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image:151144989000.png(38kB , 422x513 , rip.png)

plus4chan will close enter read-only mode 1/1/2018 is on double-secret probation

No excuses, no speeches, announcement only, final destination.


I have been approached by someone who is not only going to fix the code, but will also help me handle at least some of the day-to-day administration. This is pro bono so I don't have a date for when it will be complete, but at that time we will do a soft-relaunch with the updated software. Until that time, +4 will remain open unless/till we get a nastyspam, and then it will go read-only either for a short time or until improvements are complete.

For when read-only mode kicks in, here are some temporary refugee** locations set up by others:* Assuming I remember to, anyway
** Yes, I understand the amusing scenario of having a refugee location for a site that was started as a refugee location
moose ## Admin
I do want to give special thanks to the mods and janitors who have stuck around for this long and have helped to clean up filth, despite my almost-complete radio silence:
- eating
- freehaven
- sneakytiki
- Venkman
Mister Twister
But... why?
Because everything must come to an end.
moose ## Admin
The board software is broken in multiple ways and needs an extreme overhaul or replacing. The host recently upgraded PHP/mySQL and I don't know if that has left any time bombs (nor what, if any, version I could switch back to in order to avoid that.) I don't have the will, energy, or, frankly, interest to do so. (In my defense, I don't have the interest to do anything.)

It's only a matter of time until the next CP spam wave, and if this wave has certain features there's no sufficient method to stopping it.

Even without that, posting and other site actions routinely fail. This site has been on life support for about two years now, and I'm finally pulling the plug.
Well now I'm depressed
Can you at least leave a read-only archive? One of the biggest problem with the new site was that the archives all died.
Mister Twister
Well, now somebody needs to create an 8chan version of +4chan.

YES THAT MAY NOT BE THE PERFECT OPTION, but anything is better than accepting death.
moose ## Admin
I'll consider it, but that's unlikely
I mean, I loved this boards a lot as well, but it has been death for several years now.
I'll gonna miss ya, but the good times have been over a long, long time ago.

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image:151146169900.png(527kB , 584x844 , 12376835_781406138656831_3505632273354854643_n.png)
Thanks for the memories, I guess.
Mobile Stone !zWb42fBPMM
It's been fun, fuckers. Gonna miss this place.

Hit me up on Twitter, Tumblr, or Mastodon if you wanna stay in touch with me (fat chance, but still).
Are you on fb as well?
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image:151146896700.jpg(44kB , 400x533 , 1498189654112.jpg)
I love this place, I don't want it gone!
At least lets make a replacement before this one expires
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image:151147168600.jpg(73kB , 407x407 , ok.jpg)
I've really enjoyed the past few years here. It's been a nice, chill board to check into every morning. I'll be sad to see it go, despite how broken and dead it is. It has been an honour to delete spam here.

Special thank yous to my fellow staff: moose, secret and the mods/janitors mentioned in >>416405 .
Thank you to Alpharius and an unknown anon for keeping /z/ more active than /draw/.
Thank you to Mister Twister and fellow posters for the YTP thread.
Thank you to the anons.

If anyone has a reason to contact me, I will always answer bluecatyellowcatbluecattwo@gmail.com and my YouTube channel that I shamelessly promoted in the YTP thread.
Darc Discordia !!VzpfrKjhXFf
For a site that I haven't really been active on in something like 6 years, I'm gonna miss the shit out of it. Fuck, this place was my primary hangout for ages, made a bunch of friends in the heyday. Can't say I'm surprised, given how little happens here nowadays, but still... it'll be missed.
Could create a board on 8chan, it's not made yet. Not sure if you'll get many posters though.

4chan: >­>/co/ or >­>/trash/ for threads not allowed in /co/
or 8chan /co/. I've never used it but it seems sane.

So many substitutes, even just use the equivalents on 4chan.

confirmed dead

>[porn boards]
drained by >>/aco/ and then >>/trash/, leaving mostly loli. I reckon there's a bunch of *chans they already use.

Possibly the only unique board.
You could claim 8chan's /coc/ (Clash of Clans). It's long dead, so you can claim it (takes about a week) and nuke it.
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image:151147425600.gif(40kB , 540x405 , 1491401074716.gif)
So where do we go when +4chan dies? Hopefully someone will make another +4chan with better imageboard software and care.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
here you go
Just join the fb /co/ group, Mr. B isn't there anymore and it's actually pretty all right.
And if you are into that nonsense of "shitposting", the vydia group is there for you.
Thre's a plus4 group as well, but it's as active as this board as well.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Nope, sorry. Used it for a month just a little over a decade ago, didn’t like it, deleted my account, then watched it become what it is today. I am grateful that I didn’t use it any more than I did.

BTW: stephentstone on Tumblr, Regular_Stone on Twitter, Stephen_Stone over on the mastodon.social instance of Mastodon.

If just for the civility and the lack of constant shitposting and such that goes on over on regular 4chan
Definitely, but for me this place is also great because it's less addictive. I often got invested in threads for days over there.
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image:151148674900.jpg(34kB , 485x430 , 1358727403555.jpg)
Goddamnit. It was inevitable, but this still feels like a sledgehammer to the stomach. I just hope the good folks over on /coc/ find a good home. I forgive you moose, I know you had enough patience and kindness to keep plus4chan alive this long.

Thanks to everybody who made my time here on this small and slow chan worthy of having so much emotion attached to my memories of it.
Later fuckers
Gonna miss this site, you guys are super chill compared to the constant noise of regular 4Chan.
Calling all. This is our last cry before our eternal silence
Charles Barkley forgot his old tripcode
It's been a long time since I browsed this site, but I got that steam notification and was amazed to see this place was still up. It looks so much different than I remember though.

RIP /co/'s skycastle. You will be miss.
Can't say I'm surprised, but still sad. It was fun while it lasted.
Silverhawk Anon
Don't say goodbye. The French say au revoir.
I thought the french say HON HON HON HON HON HON HON
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image:151152687800.jpg(30kB , 720x416 , dd55f76f.jpg)
It's been a privilege capitan.
Rest in Reese's pieces
apparently the other link expired

Have you considered letting someone in onto the codebase in order to fix it up, or giving the site to someone else to manage? I can't exactly say I'd be up to it, but I'd be interested (I do sitebuilding and php for a living), and I may have one or two options for hosting too. My only limit would be how much free time I have next to work.

If you don't want that, will you at least allow for a site archive, if not hosted here but made available for others? On a torrent or something?

>Don't say goodbye. The French say au revoir.

This is the end dear, the time of night when we delight in turning in,
But please remember, it's not goodbye but just until we meet again.
moose ## Admin
>Have you considered letting someone in onto the codebase in order to fix it up, or giving the site to someone else to manage?
If someone made a serious proposal, I would (probably) turn it over to them. I don't want +4 to close, but I don't have the ability to manage it anymore myself.

If you or someone else is interested, they can e-mail me.

>If you don't want that, will you at least allow for a site archive, if not hosted here but made available for others? On a torrent or something?
I will most likely upload an archive somewhere for those who really want it (for some reason.) I will also make archives for the old versions of the website available at that time.
your email is hidden by that cloudflare email protection thingamajing.
moose ## Admin
Weird, it's displaying fine for me. Another go at it, then:
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image:151157388100.jpg(336kB , 940x954 , 1508819260415.jpg)
email sent.
Will it all vanish from the internet or remain here on this address as an archive?
I'm guess moose is going to stop paying the server fees and so the site will be off the internet.

I recommend downloading anything you care about.
I meant to say hosting fees.
moose ## Admin
It's possible I'll leave it in read-only mode for a few extra months; either way, I intend to provide downloads for the site and scrapes I did of the old boards.
Snes !v68zTeBMI.
I guess I'm okay with this. I haven't had a solid reason to frequent the site for a few years now. I'll fondly remember the /mspa/ board back when it was still around; it was super active and my favorite place on the internet to discuss Homestuck. /a/ was also great while Legend of Korra still aired. After that, I never really fell into any of the other communities and have mostly just been lurking for three years.

Goodbye, all! I'll remember you fondly.
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image:151181539300.png(40kB , 550x1280 , problemsleuth2.png)
I saw this yesterday and was like "Oh, ok," but then it hit me and I'm feeling a little maudlin. On the one hand, I haven't been very active here for years, and I was always just an anon, but on the other, I first started posting here back when Problem Sleuth ended (I think I drew pic related for a request here, in fact...), so this board's been a thing in my life for a long time, and I've got some good memories.

Thank you for keeping it going as long as you did. I wish everyone the best out there.
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image:151181612000.jpg(39kB , 640x625 , ravioli ravioli.jpg)
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image:151183007500.png(278kB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2013-04-27-12h53m33s44.png)
I think the Wakfu and Dofus subbers, scanlators and fans in general owe you thanks for giving us a platform to work and organize from. Many good times were had here, and I can safely say I made several friends I wouldn't have otherwise. Best wishes going forward.
Mister Twister
Only December will decide whether this is truly the end.
I remembered this site existed for the first time in forever today, only to find this news. Dang.

I rarely posted and mostly anonymously, but I had a lot of fun lurking here and I recognize some of the names in this thread from years ago. I initially came for /pco/ but stayed for the Korra threads and Archie Sonic threads, since this was my favorite place to discuss those series. I also went to /jam/ almost every day for a while and occasionally /cog/, and /baw/ was pretty good for a general discussion board. This place was a nice alternative to other chan sites and I'm going to miss it.
Rodyle just banned me from the Discord because I support Trump apparently?

He wanted to argue about the Trump British/Twitter fiasco and I declined due to being busy with homework. I linked him to a video by Sargon of Akkad just to avoid the drama... And he banned me. Not an explanation or response, just a straight out ban.

Is this what Plus4chan has become? I've been part of /co/ for over a decade. I'm G_Ruby! I remember half of you from the old days of the Rizon IRC where we'd get drunk and talk shit to each other on Tinychat.

What the fuck has happened in the past few years? I know I've been gone, being in the Army and all, but I didn't think groupthink would ever be necessary HERE.
I'll see what I can do, I'm there so I know you weren't being obnoxious about it or anything....though I still haven't watched that video, but I'll still go to bat for you.

Thank you.

I wouldn't make a huge deal of it if it wasn't for the fact that the entire community is migrating there within a month.

To be so salty and corrupt over something so inane as political differences --- sad!
>What the fuck has happened in the past few years? I know I've been gone, being in the Army and all, but I didn't think groupthink would ever be necessary HERE.

It's everywhere, because if you don't support it, you are automatically a Nazi. It's really shameful that we have gotten so far.

Maybe the discord is moderated by different people, not the ones who moderate the site? I dunno. I've seen a bunch of vitriolic discussions removed on /pco/ as well, in order to "reduce the drama". Which is a fair point; but it feels like nobody is actually making ANY discussions there anymore...

It feels that we, as humans, went too far in trying to create a comfortable place for us.

I've noticed it since leaving the Army as well.

