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A Potential TF2 9 Classes Tournament (Discussion)Anonymous
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image:165678665624.png(1.44MB , 1920x889 , TF2_Mercs.png)
A simple and short TF2 Tournament i want to see.
i'm not gonna hosting though or else i'm gonna be like Numfaggot.
so possible or no go?
they're not classes.
what about the civilian from tf2c?
Too short.
The /v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament ResultsTempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
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image:165569199095.jpg(26kB , 480x480 , 1072378-090.jpg)
1. Team Redemption or Death
2. Team Explosivo
3. Team Dark Queens
4. Team Space Pirates
5. Team Never Trust British Substitutes
6. Spooky Scary Skeletons
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image:165595129821.gif(2.76MB , 640x480 , 2109.gif)
Is it for the Disney Tournament. Probably.
>Tfw the name of the team who won the previous Murder Games
man my teams sucked ass in the tourney and the murder games
time to hide away until ms.co in 3 months
Who would you have nominated with more prep time or a full set of 128?

I would have probably nominated The Combine(HL2) and The Core (Amph). I'm convinced there was some direct inspiration going on here
The /co/-/v/ Power Hour Tag Tournament Finale[TempAnon][ !1HtdnWR3ho
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image:165560064502.png(1.79MB , 1264x1923 , B866448C-D413-46C5-90B5-D5F55ED287C5.png)
Hey Temp, any chance we can know you will be around? Some have wanted to talk with you regarding in case you plan to host another tournament, and if that happens we would like a specific date so we can be ready when you host again.
>And I'd say part of that is this is overall a really quiet tournament. If it was super active and there was constant posting Temp probably would not have forgotten anything.
I'm kind of on the fence on this because while true, if your intention is to use a small tournament as an audition of sorts, you want to put your best foot forward. Maybe we could assume a more active performance in a more active tournament. Maybe not. If you do make that assumption, you can't really use this performance to support it, because it doesn't show that. Especially since there is less activity and less pressure. Many things will absolutely go wrong in a big tournament, so I think it'd be good to show you can at the very least handle the basics in a low-pressure small tournament. Part of that is keeping things moving as scheduled as much as possible.
I never said she didn't. I was just giving context.
What do you think i was trying to do?
The /v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament: SemifinalsTempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
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image:165542671812.jpg(170kB , 787x861 , 165465681086.jpg)
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
>I told you to wait in silence.
Oh yeah, i forgot about that part. Apologies.
After this post i will stay in silence for you.
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image:165559415828.gif(870kB , 360x190 , 4d0.gif)
Hey Temp, are you here?
dead tournament? dead tournament.
The /v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament: Fourth Round RumbleTempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
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image:165539180293.jpg(295kB , 1440x1274 , 165481910447.jpg)
Vote: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1tH2LrboHMbLfOqn5lBZzEwkUiHBlXqpqetjdpLNFDhs
Pick who ought to move onward through the Fourth Round Rumble
if this means the rounds are gonna last later than before then I'm sorry to that one anon who wants me to post 5mins freeza cus I'll be sleepin
So how long until the timer runs out?
Wait, what do you mean? That you didn't want us to wait 30 extra seconds for you to make a timer, or something else?
The /v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament!: Third Round Freakdown!TempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
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image:165525938971.png(930kB , 817x978 , 165465371122.png)
Pick the teams that ought to survive the first round rumble.
Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-the-4th-round-rumbling-dt01
Previous Round Results:
Round 2: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pLxXLv50wJSsciEPuYsDIoGxB8geTDedgBRg59PgWuI
Round 1: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AbrUm6xwqCcGu4qK3zYpC12adZAN2lwu6UY_AVYEXcA
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image:165539897402.jpg(165kB , 972x940 , Zorak.jpg)
I knew about this, but with the amount of nominees I already had proposed I really lost the motivation, I still thought Black Knight was going to be a good teammate. I know I nominate a lot I do it because of the inactivity.
Yeah, i too wanted to nominate some team but didn't due to my own personal reasons.
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image:165540100806.jpg(32kB , 906x906 , 77d34e24090bf5c0bf953e6b54295b568eda288b_hq.jpg)
I feel you. Personally I feel happy because here I get to nominate the teams or characters that never stand a chance in regular /co/ and /v/ tournaments, Cherri for example because of Charlie, Loona and either Vaggie or Millie overshadowing her. Zorak made it for the first time last year and lost in Round 1, but at least Grievous' win was great in my opinion.
The /v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament - Round 2TempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
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image:165517335065.jpg(88kB , 554x554 , 165453391914.jpg)
VOTE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1pLxXLv50wJSsciEPuYsDIoGxB8geTDedgBRg59PgWuI
Pick the teams that ought to survive the first round rumble.
Hey Temp, any suspicious voting pattern so far? Like, two or more users whose vote is exactly the same, and that were casted in a short period of time.
Seriously? Round is over and Frieza isn't even around? I mean I know this is a test but come on.
I am here and I managed to do it in one of the other threads but it's just too late for me currently
/v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament - Round 1TempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
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image:165508087960.jpg(68kB , 366x431 , 165453598446.jpg)
VOTE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AbrUm6xwqCcGu4qK3zYpC12adZAN2lwu6UY_AVYEXcA

Pick the teams that ought to survive the first round rumble.

tIMER: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-r2-cna0
I submitted like 3 teams, 2 got in but I can't really be arsed rp'ing them
I'm treating this as a test run for temp so I want to see how it goes and give feedback etc
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image:165516789507.jpg(54kB , 495x619 , 2763527.jpeg)
Less than 10 minutes for the round to end.
Reminder to vote for Friendly Ghosts.
Time's up!
/v/-/co/ Power Hour Tag Tournament! - Qualifying RoundTempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
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image:165491886417.jpg(275kB , 1628x2048 , 72f.jpg)
VOTE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1XUu5W5MsB6DcBirbOKPwxEthMrz-bQxrLCWCRjYRWZk/

Pick the teams that ought to represent the twin boards in this smashing power hour!

TimeR(SUBJECT TO CHANGE) https://itsalmo.st/time-for-round-1-f9g7
I think we're past the point where the script was needed? It was for organizing gigantic lists of nominations and seeding them. We already have the seeds, so I'd think all that's left is making the poll.
TempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
Literally at the last second realized that Deltatale was over the series limit, so Blue Diamond and whoever is getting swapped out the last minute by one of the runners up. Minor seeding issue, but no biggie
Temp it's been 5 years you still owe me 16 dollars
Disney Villain tournament update!Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
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image:165503604181.jpg(60kB , 509x528 , creepy-disneyland-mascots-featured.jpg.optimal.jpg)
Staying true to my word i have not posted on this site or used my trip until June 12th the day of the tournament. (Despite wanting to but i held myself back)
I would also like to let you all know that i will be using the KawaiiSenpai name because i like that one better but i will let people know who i really am.
Now that we have reached the date i got a big announcement for the tournament!
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image:165503618924.jpg(202kB , 1924x1080 , image.jpg)
Yeah, sorry but i gotta delay this tournament.
Due to Temp creating his own tournament this week i felt it would be appropriate to change the date of my tournament so we won't have two at once.
I wish Temp the best of luck and i will enjoy participating in his tournament.
See you all on July 12th at 6pm EST!
Feel free to ask any questions.