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image:141013705300.png(279kB , 651x1095 , Briana.png)
BreastQuest (otherwise known as BQuest or just BQ) is a /co/-created project about a lone well-endowed supersoldier and her friends vs the evil DFC empire.

Old /coc/ thread: http://plus4chan.org/b/coc/res/50487.html
Google docs page: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ai3U4gANt4s_dHZndi16U0RYc2VlWDEzSXVPcE5SMFE&usp=sharing#gid=0
Issue 1 script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11oblulzZFOXiU9c88kZbDTcYU2nlkzGoGNq9K1RsIsk/edit
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image:141013723600.jpg(170kB , 524x960 , 8bb8f6f536a7e78b11095b93a7fc456959de46d4.jpg)
Lately I've seen people on /co/ and in the /coc/ threads ask for a thread for BQ, so I figured I'd actually get off my butt and do it. All of the relevant information pertaining to locations, people, and other miscellaneous stuff are located in the docs section. If you've got an idea, post it in this thread!
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image:141013874500.png(113kB , 567x689 , 19f0aefd6fe35bb76e464f65e3f0b1f0.png)
There's also a wiki page on the /co/ wiki.


It could probably use a little bit more polishing.
Well there's hardly anything there. It needs to be fully fleshed out. Fortunately all the relevant information for just about everything is in the docs.
The wiki page needs to only serve as a short summary, an introduction to the project, but with relevant links listed on it for those who want to pursue it further.
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image:141021626300.jpg(111kB , 1280x609 , M55_Sniper_Rifle_System.jpg)
So if Arthur is a sniper he'd obviously have a tooled out super gun right? I think the only person who's weapon has really been looked into is Briana with her super cannon. But Arthur and probably most other people would have neat personal weapons too. Sharon has her crossbow thing, Seymour has his weird jaws of life weapon, and I think that's it as far as loadouts for characters.
He's been sketched holding a rifle often but as for defining his signature weapon uniquely maybe it could be a hardy rifle thats been customised and repaired alot with neat little details in its design that give it some character.

Something long and rugged looking that can handle alot of abuse as he drifts around the wasteland saving maidens in distress and being an outrageously heroic cowboy-sniper.
Laura is a demolitions expert, right? Why not give her some throwable sticky bombs or a mine launcher or something. It's obvious that she's gonna have some sort of explosives making kit on her person at the very least.
What if it was a collapsible rifle to minimize bulk?
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image:141046946900.png(841kB , 1092x2311 , Arthur is King.png)
mite b cool.

A rifle that fancy wouldn't be too out of place considering his origin and to give it the unique look as befitting a main character's signature weapon he would have over time modded it in various ways out of necessity while living in the wilds. Could store it under that coat thing he wears and whip it out suddenly when any action kicks off.
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image:141059993700.png(176kB , 600x600 , brithumbsup.png)
So was there ever a finalized design for Briana's super gun? What does it even do anyway, is it just a huge cannon gun or does it have special effects?
Been chatting in the Supermoms threads about doing a rotating weekend thing for threads.
One weekend there'd be a BreastQuest thread, the next there'd be a Supermom's thread, then BQ again, and so on.

Any interest in coordinating with that?
Yea that sounds great actually. We can get BQuest back into the rotation and have ideas pumping again. Something we need to come up with is the DFC symbol/emblem and the look for their basic soldiers.
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image:141083359900.png(9kB , 200x200 , iron.png)
Someone in the /coc/ thread suggested this.

It's an iron, and it contains the letters D, F and C.
Its basically an anti-tank pistol made by an eccentric gunsmith living in Los Lesbos, way too overpowered to be used safely by anyone until Briana the super soldier comes around looking for a new gun to replace her destroyed revolver (kind of like Guts getting the Dragonslayer in Berserk).
Special rounds were also a potential idea kicked about that she could end up acquiring at some point but even regular bullets for it would be something in short supply, I think that way was so there would be more focus on Briana's inhuman abilities and fists along with and her using her surroundings and whatever is within arm's reach in action scenes, save the gun for when she needs to blow a massive hole in something.
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image:141088357000.png(46kB , 1600x744 , infinity_black.png)
>Ironing board
Hah I see.
I'd be fine with using it for their symbol if others were.

And of course the wasteland resistance have the infinity symbol as theirs.

As far as I remember it being discussed the rank and file DFC soldiers would have identical dark uniforms and close to modern style body armour to contrast the wastelanders they encounter who would be wearing all sorts of outfits and using all sorts of random equipment.