When I enlisted in 2013, the US was still relatively sane. While in, I had heard rumblings of discontent but it was all far away --- the military is pretty strict about avoiding political bias at work --- we all work for the POTUS. But damn, since being back in the civilian world, it feels like Soviet Russia. If you deviate from the mainstream discourse in any way you are censored or worse.

I am not optimistic about the future anymore.
I support his ban after watching the video, I'm sorry.
Well now I'm curious. What was that video?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
The very smallest of violins.

Also I've no idea about deletion in pco as I've literally never looked at the channel after making it.
>Is this what Plus4chan has become?
>implying +4 is a discord chat
As someone who moderated our politics thread, I can assure you personally that is not what we have become. No-one ever (afaik) banned someone for even extreme political views. There was only one brief issue with a few deleted posts but Stone owned up to it and never did it again.

Like you said, a lot of the community is migrating there so it would be heartbreaking to see shitty moderation like that ban.

>I've seen a bunch of vitriolic discussions removed on /pco/ as well, in order to "reduce the drama"
I don't mod that board, but all I remember was "pedophiles kys" vs. "loli is not wrong" shitposting (and I do not mean to imply the debate topic is inherently shitposting: their discussion itself was). I think it's fair to request it be redirected to, for example, the politics thread here, because that is a dedicated porn board and this is the discussion board.

>If you deviate from the mainstream discourse in any way you are censored or worse.
And this is why many of us visit *chan sites. Mainstream society is always regulating public speech, whether it be religious dogma or political correctness. The anonymity and (for lack of a better word) isolation of imageboards and other sites provides a low-risk outlet for honesty.

FYI - Serv wasn't an alt of mine. He's a friend from Operatorchan and /k/. Another community that I've been in for over a decade and that still has intellectual courage and consistency.

Here is a capture of the conversation upholding my ban: https://imgur.com/a/ASzK7

Lets recall some things here:

[1] I posted the video, //youtube.com/watch?v=I5ajF8Ust9kyoutube thumb , after being asked by Rodyle to respond to a throwaway joke.

[2] This conversation took place in #news --- A chatroom in which controversy and differing views would presumably be allowed.

[3] How is criticism of ISLAM, RACISM? Islam is a RELIGION, not a race.

[4] I study geopolitics! The criticism of Islamic immigration is specifically of the infiltration of Wahhabist and Salafist radicals and the inability of western nations leaders to speak openly about this violent contingent out of fear of being censured --- much like I've been here.

[5] Sargon of Akkad is a Liberal and a Centrist! He's not racist in the least! What about the video do you take exception to?

I am genuinely surprised that the Discord folks have decided to uphold the ban. They invited me to debate and then banned me when I politely declined and posted another news source, which they disagree to. Please tell me /co/ hasn't become TUMBLR?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Being blown away by the rationality here
>>416483 (me)
My mistake, I didn't read that properly and thought you meant our /pco/, not the Discords. I haven't visited that yet.
>Please tell me /co/ hasn't become TUMBLR
Oh right, you left about the time "/co/mblr" became a thing.

Oh God, I was making a joke. Please tell me you are, too.
/co/ is/was seen to be the most left-leaning board.

In 4chan Cup, when /co/ plays /pol/, it's called the "Left vs. Right" derby.
How do you justify the ban? Were you banning him for political views or some other reason?

I have not visited Discord and am only judging by what has been posted ITT.
>And this is why many of us visit *chan sites.

Unfortunately, some of them already has this mentality. 4chan in particular has become a shithole. Some boards more than others. It is mostly due to all the moderation moderating for themselves, not the community. And since Hiro doesn't care about the site at all, the moderators get free reign. Some rules can also be abused to effectively censor discussions, as well as the latest "meta in /qa/ only" rule. So now no one can speak about the state of the boards, only on some shit containment board that no one would care to visit, administration included.

>The anonymity and (for lack of a better word) isolation of imageboards and other sites provides a low-risk outlet for honesty.

The anonymity was only part of it. The other important part is that 4chan moved SO fast, that it was impossible to track or record any discussions. Everything was gone in minutes, or hours at most. This is not the case anymore, threads can stay alive for a week now even on bigger boards.

This is partially what killed +4chan I think. This place was meant to be for things that 4chan didn't allow, such as extra porn boards or /co/ projects. But 4chan can do a lot of those things now, over ten years later.

There are still a few niche things that this place does better though. I still check it daily for that, and perhaps because I'm just used to doing so.
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image:151218304100.png(725kB , 978x683 , super hurt feelings.png)
I checked that video, it's a stupid clickbait rant of a tweet (about the one where Trump retweets some recording of radical extremists).

Anyone who gets triggered by clickbait shit like this, to the point that he bans others, is not fit to moderate IMHO. Especially that guy who flat out stated that he bans anyone supporting Trump. That's straight up political censorship, abuse of power to silence those whose opinions you disagree with.

The only valid reason I can think of for banning him would be if he was posting wildly off topic rants, and even then it should be just a kick only, or a short temporary ban.

Speaking of which, this is getting off topic as well.

>Please tell me /co/ hasn't become TUMBLR?

Anon, I don't know how to break this to you...

Rodyle literally said he banned me because I am a Trump supporter. Here is the screencap:


I suspect there is going to be another /co/ schism soon if this is the face of the community now.
>Some boards more than others.
The only reason I still visit. I went to /mu/ yesterday out of curiosity and found it covered in political bait (and then a post complaining about that fact). It legitimately looked like a half-assed raid.

>as well as the latest "meta in /qa/ only" rule. So now no one can speak about the state of the boards
Haha yes. I am aggravated at the number of threads I've seen where people asking why a post got deleted get deleted. It doesn't solve the problem if you just confuse people.

There's one board in particular with essentially zero moderation (and it's actually surprisingly comfy) (no it isn't fucking /b/) and I made a post asking which boards they thought had the worst mods, since the thread would get deleted elsewhere. There is likely to be a community bias there, but well over half the posts said /co/, with second place being /v/.

>This is partially what killed +4chan I think. This place was meant to be for things that 4chan didn't allow, such as extra porn boards or /co/ projects. But 4chan can do a lot of those things now, over ten years later.
Definitely. /aco/ and another board killed +4chan. /pco/ was the main attraction and now it really only appeals to loli/ss posters.
>I suspect there is going to be another /co/ schism soon
That Lion King thread[s] give me hope. /co/ became /b/ for a day, but in a good way.

Basically someone posted Lion King r34 in a thread and it stayed up getting bumped for 5 hours. Anons made a couple of threads for posting all the posts /co/ would usually delete.
>I suspect there is going to be another /co/ schism soon if this is the face of the community now.

There is no schism whatsoever to happen. Marvel and DC are actively feeding the SJW PC culture, which then invites more such people to comics discussions, meanwhile those of us who... you know, like to read comics, are getting increasingly disillusioned about the treatment the big two gives its characters. Or in other words, the characters and storylines we grew up with, they all got removed in the last secret war / crisis, and we have entirely new ones in their place. Oh, and this happens every damn year, too. All books are written for the trade format too, not for single issues, so what would fit in a single issue is now spread among 6 issues.

About the only good stuff on /co/ are the occasional euro comic storylines by phillywilly. And on that note: a few days ago, /v/ had a huge Asterix/euro comic thread, and it was WAY better than any such discussion I've seen on /co/ for years.

>/aco/ and another board killed +4chan.

Those boards are both junk. /aco/ is western /d/, and /trash/ is closer to what /aco/ should have been. The one thing that they have over our /pco/ is that they have no DNP list at all. Which is funny because /pco/ instead deletes stuff that gets too popular or has too long discussions, which is what I think really killed it - any time something popular is posted, people jump on it, it eventually gets removed due to "drama", and the board gets a little more empty.

But I still think it is a better board, cause /pco/ has artists more welcomed, the two boards on 4chan are actively anti-content: if the artist draws something the board mods don't like or allow. And yeah, that includes loli, like it or not, if you post adult art of comic/cartoon characters, that will invariably include characters who look underage.

The drawthreads are the worst on all of 4chan btw. Moderators just randomly delete everything there that they don't like. There's no feedback at all. I remember in the old times, if someone repeatedly asked for something, his thread wasn't silently deleted, it was left alive with the "user got deleted for this message" text for everyone to see that something isn't allowed - if it was a lone thread, it got pinned. Hulkbusted, was the term, I reckon.
I feel that this only works when the mods are away. Now that you mention it, the few fun threads I see are ones I see at work, and since I'm in Europe this would mean that in the USA it is still too early. Could be why the mods don't respond.

Do you have an archive link for that thread?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
I'm sure that Marvel and DC, and the discord are really going to suffer over the loss of the much coveted Good Ol Boys demo.

That is the thing --- I am not a "Good Ol' Boy". I am a black veteran who lives and studies in Seattle. I am far from whatever caricature of villainy you want to paint everyone who doesn't agree with your binary worldview as.

You don't even know if I support Trump or just support honest discussion on the topic of immigration and reform of Islamic doctrine.

You could have taken the time to engage with me, but you chose to ban and mock me.

You are literally everything you purport to hate.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Shit you're right I just checked in the mirror and I was the Nazi the whole time, man who literally admitted he's a Trump supporter and just honestly reposts white supremacists
Could you move your stupid argument elsewhere please? Nobody gives a fuck if you are a Trump supporter or a muslim extremist or a Teutonic Knight or the "Samurai who the jews fear".

So you admit you banned me simply for being a Trump supporter and not anything I did or said?

How is Sargon of Akkad, a quarter-black British liberal who is bashed by the Alt-Right constantly, a white supremacist?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
ah yes, forever clean of being a nazi by that most left wing of logics, the one drop rule

I banned you for being a nazi who posts nazi shit. Which is what Sargon is, no matter what nonsense about him being a liberal or you just "seeking open discussion" or whatever other horse shit you spout. Y'all are not welcome on the server, which makes it really baffling why you are trying to like, argue your way back on it, especially when it should be very obvious that the preset smokescreens aren't working.
Dude, you need to stop. He already made a fool out of himself. Just drop it.
You are the Nazi, not him.

Now both of you fuck off.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>You are the Nazi, not him.
purging the good and honests national socialists of this world, thatsa me
Alright, I give up. Its obvious the community has morphed into something alltogether disturbing and alien in my absence.

I'll just linger about until the the closing day then go back to 4/co/ or hope that enough other folks migrate to 8/co/ to revive it again.

For the folks in this thread who were rational and level-headed in this thread, I thank you for your support.

For the... "/co/mbler" contigent, I sincerely hope that someday you come to realize that you're one of the reasons our hobby is rapidly decaying.
On a tangent, whatever happened to Hellstroem, Astro, Jane, Coelasquid, Kaziklu, Lobster Johnson, Supra Nigra, Maru, Kosh and the rest of the 2010-2012 /co/ crew?
When you ban someone for thinking something you think he shouldn't, ie. you block others from practicing their free speech, that's when you are a literal Nazi. And yes, free speech means that they may say something you don't like. If you had any inclination of what you are speaking of, you'd know this.

