was asleep at the same time.
Maybe I should find one of those "work on your writing" threads to get more feedback with the current script in progress.

May as well re-post these ideas for Dave here.
>"So when do I get to start breaking boards?"
>"Patience Sydney, first you need to learn STUFF."
Dave strikes several poses
>"Starter's training unified fighting fundamentals! Or just stuff."
>"Totally. Alright, let's start with teaching you crap."
>"Umm. OK?"
>"Counter Right Attack Pattern!"

>Secret Lightweight Attack Pattern
>backwards initiated technical critical hit.
>Wistful Hand Attack Cultivated Cautiously
>Secret Lightweight Attack Pattern
>backwards initiated technical critical hit.
>Wistful Hand Attack Cultivated Cautiously

Not feeling those names.

>Neato Nacho Neckbite

something like that
That loses the acronym aspect though.
How many times can we use that before it gets stale? Is two times enough?

The pay off to the joke feels like it would be Dave yelling "Remember crap!" during the fight between Sydney and some mall thugs.
>"Remember crap!"
I never imagined Dave to be a cusser.
Crap isn't really a cuss and surfers didn't all talk like they were from California.
But if you don't think it fits the character we can come up with something else. Dave's character is still... not there yet. It makes it very difficult to come up with lines for him since I feel at least one anon has an idea for how he's supposed to be, but they're not giving clear examples when asked.

Could be "Remember dude!"
But then what is dude? Dual ultimate/uppercut decking excellent? A double fist strike of some kind, probably for shorties to hit taller opponents in the jaw.
I got a lot of material to work with for Dave's script last thread before it went south. I likely won't work too much on that script until the next thread so there can be more discussion about it. Then after that script is done I think I should let some other anons decide where we're going after that. There's a handful of ideas for issues now, so I want to see which one catches some attention from someone else.

But another thing was the demon at the soccer field from "The Weapon Wonder" script (that's now mostly finished) caught someone's interest and a little fleshing out was done with his idea:
>So I’m thinking for Demon Soccer Daddy we go with Beliagore, the Infernal Ravager! A marauder from hell who leads an army of demonic bikers back in one of the circles of hell. I haven’t nailed down the specifics quite yet, but I like to think he got trapped on Earth at one point, possibly had his injuries nursed by someone, and fell in love with said person and had a kid together. Now he’s a Demon Father trying to adapt to completely different norms. He’s a villain only in the sense of having a warped view of the world due to being from Hell.

>I haven’t thought of a mother yet, but I’m thinking a daughter named Lily. I like the idea of her having two forms, a demonic form and a normal human disguise. Also I think the family pet being a hellhound would be funny.

>Besides the soccer field incident, I had the idea Beliagore is tasked with carpool duty and has to pick Lily up from school, so while we have an A plot of Sydney meeting Lily, the B plot could be Beliagore riding his Demonic motorcycle at top speeds trying to make the final bell to pick his daughter up on time, unintentionally destroying the city and ripping tears into hell calling forth his Demon Bikers through his fiery exhaust. The whole time he’s probably raving about how destruction will be wrought if the hellish pilgrimage isn’t completed, when he’s really just freaking out over how much trouble he’ll get in with his wife if he’s late for picking up their daughter. I think it’s an interesting idea for a villain, also helps expand the secondary cast too.

It opens up some options to use him in a future plot where he's more of the central bad guy, so I feel it's worth preserving here.
"The Weapon Wonder" is pretty much done now, I think. It might get more revisions later, but it has time.

Here's "Tempering Bronze" the follow up to it that properly introduces Sensei Dave.


It's still in the first draft as of posting it here. I'll edit it as more feedback comes in and change things if any major revisions need to happen with it. I think I managed to keep it shorter than "Highway Robbery", but I can't really tell.
image:163123841996.png(1.60MB , 3071x3508 , 1631169054347.png)
It has begun.
image:163444647060.jpg(133kB , 910x1121 , 1632959736718.jpg)
Progress on this thread's topic continues smoothly on the weekly /co/ creation threads.
I'm gonna post some of the related pics that aren't WIPs in this thread.

Sidestep in his civvies. It's changed a little since this pic, but he's still pretty similar.
image:163444656262.png(624kB , 1200x1428 , 1633381649381.png)
Doodle comic showing one of Sidestep's side hustles. He sells all the crap his mom steals/buys after she's bored with them and hides the money, only for her to find the money and buy crap similar to what he just sold.
image:163444659506.jpg(1.12MB , 2545x3376 , 1634050961236.jpg)
Couple of misc. Bronze Buster pics.
image:163444663985.jpg(1.34MB , 3036x2950 , 1634061041130.jpg)
Just trying to make sure stuff doesn't get lost.
image:163599798739.jpg(166kB , 770x923 , 1635977940468.jpg)
I'm going to be out of state over the weekend. So don't expect to see me in the /coc/ thread until probably Tuesday.
OK, have fun on your trip.
We miss you already
This has been steadily progressing over in the /coc/ threads for most of the year.