Then you have the JUSTICE elites who wear fancier suits with more technology and have a couple of concept images drawn in the booru already. Would let artists show off more and have officers as lesser antagonists with unique weapons and tech-based abilities built into their suits.
New BQuest thread is up! http://boards.4chan.org/co/thread/65699470
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image:141136183400.jpg(882kB , 2048x1536 , 1411355776677.jpg)
Work was done to redesign Briana's handcannon in the latest thread and it wasn't coming out quite right, then some anon came out with this concept. I barely understand a word of it but its too striking to not keep a record of. Anyone grasp the points being expressed?

>>Okay. I had an idea that would make the Ruiner not only badass, but totally unique, to my knowledge. I won't make a detailed drawing, but a rather a technical one first, to showcase my idea behind the workings. Hopefully after that, an actual artist will take the idea and make it real.

>>OKAY. You want Hand-cannon? Have a LITERAL hand-cannon.

>>1.Barrel is in two pieces. Each chamber in the cylinder lines up with the barrel like a conventional revolver. Each chamber houses a guide-spring around the inner chamber which houses the munitions.

>>2. Each chamber in the cylinder will rotate conventionally using a double or single action, but instead of a external hammer, a firing block with an internal hammer is in it's place. This will form the block that the round fires off of. It is attached to the centre-rod, and oil-filled spring-absorber. The cylinder rotates around this tube.

>>3. The block is raised up and down in the same way the hammer would on a regular revolver, with a lever or a thumbing action.

>>4.The shock tube on the front will act as a straight recoil action moving the firing-block and operating the extractor, also dampening the considerable recoil.

>>5.Upon firing, the dampener will recoil, sending the block backward and operating the extractor, which ejects the spent cartridge out of the cylinder, reading it to be loaded again.

>>6/7. The barrel recoils into the cylinder, pushing the inner chamber, following the block backward as the round is fired and the cartridge ejected.

>>8.The dampener pulled the barrel forward, and the inner chamber guide-spring pulls it back into the cylinder. The chamber is now empty and upon rotating will be able to be reloaded.

>>9.The block slams back into position, aiding the inner chamber spring in the cylinder, readying itself to be fired again. (Depending if it is single or double action, the firing pin will remain ready or the pin will have to cocked again manually).

>>10. The extractor will fold into the guide-rod of the block with the pressure of inserting itself back into the centre of the cylinder.

>>11. The cartridge ejected, it can be picked up again for reloading if necessary.

>>Whew. Okay. That's my idea for the Ruiner. Now someone make it into a cool looking gun, my brain is fried.
And it turned out to be a pretty good thread.

New pics and stuff happened.

New BreastQuest thread
And so much for that thread.

What was accomplished?

-The swamp and Grandpa Jojo got talked about
-All of the main cast of BQ have pages on the /co/ wiki now
-Some more Breast Wars stuff

What else?
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image:141303056400.jpg(166kB , 1080x1920 , Rooker.jpg)
Rooker got his appearance drawn and a signature weapon concept, the golden mini-nade launcher nicknamed Money$hot. That and the wiki pages is great.


There's no reason to sound so negative.
This week's thread is up.

Is there going to be a thread today or not?

>Giant's jungle
>this massive jungle is exists on the edge of the western wasteland, acting as a buffer between the two sides of the wastelands. The Trees massive size and abundant output of oxygen allow creatures born within it to grow absolutely massive and every attempt by both the wastelanders and the Megacity ends in horrible tragedy. Even Lawrence Strongarm is afraid to tread into the Giant's jungle
>The Swarm
>These coin sized insects are a massive threat, swarming and completely devouring any beast they come across, luckily the Swarm becomes disoriented and confused if they move to far away from their hive, often resulting in them eating each other.

>Death Leos
>These colossal Lions are the result of escaped Zoo animals breeding in the wilds of the Jungle int it's youth. Top of the food chain and bearing an almost bored Temperament, these creatures will only hunt when hungry but are fierce predators that can and will eat just about anything they can catch. Their young are ambush predators that use their lesser weight to climb trees and pounce on unsuspecting Prey.

>These Apes, much like the Death Leos, were escaped Zoo animals that adapted to their new jungle home quickly. despite being herbivorous they are extremely aggressive and anti-social, usually living in small families consisting of a male, a female, and any young offspring the two would have together. occasionally they will eat bones of dead animals for protein.

>These giant Mantises live in the deeper areas of the Jungle, being about the size of a human. their diet is mostly what they can catch in their claws, though they will occasionally eat carrion if they suffer a bad hunting day. Females are three times larger than the males but surprisingly more docile. they show hints of having problem solving skills.

>These dog sized Aphids live high in the trees, draining vines and injured trees alike to satiate their unending hunger, fortunately for the jungle they're plump slow moving things that are easy prey for any hungry tree dweller and incredibly sweet to boot.