Nice jobs filling this thread up with /pol/ shit, faggot.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>When you ban someone for thinking something you think he shouldn't, ie. you block others from practicing their free speech
TIL throwing someone out of my own discord=book burning and protest breaking

you losers love to pretend otherwise but people not letting you smear shit on their walls and throwing you out isn't political oppression, it's just keeping the house clean
>For the... "/co/mbler" contigent, I sincerely hope that someday you come to realize that you're one of the reasons our hobby is rapidly decaying.

That one is unfortunately a cycle that feeds itself. Something becomes popular by some subgroup, the big two will jump on the bandwagon and start catering for whatever is popular. 90s had this same thing going on when Todd, Rob, and Erik made extreme muscles, extreme anatomy, and extreme guns and gore a thing: suddenly all comics had that cause it was popular. They had a comic with Doctor Doom of all people, crying when he saw 9/11 happen, because that was the hot topic at the time.

I'm only hoping that they'll finally stop reimagining everything in this regard, as they have since found out that this does not turn into sales. Marvel also booted Bendis, so that's another chance that they might just be able to start making good comics with actual continuities again.

But it is also the rest of the world that needs to stop the PC bullshit, because it is getting way out of hand (for the record: I live in Europe).
nobody cares.
fuck off already.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
Clearly quite a few people cared, given all the posts about it.

save file
image:151218782000.jpg(74kB , 960x720 , if you put it that way.jpg)
>Nice jobs filling this thread up with /pol/ shit, faggot.
It was a nice chill goodbye thread but I think everyone who cares has said goodbye.

If you want then I can delete all these posts tomorrow and tempban you all for an hour.

PLease keep >>416509 up.

I am honestly curious about what happened to my friends from before this dystopia emerged.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>When you ban someone for thinking something you think he shouldn't, ie. you block others from practicing their free speech, that's when you are a literal Nazi.

You have the right to speak your mind, but you do not have the right to make people listen. The owners and operators of a privately-owned/privately-run platform have the right to say “we don’t do [x] here”. If you keep doing [x], they have the right to boot you from that platform. Their right of association can and should be upheld. You have yet to say why it should not.
Finally found it. https://boards.fireden.net/co/thread/96767984
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
It's literally about the discord linked in the OP.
That is on-topic. It's cool.

Most of them just left the site years ago, when or before we switched to the new plus4chan.org. I can't say what happened to them.

Absolutely true, but then again I hold the view that he's using the +4chan name and therefore should try to keep a similar legacy. Restrictive moderation defeats the entire founding purpose of our *chan.

Oh fuck, the reaction images and all.

I can't stop laughing. Its pure nostalgia.

Fuck, I miss THAT. THAT is what /co/ should be.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

>I hold the view that he's using the +4chan name and therefore should try to keep a similar legacy.

That’s cute. Admirable, even. Now, show me where he is obligated to do so.
Yeah but I don't like discord and so I want to ban all discord users.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
I don't like Nazis, and I want to ban all Nazis.
>Now, show me where he is obligated to do so.
He isn't. No need to be all mocking about it.
That looks terrible.
I agree. They were good threads with a lot of nice, heartfelt posts hidden among the raid-material. I even met someone who had downloaded my old reaction folder.
That's a reasonable opinion. It is gay furry porn.
A modest proposal:

Given that the Mod/Admin Team of the current planned Discord are domineering fuckwits, how about we set up and plan to move to another Discord that allows for free and open discourse and greatly represents the ENTIRETY of our community?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
do whatever you want lol it's fucking discord
I haven't used discord much but if it's popular I'll help mod.

While I fundamentally agree with this, the way I see it, the guy made huge leaps in a flawed logic to justify his action. Also I personally believe that if you run a public forum, then you should moderate it objectively.

Let's change the topic.

I've exchanged emails with Moose about why he wants to close the site down, and offered my help. I personally still visit the site daily, even if there's not much to talk about with the dwindling user base. I'd like it if the site still stayed up, and if need be I can improve the board software (how much depends on how the codebase looks like). Additional responsibilities got mentioned, which I'm not fully comfortable with, but I could shoulder, given time to grow into the role.

So my question is, would anyone still like it if the place stayed around? And note that I don't just mean as-is, but with semi-active development. I understand that most people will just give the "let it die" argument, but I'm curious if anyone thinks different, or if anyone feels the same way I do?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>While I fundamentally agree with this, the way I see it, the guy made huge leaps in a flawed logic to justify his action. Also I personally believe that if you run a public forum, then you should moderate it objectively.
A discord server isn't a public forum.

Operatorchan was in a similar crisis a few years ago.

What saved it was a changing of hands to a more dedicated admin & development team as well as an aggressive marketing campaign to other communities of similar interests.

I would wholeheartedly support a similar strategy.

'Market' this site to 4/co/, 8/co/, Diversity & Comics, Capn' Cummings, Nerkish, Getcomics.info and other dissident comic book fan communities around the web. Draw in new blood.

Also consider creating and selling stuff to raise revenue for the site if necessary. Get drawfags to design swag. Sell patches. I dunno.
If anyone can view it, join it, talk in it, then it is a public forum.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>If anyone can view it, join it, talk in it, then it is a public forum.
And that doesn't apply to Discord, which requires that an invite link be generated by members.
>Also I personally believe that if you run a public forum, then you should moderate it objectively

>Let's change the topic.
Yes. Thank you.

As long as this place works and is enjoyable to check into, I will continue volunteering. I can also try and help with code (I have little-no experience with web dev, but am an intermediate-level programmer). I won't be able to talk much for the few hours but I am glad to talk more afterwards.

I think the biggest issue is hosting costs.

It will be much better than a Discord.
I obviously meant if people know the location of the place. You can't join a public forum if you don't know where it is, be it a physical address or a hyperlink. The point is, you let anyone in, which makes it open to public. If it wasn't public, then by definition it would be private, which would mean that you would have two gorillas in the door to prevent anyone without an invite from entering.
Alpharius a go go
I still want plus4chan to live.
>more dedicated admin
This is Anonymoose we are talking about

or Anonex
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>The point is, you let anyone in,
I don't though. I put out an invite to a specific subset of people which is only going to be active for a set amount of time. I then have rules that further restrict membership. And, of course, I am not the government so anything I run is private in that sense.

Just as Anonex and Moose were free to set their rules and restrictions, so am I. So will you, when you make your "objectively" run server.
moose ## Admin
What the fuck.

>>I've seen a bunch of vitriolic discussions removed on /pco/ as well, in order to "reduce the drama".
To keep arguments from consuming entire threads. Threads were hitting autosage because people were arguing back and forth about what an artist is entitled to, if anything. It's part of the reason that Area became DNP, because any time someone shared her work there would be 100 posts of crap.

If it's a dozen comments, whatever, but when someone starts a new thread and that hits autosage in under 24 hours because an argument devolved and carried over from the last one? No bueno. Anon, in general, isn't coming to argue with randos on the internet, they want discussion, or pictures, or both. It's about trying to keep a balance between letting people shit and keeping that shit from overwhelming everything else.
>>>I've seen a bunch of vitriolic discussions removed on /pco/ as well, in order to "reduce the drama".
I think he meant the Discord's /pco/. I thought he meant our one too.
Also sorry for helping ruin this nice thread.
moose ## Admin
Ah, okay. It would still be a valid criticism for these boards, though.
I didn't mean the discord, I meant the exact points that moose raised up. I think putting an artist on DNP for that was too harsh; because of 2-3 retards we got an entire artist nuked from the site. Would've been easier to get rid of the shitposters imo, but I haven't seen every one of those threads/discussions so I'm maybe missing the full picture.

I don't think "too few images in the thread" would be an issue... But I just hit expand all images and scroll the thread, ignoring all text.
moose ## Admin
>I think putting an artist on DNP for that was too harsh
That wasn't the only reason, or even primary reason, but it did help make the decision easier. If it was the main reason, Incognitymous would also have been added.

>Would've been easier to get rid of the shitposters imo
When it's one or two people, sure, and this was done in cases where it was apparent. However, that was not all cases.

>I don't think "too few images in the thread" would be an issue...
It's not.
Hellstroem I think used another alias to draw again at some point, but I don't know any specifics.
Coelasquid is doing a webcomic since 2010, thepunchlineismachismo.com.

I think I saw Kaziklu still posting around on /co/, there was a nostalgia thread a while back.

Don't know the others you mentioned - but Psu, ICS and Magi are still around and post art occasionally, plus they have their own tumblrs. Psu does a webcomic and patreon too. Geers is around on twitter but I haven't seen him draw on 4chan anymore.
My bad. I need more sleep.
save file
image:151225340900.jpg(2.08MB , 2048x1365 , AA9A0190.jpg)
You were a fun place, +4. Clear skies to everyone.
save file
image:151229361400.gif(175kB , 500x375 , laughing with skeletons.gif)
>every post by Rodyle
hahaha holy shit I can't wait for this place to die
>associating him with us
save file
image:151229977900.png(17kB , 312x233 , comfy skeleton.png)
Take responsibility, anon. He's of this place, as are many others who are just as vapid and self-absorbed. Allow yourself to accept both the good and the bad of this place before death finally comes.
Thank you guys. I started frequenting 4chan and /co/ most of all in late 2008/early 2009, so this was the place that kept the spirit of /co/ then alive. Too much of it is political shitposting and movie company wars now. /co/ was love. I hope we can meet together somewhere else, even if not under this name. So where you goin?
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
been here longer than you, probably
Rodyle will still be able to post even if this place dies.
Yes Anon. Not just the bad.

I hope so too.
>So where you goin?
As a collective? That's a tense subject right now, looking at this thread. Hopefully a certain unidentified Anon will be able to take the reigns and keep this place up. Otherwise, people are suggesting Discord but it's admin is Rodyle who seems immature so another anon wanted to make a different Discord for plus4chan.

Personally, I will mainly discuss cartoons on /trash/ and possibly /co/ depending on which shows because despite major administrative issues on /co/, there are some great anons floating around among the sludge.
save file
image:151233934800.jpg(189kB , 1134x1001 , tired jesus.jpg)
I certainly hope that the last things left of this place aren't his shit opinions that he can't even adequately back up.

>Yes Anon. Not just the bad.
I'm not so blind as to ignore the good this site did, which other anons pointed well in here. I'm also not a fool to delude myself of what this place isn't. When it was good, in the places it was good, it was a blast. It hasn't been that way for some time now. Most people here are just clinging on to nostalgia.

I'm here to watch this corpse finally be put in the ground, like it should have been years ago.
I disagree that the site hasn't been enjoyable over the past few years. It wasn't the same site nor was it amazing, but it was comfortable and cathartic to me.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
The incredible amount of time you're devoting to jerking yourself off over this is pretty funny.
Stop flaming. Keep arguments in the politics thread.
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
I'm responding to the flames posted against me mere posts above friendo.
Nevertheless, such posting should be redirected to the politics thread. Use post numbers to refer back to this thread if necessary. This warning will be enforced for all users in this thread onward.
I mentioned the site's closure in a thread and met another anon sad to see the place go. They mentioned the pokemon board from a while back.
kNOWLEDGE !16gOejO4l6
Basically everyone from ol' plus4chan moved over to Tumblr except Hellstroem and maybe Jane. Hellstroem changed names and was doing a couple comics before health issues stopped him. I think he still pops into the occasional /ic/ drawthread. I lost touch with Jane.

