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image:163130585207.png(471kB , 788x837 , resultssss.png)
Are Hunger Games threads allowed here? They technically count as tournaments, don't they?
Maybe, i'm in anyways.
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image:163151652685.jpg(885kB , 3416x1920 , Cassiopeia.jpg)
Let's make it happen until we get told off. That said, the previous Hunger Games games I've seen play out on imageboards are remarkably poorly-written, are there any that allow custom events?

Entering Counter-counter-revolutionary Cassie.
do it
I can do one here. Though it depends on how many active folks show up. Like maybe 4 - 10
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image:163181563547.png(1.06MB , 1165x1296 , 1631300355941.png)
do eet
I can try and come on tomorrow and add a few players.
I'll be waiting
are you done yet
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image:164117424796.jpg(9kB , 300x225 , A-1719518-1346381499-8063.jpeg.jpg)
So... Are Hunger Games actually allowed here? Is Black Hand ok with this?
Black Hand ## Developer
Is there any reason why I shouldn't be?
So that's a yes to Hunger Games?
Maybe i'll make a /co/lympus All Stars Hunger Games.
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image:164170043997.gif(861kB , 322x228 , zorak-space-ghost.gif)
Oh dammit I didn't notice this until now. That's a yes then? If so, I had the plan of making a Hunger Games with the 128 participants from this Tag Team. Not this day or tomorrow, but very soon I could announce making one. Numnuts replied to an anon once he would make one, but we all know who he turned out to be. I just hope you permabanned Tourney honestly. So many twists that happened in such a short period of time. Either way if it happens I'll name some conditions:

1. Time. I need time in order to make this. Not only that, but also a list of the 128 members so I can check up their images back in nominations. I mean this isn't like regular tournaments or anything like that so I don't see any pressure into this. I can feel it being made before this month ends though.
2. The simulator. I will use Murder Games for it unless someone else proposes a second option.
3. One tribute = One team. For example, Blood Dumpster (Zorak, Brak) = One tribute. If I do this the other way there will be complains and inconsistency at seeing the team members kill each other.
4. It PAINS me to say this but, Demonic Hosts will be in too. Although since this is just simulation, there are zero chances of them proceeding through rigging, obviously.
5. I need to make sure some are still around so this receives enough support to happen so it doesn't end like an empty party. I'm doing this also for the discomfort of some that got robbed in the tournament because of Tourney's actions. Also to serve as a closure/consolation prize to anyone besides the winner of the actual tournament.
6. I'm not sure if I'm gonna do this for the next tournaments this year, but I'll appreciate it if anyone else is willing to host as well when those tournaments arrive.