>Birds of Paradise
>These colossal rainbow colored birds are one of the many species that feed on Traphids. Standing about a head shorter than the average human their beaks are good for both slicing prey apart and cracking nuts open. they will occasionally enter into the lower sectors of the forest to hunt and seem to have a fondness for eating eyes, much to the horror of unlucky Megacity explorer who discovered this fact first hand.

>These Spiders are the size of larger breeds of dog and believed to be a relative of the Wolf spider because of their coloration and willingness to hunt. they tend to breed explosively but are eaten by enough of the wildlife that they don't take over the jungle. Death Leo cubs will often play with the curled up remains of dead Spinners

>Skull Crushers
>These enormous Deer are much more aggressive than their non-jungle counterparts, trampling and goring anything that aggravates it, a sufficiently enraged Skull Crusher can even kill a Death Leo, though it'll often die soon afterwards. their Horns never stop growing, leading they to whittle them to points against trees leaving deep gashes.
>Rotting mines
>located in several of the Wastelands mountains, these rotting mines hold a dangerously Toxic cargo. as a result the wildlife around there is horridly mutated. it's believed that one of these rotting mines was destroyed during the cataclysm and created the deadlands

>The Coal Boys
>This gang of snazzy dressed Crooks used an old mining tunnel to traverse the Two sides of the Giant's Jungle and guards the secret to their tunnel with their lives. due to their similar styles of dress and face masks it's almost impossible to tell them apart in a group. they mostly steal food and supplies form DFC caravans while in the Western wasteland, making it seem like the have an anti-flat agenda.
>The Coal Boys operate on both sides of the wasteland but on the western half only ever seem to attack the DFCs. perhaps the Eastern wasteland is super isolationist "Big Brother is watching" kind of society that claims the west was completely wiped out, With the Coal boys being the only ones knowing otherwise.
>the coal boys refusing to give up their tunnel locations makes me think [Plana]'ll be the one to get a coal boy to give up the location
>The first five simply say "Fuck you" and chomp a cyanide pill
>The next six die of bloodloss
>The last one managed to slip his binds and let himself be shot by the guards before the torture could even begin
>instead of just stealing from them the next few shipments they burn them in plain view of the megacity
>get a bunch of big tittied girls to rub their boobs in the drivers' faces

>King's Court
>this Ruin is the place King Kiloton calls home. What was originally a massive Hotel now houses one of the most deadly men in the wasteland. Slightly paranoid, Kiloton has rigged the entire place up to the gills with traps meant to deter ballsy bandits and Megacity cronies. His living quarters are lavishly decorated and stocked with food and medical supplies for when he falls on hard times. he sleeps in a massive plush bed and bathes in a tub made of solid gold.
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image:141539916700.png(437kB , 800x800 , 1415249777236.png)
There was also talk about how the rebel leader would be going around in secret trying to unite all the wasteland factions.

>With a ton of bridery and threats he gets the leaders of all the gangs together, along with their SICs
>Matilda is both pestering her son about his life and arguing with Lawrence
>other things are going on to make it even more Chaotic
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image:141539922400.png(510kB , 900x900 , 1415251138030.png)
Lots of stuff actually got discussed last thread.
So... where is this weekend's thread?
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image:141653530900.png(389kB , 802x779 , B00MBOX.png)

This week's thread hit bump limit.

Robot designs a plenty.
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image:141653545800.png(1.17MB , 1406x2203 , obsidian shield beetle.png)

Why isn't anyone else using this thread between the /co/ threads?
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image:141653556400.png(301kB , 800x1080 , 1416477585314.png)
And Breast Wars is finally getting organized.

Holy shit someone got around to doing a design for B00MB0X? That's fantastic!

You know you should add these images you are posting to the BQ booru too.
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image:141668913700.png(739kB , 1400x723 , lilb00mbox.png)
How about you do it?

And you didn't pay any attention to the last thread? It got over 500 posts and new art and everything.
Because It would help if someone who was actually around for the project threads was actively adding the new images to the booru while I can hardly do it since I'm not even on 4chan classic anymore. I only browsed this projects board by accident and saw there was new pictures which made me look closer.
Why aren't you on classic 4chan anymore?
Unfortunate real life issues to deal with that are not suitable for discussing in places like this. Though its nice to know people are still going strong with this series on /co/.
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image:141777342200.jpg(78kB , 633x613 , Briana Wasteland Armor.jpg)
Pretty fantastic the amount of new images drawn recently.
I hear JohnDoe is going to try and draw the BQ script.

The current most recent thread:
John Doe is a comic page draft producing MACHINE! Major props to the guy.