Coelasquid and Doom are on Tumblr. You know about Coelasquid's webcomic, but she also works on the new Ben 10. She and TheDudeVonDoom got hitched. She seems to be more active on Tumblr with him seeming to be more active on twitter.

Red's all over the place these days, y'all probably seen the comics with Lil Char, Buhbasaur, and Squirtle? Those are hers. I mostly follow her on tumblr and twitter.

Kosh, Astro, Bea, Bad End, Gentleman Bones, Junk, and possibly Lobster Johnson all moved over to tumblr. Geers has a tumblr for their art but I don't know how active they are with it. FerrousFellow has a couple tumblrs. MileyCyrus might have died in a Steam sale two years ago.
save file
image:151240025500.jpg(20kB , 242x279 , Ruby Sad.jpg)
I've been coming to plus4chan since after /co/chan died and I'll miss this place when it's gone. In all these years I wish I could've made friends here and in the other /co/ groups but I could never fit in with anyone. The few I did get close to are either gone or we don't talk anymore. If this is really the end then thanks for the memories and I'll see you on Discord.
Sad to see this board go, it was always one of my favorite sites, although I just lurked most of the time.

Does anyone know what happened to /pkmn/? I missed that.
This is bad and not good! I really ought to look into how I could try and support board admins more for taking the time to host things. Actually getting a job so I can pay people for doing things on an ongoing basis would be a nice start, but you know how that can be.

Would any of them mind if links to their tumblrs or other points of contact got posted here, since their names aren't the most web-searchable, and I only know Bea's through the A Ghost Story comic? Mine is at https://meticulac.tumblr.com/
kNOWLEDGE !16gOejO4l6
I think you'd have to ask them on an individual basis. Maybe even get them to come here and post about their tumblrs, ask if they even want anything to do with *chan boards anymore, especially if their tumblrs have anything about the real names. Otherwise it's like, HEY REMEMBER SEVEN YEARS AGO WHEN YOU WERE A 4CHANNER?
Darc Discordia !!VzpfrKjhXFf
>MileyCyrus might have died in a Steam sale two years ago.
It's better for him this way.
pablo !!WL1sg0nsEDB
finally...i can die...
I wasn't planning on finding people to talk about plus4chan, I just figure they migth be up to something interesting. And if I don't know where to contact someone, I can't directly contact them to ask where they can be contacted, so I figured I'd ask here.
See ya plus4chan, I'll always appreciate the friends I made here.
Good to see everyone's still alive. It's like a reunion thread.
kNOWLEDGE !16gOejO4l6
Try searching plus4chan on tumblr, see what shows up?
Thank you, that got some nice results.
so has anyone figured out a new place to migrate to or list alternatives for /pco/?
/trash/ will ban you for loli/shota and sometimes even furry versions so 4chan is not an option for most threads still remaining. 8ch could work (/pco/ might not even be created). There might already be an active community you can merge with, I don't know really, I'm not into that stuff.
I do agree that 8ch already has dedicated boards for most of /pco/ that having a pco board is not necessary. Them already having a /gw3n/ board was overkill then there's already a Ben 10 thread for the rule34 board where you can dump all the porn in, including Incog's works (though the latter can still use his DMCA to take them down and have done so with his Avatar works). The problem I have with it, I guess is that it's not as active as the /pco/ board and some of the regular guys who post on /pco/ just don't go there.
8ch in not good, people there aren't chill
Mister Twister
Any board is nothing without its userbase. People are and are not chill; if you migrate to a board, YOU will become the board's "people".
>it's not as active as the /pco/ board
If everyone moves over there then it will be.
>some of the regular guys who post on /pco/ just don't go there
Maybe ask if they are willing to or see where else they go.
8chan /rule34/ is the closest, that I know of, to our /pco/. However it is also full of furry dumps. The content is generally not as good as ours. About the only upside is that Mister D posts there.

7chan has a /pco/, and they are notable for having the most popular rule 34 board in ~2006-2007, predating paheal. I know that a few drawfags went from there to plus4chan. However, their /pco/ has so little traffic that every page is like going to the past another year. Their flash board is much more popular cause -8 posts there (I think?).

I'd move to 7chan simply because it was the original /pco/ board for me.

But as a first, I fight to keep plus4chan open.
the janitors at 4chan's aco are hypocrites especially when it comes to Star vs. Unfortunately nobody can call them out on it.
never liked /aco/ anyway since you can't post lolis there
So are the /co/ staff.
And yes you can call them out on it. >>>/qa/

But are you just annoyed that loli is against 4chan rules?
save file
image:151347334000.png(118kB , 719x476 , pppaco.png)
Yea, /aco/ sucks. And so does /co/. The days of "/co/ is love" have been long gone.

/qa/ is completely useless.
Is there any decent imageboard left? 4chan and 8chan have gone to shit, and everywhere else is either dead or dying.
>4chan and 8chan have gone to shit
They always were. It also depends which boards you browse. The comfy ones are still nice.
4chan was super comfy in the 00s. Then there was this ridiculous push to make the board more "discussion friendly", and it lost its uniqueness because of that.

Which boards are the comfy ones? I know that /co/, /vr/ and /g/ are not.
Well, we know the /pco/ board in 7chan is dead, but it also meant the mods won't be paying much attention to it. So if we just start posting /pco/ stuff there and only share it to a select few, no one will notice.
>I know that /co/, /vr/ and /g/ are not.

>/trash/ and /qa/ can be comfy. The users can be shit or spammy in many threads but moderation is very low to non-existent.

Lower traffic boards like /ck/ are comfy from what I have seen. Honestly though, I retract what I say about the boards being comfy. It's the threads. Pick your threads well and even /co/ and /r9k/ will be comfy.
Didn't mean to greentext that middle line.
>/trash/ is comfy

I knew it!
Mister Twister
This was something special
save file
image:151376078500.png(2kB , 196x72 , sucker blate.png)
I'm not usually a fan of Spurdo, but I liked it.
Guess we all have to migrate to tohono-chan and wizchan.org
lol no

desuarchive.org/meta/ does have a link to a google doc with all known imageboards worth checking out. They didn't have a well done review of plus4chan.org though.
Could we leave an invite to the discord were people can see it before closing down?
Read the OP
I'm an idiot, still i hope more people see it
>I'm an idiot
Not necessarily. We all miss stuff like that.
save file
image:151415152600.png(182kB , 807x533 , it's funny because that's not porn.png)
save file
image:151416566000.png(1.78MB , 1920x1200 , Merry Christmas from 8chan's co 2017.png)
Might as well.
Oh wow. Haven't been here in months and now this.

I'll miss this place even if I did stop coming here often. The slow boards on 4chan are the only ones I like at all, and this place gave me nicer, slower versions of /co/, /v/ and /a/ to post in every once in a while.

It was nice while it lasted. Thanks for the good times everybody.
And the same to you, Anon.
Man, this place dying for good and no longer being able to post on 4chan without contracting malware seems like the perfect storm to get me off this shitty imageboard addiction. So I guess I'm thankful.
I'm on the same situation but detoxing has been harder
save file
image:151440427200.jpg(52kB , 950x534 , 2016_01_08_c4_RoyBatty.47308.jpg)
Holy shit. I think it's been over 4 years since I've last visited this site, and I just randomly decided to see how it was faring nowadays, only to find out you guys are being forced to close. This sucks.

I started browsing 4chan in 2005, but since 2011/2012 I started looking into alternatives since high traffic and a perpetual contrarian culture of hostility towards everything was an annoying combo that ruined most discussions. Smaller boards were better (/tg/ was great for a long time), but over time the problems metastasized and only the slower sites like here and 420chan were holding up in terms of quality. This was a great corner of the internet where you could chill out and avoid nonsense for the most part.

It's sad to see plus4chan end, I remember people having fun with stuff like the Gorilla Munch threads with pablo, and the early /mspa/ threads before drama started happening for whatever reason. I slowly stopped browsing imageboards, but with the world seemingly going crazy in the last few years, it's still depressing that such a nice place that tried to be levelheaded is going away.

Thanks for the all the great times you guys made possible. Godspeed.
Join our discord, the link is on the OP and tell me where did you go when imageboards got rancid for you?
No place in specific, I started lurking some forums like WATMM and SA a little bit, and sticking to news aggregators. Also tried to spend less time watching online discussions and more time with my hobbies/offline.

I'll check out the Discord later, thanks for the tip.

I keep seeing discord here, discord there these days. So the omnipotent Chaos entity from My Little Pony made a board or what is this thing?

Sorry to see the boards go, even though I frankly only came here to post (and get) references for obscure anthros. I suppose I'll go back to Fchan and try to revitalize the similar dead threads there.
Mister Twister
I say you give Discord a chance. Especially if someone went out of his way to create a channel especially for +4channers.

In other news, a good thread got deleted for no good reason
Rodyle !Cljnc/gZnM
>So the omnipotent Chaos entity from My Little Pony made a board or what is this thing?
Skype+IRC except good.
Spode !TGirlYJKXM
Just for the record I am looking into possibly bringing back the /a/vatar board. It would most likely just be a sub-directory of my currently existing chan website punychan.org. More news and information there will be posted regarding this should we ever get around to installing the software or if we could install the software. Just wanted to make an announcement here before this website closes to inform those who were active participants in that board as advise by someone from the plus4chan discord.

I wasn't sure if this was the right place to make this announcement or if I should have posted in a new thread or even if I could make a new thread on /baw/. At least the message gets out and more people are aware of my intentions.

Thank you.
>those who were active participants in that board
There are participants in that board? I was not aware.

Yeah, this is the right place. You should also post on /a/ .
Any revival of a board from plus4chan to another place is always good for those to know where to go when this place shuts down. I'm still looking for potential alternatives to /pco/ but it seems mewch may be the least evil place to post as there's hardly any restrictions.
How horrifying
Mewch is a circlejerk, I'll advice against it.
If really there isn't any other chan to go you should try other websiites, tumblr has a decent porn community
Wow, so many people spamming their own links now, makes me think that discord urls should be wordfiltered.
okay, if you want to die in the flood is up to you
Now that I think about it life without /pco/ and /cod/ will be very difficult and making an account on some other site just for porn feels like a hassle
We have to meditate
Don't plan on leaving just yet.

I still have one day to fix the boards.

