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>What is this?
"Meme magic" got out of control and was poured into making a huge JoJo's Bizarre Adventure inspired fanfic using /co/ related characters.

Stand doc:

Every part in order:
1 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IdBYK9zXpJrDc4vAIHnRLmZpPiKyxiIkj25oOTaaeF0
2 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KA0-Y_HnU_m6V5pwZ7fEtqGMnwm43NrshzANTcCxr34
3 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hDbP7BA0XBP3_3GW0uphroYjQdcW1EW5b37w-r_lsaI
4 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zn-D4aD-cBBfpBtfTLmVM_D9C1cGPYgDYRl_CCGbnsw
5 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UNm7KLXgWF0LMxCCq3VZ3O_VJ8vEqj7d22RjnDqVIEg
6 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l9034tpMm4EdF1NGzisA2bCXBDvUbx_vTR69hXjp_iY
7 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SDhmnLrv5dtVAZx2ewx1JKTsZVoXkE8LRw-8rK2gyhQ
8 - https://docs.google.com/document/d/10wx78PDHPNMygoTbFvihjTjPF-DwP1Ced8XKT3YNzUQ




Fighting Game:
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Sorry for the conundrums earlier guys. I'll post my suggestions here from now on. Be sure to link this extension thread in the next minuschan OP.

For that anon who wanted the Tom walking into a room menacingly, here it is.
In /co/co/, does Timmy still have his fairies, and if he does then are they considered stands? I want to write Vicky's background on her gaining her stand (i.e. Cosmo fucked up) and her subsequent struggles before imprisonment.
/co/co/'s Bizarre Adventure
As far as I'm aware, Vicky's role in part 6 is still being re-worked. I don't know if she's still appearing right now.

Crocker was in part 5 and did his spaz thing over fairies, so yes, Timmy would have fairies.
I see. I guess Cosmo accidentally giving her a stand would not be far off.

In the mean time, I want to draw something about Creepy Susie and her slug stand. Question is; why a slug? I haven't watched The Oblongs, and if she did play with one on the show then I'd like to see a screencap of it, just to get the general design of it.
I think it's because she was drawn with slugs a lot due to a drawthread request that got strangely popular.
That's all I wanted to hear. Time to get drawing!
We really shouldn't add too many sonic characters tbqh fam
So how will Ms. Frizzle, Me-Mow, and Wong die? Will they get killed in the prison riot or much later?
Wong and his gang will probably die after PI gets turned inside-out and begins spreading over the real world.

Frizzle I think should have conflicts with Interpol agents outside of the jail when hunting down jawbreakers for the Warden.
What will the pre-Wong gangs be like? Obviously it won't be composed of the waifu gangs from the previous iteration.
The pre-Wong gangs are only mentioned, never shown, since Wong is already in place when Dora arrives in prison.

But yes, it's a call back to the earlier version of the story that got cut way-WAY back.

