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image:161015303672.png(530kB , 608x1732 , 1443259198345 d.png)

Back in 2014 Deelette, the daughter of /d/-tan and /co/lette, was created. Up until about 2017 a monster kid school setting was a joint project between /d/ and /co/ where Deelette attended classes and had various friends.
The paste where we kept the stories and world building got privatized by pastebin's new policies, so I've moved what I can to the /co/ wiki.

This thread is for the discussion of any Deelette or Monster School related stuff for anyone still around who is/was interested in the project.
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image:161015308045.png(289kB , 1000x1000 , 1442917431134 d.png)
I don't know how many people are actually still around who remember this, but here we go.
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image:161015351934.jpg(167kB , 1264x1248 , Deelette Inkling.jpg)
She was actually made before Splatoon came out, so that was a happy coincidence.
>The paste where we kept the stories and world building got privatized by pastebin's new policies, so I've moved what I can to the /co/ wiki.
>pastebin's new policies
Quick rundown?
Pastebin has a new word filter that forces pastes to be privatized, only viewable to the person who made the paste.

There's been a lot of anger about this for the past week three weeks or so. A lot of pastes were lost or are still massing because of this incredibly stupid policy they just dropped on everyone. Many of the pastes weren't even smut stories, they just got flagged because they had curse words in them.
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image:161015774901.jpg(257kB , 1280x1292 , 1433542428837.jpg)
2014? I thought she was much older, due to getting more fanart from oldbies. Damn.
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image:161015783667.png(56kB , 723x600 , 1433546545683.png)
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image:161015785139.png(362kB , 1364x879 , 1440661381028 d.png)
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image:161015787313.jpg(1.09MB , 2100x2100 , 1514805561718.jpg)
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image:161015818092.png(34kB , 572x600 , colette fishing.png)
actually nevermind, this is all the art I have, most other stuff is just Colette + /d/.
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image:161016006816.jpg(481kB , 1000x1693 , 1407396630627.jpg)
This was the first drawing psu did that kicked things off.
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image:161016013236.png(23kB , 1120x600 , 1407469004317.png)
And I've already uploaded all of the Deelette pics I have to the board-tan shimmie years ago.

Deelette was cute.
I've a feeling the whole thing went nowhere because
- there's already a monster anime show, this is almost the same thing
- Deelette was basically a splatoon squidling or whatever they are called
So maybe people were not too interested in seeing a derivative work?
Or maybe it's just that being made in 2014, she was already made past the time when /co/ cared about original creations?
Deelette existed before Splatoon, no?
Yes, and Colette existed before Korra but people still just call her a Korra ripoff.
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image:161017997624.png(137kB , 501x839 , 1480971465662.png)
I mean /co/lette is a fusion character from many different waifu characters of /co/ (including Toph which is why she runs around in bare feet).
Happens to be why she is "Delicious Brown" in the first place.

She's also the most successful of such fusion characters from the board.
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image:161020463915.png(201kB , 531x470 , deelette 1511318353978.png)
>went nowhere
There is a whole lot of writing for this. More than a lot of other characters even.
Well, after the mods killed the winter ball of 2017, there's been next to no development on the board-tans since then.
New story! Grab it before the mods purge it!
Looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

Makes me think I need to better organize the wiki page since it feels like some of the stories and ideas might not be in the right chronological order (primarily the /tg/ Christmas is probably before she was enrolled at the school and Valentine's day with Cookie is probably even earlier when she was still living with her mom).

Would you say Deelette met Tibe before or after her first day at the monster school? She enrolled before she met him, but had she attended yet?
I would say before.
I'll keep that in mind if/when I get around to fully writing and expanding out Deelette's first day at school.