I'm a wizard, I can do this.
save file
image:151460634700.jpg(66kB , 1024x768 , suddenly wizards everywhere.jpg)
Mister Twister
And if it fails to happen, I got a backup plan.
tell me more
save file
image:151461353500.png(10kB , 297x90 , Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 00.56.28.png)

It is shit with a side of nothing right now, but I can only do so much in 1 hour. It will take me a few days (or a week) to figure out how to run a board. And delete threads. Cause that is very much needed atm.
8chan? That only ads more problems
Please forget about it, its not viable
I'm a mod on a major board, listen to me: 8chan is an awful platform with an awful community and an awful administration.
save file
image:151461442600.jpg(136kB , 580x809 , Tintin in the Horror of Dunwich.jpg)
It won't fail to happen, it's just that the current backend is positively Lovecraftian, so it takes a bit longer.
This is probably a better plan
Mister Twister
>awful community
A community is board-dependent. Also, there is no community but you. If quality people come post in a place, they become its community. I post on ∞/tech/, and that board has a great community. Do not dismiss this backup thing just because you had some bad experience on other boards there.

I also post on regular /co/, and despite places like /a/ and /v/ having "terrible communities", /co/ itself has great people. /mlp/ has surprisingly generous and kind people once you get to know them.
Except certain ones get pulled out for whatever reason. Sirkowski (Starship Titus) posted a few days ago that his Tumblr account got banned for no reason, even though he hasn't posted any porn lately. You certainly won't find much of Incog's works there.

8ch tends to follow DMCA requests, which is why any pages of Incog's works, unless it's a really old one, gets taken out. /kat/ is mainly modded by Simon himself, which is why a few of his NSFW works aren't allowed.

7ch may have the old /pco/ board, but it's for actual comics. Their /delicious/ board doesn't allow western hentai.
>Sirkowski (Starship Titus) posted a few days ago that his Tumblr account got banned for no reason

oh hell so that's why I haven't seen him updating recently. Where is he posting nowadays? He is one of the oldest great artists who are still around regularly.
Even if we all move to 8ch there is nothing stopping shitposts from other boards coming and at the end overcoming the original community. The other possible scenario is the community dying like all 8ch boards do, 8ch has been bleeding users since last year and i can't be the only person reluctant to move. Another possibility is the servers crashing for a third/fourth time and when the site returns we would had lost a lot of posts.
I recognize that lots of people call 4/co/ shit when I found it good but it isn't like that, what I'm saying about 8ch isn't about the overall community but the individuals, the average 8ch poster is pure poison.
Truly it seems like a stalemate, The discord server has nsfw channels but i understand some people will not like to post there unless they're anonymous.
I just asked the admin of b0nr if he can host out boards, he wants to and now I just need to hear what he thinks about hosting the nsfw boards.
I really want plus4's admin to talk with walnut and reach an agreement.
save file
image:151467707700.png(502kB , 650x582 , japanese person pops in to say hello.png)
There is nothing stopping shit posters from coming HERE and "ruining" this place, either.

I think you (we, I) are not in the position to be picky and demand perfection. If this place truly dies, +4chan∞ will be the only option besides Discord. Stop predicting all the worst possible outcomes, and give that place a FUCKING chance (if the need comes).
I will give it a chance with the hope it will be a temporary solution
I will host your NSFW boards. I just need mods.

Sound like a deal?
Eating ## Mod
I am willing to volunteer as a moderator on any of these replacements. However, I may be reluctant to regular the NSFW boards due to legality issues, especially if it becomes solely loli/shota threads.
Also, 7ch does DCMA. There was one thread where a mod raged telling the board to stop getting him DCMA notices or he'd ban them.
I can be a mod, as I said I have experience as a hot pocket
Chainerman !!wctpfvZh/Sa
Haven't been here in ages (so long that I forget what tripcode I used back then), but for a period of several years, this site was my go-to hangout. A fellow user helped me put together a computer on /tek/, I was here for the peak of Homestuck before it imploded on itself, I fondly remember Iron Man: Armored Adventures discussion, and I'll never forget the time "Here's to the Bard" was permanently attached to one of the hentai recommendation threads. I don't think I ever particularly stood out around here, never contributed to any landmark moment, though I did slap together a couple Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff-style edits of a certain amazingly terrible Bleach fan comic, which seemed to spread a few laughs.

Sad to see this place go. Been a pleasure, ladies and gents.
//youtube.com/watch?v=6YkZ1ZVcoMkyoutube thumb
Happy New Year

goodbye +4chins
Darc Discordia !!VzpfrKjhXFf
>the time "Here's to the Bard" was permanently attached to one of the hentai recommendation threads
Oh god, I'd forgotten about that. Fuck, that was great.
>This is pro bono so I don't have a date for when it will be complete,

well now I don't want the site to go read-only, so I'll have to have it done today, don't I?
I regret studying C and assembly to be an OS dev, this year I have been tangled in lots of drama that could had been solved if i was a web dev.
save file
image:151474625800.jpg(223kB , 733x1024 , Tintin at the mountain of madness.jpg)
If, as an assembly / C coder, you'd see the site source... well, pic related.
Give us a link Walnut....please save the boards.....
>he hasn't bookmark b0nr.com
Oh fug, I'm about to do Extended OS in C this sem.
save file
image:151475830100.gif(1.58MB , 225x169 , today is the day.gif)
today is the day
save file
image:151477852000.jpg(25kB , 284x417 , 122q23q23.jpg)
>plus4chan will close enter read-only mode 1/1/2018*
Great, now my farewell on /pco/ does not make sense
Goodbye friends--wait--

>I have been approached by someone who is not only going to fix the code, but will also help me handle at least some of the day-to-day administration. This is pro bono so I don't have a date for when it will be complete, but at that time we will do a soft-relaunch with the updated software.

Anonymous ## Admin
plus4chan will live on to make your life awkward at all times.
save file
image:151478355300.jpg(39kB , 207x293 , 1471489592668.jpg)
It's a New Year's miracle!
Eating ## Mod
If the dev anon wants a hand, I can try and help out. That said, I'm also a C guy with very little web dev experience.
Ah Plus4 continue on you immortal zombie you.
>Plus4 runs of a cobbled together bunch of code from separate sources.

Well nice to see something will live up to the Dystopia Cyberpunk future.
save file
image:151483359900.jpg(17kB , 540x405 , 7da02ede7a979b031d5b7d6577268fbf--the-shade-space-cowboys.jpg)
It's be a (Shameful but fun) honor~
Lost forever. Like tears in the rain... well, time to die.
T4 was here
Well, I had a good time, thanks.
save file
image:151483656800.gif(163kB , 776x1200 , 16.gif)
>Well nice to see something will live up to the Dystopia Cyberpunk future.

Dev here. It's more like if it was built by Warhammer 40,000 Orks. Like, it's cobbled together in a way that is very obviously broken, but somehow it still runs due to the power of magic space dust and MORE DAKKA.
I think I'll miss this place most for the artists it introduced to me and how they'd occasionally stop by. Folks like Gara, Incog, and Redout and that one Cloud guy who was around for a short while.

Good times. It was a small little slow community, but still managed to be pretty damn fun. At the very least we'll have the archive thankfully and who knows, maybe some of the issues with old threads being somewhat accessible thanks to some trickery will be fixed and made readily available. Who knows what will become of the old archives from the previous iteration of the site though...

We all knew this was coming, but I don't think any of us wanted to admit it.

Cheers you glorious faggots.
Chaos Magik

Last couple of generations have been very proficient at it and the internet has been a fantastic vocal point for it.
>and Redout
Good taste, my man.

The artists really made this place. Sure, /baw/ was my home but the site lived and died by the many drawfags that visited.
well, it is 02/01/2018 and it's not in the read-only mode...
Chainerman !!wctpfvZh/Sa
>and that one Cloud guy who was around for a short while.
Oh man, Cloudman. Fuck I still love his work. Even got into talks with him about a commission, but he had to cancel. Followed him when he moved over to FA and was posting there, but then one day he just up and vanished. Still hoping he'll come back some day.
save file
image:151510201700.png(35kB , 937x372 , Untitled.png)
Just in case:


This is great, thanks.
Would someone mind sharing with torrent? Mega sucks.
I split it into 1GB chunks exactly because of that, you should be able to eventually download the whole thing even if you get throttled/interrupted/Mega shits itself randomly for no reason.


Here's a torrent with the same files (putting up the extracted version seemed like a terrible idea, it's 87k files) but I won't be able to seed it 24/7 so someone else will have to.
save file
image:151514407500.jpg(277kB , 1920x1080 , Gum.jpg)
aww yeah. If it won't cost me my position, I might consider giving you /j/ with any emails removed. There's nothing there since 2014 though: there have only been two posts in the past two years (one of them being a relevant .mp3 in the radio, got sick trips on that post).

Was this done with a crawler or manually? Since you have koba, I assume it was done automatically. Either way, it's worth noting +4's pages feature is completely broken and there are actual gaps between pages. I think there are /pco/ threads you can still access from "Link to previous thread" posts but not from the index itself.
I honestly only care about the porn on /pco/. I wish I archived the old pre-2014 boards back in the day though, since they're apparently gone forever now. If anyone has those saved somewhere by some miracle, I wouldn't mind getting a copy.

I just ran wget and converted the links to make everything browsable offline. Most of the interactive stuff that relies on JS seems to work, with the exception of calls to PHP files (for obvious reasons). It's actually kind of bizarre how much faster everything loads, because you're used to the latency/bandwidth of the site being so bad.

And yeah, the boards are kind of a mess. On /pco/ for instance, you can also see old announcements on threads that are past page 4-5 or so, page 7 contains identical threads that are also listed on another page, and pages 9-19 don't exist despite being in the index (with the exception of 11 that randomly has threads on it again for no reason). I suspect it has something to do with the way the board software handles deletions.
save file
image:151515419900.png(77kB , 1920x968 , 2006.png)
I only have animal stuff from that era (eg. Gumball & Co., TUFF, caturday) and it's only the images. I would recommend making a post in /pco/ just to see if someone else saved stuff.

Wayback Machine (aka. archive.org) seems pretty effective for that era, so you can dig around there.
eg. https://web.archive.org/web/20130115022456/http://plus4chan.org/b/pco/

As a side note, I never checked what the pre-2013 site looked like, apart from the linked Archived Boards. Even the 2013 homepage is giving me a little nostalgia but the 2006 one is really weird. Apparently:
>unless he changed names (entirely possible), Anonex was not the original owner of plus4chan.org
>for the first year, plus4chan.org was a /po/ extension for papercraft and origami, not cartoons
>once Anonex showed up in 2007, there became boards and a radio for /co/, along with a recipe database and an email service. The first /co/ boards seemed to be /a/, /baw///co/, /coc/, /draw/ and /pco/ (there is a thread where Anonex discusses which potential boards were denied)
It's pretty neat to see the archive and it's quite browsable too.
For some reason it never occurred to me to check the Wayback Machine. Holy shit. Not only does it have all the threads, but most of the full images too going all the way back to 2010. This thing never ceases to impress me.