Its really cool that he decided to start working on BQ stuff.
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image:141905187000.png(2.92MB , 1360x2000 , 1418931353817.png)
Yeah, he is.

And here's a new one by LHB.

//youtube.com/watch?v=o7br7tfnBoAyoutube thumb

And here's the current most recent thread:
King "Kiloton" got talked about alot in that last thread.

>>King Kiloton and his "legendary sword" made from "holy steel", its been awhile since I heard about him since not been around as much. Last thing was a subplot with the cyborg bandit woman trying to recruit him into her gang since she knew him from before the head wound.

>>there was a little postulation on his preferences om women changing from Busty Gals to Big hipped ones after being shot.

>>That would be funny, especially if part of the bandit queen's ploy was to try and seduce him with her bountiful bionic bust.

>>Of course Cassandra would have more luck conning him into helping out Bri's crew then, finally someone who appreciates what really matters! comical background love triangle between Seymour / Cass / Kiloton in 3, 2, 1...

>>Yeah, Seymour would probably poison King in his sleep if he thought the guy was a threat to his relationship.

>>I have a feeling that a guy like Kiloton would be a "Sleep with one eye open" Kinda guy. meaning he'd wake up throttling Seymour

>>And that will somehow turn into them having a talk, then going for a couple beers in the nearest drinking hole, and then becoming best bros. Cue Cass, perplexed and unsure how she became the third wheel in her own love triangle.

>>That sounds close enough to Wacky Hijinks for me!
>>It'd actually work if that sort of stuff was happening in the background for whatever storyline Kiloton is closely interacting with the protag team, and can either reach an understanding when Kiloton is parting ways with the crew or appear to reach an understanding and then subvert it for further humour.

>>Been any discussion on what King Kiloton is meant to look like in terms of design? So far post-apoc barbarian with a sword and a scar where he got shot in the head are the consistent themes.

>>I've heard some talk of the sword being a sharpened helicopter blade made of near indestructible future metal.

>>His blond hair is practically white thanks to being under the sun so damn much, he'd probably be really fucking tan, and he wears his resistance jacket over his shoulders like a cape

>>I'd say make him look like a Super Tan Shirtless Kanji from Persona 4, with a much bigger scar on his head.

>>More buff and longer hair too, perhaps

And there was more including talk of how old he is such as being roughly very late 20's to early-mid 30's. He definitely has alot of concept character information and potnetial plot involvement to stand on as the former Resistance soldier turned amnesiac sword wielding Neo-barbarian, really just needs a single piece of concept art to nail down his appearance in people's minds.
So anything new from JohnDoe?
>So anything new from JohnDoe?

No but in fairness I haven't made any new pages.
In continued fairness, it HAS been a holiday week.

I wonder if the whole first issue will be done up in roughs before pages start getting polished or if there'll be so many roughs made before they start to serve as a buffer when this moves into the webcomic phase.
That's probably up to John. I would assume roughs first then polish, but we'll still need to do typesetting and the like. I wouldn't expect color either, but that's fine. Really the project is entirely at John's mercy.
>>it HAS been a holiday week.
Which people was it that wrote all the little stories. We could do with a funny little story where the characters of breastquest learn the true meaning of the long forgotten divine day known as 'kristmass'. the answer may or may not turn out to be breasts also empress plana getting visited by the ghosts of christmas, turns out to have no effect on her except. . . deciding she's too tired to torture Chimera today, she'll have to put it off till tomorrow
Where are we on issue 2 script?
I don't think it has even been started yet.

The overall plot layout was posted, then there was much excitement over the first script getting pages drawn.
whatever happened to the guy who was drawing pages over the summer? he got pretty far as i recall
I recall only one page ever getting drawn before JohnDoe started.
And after seeing the most recent thread, I now know there is much more I had missed than I had thought.
There was actually two guys who tried drawing comic pages in the past at different times, a couple of pages came from their attempts.
Well if whoever wanted the thread to still be up come Friday evening sees this, that just became less likely with 4chan deciding to have issues again while the thread is on page 8.
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image:142159721300.png(2.77MB , 1200x1500 , 1420700949027.png)
I guess this week's thread died in the night.
Feels like we're dead.
Saying that won't help anything.

These are from the last few posts of last thread, they're ideas for more DFC characters. Thread died before mostly anyone could comment.

>Noble Boris
>This nobleman is the manager of Upkeep in the Megacity, making him in charge of both the waste disposal corps as well as the general upkeep comity. a person who becomes easily obsessed he will often lose himself in his work. He was Gifted the Gremlins by Plana for his single minded determination to keep the megacity clean.

