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Queen of /v/ 2023 Thread 1
Thats because Jack managed to do what other FF reps couldn't, which is unite FFags. Whenever a FF thread pops up on /v/ most of the time it devolves into anons just arguing about what game is the best and later becomes an all out war between fans from the different main entries. Jack has the advantage that he comes from a spinoff which is popular enough to be liked by /v/ but not too popular to get hate.
/cov/ Crossover Team Tournament Speculation/Waiting RoomAnonymous
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Thread for discussing a crossover team tourney of /co/ and /v/ characters.

Technically this was already done June of last year on /tnt/. Temp ran a "/v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament." The winners were "Team Redemption or Death" (Doomguy and Charlie). It was impromptu and the voter turnout was very small though. A new one could get a lot more activity going, especially in lieu of all the /co/ and v/ tourney's going on here.
>both get top 10 seeds and hype
>both job R1
>both got long schnoz
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I like it!
Calling for an interventionAnonymous
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I think I can safely say that NSA is a bad host
All he has ever done is cause more problems then necessary. And this losers bracket shit has, to me, really shown just how fucking stupid his decisions are
None of this isn't healthy for the tournament whatsoever
I want to find a solution to this problem before he causes more problems
But it seems like there isn't a solution. Most people keep saying "There's nothing we can do"
I do like this answer, this kind of thinking isn't gonna solve the problem most people have with the tournament
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People I know personally
Yeah I know that dosen't sound good on paper but they're all I got
Again, I would like someone who has ran tournaments in the past, even if they're the small ones to help me and my group
What is it exactly you're planning on doing? You should probably to a smaller tourney first if you're serious.
That's what I'm planning to do
Run smaller tournaments here to practice for the actual big tournament next year
Queen and King of /v/ Hype Thread: Part 6Anonymous
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hope Ballsanon sees this, posted it in the wrong thread
Opinions on Alex YIIK?
Mr. /co/ 2022 recapAnonymous
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last year during Mr. /co/, I attempted to write a recap. i never finished it.
today, i found the unfinished recap still on my computer, and i figured i might as well post it for you all.

>welcome to Mr. /co/ bitches
>ft. NightShift and Ghost
>Zapp Brannigan first past the gate
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Thank you based ENAGOD
and now we wait for the 2023 recaps...
Do the /v/ tournaments have recaps?
The Based Campaign AnonAnonymous
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next year i will be voting for
>Mrs. Brisby
>Cheesecake Boeing 747 Saint Cherrywell
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Tell us already
That’s babby’s first bait, he’s better off being ignored.
jucika is a sex slave
New board tournament idea: Champion of /sp/Anonymous
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I have an idea for a new tournament on /sp/. It's named Champion of /sp/, where anons will vote for the best sporting mascot. Unlike other tournaments, it won't be segregated by gender.
>Nominate with pic, name and owner. One nomination per post.
>9 replies in a single post to make the cut.
>Winners retired and barred for entering in future tournaments.
>2nd-8th barred for one year.
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What? Outrun by /his/ too?
Bumping for college 'ball again.
Queen & King /v/: fifth editionAnonymous
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Somehow, four thousand posts was still not enough to contain all the discussion of the /v/idya tournaments. Here's to another thousand!

Discuss the /v/idya tournaments. Unholy beings welcome.
The problem with Beatrice is the severe falseflagging she would suffer through if she actually got far.
Not really, what other male characters could you even meme about? Fucking Kinzo? It just leave us with female characters. Also George have some incel memes I guess but it wouldn't get him really far.
In hindsight, kind of funny how the three here who made it were the ones in the middle. I was right about some points but really off on others.
Murder Games: Mr. /co/ 2023 EditionAnonymous
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Welcome all to the Murder Games! The purpose of this tournament is to give any of your nominee a second chance to get a win. For each character added to this tournament, the game randomly gives them perks and items that will come in handy, although other times can backfire horribly. The game is simple, everything is a simulation where all the characters fight each other to death. The rules are simple:
>The winner is excluded, only 127 characters will participate
>The transition between posting rounds will be around 7-8 minutes so anons present can discuss anything about the previous slide
>Peace slides are posted faster
>The Elite can participate
>The last character standing alive is the winner
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Zorakanon, I just have to say I appreciate you sticking around even after your main already won and thank you for hosting these.
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*blink* You're welcome, buddy. I'm just trying to give others a second chance to get their victories and also have a fun time with champions killing each other. Also to make sure to entertain you and make Zorak's victory worth it.
Can you do one for /his/?
Mr. /co/lympus 2023 Hype ThreadAnonymous
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Just because of Yugi's fails, we're going to main Yogi Bear for Mr. /co/lympus, right?
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>tfw I was the one who wanted to use the AI thing to make some funny pics to share and just laugh at them of Jack and Skeletor burying each other
>I get called out about its creepy quality and how it could affect the tournament when it comes to creating OC
>I don't hesitate and stop running the program even making a post apologizing I did not intend to replace the OC with AI
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>I think his impact on indie games and inspiration to things like Undertale is worth being celebrated campaign aside
I would know, I was one of his campaigners (personally speaking OFF was very important game during my middle school years). But his run was more of a meta victory around all the OC and the alliance he was part of. I mean, Batter and Livesey aren't bad characters at all, hell I like them and their source material more than some winners and elite eight members. But they lack that *something* that would make them truly fitting champion in the eyes of many. It's an understandable position to have.

Anyway, time to abandon this thread.
Is the issue with the AI stuff the amount of it or just that it exists? I was in and out of the tournament so I only saw glimpses of it, but I was never bothered by it. Maybe it was easier to tune out because I wasn't looking at it all the time, but I never saw it as a threat to actual OC. I'm guessing it's perceived as a slippery slope that leads to that actually happening though.