Now that I'm looking at it, the front page seems to have gone through about 5-6 overhauls over the years (and it's just a link to /baw/ with the new engine, same on the .org domain), I got here around 2011 so the green one is the one that resonates with me the most. I always thought this place was some kind of a /co/ outpost, probably because of the smut and the Wakfu fansubs. And we don't even have an origami board now, or /mspa/, or a lot of the other ones. I'm going to spend days browsing through this thing now and archiving it all.

Man, the whole site in the 2010-2013 era was just perfect, I still don't really get why he/they/Anonex/whoever runs this place had to change it. To this day I find myself clicking on the wrong fucking button whenever I'm trying to reply to a post or open a thread, it's so confusing. And I think the old boards just used standard Kusaba or something, which as far as I recall worked fine. The migration thread from back in the day says it's because they were "super susceptible to CP and spambots" (which sounded absolutely retarded to me at the time), and is apparently the SAME REASON the site is now getting kinda-maybe shut down for. Meh.

If it was up to me, I'd archive the whole thing going back to 2006 and port it all to a new engine when the site gets relaunched. It would be incredible. Well, whatever happens next, let's hope it's gonna be good.
dev update: I got most of the banning stuff fixed. There were some legit major issues in there.

One major problem remains, the part where the board indexes are broken. This is simply due to the large db size; the code can't handle it and crashes. It's why new threads sometimes don't show up, and why old pages turn into time capsules.
I wrote two fixes for this so far during the holidays. Neither are complete since I overlooked a few small things, but both work. The problem is that they are three times slower than the current code. The first one just doesn't update the last few pages before it timeouts, while the second one is immune to timeouts but puts so much strain that pages load at 1.5 sec and images sometimes turn up as 503 errors (it is basically a rewrite from scratch, that needs a ton of optimizations).

The big issue here is that the banning stuff is interlinked with these, so I'd either need to make a different branch for the current site or gut and redo a lot of it. And I'll be busy in the weekend at my job.
The wayback machine has a lot of stuff from the old boards, I was using it to check 2008 threads on /coc/ a few months back. If you actually manage to make archives from there, I'd be interested in having them.

The current site had a strong ban system but inbetween a lot of patching, and updates made to teh interwebz as a whole, it slowly broke down. Right now it works by ork magik and is powered by the will of moose. I'm not joking.

I agree that the current layout has some issues, and I intend to change some small details. Few things on my list for the future are:
- making it easier to copy out long filenames (try double clicking the filename, see what happens),
- change those post buttons a bit to make them more intuitive (not sure how yet; probably changing positions/order. But I also want to make them a little larger),
- add a mobile view (I thought the entire reason for this layout was being mobile friendly, but it looks like thre isn't a mobile view?),
- add backlinks and an option for non-inline quotes (I prefer those)
- re-add post subjects,
- rehaul the front page,
- maybe add a dev blog,
And I want to restore the archives but I don't know if there's anything left to restore or if they are lost forever.
If you have any other ideas, post them and I'll put them on my list.

But there are more critical fixes before that. Like, consider this list to be something I'd work through in 2018 when I have the time.

The one thing I'd want, but won't be able to fix alone, is to make the site more active.
>The big issue here is that the banning stuff is interlinked with these
Yes. I think I banned everyone last month by trying to ban an IPv6 address. Luckily it was just a warning.
save file
image:151518994100.jpg(40kB , 170x170 , plus4chan has a kidney disease that made it stop growing.jpg)
>The one thing I'd want, but won't be able to fix alone, is to make the site more active.
That bit could be a problem. As we've mentioned ITT, /aco/ and /trash/ have sucked the site dry, leaving basically just /baw/, loli and the request thread as the main attractions. I don't use /pco/ anymore, but I assume there are more appealing alternatives for people who want kiddie 34 pics, unless a couple of remaining drawfriends are pulling of strong one-man shows. Also, we kind of told everyone the site was dying so people may have left.
Well 4chan now has some shitty third part ads, we can cater to the people who wants a hygienic website
Sure. I'm happy to try some passive advertisement in relevant threads to bring back dome action. Especially if there are threads that mods like to delete or monitor.
We can also build a community unlike 8chan that is full of needless anger.
How horrifying
>How horrifying
advertisement is horrifying
Yeah, but if you actually integrate into the thread and suggest a reasonable alternative, it's much less horrifying. I wasn't scared of Walnut. (I hope he's ok with this site not dying.)
This might sound dumb, but is there any reason we can't just use the same layout 4ch/8ch/practically every other imageboard uses?

- Name/timestamp/post ID/replies in one line, no buttons, quoting simply by clicking the post ID
- Report/delete/hide/oekaki/etc options hidden behind a dropdown menu
- Posts aligned to the left instead of the middle for no reason
- Post boxes that shrink to the text and the window size instead of always being the same width

Or hell, even just have an API that that lets you access the raw post data used for displaying a page and I'll make one myself.
I have no issue with the current layout, but I would prefer at least a revert to the older layout (I don't know the Japanese names). There was no real explanation as to why the new "mobile", centred layout was chosen. In fact, the icons are easy to misclick on a mobile.
save file
image:151523522600.png(136kB , 958x751 , Untitled.png)
The old classic imageboard layout would ironically work way better on phones, since it scales the width of posts to any screen size and format. I'm guessing the intention with this one was to be "consistent" with the two and do something similar to the way 4chan's mobile layout works (set the width of every post to the same length since there wouldn't end up being much variety on a vertical screen), but imo it ended up failing on both fronts because of its inability to scale - so you end up wasting space on a desktop, and having too much of it on a mobile device.

Same problem many websites and applications are having nowadays by trying to be minimalist and touch friendly. I remember when Chrome introduced its new right click menus and they literally took up half of your screen. Having two separate layouts that actually work, with a separate focus for each, is often a better solution than similarity at all costs.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM

Agreed with this.
If I ever get the time to fix the backend, the next step will be tweaking the frontend. I'm used to the current design so I wouldn't want to remove it altogether, but I do want to tweak it to see if I can get it to be more user friendly. Maybe make a layout closer to the old ones optional.

>even just have an API

I want to make automatic thread updates at some point (even if would be near pointless with the amount of traffic we have) but I'd rather not add an API. I don't want external sites to start crawling all our posts.
Anonymous ## Admin
>Sure. I'm happy to try some passive advertisement in relevant threads to bring back dome action. Especially if there are threads that mods like to delete or monitor.
That seems unlikely. If we were approached by someone, maybe, but I don't see that. I actually had this conversation with moot many years ago, and he said that they had tried to get "sponsored" threads but no one was interested or willing to do it on 4chan. I doubt we'd be in a different boat.

In the meantime the site costs relatively nothing to maintain, and if it looks like that might change (and/or if we could use funding for expansion) I have some ideas for funding that don't use standard advertising.
Oh I didn't mean paid advertisements, I meant just mentioning in threads that this place might be useful to them.
Hey, can we get HTTPS in here?
Why not? being indexed by search engines mya bring more users
>Hey, can we get HTTPS in here?
this this this
moose ## Admin
Spoiler Alert: yes
Having an API and being indexed are different things.
Re-enabling indexing on blue boards (is that everything except /pco/?) is something I plan on doing, but it's a bit down the line since sites without mobile views are ranked behind.

>(is that everything except /pco/?)
The red boards are /draw/, /pco/, /coq/ and /cod/
save file
image:151530691800.png(16kB , 662x448 , cant even spell his last name correctly.png)
Requesting ban on /coc/ spammer. All are same IP address so I've deleted all except one.
Do you think we could also use new banners? There's a very distinct lack of them at the moment (two or three boards have a few random ones set up to rotate).
Can we get a catalog too?
So the site also needs a mobile version to climb on google?
We need banners in all boards before thinking about new ones.
There are already new ones that never got added to the pool.
>So the site also needs a mobile version to climb on google?
If a site has no responsive mobile view, Google gives it a rating penalty. I'm not about to turn the place into a SEO bomb; I just want to put it into shape because the way it is now, I'm surprised it is even indexed at all. A mobile view helps with that and with usability too, so it is a win-win.

>Can we get a catalog too?
Oh, I forgot about this because I hate the idea of the catalog, however we are so slow that we would definitely benefit from it. Added it to the list.
>If a site has no responsive mobile view, Google gives it a rating penalty
That's super scummy
still I hope we can get a boost after the reboot
Yes, this place is slow but I prefer using catalogues far too much
>That's super scummy

The mobile market is dominated by Google, so of course they want to make every site prioritize that over the desktop ones - you don't want to promote your competitors, don't you? If you look hard enough you'll also notice that some Google sites have also started requiring Chrome to work.

In hindsight the 2.4€ billion EU fine is starting the look very, very small.
Do you think we'd benefit from a RSS channel? Is it common for people to use RSS on their mobiles? I thought of that in lieu of a json api (and possibly combine it with a watch list too, so you have a RSS feed for your watched threads). But I don't know if RSS feeds are still popular enough for that.

The more I think about it, the more I think that making a json api in a 4chan compatible format would be more advantageous cause then apps supporting 4chan could more easily support plus4.

these are some very long term ideas mind you.
>I'm going to spend days browsing through this thing now and archiving it all.
Hey Archive Anon, is this in progress? I'm curious and will ask for a copy if it ever gets completed.
save file
image:151549536000.png(260kB , 1418x881 , 2018-01-09-11-49-27.png)
Haven't started on it yet because I'm a lazy piece of shit, but it'll happen. Most of my "archives" at the moment are just saved HTML pages of threads from various imageboards and data dumps. The plan is to eventually have a database of some sort that stores everything from a number of places (4chan/8chan/+4chan/obscure chans/even things like Youtube/Reddit and comments sections) in the same format and in the rawest way possible, meaning just the plain text of the discussion with the bare minimum metadata necessary.

Pic related for example, the version on the left is less than a fifth of the right one's size. Combine that with a format like webp (hopefully a newer version of it based on a better codec) and a script that downscales images to a set size and quality that's just barely legible, and you've got an entire thread with images saved as a single 100-200KB text file that hasn't even been compressed yet, doesn't need a database, and can archive 15 different websites in the same format you can browse at the same time with whatever style you want. Then apply actual compression to the whole thing, and you can store 2-3 million threads on a fucking microSD card. Which is pretty cool.
I regularly use RSS on my phone to keep track of various artists and booru postings, so a feed I can add for certain threads on /pco/ for instance would be fairly useful (especially if there's an option to only update it with posts that contain images). I'd still prefer an actual API, but it's a decent compromise.
That's definitely cool, but I personally wouldn't do it myself since I place most of the emphasis of an imageboard in the images posted (especially on the boards on this site). Of course preserving the images as posted would exponentially increase the size of an archive (since most images have a larger file size than all the text in the thread, up to 3MB each) so I'm guessing it's not something you would want in your own optimised database.
save file
image:151551552900.png(385kB , 1110x491 , Untitled.png)
My idea was to save images in a "bare minimum" way too, ie the shittiest quality possible where you can still read the text and tell what's going on, enough so that you could read a full comic if you were really desperate. Even if you have to preserve an otherwise hard to read image (pink on pink text, thanks MisterD), you can fit it into 20-30 kilobytes, then store it in the same text file as a bunch of characters (even less, around 10-15 KB if you just use an OCR and don't bother with making the text legible). And yeah, "exponential" is almost an understatement. If you want a ridiculous example, you can fit the entirety of War and Peace, a 1225 page book into that same image with some room to spare. And the even funnier part is that the downscaled, shit quality version of it STILL takes up less space than the thumbnails +4chan uses (around 40-50 KBs).

