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image:171173727852.png(146kB , 1200x1000 , ep3storyboard.png)
Just needed a place to post this stuff
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image:171173761168.jpg(275kB , 1080x1629 , Screenshot_20240329_123738_Chrome.jpg)
Heres some prev eps
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image:171173764487.jpg(241kB , 1079x1633 , Screenshot_20240329_123745_Chrome.jpg)
Newest one, quality varies cuz im lazy
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image:171173773342.jpg(122kB , 1080x1315 , Screenshot_20240329_123808_Chrome.jpg)
Here's also a blast from the past, this was one of the first fred comics, techincally not canon doe. I think i got a few moar misc comics with freddy, and a few with other ocs i won't post