>I think there might be a bio-engineered mold living in the mega city created by a spiteful scientist.

>The mold either aggressively corrodes metal or spawns little vermin that chew up anything with electrical current running through it.

>Noble Geovani
>The Head of the Post and Filing within the Megacity. A harsh taskmaster who runs an even tighter ship, often firing his employees for the smallest infractions. one of the only remaining members of the upper class that had close ties with Plana's parents. he was the closest thing Plana had to a real father.

>Prison master Kraton
>This no nonsense man is the head of the Megacity's prison, though due to the DFC's tendency of murdering criminals outright or sending them to the empress's personal Dungeon he has few prisoners to watch over he is content with his position. he lacks the patriotic fervor and worship heavy traits of his fellows, making him a bit of an aberration within the megacity's upper crust.

>Taskmaster Vega
>This sadist is the newly promoted Taskmaster of the DFC's standing army, after his predecessor was executed for suspicion of treachery he quickly shot up the ranks. Under him the training of basic DFC troops was shifted from challenging to hellish causing him to be unpopular with recruits.

>Duchess Abby
>Third cousin to the Empress, Duchess Abby is an incredibly childish woman who has managed to endear herself to the Empress. her closeness to the Empress has made her a target of much scorn in the upper rankings of the Megacity. Speculation is that her childish nature is due to a head injury she received as a child, leaving her mentally stunted.

>Sir Charles of Onions
>This DFC Soldier is the bodyguard to Duchess Abby, who gave him the title of Knight of Onions as a joke. Straight laced and shockingly kind he doubles as both a bodyguard and a caretaker.

>Head Maid Tivana
>This kindly old woman is the manager of the Palace's Maids, creating the schedules and insuring that all maids are present and accounted for. Despite not being in a high station within the Megacity she is highly respected for her work ethic and general intelligence.

>Doctor Quinn Silverson
>The Doctor of the Palace, though he was born in the slums his medical skill was so great that he quickly caught the DFC's attention. at first he was ecstatic to be working in the Palace, but then he had to treat Professor Chimera after one of his torture sessions. Fear set in that he could end up in Chimera's position, making him paranoid.

>This DFC solder is in a rank Similar to that of Gorilla though his personality is much more carefree than his brutish counterpart, leading to his nickname. He wears a experimental suit that allows him to move incredibly fast in short bursts and prefers bladed weapons His carefree attitude covers up a sociopathic streak, before he was forced into joining the DFC army he was a Serial Killer
I like the Idea of Abby.
it serves as a good way to show that Plana has some humanity.
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image:142183350400.png(463kB , 954x1250 , Gorilla Justice_ Energy Blaster.png)
The DFC could indeed use more specified characters to flesh things out, so far they've had Empress Plana (of course), Dr Chimera the unluckiest slave-scientist in the universe and 'Gorilla' here who is a commander in the forces of J.U.S.T.I.C.E.
>no artist
Dead. The next /co/ thread will probably die in one day too.
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image:142336203200.png(762kB , 2400x1078 , 1422754769508.png)
kamenkuro did alot of stuff recently
save file
image:142336208600.png(142kB , 703x494 , 1422757997620.png)
this was my favourite of them all

freakin adorable beasties
People know about the Booru right?
Of course people know about it >>51514

I just don't want to do it since the main booru I actually made an account with is fucking broken and once I sign out I can never sign back in since it won't accept my password.
Then I have to fuck around with all kinds of saved shit in the webbrowser thing to get back in only to find when I request it send me a PW reset to the e-mail I provided it with, it never fucking sends it.

So I am obviously biased against all boorus now and the other anon is just lazy.
So is John Doe gonna work on the comic again or are we in limbo once more?
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image:143079709800.jpg(424kB , 764x1181 , Anon BQ rough 01.jpg)
I'm gonna post ALL the rough pages I've saved.
save file
image:143079712100.jpg(257kB , 1181x784 , Anon BQ rough 02.jpg)
Just because I want them all in once place online somewhere.
save file
image:143079713200.jpg(499kB , 1127x1181 , Anon BQ rough 03.jpg)
save file
image:143079714600.jpg(442kB , 844x1181 , Anon BQ rough 04.jpg)
save file
image:143079716200.jpg(359kB , 844x1181 , Anon BQ rough 05.jpg)
save file
image:143079717500.jpg(354kB , 998x1181 , Anon BQ rough 06.jpg)
save file
image:143079718900.jpg(283kB , 820x984 , Anon BQ rough 07.jpg)
save file
image:143079720300.jpg(334kB , 984x1181 , Anon BQ rough 08.jpg)
save file
image:143079721700.jpg(362kB , 984x1181 , Anon BQ rough 09.jpg)
save file
image:143079723200.jpg(274kB , 941x1181 , Anon BQ rough 10.jpg)
save file
image:143079725400.png(897kB , 1240x1754 , John Doe BQ rough 01.png)
Now for the John Doe pages.
save file
image:143079726600.png(907kB , 1920x1055 , John Doe BQ rough 02.png)
save file
image:143079728200.png(1.01MB , 1240x1754 , John Doe BQ rough 03.png)
save file
image:143079729600.png(881kB , 1240x1754 , John Doe BQ rough 04.png)
save file
image:143079730900.png(1,015kB , 1240x1754 , John Doe BQ rough 05.png)
save file
image:143079732500.png(992kB , 1240x1754 , John Doe BQ rough 06.png)
save file
image:143079736000.png(1.08MB , 1240x1754 , John Doe BQ rough 07.png)
And that's the last I have.