Who those gangs were is irrelevant to the current story.
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>A decade before the events of Superocean!, it's the usual shenanigans at the Turner residence as the parents leave their sole son in the hands of his sadistic babysitter, Vicky, for one of their parent-only getaways
>"I'll make sure to take good care of the twer-I mean, Timmy, Mr. and Mrs. Turner!" said the babysitter while she carries a suspiciously large bag behind that none of the Turners bat an eye to save for Timmy. Before they scurry off, the parents hand her a large wad of cash worth thousands of dollars
>With the parents out of sight, Vicky unpacks her bag, revealing a large chainsaw that had been sharpened and fueled the day before, saved just for this occasion. There were several other dangerous weapons too, such as an axe, a mace, a flamethrower, and a rubber chicken
>Timmy nervously looks on while she caresses her tools, before being startled as Vicky calls over the boy in an angry tone
>"Listen here, you little shit. Since your dumbass parents gave me extra cash than usual, I'm gonna be a bit nicer than I'm usually am, but that doesn't mean you can just let your ass relax for a bit. See those dirty dishes at the kitchen? CLEAN 'EM!"
>As Timmy heads for the kitchen to do his chores, he comments about Vicky's vulgar language, something that he had only heard in sneakingly watching R-rated movies but not in normal conversation
>"I'll be a bit nicer than usual, my ass!" whispered Timmy as to not catch Vicky's attention and subsequent wrath
>Wanda poofs in, "Timmy, you better wash your mouth with soap after saying such foul words!"
>Cosmo follows,"Foul words? I'm pretty sure he's just talking about his pet donkey! Wait, does Timmy even have a donkey?"
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image:146800116100.png(673kB , 1366x768 , VickyandJason.png)
>Timmy remarked, "If Vicky thinks she could just scare me into doing stuff just because she has all those weapons, then two can play at that game!"
>"Timmy, you know what they say, you shouldn't fight fire with fire." said Wanda.
>"Of course not! You're supposed to fight fire with firefighters!" said Cosmo, which earned him a blank stare from the other two.
>As their conversation became quite a bit louder, Vicky from the couch yelled "Hey twerp, I get paid not to hear you yap to yourself!"
>Vicky, with the chainsaw resting beside the couch, is enjoying a slasher movie (villain is a hybrid of leatherface, michael myers, jason, and freddy) that she torrented (or physically stolen, depending on the technology timeframe) a while ago, but hasn't got the time to watch it till now
>Suddenly, Timmy has an idea, and he orders his fairies to clean up his chores before he can discuss his plans for Vicky...
>an hour and a half later, Vicky, being too engrossed into the movie to remember about Timmy's chores, is shaking with excitement at the movie's climax, and subsequent anticlimax
>"Wow, what a twist! The main character actually dies and the villain gets to kill another day! Now to start up the sequel..."
>Before she can do that, she felt a large, menacing figure towering just behind her, and she turns her head to look...
>the figure, wearing a green jacket and a pink hockey mask, immediately shows off two of Vicky's weapons; her axe and her mace that were left at the table, to its owner
>Vicky screams in terror, as the figure begins chasing her through the stairs and hallways of the house, before cornering her at the end of a room
>Vicky pleaded "Please don't kill me! Who will babysit my money-I mean the twerps-I mean the children of this poor neighborhood?!"
>The figure leans closer and closer, and Vicky's screams get louder and louder, before the figure is suddenly taken aback, and finds itself on the floor laughing hysterically breaking into three parts; the green jacket/body which is Cosmo, the pink mask which is Wanda, and finally Timmy
>"Aw Vicky, you should've seen the look on your face when you got so scared!" Timmy said unable to contain his laughter
>Vicky felt humiliated that it was Timmy the whole time, not noticing Cosmo and Wanda, This realization only lasted a few seconds before it turned into furious rage
>noticing Vicky's mood swing, Timmy and Wanda stopped laughing instantly, while Cosmo took a bit longer to stop. Vicky then proceeds to rev up her chainsaw, which she instinctively took and carried around when the figure started chasing her, and holds it up high above her shoulders
>"YOU'RE DEAD, TWERP!!!" yelled Vicky. The tides have turned; now it's Timmy who finds himself being chased by his vicious, evil, and unfathomably icky babysitter around, in a pattern almost similar to the first chase. Timmy is too panicked to think up of a wish to his fairies to stop Vicky, before he stops at the upper end of the stairs of his house, out of breath.
>As Vicky climbs the stairs for the seemingly final time, she remarks "Remember when I said about being a bit nicer today? I LIED!" but before she can reach Timmy at the end, a broken chip in a step of the ladder causes her to slip and fall over back to the lower floor, and her revved up chainsaw is now flying in the air, before gravity gives in and it falls to the direction of Vicky's head
>Vicky, Timmy, and his fairies have their jaws wide open at what's about to happen, but before the chainsaw can hit her head, suddenly a large, scarred hand appears and grabs the chainsaw by the blade, saving her from a gory aftermath, as she glows a red aura. The mysterious hand then throws the chainsaw at Timmy, causing a bloody display of guts and buck teeth to fly around, and due to the then-unknown power of the stand, carries over to Cosmo and Wanda, also killing them
>As Timmy's still-twitching body slides down the stairs in a waterfall of blood, Vicky is shocked at what just happened
>"I...I did that?" Vicky remarked, as the second mysterious figure that saved her puts its hand on her shoulder. Vicky turns around to look at the second figure. It resembles the various movie serial killers that she idolized over the years, and makes unintelligible yet seemingly sympathetic groans to Vicky. She then looks at her hands, blooded, before turning back to look at the body of one Timothy Tiberius Turner again, which is at this moment she realizes...
>...It felt good.