Still, you're right in that it's not a proper way to save images, especially things like comics and artwork. I have a separate hobby thing on the side for archiving various drawfags and forms of media, with an emphasis on preserving everything as close to the original as possible (while still being within reasonable size limits, so no 13MB PNG files). The issue with trying to save everything on an imageboard is that sadly, even with today's technology, it's just a crippling amount of data. 4chan for instance has 1.4 TBs of image content on it right now, and that's merely the things that haven't been deleted yet, so about 5-10 days worth of content. Not only that, but you'd also have to weed out duplicates like fucking crazy, because the same high resolution image would get posted potentially hundreds if not thousands of times if you're insane enough to try and archive something like /b/ or even /v/. You COULD do it if you really wanted to and you were Google, but ultimately it's far more practical to just make a list of artists/writers/musicians/companies/people/etc and save their works in a separate database manually. Even with a relatively small site like plus4chan, you end up wasting 20-30 gigabytes of disk space for a bunch of image macros and the incomplete works of maybe 50 artists that have already been uploaded to sadpanda and various other boorus you could mirror instead.
I hope we get a boost in users once the site gets upgraded.
Wait so I been gone awhile. Is the site dieing, entering read only mode, or it's fine now?
I don't know.
Your fortune: Outlook good

With some luck, perhaps?
How is the work for fixing the site going?
Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!

Progressing very slowly as I also have to pull in overtime at my job. But it is progressing, even if I can only add minimal stuff every day.

Note that even once it is activated, the only change you should be able to see is past pages working properly. Actual changes will come later.
Can you make threads show five or seven posts below them? The switch to three is just too few on my opinion. Oh. And the return of the "preview 50 posts" button would be nice, but not necessary.
>Can you make threads show five or seven posts below them? The switch to three is just too few on my opinion.
You might as well just enter the thread if you care about that many earlier replies. Since the site has no catalog, I find it good to be able to quickly scroll down the page.
>And the return of the "preview 50 posts" button would be nice, but not necessary.
Hey, I remember that!
>Can you make threads show five or seven posts below them?
I think 3 is good because of our layout (we don't have the thread starter image floating on the left). 5 or 7 may be too long... I dunno. Maybe it'll be experimented with later.
I agree that 3 is a bit too little (and for pinned threads, it's only 2), I'm just not sure if it would look any good. Maybe if we show less threads per page...?

>And the return of the "preview 50 posts" button would be nice, but not necessary.
I never used that personally, it looks like it is only necessary because we have way too many 200+ post threads now, which in itself is a kind of shock to me.
It would be possible to implement, if in a bit wasteful manner.
moose ## Admin
Improvements are great and we'll be taking some straw polls to see what to prioritize after the soft-relaunch, but right now the focus is stability and security.

Ask again later
save file
image:151616521200.png(317kB , 651x597 , 1359608594399.png)
I want the relaunch to bring more people but that won't happen in real life and that's so sad.
How can we promote the site?
moose ## Admin
>I want the relaunch to bring more people but that won't happen in real life and that's so sad.
Correct. But it will offer a nicer place for what community still remains, and hopefully a solid base to expand that.

>How can we promote the site?
I don't think we should, at least not through the obvious means. Spamming other *chans, Discord servers, the facetwitblr, etc. I much prefer "organic" growth, if possible, where it's mostly word of mouth as current users introduce new ones through recommendations (on-topic in a conversation, again not through spamming.)

But, the viability of a chan lies entirely in the level of interest in can maintain. So: post. (It's okay to wait until the relaunch, though.) Make relevant comments in threads on boards that interest you; if there are no such threads, create your own. If current users stay active on the site, it will make the site more appealing to newcomers, and those who stay will make it more active still. A large reason the posting level died off is because of repeated issues with accessing the site, plus massive spam waves that drove away people, so once we can properly handle those issues that might improve.
+4ch lives and dies by the loli porn in pco. In the end, porn is what any imageboard really boils down to.

What else +4ch has got going for it though is an excellent wakfu subbing crew.
>on-topic in a conversation, again not through spamming
Spamming is bullshit that makes you dislike a site. One Anon on mewch (whether they were telling the truth or not) even claimed to spam the site to keep people away. It's also a nice way to get raided.
Mentioning the site in a relevant conversation, on the other hand, is productive and more effective. It's how I found this place years ago. I think a thread on /co/ turned lewd and someone brought up /pco/.

One thing to ask ourselves is what are the appeals or niches this site fills? More porn allowed? Resident drawfags? /co/ projects? Slower threads that won't be deleted by biased janitors? nostalgia?
save file
image:151618809800.png(313kB , 488x438 , Spyro WOAH.png)
>+4ch lives and dies by the loli porn in pco. In the end, porn is what any imageboard really boils down to
Well, he's right. And since Wakfu S3 was a flop that barely got funded to begin with, the loli porn better be damn good.
>More porn allowed?
The problem is that people aren't posting more porn.
It would be cool if we could allow more porn - that is, post stuff that is not posted elsewhere, but by today that would be limited to things like exclusive content, which has always been deleted from here. Places like 420chan have a popular porn board specifically because they reply to DMCAs with a fuck you. This place never did that.

>Resident drawfags?
There's like one guy posting WIPs in /pco/ and Kyder sometimes shows up too. I'm not sure we have anyone anymore who is exclusive.
If we had more, that would be great, but everyone is just using tumblr as their home now.

>/co/ projects?
/co/ doesn't even have projects anymore, it turned into a capeshit bitching general board.
And even if someone does have a project, they just put it on tumblr or patreon for instant thousand followers.

Personally I wish someone would make actual comics with the now decade old /co/ creations, they are slowly getting forgotten.

>Slower threads that won't be deleted by biased janitors?
4chan has slow enough threads for that now, as well as nonstop archiving for continuous generals. Those are two things that destroyed the spirit of the site IMO.


4chan has changed dramatically in the past decade, it now does everything that this place was created for (long term discussions for projects, promotions, etc).

If anyone can come up with a board that 4chan lacks, that people would be interested in, we could create one. However with 8chan allowing people to create boards for everything, I'm not sure if people would specifically come over here for a new board.

As for /pco/, it lives and dies by content being posted, which is why I dislike the idea of DNPs. When Area was put on the DNP list, people started posting that comic to 7chan /pco/, which did not get any posts for 2 YEARS prior to that. I understand that people pushed threads to bump limits with inane ramblings very fast, but at least we had activity - now, we don't.
I understand, I will hold until the relaunch and then post, since I've quit 4chan I have lots of stuff to post about.
I been looking to ask if we can post stuff that isn't fanart on /cod/, I that that'll help the board.
I tried being a drawfag and giving requests but my art style wasn't up to standard, I will give it a second try if that helps the site.
I dunno what can we do about the DNP but its something to think about.

>read rules

It's all fanart of western IP. if not fanart, not weaboo style.
well, we need users that want to post stuff beside fanart.
Maybe after the relaunch I'll try with that
I need to stop being so fucking lazy.
By the way guys, do we have IRC or only that discord crap?
We have had an IRC for years and years, but if you this site is dead then you should see IRC.

#plus4chan @ rizon.net
well shit, maybe because it's not actually shown anywhere?
It was dead back then too though.
Thanks for reminding me, I was going to suggest that dev-anon re-install the plus4chan home page:
That has definitely been on my radar, partially because it requires zero frontend modifications.
okay, first feature so far that just has to be removed: on index pages, there's a line on the top stating the amount of unique users we have. On large boards this just takes way too much time to query down, so it will get the boot.
Sounds good. I dont think it will be missed.
Inter-board quoting might end up broken as well.

Unless we have a syntax for it I'm unaware of.
The usual syntax is >>>/z/84

> > > / boardname / postnumber
Interesting to see that it is half broken. I guess it wasn't used often for that to come up as a problem.
How is it broken? It has always worked for me.
It shows a relative link on the post number once you open the quote, meaning it links to a nonexistant thread on the wrong board. Also the 224400 on the end (picture size...?), but that could be broken for many other reasons too.
Well, the code is reaching beta status soon, and if no bugs are found I hope it can be rolled out.

Note for those who are expecting all new shiny features: the purpose of this update will be to work basically the same as the board does now, but with some critical bugs fixed, and the basics laid down for some future improvements.

On that note, are there any *chan mobile app developers posting here? It would be wise to coordinate some things, like what data syntax is expected.
Can i request a feature?
I want one of those boards were you can see the recently bumped threads.
Great. I assume you can make announcements when you roll it out but if you can't then just say if you want something stickied and I'll do it.
Can you give us a basic changelog? I'm interested in just how horrifying this site's code was.

>I want one of those boards were you can see the recently bumped threads.
A lot of imageboards do that on the homepage. On a slow site like this it's a good idea (but of course not a priority).
I was definitely thinking of a way to get all posts, partially so I can respond quicker to any possible spam attacks, which means putting it in an RSS for myself, and on the frontpage for others.

The reason I thought of this was because I don't even see spam on plus4chan at all, even though it was mentioned as a significant problem. Either our moderators respond faster than I check the site, or Moose put in some sanctions that protect us from spam very heavily.
Either way, some kind of automated feed for latest posts would help both me and the moderators for this. And with our reduced traffic, it could charm more users to other boards.

>Can you give us a basic changelog? I'm interested in just how horrifying this site's code was.
If Moose is fine with me divulging such details to the public, then sure.
save file
image:152094291900.jpg(736kB , 2000x1333 , janitor[downsized].jpg)
>Either our moderators respond faster than I check the site, or Moose put in some sanctions that protect us from spam very heavily.
I think both. Ask Moose about the super effective image precaution, (or just read staff board posts 87 to 93 if you can). I check this board maybe daily and I can see a few bans given this year by another mod/s, and there are other silent deletions by janitors.
>Ask Moose about the super effective image precaution, (or just read staff board posts 87 to 93 if you can).