No word from John Doe since February.
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image:143102401200.png(705kB , 1200x1600 , 1430972732522.png)
And something new, by Chochi.
save file
image:143106105900.png(594kB , 800x1150 , page8.png)
I think this is page 8

It's always weird how when I start collecting and condensing information on a project, that's when new things start popping up.
Hey man great to see you on the project. Check the script to see whats going on and if you want crude references, I've got them for the first few pages immediately after the fight. You're on your own for the actual fight though, I figured the artist should make those calls.
So are you going to keep making more pages?
I'm looking at the script, and I guess this would be page 9 since the splash page (listed as page 2 of the John Doe pages) is meant to count as two pages, but it's just listed as page two in the file names.

And I got my answer to the above post in this week's /coc/ thread on /co/.

>I'm gonna mostly be quiet about pages til they're done to a degree for the most part.
Nakama Bellamy
>If we get enough fanart of our fetish OCDNS it'll magically become a comic book!
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image:144677738400.png(282kB , 709x989 , 1446477596228.png)
For Halloween.
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image:144760633400.png(129kB , 486x748 , Bryu.png)
Is Briana being drawn as fighting game character's becoming a trend?
I think it's only been done a few times.

Anyone else still getting a redirect when trying to view the /coc/ thread listings? I can bring up the threads from browser history, but the page where you view the threads still redirects me to the index which gives me a 404.
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image:146271214000.png(2.93MB , 904x1124 , SFBriGG.png)
Someone went and did /co/'s Golden Girl as Sakura, and now they've been drawn together.
I'm looking at the script for issue one, and this is actually page 10.
So Anon BQ rough actually goes up to page 14 in the script.

So this is page 9>>51763 then go to >>51750

Man, I really screwed up with these file names for the comic pages.

There was a lot of talk about BQ in /coc/ thread started on 5/21/16, an outline for issue 2 was worked on instead of more lorewanking.
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image:146480585900.jpg(419kB , 710x1065 , BvS Dawn of Just Tits.jpg)
From the /coc/ thread.
BQ issue 2 outline:

Bri is still holding a dead man in her arms that Sharon just shot. He's a DFC soldier, but Bri is ignorant to what that means.

They're having a stare down. Bri goes to reach for her gun, Sharon fires a bolt from her cross bow, Bri rolls and dodges, ending up behind the destroyed DFC vehicle. Sharon is already on the move, she's got another bolt already loaded and Bri is lining up the shot. Sharon fires, Bri fires, Sharon gets glanced by the bullet, Bri takes a bolt to the leg but keeps on shooting, landing some hits on Sharon's armor that don't penetrate.

Bri's mobility is unhindered by this even after she pulls the bolt out, catching Sharon off guard who ducks behind some rubble. Bri then throws the car at her general location to smoke her out. Sharon realizes this chick ain't normal and skidaddles the fuck out of there. Bri wonders what all that was about as she ties a piece of cloth around her leg wound and starts heading to the nearest town that isn't a dust bowl like the one she just claimed a bounty at. She was already going to head in that direction anyway since now she has money.

Bri has arrived at the gates of Los Lesbos, the guards on duty are a pair of girls who give her a look, have her do a spin, then pass her through with a wink. As Bri is walking through the city she notices a lot of girls holding hands. Her first stop is a walk in clinic where she sees a doctor about the leg to which the doctor replies astonished that her wound has already healed

From there she asks for where some location is and gets an address.

She pulls out a piece of paper with an address on it, and after asking around, she finds the location is further down below ground in the city. The ladies who gave her directions also wink at her and blow kisses. Bri does not understand the gesture, but recognizes it as non-hostile.

She finds the place a few levels down, it's a gun smithing place. Inside there are guns in various states of construction, pieces with price tags, and some in glass cases.

