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image:164823131078.png(343kB , 860x717 , 57-574294_old-man-shrugging-shoulders-meme-hd-png-download.png)
Quick question.
Is there a way to prove that you're the one who made a post from months ago despite it being long archived?
Thank you but i'm talking about 4chan, not Plus4chan.
Apologies for not being specific in the first place.
No, you need to use a tripcode.
Ah. Oh well. Thanks anyway.
How the fuck did ole' Slick Willy Afton manage to get into a /co/ tourn?Anonymous
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image:164321917919.jpg(12kB , 260x420 , kisspng-five-nights-at-freddy-s-3-five-nights-at-freddy-s-5ae4f7b0050d07.2655950615249550560207.jpg)
Shed 17/Project G-1 and the FNAF Story(but especially the Novels) actually have a lot in common in terms of the lore.

You have a budding young scientist experimenting in a new field (Henry Emily in FNAF with animatronic technology and Whilhelm Gotz and his father in Shed-17) who has a child that suffers a horrific death at the hands of their passion (Charlie being killed by a man in an animatronic disguise and Thomas being hit by a train), which the distressed parent rivives using their passion (Henry recreating Charlie's concious in a series of animatronics, The Gotze's biofusing Thomas into a train) before eventually killing themselves over the combination of guilt from the tragedy AND their technology being used for malicious reasons (Henry after learning of what William had done and Gotze after The Fat Bastard begins misusing his technology)

Afton sort of has elements of both the Fat Bastard and Owen Routh(Taking control of the company to push his own desires no matter the cost, just like The Fat Bastard, and both are implied to be after immortality), but Owen Routh is definitely the closest analogue to William, both being men of science driven by their desire to use the technology to acheive their ultimate goal, no matter how many innocent must suffer in the experimentation (Routh's work with HIT Logistics to build the ultimate Bioweapon by melding biofused matter together, Afton's work with Afton Robotics to build murder robots to study remnant and acheive immortality)
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TT2021 had a bunch of contestants in it that would normally pass, like how Ratcatcher 2 got in despite being a live-action only character
Tag-team allows for 256 characters and has way less voters
It's pretty easy to get your characters in
Numnuts Anon #numnutsAnonymous
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image:164581233824.png(22kB , 578x407 , c15e72563f277007dcb38dbbbde87735935dabea.png)
I'm thinking of starting my own Q&A this Summer.
Should i do it?
fern avatarfag !ma9qovM58k
then allow me to rephrase, to better suit your situation.
if you truly want closure, refrain from trying to manage any tournament in the future. you will never receive full closure. you have soured the name of Numnuts permanently. but also nobody knows who you are in any other context (Chris notwithstanding).
if you really do want to make amends and aren't just seeking attention, here's what you should do:
1. ditch the trip, stop trying to host tournaments, and return to the sea of anons
2. don't ever come back
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
Don't worry, you just need more faith and believe me when i tell you that faith will be restored.
Everything that has happened in the past two years has just been the start of my journey.
I know that i will have the best of both worlds. One of these days, i'm sure of it.
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
Can i at least get an answer as to what will happen to the RP from here on out?
Just wanna know i it's dead or not.
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image:164624964974.jpg(72kB , 1080x651 , FB_IMG_1646173875332.jpg)
Why hasn't Mister/Miss Pokemon started yet?
Or would it be a Best Pokemon and Best Trainer award?
Also Tatoo Anon has struck again!
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image:164625959101.jpg(43kB , 489x460 , 1625154037457.jpg)
For the same fucking reason that there isn't an Mr. & Ms. /a/
There'd be shitstorm before the qualifiers. Don't get me wrong, i'd pay literal money to see this happen but it simply isn't allowed by the mods because they know what'll happen if this goes on to be thing.
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image:164626031348.jpg(54kB , 600x455 , Heatmor.jpg)
half of /vp/ doesn't even like pokemon
and pokemon individually aren't different enough to be worth giving a shit about
and a trainers tournament would be dominated by anime characters, and /vp/'s threads about the anime are even more autistic than these tournaments
if there was a /vp/ tournament it would be like ms. /co/ 2021 without the good parts and the winner would be a meme pick.
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image:164535298581.jpg(3kB , 330x340 , thinking sounds.jpg)
What's the consensus on each tournament? Outside of Ms. /co/ 2019 beings seen as a shitfest and Ko/v/ 2021 being generally very loved, that is.
We don't talk about numnuts, no no no.
We don't talk about numnuts!

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image:164569485277.png(89kB , 256x256 , 1638348999028.png)
Ms. /co/ 2019
Queen /v/ 2020
Ms. /co/ 2021
King /v/ 2021
- power gap -
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Ms. /co/ 2020 had plenty of seethe. Are you forgetting about the Emmy and Fang stuff?
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image:164102793273.png(1.26MB , 954x930 , kov movie cast.png)
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image:164556254269.png(2.56MB , 1200x1600 , Asshole Masturbator but in real loif.png)
Can I ask why the seething computer is a Boston Dynamics robot? I know Harlan Ellison has been dead for a while but surely there are actual actors out there who could do a similar impression.
Jester /v/ discussionAnonymous
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image:163892330755.jpg(8kB , 867x816 , zubat.jpg)
pastebin for the tourney: https://pastebin.com/LypSQsFh

post about who you're nominating and what you hope to happen in the tourney/suggestions
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image:164501484640.jpg(6kB , 250x227 , 1594061581438s.jpg)
Alphys won by default.
There are way more unlikable vidya chars, at least Alphys has waifufags on her side.
Genuinely the most kino tournaments to date Anonymous
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image:164340084122.png(2.53MB , 3000x3000 , e0095719782849ea308e378dc1c84d088aa10355.png)
For me it's honestly King /v/ 2021. Not even Ms. 2020 compares to the sheer OC's and the kino it followd.

King of /v/alhalla 2021youtube thumb
King of /v/ 2021 -Schizo Side- Creditsyoutube thumb
King of /v/ 2021 -Schizo Side- introyoutube thumb
King of /v/ 2021 -Schizo Side- EDyoutube thumb
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image:164382417482.png(297kB , 465x521 , 1637611299343.png)
For the longest time, these tourneys have been plagued with complaining about always having mainstream characters advance in favor of the more obscure picks which tend to be the focus of the actual threads and original content, and now that this year's winner happens a very extreme example of the latter, that attitude is shifting. I didn't particularly care about teamfaggotry, and out of those characters I voted for (AM, Nyarly, Batter, Wario, Spamton, etc) I did according to my own personal taste, but I can understand why certain anons wouldn't feel satisfied with the results as they weren't familiar with many of them.
in the end we can't please everyone, we could have 100 rules and yet some fag will find something to nit-pick
at this point if it's not rigged or no shenanigans, if people complain X won over Y we'll tell them to fuck off
>at this point if it's not rigged or no shenanigans, if people complain X won over Y we'll tell them to fuck off
I would be lying if I didn't admit the whole aftermath to the finals with all the silent "majority" posters flocking in at the last minute only to discover a "literal who" defeated Eggman was hilarious.
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image:164326357524.gif(3kB , 300x250 , 8i97ojs5cERHj.gif)
So who's voting?
The link in the OP.
Black Hand ## Developer
oh wow, that website design is sick. I love it. It's almost as good as the Amiga Workbench Simulator.
So once I have made my votes. What do I do now? Pat usenet bill, or what?
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image:164282566749.png(85kB , 1024x744 , Chris_Alastor_nutshell_template.png)
So now that the dust has settled.
What's gonna happen to them?