Yeah, I didn't understand why you couldn't start threads with jpg files, until I read those.
Which actually bothers me a little bit because it wasn't something immediately visible and took me a moment to figure out. I wonder what would happen, if jpgs were allowed again, but thread STARTING (not replying) was tied to a captcha...?
Starting a thread is not too common and anyone wanting to do it can usually figure out basic file type conversion, so in my opinion the gain far outweighs the pain. Maybe a more descriptive error would be good, but then again we feared a bot owner would learn about the block and use another file type.
That reminds me, board file limits should be displayed (eg. max dimensions 2000x2000 IIRC)

Possibly maybe but honestly I doubt it. If you want to try it, make sure you give us a heads up because we may need to clean up a lot of CP spam.
You can buy a human-powered service that solves 1000 captchas for your bot for $0.50 USD. Many spam bots will use this since it's a pretty good investment when lots of imageboards require captcha. That makes captchas more annoying than useful.
These two posts may be informative:
Captcha is just an idea. I may experiment some time down the road, but not globally and won't be starting with that anyway. Might not even happen, depends on whether we can make the userbase grow.

btw, this:
was posted from the test server. The reply script didn't have it's URL updated, so it ended up posted over here. I couldn't figure out why normal threads couldn't be made, so I was cycling through random images and noticed that one of them ended up here...
>The reply script didn't have it's URL updated, so it ended up posted over here.
Pretty funny. How long did it take you to find the post?
Pretty fast since I check this place more often than there are new posts.
Well I got all the existing features added to my renderer rewrite, so right now the ball is at moose for testing.
>the ball is at moose for testing.
September 2nd (next week)
Well I did ask him if he wants to send the link to the mods for better testing, but I haven't gotten any replies from him yet.
Eating ## Mod
Yeah, I guessed as much. I guess all we can do is wait.
so, still in the game?
save file
image:152214756300.jpg(108kB , 657x666 , plus4chan is still best 4chan.jpg)


Mods please check in for the test, thx.
pls post those on the test board, not here.

also, please do say exactly what you did to get the error, if you can reproduce it.
Removed my post. I have made some posts over there narrowing it down.
x !!9zQTaG/w+7u
testing something
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image:152282385200.png(208kB , 511x522 , 1522713286650.png)
>4 months later and plus4chan is still half broke

If you ever do get to fully fixing plus4chan please make all the boards layout like every other imageboard it's not great or unique and please fix the front page.
(not developer-anon)
Priorities. Rome wasn't rebuilt in a day.
I think Moose felt the mobile-esque layout would deter spam bots, but I honestly can't tell if it helped. The front-page is a must-fix though. It doesn't seem like a hard thing to restore.
The fix for the actual broken parts are being beta tested right now. It'll go faster if more of the mods help out... So far one of the mods did, and he found 3-4 bugs pretty much in hours.

After that is rolled out, what happens next will depend on how well the new code works, and how much strain it puts on the server.
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image:152287935200.gif(2.99MB , 200x164 , 1522879066004.gif)
>test4 servers right now
Found the problem for webms loading, thanks to moose it was fixed (on the test servers for now). That's one less broken thing.

I have no idea what this image is supposed to convey.
>I have no idea what this image is supposed to convey.
I don't get it either. Also, great news with the webms.
credit goes to Moose for this one, for figuring out what our server actually has to process the videos.
Just in case anyone is wondering, right now I'm working on extending the new renderer to make it easier to add various different types of views easier. Once that is complete it'll be possible to very easily add catalog/frontpage/radio/json/rss/whatever, basically from a template system, so I just set up a list entry and make a template file and get cracking.

I could add a frontpage right now and get the new code pushed online, but adding it now would be too much of a hack.

Perhaps it should be added like that anyway since it is now taking way too long, but I want to finish the template system soon and then make things easier for the future.
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image:152597512600.png(30kB , 115x199 , Spyro looks at u.png)
>when Discord suddenly explodes and y'all sorry asses come flooding back here
Who are you quoting?
Mister Twister
Greentext does not necessarily have to be a quote.
I updated the beta board, mods, please check it for bugs.
I don't suppose anyone here could help with graphic designs for the site? Logo, background, hi-res icons, anything.
I'm sure we still have a few artists! I'm not experienced in any design theory, but I can upscale or modify existing things or do a basic design.
An artist is not the same as a designer... I have the creativity of a potato, so it's not the easiest thing for me to add new stuff, I just go with "form follows function" and let the looks go on from that.

Upscaling the current icons (the ones you see in the upper right corner) would be something very helpful.

Basically I'm saying, if you have any ideas on how you WANT the site to look, now is the time to show me. Changes in design will be slow and limited as I have to be careful not to break any existing javascript, but the more stuff I implement, the more of the old code I'll throw out, and the more modern the site will be.

For now I just want to finish the frontpage, and one or two things I can do either with the existing design or with no design but code only.
>Upscaling the current icons (the ones you see in the upper right corner) would be something very helpful.
Like the reply/report/delete/etc. buttons? I can do that.

>Basically I'm saying, if you have any ideas on how you WANT the site to look, now is the time to show me.
I think almost everyone wants the traditional imageboard layout back, or is indifferent. Apart from that, I can't think of much else. Again, letting more popular boards know about this would be useful.
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image:152651356200.png(5kB , 512x512 , icon.png)
I want to keep the current layout because
- rewriting everything may break too much,
- it is more useful for mobile (or rather, more easy to adapt)
- I'm used to it, and I'd rather fix its flaws than make something new that will be equally incomplete as I make it completely anew with no other plan than "look like an imageboard".

I found a concept by secret that is kind of a mix between a current design and the traditional imageboard ones, which I might pursue, or at least use for ideas.

But I feel like this has been told before. I'm thinking of layouts like header/footer, catalog, any additional pages you want (not just boards but whatever you can think of).

>Like the reply/report/delete/etc. buttons? I can do that.
Here's the full icon sheet. I don't even know if all of these are used and where. The save icon (the floppy disk) is not on them, and neither is the expand all buttons (both of them).

I think I'd prefer newer icons that are natively higher resolution, not just upscales of the existing ones. But if you make something that looks great and fits the site, I'll use it.
It might be a while before I have time to do them, but I can give it a shot. I will post progress pics then to see it my ideas are alright.
I reckon most of the icons are well chosen to represent their functions, not sure about NSFW though (it took me years to figure out that it might be a trouser zipper?). Maybe replace with an icon of the digits "34"?
The upper left and lower right intrigue me...
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Can we at least get the plus4 favicon back on all the boards?
The one single graphic I did by myself (and spent 2 days dicking around with since Photoshop did not support vectors, so I had to hand-align all resolutions) is a logo in various sizes. Which includes every version from favicon to app icon to that mac os transparent bar thingy.
My Name !dqR7okEYns!!9R3lqQxDZTi
testing something
ok, how many rss feeds do we need?
I was considering:
- latest posts in a thread
- latest threads on a board
- latest posts on a board
- latest threads for all SFW boards
- latest posts for all SFW boards
- latest threads for all NSFW boards
- latest posts for all NSFW boards
I've never used RSS but I might get into it soon. Wouldn't those last ones just be a combination of the first three?
The idea is that you have feeds for a thread, a board, and an "everything that is posted on the site" one, split between sfw and nsfw boards.
status update: most of the frontend rewrite is done, though it only has very basic caching, uses the mess that is the current HTML/CSS, and lacks error pages. I think it still has some kinks particularly in the way it handles permalinks. I'm slowly adding minor sections, old and new, in order to build up a set of atomic functions and style constants that the main site uses, in order to make rewriting that in the future that much easier.

Meanwhile RSS feeds are finished, and I fixed mp3s to show real bitrates.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Can you fix the issue with YouTube links not displaying video titles? Vimeo links do that, and YT links used to do that years ago until Google fucked around with the APIs.
I do have an entry in my todo that says
>- (js) fix youtube embeds
Wow, you are not kidding, there's like 4 sets of "trying another way" commented out blocks in the code for that. I'll dig up the code I use elsewhere for that, it should be fairly simple.
okay, youtube is fixed.
vimeo expects http links only, not https. I'll look into that tomorrow, I'm not touching regex without a drink first.
Okay, fixed both vimeo and youtube, made the player window larger, and made it use iframe embeds instead of the legacy object embeds - that should make them more future proof.

There is one downside though. Any links that have already been posted will stay broken: youtubes wont have title, and vimeo links just don't work. This is because the video popup stuff is generated when you post a message, not dynamically from the link itself. I'd need to go through every post in the db for all youtube/vimeo links to fix this. Which is technically not impossible but it might be more problematic than it is worth.
What is a good way to indicate if a thread has reached its bump limit? Icon? Paled out with halved opacity?
We don't have an icon for it, what would be a good icon for that purpose?
save file
image:152851055400.png(434bytes , 30x30 , no bump icon attempts.png)
I think a notice next to the time would work? Here's some atempts at icons, though: One with a car bumper and another with fists bumping, plus with red.
Those look like a ship from the side and an amphora or a trophy.
I think I'll just use the exclamation or the X icon we already have, combined with some other visual identifiers to make them stand out (italics, opacity).

Either way it is a moot point for now, because currently I don't have a way to query the required info fast enough en masse. It will need some backend tinkering, and I'd rather roll out the feature because it is useful enough even without this info.
Theres an anchor, isn't there? We can use that.
Anchor is used for anchored posts, a separate function. However it is not really useful, and I was thinking of removing it for that reason. I guess the icon can be reused for that purpose. Good call, thanks.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
How about something like ✋?
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image:152862809500.png(82kB , 1366x641 , Cawfee Color Scheme.png)
Oh, and while I'm here: If you can make new CSS themes for the board (which would be nice), would you mind making a darker, brownish color scheme? Something like the attached picture is what I had in mind. With the right text colors for readable contrast, it would be a nice way of having a dark color scheme for the board without using boring old black/grey combos or some shit.
I'll just use the anchor. However I need to update the DB to cache statistics first, otherwise grabbing statistics like that in an index page bumps the page load time to 1+ sec.

You are reading my mind, though I was planning it for a different reason (for fun). However to do that I need to change the html/css significantly for easier skinning, and if I do that the javascript needs to be rewritten, and if I rewrite the javascript then I'd want the ajax functions to use json because loading full thread htmls is barbarism. So we are a couple of baby steps away from that so far.

I want to roll out the new frontend engine first. I need to finish one important new section for it, implement an error page, and then squash any bugs and todos I still have.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
>I need to change the html/css significantly for easier skinning

I hope this means easy-to-change CSS variables for colors.
save file
image:152868950700.png(131kB , 1440x720 , Image2.png)
I'm not using css variables (as in the standard) since they are not well supported, but I reduced the stylesheets so they use general classes whenever possible. You can get away with a lot in CSS, so much that I never really found variables to be needed. Pictured is the old and the new colour stylesheet.
Keep in mind that the rewritten CSS is INCOMPLETE so far, it lacks every single post form and the positioning of the form fields (these will be a pain to do), and it is missing the actual index pages and threads (these only need minimal tweaks in the existing classes).

In other news I finished the first version of the catalog page. It works a bit buggy since it tries to load 100+ images in /baw/ and 200+ in /pco/, which knocks out the test server. I'm afraid that I'll have to make it use multiple pages, which kind of defeats the point entirely, since it turns into a simple index page with the threads next to each other... oh well.
Mr. Stone !zWb42fBPMM
Hot damn, that code cleanup looks great.
It's incomplete though. The one on the left includes a lot of form elements, not yet implemented on the right.
That's a style sheet, not code.
We can close this, finally.
This thread is closed