Bri absent mindedly picks up a very large gun frame one-handed, which shocks the gunsmith.

The gunsmith in LL is one of the best in the Sonoran desert and indeed the western US. She (the gunsmith, unnamed) has the frame and most of the associated parts already, something of a dream project, but could never find someone powerful enough to wield it, until now.

Excited someone can actually hold the thing, she tells her to come back a bit later while she puts the pieces together along with throwing in some of her own craftsmanship to give Bri the gun.

Bri now has free time, she has no concept of fun so she just goes where people go when they have nothing better to do: a bar.

She gets into the bar, it's operated by a tall busty girl (but not as big as Bri), and a shorter flat chest girl. There's currently some drunken idiot in there waving a gun around saying something about how he's the son of Strong Arm and they should show some respect, one of the other people there says "Yeah, so what? You and like a hundred other people." and he starts shooting. Bri punches him in the face hard enough to one hit-KO him and sits down at the bar.

The bar owners introduce themselves, Carmilla and Laura, and ask what's she's having.

After she goes through an entire bottle of some kind of alcohol showing no signs of drunkenness (super soldiers cannot get drunk as is my understanding), they decide drinking probably isn't something for her.

One of the two attempts casual conversation with Bri, but she has toruble with abstract concepts and can only deal in facts.

In another attempt, one of them brings up that a bust like Briana's must require a very sturdy bra. Briana, in her naivety, thinks this is a request to see it, and with the two of them being women she senses no danger and thus lifts up her shirt to show it to them. Laura, being the more level-headed one, see what a raggedy old thing it is and makes a suggestion that the two of them travel to the shop.

Bri gets fitted for a custom bra. She's never been measured before, so Laura has to keep her from punching the tailor. Her muscles make some of the store girls drool. She's the type to flex when her 'guns' are being measured.

They get back to the bar and find it's closed, and that ain't right. Inside Carmilla is tied up all pretty on the counter with a gag in her mouth.

Jessica has tied up Carmilla, Laura already has a gun drawn and Bri has as well. They haven't see her yet, she's up on the rafters. She tranqs Laura as she's heading over to untie Carmilla.

She jumps down with a gun pointed at both their heads and does the gloating thing. The usual "do you remember me?" "is you scar throbbing?" "I can't believe my luck, not only a traitor, but tow more fat chested bitches to turn in" spiel.

Her eyes are on Bri, so she doesn't notice that Laura has managed to untie one of Carmilla's arms and pass her the gun before losing consciousness. Carmilla lines up the shot to shoot Jessica in the back, but she dodges at the last second. Now C & L are behind the bar (C pulled L over the counter with her free arm and rolled) and Bri is setting her sights on Jessica who has pulled out a detonator and pushes it, blowing up the door to the bar behind Bri. Jessica means to make her escape since she knows she can't fight Bri head on like this. As she's jumping out the window, Bri catches her by the leg and pulls her back in, slamming her onto the floor. The bar is now on fire.

Jessica tries to pull out her knife like the last time, Bri decks her in the face. She probably would've done more if not for the fire spreading and C & L needing a save.

Bri carries both L & C out of the burning bar, Jessica is left inside, KO'd. The Los Lesbos fire department or whatever they have in place show up and there's also the police or whatever they have. Carmilla tells them it was caused by a bounty hunter for the DFC, the fact that the bounty hunter wasn't flat chested is what got her through the checkpoint.

L & C lived above their bar, so now they don't have much of anything left and decide to move on from Los Lesbos

Bri returns to the gunsmith's establishment to pick up her order: Ruiner

A custom made handcannon based off of a pre-war design. The gunsmith originally crafted the barrel and cylinders in a bet, to prove that she could, but put the weapon away without finishing it due to the fact that no one would be able to wield it at such a heavy weight and recoil. Seeing Briana's super strength, the gunsmith returned to her project and finished it in record time, presenting Briana with the finished product. It rounds can be swapped out with two different types: an explosive round that bursts on impact, and an ordinary (although enormous) revolver round. Since it's a custom gun, any ammunition must be made by hand, or rarely, found in the field.

As Bri is getting ready to leave Lost Lesbos, she finds L & C already packed up and about to set off, they figure if the bounty hunters from the DFC can find them here, they can probably find them anywhere and plan to keep moving.
I just don't want these to get lost because of the archives being all crazy right now.