I'm going to dump some of my thoughts in the thread so I have them for future reference and also so they can be publicly scrutinized.

>September 2021
With the 90s era there's a lot of ideas currently, and I want to use them all since I'm greedy, but at the same time I need to work towards Sylikon. I think I might have an idea of how to do it, but it's a long road and I'm not going to commit to it since more stuff will come up before there's enough investment for that to pay off.

There's an idea for a cursed video game where a boss escapes it and is unkillable. BB has to figure out how to beat it while GGu keeps it at bay. She's going to find some nerds, get an n-zap and come back shooting. This is to build up to The New, who I'm already trying to build up with the mall robbers having sparkles in their eyes.
How many issues until The New appears?

Then there's the gak virus zombie plague. This idea isn't fleshed out enough yet, but my main thought on it is to build up to the mad scientist black market. The New should also build up to that.

Then there's The Candymaker, the drug boss peddling superpower granting gum through his Candymen. That's a widespread problem and more of the second gen SoS should be trying to deal with that. The first point of major friction between GGu and BB can fit in here with GGu having not taking BB to the SoS's base yet for reasons. Mainly because a lack of opportunity, but it's not like BB will see it that way.
There's also the freaky Friday plot that follows up this one, that's something I really want to write, but it needs setup.

All of this leads them to the mad scientist black market where all this crap has been coming from. BB and GGu should have another bought of friction here with GGu being unwilling to take the EXTREME measures BB feels are necessary to shut them down. That might also be a good place for BB to get the silicon tech.

But then there's Foresight and what she's doing. The Code entities are extinct by this point, wiped out in the 70s run (which I have different ideas for).

Without them, something else is moving to fill that vacancy. Something dark and grim and awful that's eating away at the world. Maybe that is what pushes BB over the edge to break from GGu and do things her own way? But then that takes us into Sylikon territory and that isn't discussed enough for me to really think too much about yet.

All this rambling is just me trying to figure out how to get Bronze Buster to Sylikon. I'm not committed to any of it and plan on taking things just one issue at a time so things don't get off the rails with too much planning. I know there's likely to be a lot of different ideas still thrown about for this going forward and I'm not looking to lock them out.

I'm all over the GG time line. There's at least six things I'm thinking of whenever I get on the GG train.
There's so much stuff I want to set up in Bullion, but it's more complex than the usual stuff I'm writing so I don't know how to approach it.
In Bullion, the end of the fist story arc, they take the fight to the code fragments themselves that are trying to rebuild the picture perfect 1950s post card of America with the people they've kidnapped and erased from the collective memory of the world. They can only kidnap people who don't meet their standards though.
So by going into this messed up Stepford world and breaking it, they free all those people and end up killing a lot of the fragments.
Bullion can have other arcs after that, but that's the main thing I want to do during Bullion.

In 70s GGu there's the Iron Assailant rivalry, the Billy rock star thing I'm floating right now, and also an idea I've had is Foresight being the go-to person for tracking down code fragments. Those are the three big things I can think of for 70s GGu. Stuff that can be repeating plot points.
By the time BB is in the picture the code specters are all dead and the grimdark 90s are becoming some kind of similar self-aware entity. Foresight should be busy investigating this, but I don't know how to incorporate it since my foundation isn't done yet.

I'm building ideas off of ideas right now.

>December 2021
I've had a self-imposed embargo on pushing any further ahead on GGu/BB scripts and plot ideas, but that doesn't mean I've stopped thinking about them.
Like how in Sensei Dave's class the main kid Sydney comes to blows with at first is a Riley Freeman looking kid (because that's all I can really remember from the 90s Karate Kid movie), but what if there's also a bald kid with huge eyebrows? A very angry, young /v/-tan expy. I think about this because the plot I find my thoughts circling back to is the video game character brought out of the game idea in which /vr/-tan would be a shop owner and it would be neat to have him in his natural 90s environment with his kid bro still being a controller smashing little shit even during the era of the SNES/Sega Genesis/NEO GEO.