That's it for tonight, will continue tomorrow. Please forward this to the minuschan thread and I'll read any feedback from there.
Where and how does this fit into the part we're currently working on though?
It's a backstory to give more character and motive to Vicky's actions for Superocean!, similar to Ringo Roadagain in SBR.
And besides, unlike most of the other characters being discussed on part 6, she does not have any major connections to the other characters other than simply being an inmate of Pure Imagination who just happens to be one of the most dangerous around.
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image:146821029500.jpg(35kB , 720x544 , ChannelChasersPt3-039.jpg)
>the Turner parents got home to their house being surrounded by police cars, swat teams, and ambulances.
>they asked about what happened, and shocked to hear the subsequent news. Mrs. Turner breaks down in tears.
>Vicky pretended to play victim-witness when questioned about the events, rambling that she fought off the intruder (her stand) but could not save Timmy. She managed to hide most of the weapons that she carried to the house before they arrived.
>a few days later, Timmy's family, friends, and Vicky mourn his death at a funeral. Tootie in particular could not stop weeping about how she can never get with Timmy. Her sister, on the other hand, hides a content smirk.
>after the funeral, Tootie asks Vicky what she's going to do next after Timmy is gone, and she said that she'll "just babysit the other kids".
>Over the weeks, a string of murders hit Dimmsdale. Most of the victims were fairly young; kids to adolescents. Some of them included friends of Timmy such as Chester, AJ, Trixie, Veronica, and even some visitors who were making a pitstop including the Pines twins. Their deaths are commonly inflicted either by sharp objects or flammable chemicals, things that Vicky is fond of when torturing her clients.
>Tootie notices something suspicious about these murders; in all cases, Vicky was present, or near the vicinity, as she found while examining newsreel footage and photos of these cases, all posted in her room, which she hides from sight by covering it with her Timmy pictures whenever Vicky goes to her room. As Tootie is no stranger to Vicky's cruelty, she begins investigating her.
>one night, while Vicky was going out for a "night walk", Tootie gets out of her bed and dons on her detective outfit to spy on Vicky, who is carrying a boxcutter.
>At the Dimmsdale park, Vicky stumbles upon a kid in the shadows, whom she then proceeds to threaten that if they don't go home immediately, someting "unspeakable" will happen to them. Tootie wonders how a boxcutter would cut it, but considering it's her sister, anything could happen.
>with the kid not answering, Vicky makes a few swings with the boxcutter on the air. Not even a second later, dozens of slashes are audibly found on the kid, who fell immediately without letting out a scream, presumably dead.
>Tootie gasps as her worst fears are confirmed; her sister really is the killer after all this time. Suddenly, she felt a strong force kicking her, throwing her under the lights of the lamps. When she got back up, Vicky was facing her. The "kid" turns out to be nothing more than a dummy. It was a trap; Vicky was expecting Tootie the whole time.
>Before Vicky can make her move, Tootie throws a firecracker at her eyes that she hid in her coat, temporarily stunning her to make her escape. Along the way, she manages to call police, SWAT, and other sorts of emergency services
>Tootie hits a dead end at an ally, and faces her fate as her sister menacingly walks to her. But then, Vicky gets incapacitated from all directions with tranquilizers, tasers, and non-lethal projectiles. She falls over with authorities rushing to her; the Dimmsdale killer is caught at last.
>Tootie watches as her sister gets dragged off by the authorities, including one from a certain Strickland Foundation.

P.S. The fairy council does not intervene because they fear it would reveal their existence, instead they decided to send out random bolts of STAR energy to certain people to make them manifest stands in hopes of bringing Vicky and other malevolent stand users to justice
Hi, I'm the original suggestor of Brit & Tiff's stands, and I just wanted to ask if I could change Brit's stand name form [Fashionista] to [Slave to the Rhythm] by Grace Jones, since in hindsight that would fit better.
Too much edge.
You're right. I should've used a spoon instead of a boxcutter.
Was there any explanation about how Dino Dan managed to live that long despite there being no mentions of him being a pillar man?

Likewise, he needs to at least put up a big fight before his death since it would be very underwhelming if he just gets killed by Wong just like that.
The Pines twins being on Vicky's kill list is a bit too much, and unnecessary.

Dino Dan is a Scopeman, which is our Stoneman equivalent in this. I'm thinking we'll have Scopemen be an offshoot of Pillarmen in this so they share the longevity trait.

I'm not sure how we're going to reveal that he's a Scopeman though, we might not namedrop that in part 6, but we do need to make it clear during his conversations with Wong that he's not human and also not what Wong is.
That's good to know.