BQ issue 3 summary:

-Introduce Cassandra and Seymour
-Introduce The Pit
-Flesh out C&L's characters, as well as Briana

Briana and C&L have left Los Lesbos, and make their way to The Pit. During their journey, Briana asks about C&L's history, and a short narrated flashback describes their relationship, will also be our first real introduction to the Resistance in the form of Laura. After a short traveling montage, they arrive in the city (bit of a hangup here, should they get a place to stay in the city first? They'd have money, since C&L were business owners. Also is Bri totally loaded since she does bounty work but doesn't appear to spend it on anything except maybe food and ammo?). After a brief discussion, Briana says she's going to the bounty station to look for a job, and C&L follow her to get to know the city. At the bounty office, Briana is robbed of her wallet (or some other sort of purse/money holder) by Cassandra. After a chase scene, Cassandra gets away, but not before dragging Seymour into the fray, who is then captured by the trio before he can follow her. They shake him down and with his help, they find out where she fleeces most of the things she steals. Arriving there, she is under attack by a group of Strongarm thugs, and she is saved by the gang. Apologizing profusely in light of Briana's great abilities, she offers them a detailed map of the area free of charge (showcasing her other trade, cartography). After the whole mess the trio and Cass/Seymour part ways, and C&L agree to work with Briana, with all the recent excitement making them feel like settling down again would be too boring. End of issue they accept a contract to hunt down Arthur, who is (unknown to them) being framed in a case of mistaken identity.
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image:149066270300.jpg(1.62MB , 1092x1500 , 1490535333897.jpg)
Here we go again.

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image:155463994104.png(817kB , 1500x2300 , 1554617655077.png)
There's been a number of pictures of Briana created and posted on /co/ recently.

Posting this one because its so cute.
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Don't mind my role as archiver of all new BQ images
Yeah, if you can't post it on the booru, post it here. The more the merrier.
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Pit
Not a raider was stirring, not even a bit;
The stockings were hung by the turrets with care,
In hopes that St. Briana soon would be there;
The psychos were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of big tits danced in their heads;
And Laura in her 'kerchief, and Carmilla in her cap,
Had just settled their bras for a long winter's nap,
When out on the roof there arose such a clatter,
Laura sprang from her bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window she flew like a flash,
Grabbed her big axe and got ready to slash.
The moon shining on the huge breasts of the hero,
Gave a lustre of midday to the spent shells below,
When what to her wondering eyes did appear,
But the flash of a muzzle and a scream made in fear,
With super big boobs bouncing lively and free,
She knew in a moment it must be St. Bri.
More rapid than eagles her bullets they came,
And she whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
"Now, Mateba! now Benelli, ! now Heckler and Koch!
On, Ithaca! on, Ruger! on, Springfield and Colt!
To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
Now blast away! Blast away! Blast away all!"
As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, blew it up to the sky;
So up to the housetop the gunshots flew
With the bag full of Bras, and St. Bri too—
And then, in a twinkling, Laura heard on the roof
The stomping and leaping of each heavy boot.

As she drew in her head, and was turning around,
Down the escape hatch St. Bri came with a bound.
She was dressed in fatigues, from her head to her foot,
And her clothes were all tarnished with gunpowder and soot;
A bundle of bras she had flung on her back,
And she looked like a pedler just opening her pack.
Her eyes—how they twinkled! her breasts, how heavy!
Her cheeks were like roses, her tits were all sweaty!
Her droll little mouth was drawn back in a scowl,
And her powerful thighs were as thicc as her brows;
The stump of a cartridge she held tight in her teeth,
And the smoke, it encircled her head like a wreath;
She was sweaty, panting, and frankly a little smelly;
Her boobs shook while she breathed, like a bowl full of jelly.
Some fresh blood on her fists and slightly scorched hair,
Made Laura tense up, fit to dash for the stairs
But with a wink of her eye and a wry little flash
Laura just knew there was no need to clash;
She spoke not a word, but went straight to her work,
And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk,
And laying her finger under her bra strap,
She leapt up through the hatch and it closed with a snap;
She sprang to her hog and cranked up the throttle,
And away she rode like the cork off a bottle.
But I heard her exclaim, ere she drove out of sight—
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"
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image:159798115972.jpg(445kB , 1195x1500 , 1597731385933.jpg)
Someone was sketching up Cassandra in the latest /coc/ thread
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image:164007287682.jpg(133kB , 868x1100 , 1640035414651.jpg)
New holiday Briana image from the latest /coc/ thread.
This is one of those cases where the initial sketch is superior to the finished art.

Both these images also suffer from a common problem artists have when drawing the character they are hampered by a habit of portraying more realistic physiques and end up not making the tits big enough.
>This is one of those cases where the initial sketch is superior to the finished art.

That's because the finished art was nude, the underwear was edited on later.
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image:165841465717.jpg(156kB , 1331x1049 , 1658242263485411.jpg)
Mindwipe happened to draw some new BQ art
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