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>still spam asterisks even in non tournament threads
>are trying to revise history by saying that Fanggang was never friendly to anyone
Are shirleyfags the sorest losers?
Anon I don’t think Shirleyfags actually exist, what’s more likely is that a lot of people are simply still buttmad about Fang.
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image:167210961781.jpg(21kB , 739x415 , sarmstrong.jpeg)
How many and which ones? If they are just a few then it's only your problem, in other words someone just trolled you son. Also the less Shirley is brought up around here the less she will have a chance in 2024, this will only push people to unironically vote for her. Delete your thread.
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Queen of /co/ says merry Christmas!
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Happy Boxing Day!
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Happy Unboxing Day as well.
I'm late BUT
Merry Christmas
now I gotta go enjoy my birthday in a few days
Favorite Winner?Anonymous
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image:167147262151.jpg(64kB , 1827x390 , New Project (10).jpg)
For me, Zorak was the only actually good winner, with 100% genuinity to said win.
Silver would make for a great winner but it's hard to imagine the entire board deciding to vote for him, he is somewhat of an oddball contestant in that sense. I hope he can go far next year.
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image:167183852532.jpg(128kB , 1000x1000 , hq.jpg)
Don't worry Battler, I believe in your true strength and I will be there to support you next year, even if that means altering the timeline a little.
Didn't worked for Scout despite doing it better
Murder Games: King of /v/ 2022 EditionAnonymous
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image:167144417673.jpg(1.52MB , 1366x7166 , Beginning.jpg)
Welcome all to the Murder Games! The purpose of this tournament is to give any of your nominee a second chance to get a win. For each character added to this tournament, the game randomly gives them perks and items that will come in handy, although other times can backfire horribly. The game is simple, everything is a simulation where all the characters fight each other to death. The rules are simple:
>The winner is excluded, only 127 characters will participate
>The transition between posting rounds will be around 7-8 minutes so anons present can discuss anything about the previous slide
>Peace slides are posted faster
>The Elite can participate
>The last character standing alive is the winner
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Oops, I forgot Queen Ty.
I'd exclude pony stuff for lack of relevancy to the "tourneyverse" proper.
You forgot Angela, Guitar Warrior and AVGN.
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image:167175059443.gif(38kB , 600x338 , 1671483555481956.gif)
where /aco/ tourney :[
There's like two in the catalogue.
There's one about /m/ and the other one is a guy attempting to run it
There's also >>1595
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image:167063354825.png(16kB , 420x400 , groxblunt.png)
It began.
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image:167150285742.gif(1.07MB , 220x287 , final-fantasy-warrior-of-light.gif)
JC Denton couldn't stop him. I'll call upon the former upper right bracket and I to save this board from true chaos himself.
Damn, who were you maining?
It's not that AM was weak, it's that Garland was so overwhelmingly strong. Many people who voted for AM in the previous rounds switched to Garland for semi-finals as the obvious winner. Myself included.
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image:166899166934.png(2.09MB , 2160x2880 , It seems today.png)
King of /v/ Hype Thread
I like Bridget. I want them in at least one of the tournaments as a fan of the character.
>If Bridget was allowed in both tournaments, they would just make the one which came first.
Alright, but in cases for Bridget and whatever, they should only be nominated in 1 tournament per year. That means if they participate or get filtered by Qualifiers in, for example, Queen of V, they wouldn't be eligible for running in King of v at ALL. Fair rule, isn't it?
Bridget is a man. Saying he's "technically female" is just tranny representation pandering.
The Game Awards 2022Anonymous
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image:166690555418.jpg(333kB , 1920x1080 , Faxt9NqWAAEQ_s7.jpeg)
First off I need to do this. To a Blackhand, mod of this board. Are these threads allowed for this board? It is technically an event. But if you are against it, I'll take the thread down.

Onto thread business.
>What games do you think are going to get nominated?
>What games do you think are going to win?
>What games do you think are going to be announced?
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image:167056316564.jpg(23kB , 640x480 , aeee9f0c-6b66-4538-a933-60eb2587a945_screenshot.jpg)
I have never laughed so hard in my life what the hell was that?
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image:167059155305.jpg(5kB , 680x511 , sonic-reference.jpg)
had to remind myself that really happened after I woke up
also yeah I was on the right track with that reference haha
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image:167061737346.png(736kB , 797x764 , 1653017452413.png)
>Molly lost.
What the fuck happened?Anonymous
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image:166680643069.jpg(47kB , 923x780 , 98EA7183-4F63-45BB-9866-C82C5943F236.jpeg)
>a powerhouse in the 2018 tourney
>top seed in the 2020 tourney
>jobs to Fang in the 2nd round in 2020
>ever since she has lost round 2 to characters that aren’t even very strong
What went wrong?
>Tulio and Miguel.
Who never even qualify for Mr. /co/ despite being total bros and a decently popular gay pairing in the 2000s lmao.
>I'm not into the fantasy of a hero being lusted after by the hot villainous tyrant.
In this case it's a joke. She falls in love with him because she mistakenly believed he was a stock hyper-competent space stud, when in actuality he's Daffy Duck. On the other side of it, Dodgers blows her off to chase women who don't want him, because he's Daffy Duck. I don't think Daffy Duck is meant for wish fulfillment, and obviously nothing he does will be grounded in reality.
Today I will remind them.
Ms. /co/ Round 2youtube thumb
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image:166965424680.png(193kB , 1024x993 , Always_smile_by_mustachecashdash-d8ghzp2.png)
Starts here, actually made it on time.
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image:167049109171.jpg(98kB , 1136x640 , 3f60d9395498d241a2a9f2b81b8c5c7a.jpg)
>fucking Haggard won
Now if only he could qualify in Mr. /co/lympus.
The bracket of Ms. /mlp/ was posted here without any problem.
King Haggard is a fantastic winner given the board we are talking about, though I wasn’t aware of his "meme" status on /mlp/. Was the rest of the tournament truly that bad despite of this?