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Genuinely the most kino tournaments to date Anonymous
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image:164340084122.png(2.53MB , 3000x3000 , e0095719782849ea308e378dc1c84d088aa10355.png)
For me it's honestly King /v/ 2021. Not even Ms. 2020 compares to the sheer OC's and the kino it followd.

King of /v/alhalla 2021youtube thumb
King of /v/ 2021 -Schizo Side- Creditsyoutube thumb
King of /v/ 2021 -Schizo Side- introyoutube thumb
King of /v/ 2021 -Schizo Side- EDyoutube thumb
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image:164340761137.jpg(11kB , 448x335 , 1334005333714.jpg)
>videos based on 4chan tournaments on Youtube.
wait, this is allowed?
There's a lot of 4chan videos on youtube. I learned of Dragonforce back in 2007 or so because of a 4chan meme gif video that used Fury of the Storm as the music.
Of course, YouTube sucked a lot less back then.
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image:164341090214.png(260kB , 353x338 , train.PNG)
>entire tournament ruined by forced teamfagging
this years tourney will be very powerful indeed
They're both overrated tourney's.
The most 'kino' tourney's are the one's that are shitfests imo
>the best tourneys are those where the results are shit and produce nothing but drama
Might as well say you are going by a completely different definition of "kino" from everyone else.
Chaosfags would disagree. Everything going wrong can be just as great a spectacle as everything going right.
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>ruined by teams
I see people have this opinion a lot but how else would it have went? I seriously can't think of anything more chaotic and entertaining than this was.
>how else would it have went?
like every other tournament: organically
I'd disagree, see >>8445
You could argue it was always there to an extent, but at least meta-game-ness increases exponentially after the second year.
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image:164359235956.png(200kB , 555x455 , 1622936632394.png)
that's not what I'm fucking arguing you dipshit. I don't want a straight popularity contest, but if you plan large swathes of the tournament in advance and refuse to deviate from it then why even fucking bother voting.
god, you /v/ fags are all massive retards.
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image:164360785317.png(2.30MB , 2140x3480 , 1625285887182.png)
But it went organically? I'd agree if it was actually rigged or a group of people planned the entire thing, but it was emergent. I don't think a RPG Maker could win without using everything they can on their sleeves.

You can say this is just "meta-gaming" or whatever but why go down without a fight? it'd just be boring.
>a group of people planned the entire thing
that's exactly what happened, it was planned since the end of queen /v/
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image:164368346041.jpg(14kB , 184x184 , 1446339155191.jpg)
Are you talking about the combined OCs or Discord rigging like in qo/v/?
I don't see what's so bad about someone planning to make a bunch of OCs for their favorite characters, even Warioanon planned to draw and a lot and drew a lot before the tourney even began.
Unless it's coordinated rigging then that's another story, but I haven't see any proofs so far. Not even a Reddit post or anything. Can you really say it's planned when it's more of a combined effort?
>draw and a lot and drew
I didn't had a stroke typing this I swear
But anyway my point still stands, is it really wrong if someone made OCs up ahead for their characters?
Especially when said character normally wouldn't have a chance to win in the first place unless they manage to gain support
>But the outcome is literally set from the start because of that.
And that's why they have to stick through with it, if they stopped then they'd just lose. We're talking about a character from RPG Maker going up against mainstream characters here. You can't just win by sitting around doing nothing. Do you see the same determination for most other characters that aren't Eggman, Recette, Spamton, etc?
if I actually bothered to make just one OC for Heavy (still play tf2 a lot and semi-main him) he'd probably would've gotten 4th as is the power of OC
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image:164372040640.png(220kB , 680x976 , batter agni.png)
Yes unironically
There actually wasn't many Batter OCs until I start making some for him
I made pic relate and although it wasn't the most high effort shit ever, it definitely contributed to the rise of the OCs.
Your actions and participation matter
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image:164382417482.png(297kB , 465x521 , 1637611299343.png)
For the longest time, these tourneys have been plagued with complaining about always having mainstream characters advance in favor of the more obscure picks which tend to be the focus of the actual threads and original content, and now that this year's winner happens a very extreme example of the latter, that attitude is shifting. I didn't particularly care about teamfaggotry, and out of those characters I voted for (AM, Nyarly, Batter, Wario, Spamton, etc) I did according to my own personal taste, but I can understand why certain anons wouldn't feel satisfied with the results as they weren't familiar with many of them.
in the end we can't please everyone, we could have 100 rules and yet some fag will find something to nit-pick
at this point if it's not rigged or no shenanigans, if people complain X won over Y we'll tell them to fuck off
>at this point if it's not rigged or no shenanigans, if people complain X won over Y we'll tell them to fuck off
I would be lying if I didn't admit the whole aftermath to the finals with all the silent "majority" posters flocking in at the last minute only to discover a "literal who" defeated Eggman was hilarious.