I also keep thinking about it because it would help curtail GGu's sort of 'invincible hero' image since the monster from the game isn't something she can just punch into submission as it ignores non-coded damage.
It puts her in the position of only being able to stonewall the monster while BB has to go and figure things out, a scenario GGu would have ample experience being on the other end of when SQ was still wearing the bracers. I think it would help BB come to better terms with what her role is, or if not terms then realization of what she should actually be doing.

I'm still building BB up in my head, trying to find the right moment for when to slide the knife into the reader's kidneys when Sylikon happens.
Here's an idea.
So Audrey and Sydney are at a weapons expo. Audrey is an engineer, isn't she? That's justification enough.
At the expo, someone is unveiling a new weapon, a self-automated tank. Like a wacky Saturday morning cartoon tank that can go from tank to submarine to flying tank. It has an advanced A.I. that makes the self-automated part possible.

Some bad guys try to steal it and get into the cabin. BB also gets into the cabin and shocks the shit out of them with her electric whip, but also causes some shorts in the A.I. The tank develops a crush on BB because she saved it. Now there's a tank trying to impress BB and wrecking havoc unintentionally because it's a tank.
Maybe BB is into the idea of having a tank buddy, but GGu eventually has to put the tank down because of a misunderstanding or because it's causing too much damage.

It's just a raw idea. I think it'd be funny to have a tank be in love with someone making Loony Toons wolf faces and being just a bit too silly for BB to be able to handle. Maybe BB salvages the A.I. afterwards unbeknownst to GGu and this all leads to Sylikon since GGu was the one to put the tank down giving them a major point of friction. Or maybe it was Rad Lad re-uploaded into a tank.

I had to type this idea twice since the first time I tired posting it my post got eaten by a network error. I felt I had it better typed the first time...
image:164533150439.jpg(51kB , 708x720 , 1644539344979.jpg)
Before I forget this kid exits:
>A hacker kid that looks like a lil' Bill Gates. He can summon stuff from "cyberspace". Like monsters, robots, weapons, other dangers, etc.
I think he'd fit for the video game boss brought into the real world plot idea.
Yeah, I got hit pretty hard with the ban hammer, 30 days. I can appeal in a day or two. So we'll see.

I'll just update here for now.
Oh my, what did you Seltzr?
I posted a webm of a girl kissing a dog. No nudity. No bumping uglies. Just some spit swapping. It wasn't sex, that's for sure.
Shocking, yeah, but illegal? Who would have known?

Maybe the mods are taking a better safe than sorry approach. I can respect that. I'll appeal and see what happens.
gotta make sure 4chan is a safe space.
Well that sucks. I see their vendetta against furies still burns as hard as ever.

If you're worried about this thread getting filled up with WIP pages and variants, the mods here do actually listen and might do a clean up upon request after the finalized pages are done.
No truce with the furies.
image:165051766149.jpg(1.88MB , 1870x2482 , nuBB_vs_oldBB.jpg)
Alright. I think this looks pretty good. Old version for comparison.
I like it. It will make her pop more even when the jacket comes off.
Aaaand I'm unbanned. Nice.

Anyways, I'll be out of state for the weekend. I'll see you all on Monday... hopefully.

Maybe I can post some thing here today before I leave tomorrow.

image:165058872696.jpg(2.71MB , 3434x2160 , Bronze_Buster_character_sheet_2160_v2.jpg)
please update wiki, thanks

I think I saw the image you got banned for re-posted. Was Velma the one kissing the dog?

And have a safe trip.
image:165126256888.png(53kB , 320x461 , 1651078354291.png)
image:165905385690.jpg(617kB , 2109x2228 , good morning.jpg)
>Say 'good morning'
>"Yup, that's a Rule 1 violation"

I mean, I mainly say it to bump the thread whenever I wake up in the morning. And I never got banned for bumping a thread.
Ah, the mods of /co/ are still retarded I see.
Well at least it's a short one.
I'm going through the archived thread to compile the "last time" for next thread and there's a shit load of deleted posts. None of them are anything against the rules either and a lot of them were parts of the conversations going on.

So something fucky is going on with /co/'s mods. I know janitor applications were open not too long ago, so maybe there's a new one who's an even bigger asshole than the last ones.
This may have happened because posting "good morning (sir)" has become a meme where people flood the thread with the phrase. Apparently, /g/ and Indians are to blame: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-internet-is-filling-up-because-indians-are-sending-millions-of-good-morning-texts-1516640068
image:166654563170.jpg(1.41MB , 3356x3600 , 1666534369857459.jpg)
image:167695973809.jpg(3.35MB , 8152x5841 , 1676879975958424.jpg)
Updated model sheet for Pinprick and Sidestep.