As for Vicky's kill list she basically just murders any kid she comes across, and Mabel would end up earning her ire due to her cheerful personality annoying Vicky, with Dipper getting caught in the crossfire. I could limit it to just the FOP kids although it's really up for discussion in the minuschan threads. We'll talk about that when we get to Vicky's part.
Dora getting implants in her tooth is reminiscent of both the Saw movies as well as Real Genius.
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Since he had a stand before stands even existed, he HAS to appear in this, at least in part 7. I've seen him get referenced a lot in the minuschan threads yet no one has pitched a stand idea for him.

User: Johnny Thunder
Stand: [Stormbringer] (Deep Purple song) or [Thunderstruck] (AC/DC song)
Appearance: Johnny's Thunderbolt, Yz, from the comics. Possess the trait of a humanoid stand in terms of strength and penchant for protecting its user.
Stand Personality: Possesses a sarcastic yet patient attitude to compensate its user's rather dimwittedness.
Battlecry: Johnny Thunder can call out Thunderbolt by uttering the words "CEI-U!", though this is not always necessary.

Abilities: Thunderbolt can increase the electric conductivity of an object or living being, causing them to transmit electricity easier, and can even cause normally poor conductive materials such as rubber to become good electricity conductors.

Part: 7 as a racer or an observer.
A camera would be better than an implant given what her mission would be.
Fucking hell, the threads just can't fucking survive through the night because there's no one around to bump them past 2am 4chan server time.
Such is the way of new shows and episodes, sadly. Now, if the thread dies, can someone tell me where we are?
We should go to 8chan.
Nah, that's a terrible idea.
Redwood should be in this. He doesn't have a stand; just being his usual nigger self who attempts to go toe to toe with the protags and then gets brutally butchered.
Why though? They may hate us but in the long run they'll actually help. And besides, 8/co/ is much slower so there's no need to bump the thread every few hours in fear of dropping.
They raid the docs and make things difficult.

I'm the one who's been doing the bulk of the writing for part 6 currently.
If I'm going to keep writing this stupidity then I'm going to keep my stupidity on /co/ since that's where it was cultivated at.

There's also the principle of the thing: This is a 4chan /co/ project. So that's another reason why I won't work on it anywhere other than 4chan /co/.
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well, not committing to much for where the project's at right now, but updated some stuff I'm pretty pleased with

>Stan blasts Burns from all directions with his cash blast

>Gogo supes up the Gadgetmobile
>"Gogo Gadgetmobile!"

and filled in a kung fu fight with Scrooge McDuck vs Weird Al Yankovic full of references, so that was fun
Is it too much to ask for someone else to make the thread on /co/?

If a new one still hasn't shown up by tomorrow, December 10th, 2016, then it looks like it really will fall to me to do it despite not really having the time to work on this right now.

This post is going to look extremely dated to anyone who sees it in the future.
Well, the current thread died in the night since no one kept it up. It only ever seems to die early when we're actually making progress for once.

So I'm gonna wait a day or two before making another thread and see if someone else will do it first or show up here since we have thread thread for just this sort of situation.
Alright, thread died in the morning, when I should make the new thread? at what hour there is more people?
New thread is up
The April Fools Day this year kind of destroyed the thread, there's no archive of it either since the archiving sites don't cover the merged prank boards.

I have all the progress from the most recent thread on my offline copy of the doc, but I haven't updated doc 7 yet. I haven't even looked at the docs in days, so I am 100% sure they've been severely vandalized after the exposure the thread got (it ended up being thread 1 on /cock/).
I reposted the greentext that was made in the /cock/ thread, outside of that, there wasn't much advance during april 4th
Should we wait until Sunday before making another thread?

I'm really tired of working on this project, but I want to see it done.
I noticed someone else fixed all the vandalism the other day.

I updated doc 7 not too long ago so it's up to date for whenever the next thread is.
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I wish this had continued.
By the time it got to part 7 mostly everyone had left and I was the only guy writing anything for it.

No one was happy because everyone had like maybe one scene in the part they gave a shit about and actually getting to any pf those scenes, which all took place near the very end, was taking forever.
Everyone had been losing interest for months leading up to the April Fool's Day when the boards were merged. After that happened no one ever bothered to make another thread.

I'm also pretty sure everyone was sick of how I was writing it anyway.
What's up with the down with cis pictures in the booru?
Looks like someone flooded the booru way back in 2016 or so. I guess it shows how abandoned this is, that the images are still up even now.
Wow I didn't think it could get worse after the first couple of pages, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!!???
Weens from cripplechan raiding years ago when part 6 was being made.