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Nigga Three-HoodAnonymous
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Thread dedicated to Nicky Two-Vests self-proclaimed arch nemesis.

I didn't update the /co/ wiki on him due to laziness.
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Blurb idea for NTV vs NTH face-off:

Amidst the towering skyscrapers and neon glow of the /co/ cityscape, Nicky Two-Vests, a lone hero armed only with a pair of gleaming daggers, strides through the bustling metropolis with an aura of grit and an unyielding sense of justice. Clad in two worn vests that harken to a time long past, his silhouette cuts through the cityscape like a shadow from the old West.

But when a sinister techno-villain named Nigga Three-Hood begins wreaking havoc across the city, the lone hero is faced with his most daunting challenge yet. This enigmatic wrongdoer plans to unleash a nefarious scheme that could shroud the entire city in a blanket of turmoil.

Armed only with his keen senses and determination, he faces off against the techno-villain in a duel that transcends time and technology. The city becomes the battleground for a clash between the simplicity of Nicky's leather-clad existence and the complex brilliance of the villain's digital malevolence.

Will the hero's timeless resilience be enough to thwart the villain's technologically-driven chaos, or will the evil ambitions of the threefold menace engulf the city in a digital storm?

In a metropolis where the clash of eras unfolds, Nicky Two-Vests stands as a lone guardian, defending the city's heart from the encroaching storm. Saddle up for a blade-wielding showdown where a hero's courage faces the cutting edge of villainous innovation.
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Marley and NTH

Decided that Marley is seen as a midget boy to NTH, like an annoying kid brother.

It also helps that both of them are tech driven nerds. Although NTH is mainly into engines and vehicles.
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Mini story.

Chaptor finds NTH on the street asking people for money and Chaptor somehow thinks it's a good idea to give him money. At this point, Nigga tells him a story of how Nicky's ancestors robbed his people of their Egyptian gold and convinces the dino that Nicky has a thing against him because he's black.

He consistently goes to Chaptor for money after that and creates something to destroy the city.

Somewhere in the middle of the story after NTH betrays Chaptor, Nicky has to inform him that NTH does this sob story thing all the time, and states that NTH mostly has it out for Nicky because he's spiteful.
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Mini story. A story of the past between NTV and NTH.

Nigga Three-Hood goes to Nicky Two-Vests' place and ask for reparations (because he can). He then blames Nicky for being racist when Nicky slams the door on him.

Nigga ask for money all the time. Sometimes he ask Nicky for money in public. Nicky remembers the first time he met Nigga and gave him money on the hope that Nigga would change, but he never did. Also this is how they became enemies. Nicky stopped giving him money and Nigga has hated him ever since (because he doesn't want to admit that he was scamming Nicky).
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Old draft with yellow hood
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His sidekick, Harlem Quinneesha

She has a queen of spades tattoo underneath her black face
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NTH with two board tans (humanized for /co/'s city).
That's a much more aptly put summary.

I have to wonder if Nicky ever looks out over the urban expanse and tries to remember what it was like back in his day. I imagine it gets harder and harder to remember the land as it used to be with each passing year.
Aight, so I figured out what his nefarious scheme is.

It's harnessing the electricity of /co/'s city to produce one bitcoin.

I 100% think that the equipment to efficiently mine btc these days is insane enough to warrant making a joke about. And since NTH's biggest vice is greed, it just makes sense that he'll put everyone in danger just to mine crypto.
I got banned on 4chan for saying that Trump hyping up bitcoin means that he doesn't have faith in the US economy. Supporters of crypto usually don't have faith in their economies.

To be fair it was on /biz/. Bitcoin is one of those things where early adopters profit but is deflationary in value because when btc is lost, it's not recoverable. Overall, it does not benefit anyone but the early adopters and the rich who can afford to mine them these days.