go for it, can't hurt to have it since I saw anons talk about doing this during the finals
I don't want this to be official though since it'll make those that liked this years winner sour, if anything we can leave a note on the tag-team wiki page as a note etc
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
>I just hope you permabanned Tourney honestly.
My ban got lifted days ago and Black Hand said he only uses permaban for ban evaders and CP posters.
And as for your ideas i got this to say.
1. Understandable.
2. What's Murder Games?
3. It honestly makes more sense for the characters to be separate instead of together as keeping them together would just make certain events not make any sense. Also it allows for teams to actually help each other and if they do screw over their own teammate then that just adds more comedy to it.
4. OK. But imagine if they do actually win it. How ironic would that be?
5. I hope there's enough people to participate.
6. OK.
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image:164176648494.gif(2.76MB , 640x480 , 2109.gif)
Be grateful to Black Hand. Murder Games are pretty similar to the BrainSteele simulators, except it has other features such as showing the casualities below in every round/battle in the same screen. It also allows one to add/remove as many tributes as one wants. That makes it less complicated for me to make it, and even more if I don't have to go to the struggle of searching to add two pics of the two members and add an amount of 256 tributes, hence why one tag team is gonna stay as one tribute, it's already big enough having 128 tributes participating, so it ain't happening, let alone consider any kind of suggestion coming from you, sorry. As for the people, well, that depends on how many are interested on this but if it actually attracts enough attention, I or someone else could make it sooner after the next tournament ends.
>if anything we can leave a note on the tag-team wiki page as a note etc
That sounds excellent, although that would require more activity on the wiki honestly. Last time I visited it the TTT 2021 article was still an unfinished mess.
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
>Be grateful to Black Hand.
I am. He's a nice soul. I hope o be his friend. I even gave him my email but so far, as far as i know, i got no response.
>let alone consider any kind of suggestion coming from you, sorry.
OK. Your reasoning makes enough sense so i'm cool with it.
Although i feel like i should add that not all of my ideas are bad. For example i told Temp that we should wait until Winter break to have the tag tournament and others agreed with me.
He didn't wait until Winter break and we all know how that turned out.
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image:164177323647.gif(5kB , 320x240 , 160883058763.gif)
"Ideas" yeah sure. Anyway I have better things to do before I announce when the games are gonna start.
num, it turned out the way it is because you couldn't simply keep your mouth shut after seeing the results of round 5 and the whole shitshow that followed between you and dominos. trying to bring on that you had a "good" idea won't excuse everything you caused and the reputation you have gained here, and nothing suggests you wouldn't have still rigged it in winter break anyway
>I got no response
what kind of note?
don't waste your time with him, it's pointless
well just something in like a trivia section "anons held a hunger games post tournament as they where unhappy with how things turned out, leading to X team winning, however this result isn't canon" etc
agreed, it's better to take it as a consolation prize rather than making hg also a big deal
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
What? What ideas do you think i meant?
I already gave you an example.
You're really ignoring the fuck ups Temp did.
>it turned out the way it is because you couldn't simply keep your mouth shut after seeing the results of round 5
I still stand by the fact that some weird was happening and it legit scares me every time i think about it.
>trying to bring on that you had a "good" idea won't excuse everything you caused
That's not what i was doing.
>and nothing suggests you wouldn't have still rigged it in winter break anyway
Well if it happened during Winter break then i most likely wouldn't have even been hosting it.
"this result is more of a consolation prize" sounds better
yeah it does actually, we'll go with that
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image:164185876206.jpg(165kB , 972x940 , Zorak.jpg)
A little update about the games. I have come to the decision of not adding the actual winners of the tournament, which in this case is Cognito, just because these games serve more as a second chance for others to actually get a win. With that taken into account, the game will include a total of 127 tributes now.
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
Ah yes, Cognito.
I just wanna mention just how messed up that final was and i'm honestly shocked that Temp managed to mess up again.
are you planning to do it here or in a new thread?
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image:164186678265.gif(1.06MB , 498x373 , zorak-keyboard.gif)
Here. I don't want to flood the catalogue.
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image:164188799636.png(169kB , 400x489 , zorak_by_wargreymonzero.png)
NEW UPDATE. It looks like organizing the 127 tributes in Murder Games was quicker than I thought. I have everything prepared to start at any moment. Tomorrow is a good day since I'll have enough time to start posting how the tournament is proceeding. One inconvenience however, is that it's gonna take a little time trying to post the screencaps at first because the amount of participants make the file size extra large. This can be solved as it progresses and the tributes eventually die minimizing that problem.

Stay tuned tomorrow everyone, I'll probably make it around 18-19pm est. If something happens, I'll postpone it one hour later.
Explosivas are the real winners.
Cognito only got more votes because of ballot stuffing and Temp fucking up.
Little question are we only limited to /co/ characters.
It's one of the reasons why the tag team sucked.
i agree, when the next host steps up this year i hope we can convince to change this and discard his actions
3-4 hours to go!
if only there was a tag team /v/
no reason why we can't do one here honestly, but do it after a month or two so we've got something to come back to until the main competitions begin again
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image:164194027525.gif(991kB , 381x284 , ghost.gif)
Alright I say 30 minutes left until we start, unless something suddenly occurs and I have to go for a while.
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image:164194232496.jpg(1.54MB , 1366x7166 , 1.jpg)
And here we are. These are all the participants, if there is anything else to say about the teams presented here, say it now because in 5 minutes after this I start the first round.
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image:164194293556.jpg(1.01MB , 1366x12595 , 2.jpg)
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image:164194325168.jpg(2.36MB , 1366x10357 , 3.jpg)
So many deaths in such short time
RIP team monarchs
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image:164194359757.jpg(1.87MB , 1366x8539 , 4.jpg)
RIP too.

Half the participants are dead at this point.
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image:164194386149.jpg(1.57MB , 1366x6866 , 5.jpg)
The spies have actually done pretty well so far.
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image:164194406436.jpg(1.14MB , 1366x5209 , 6.jpg)
On the bright side, at least Omni-Man didn't lose in Round 1 for the third time.
I'll be real here. This isn't as fun as it could have been.
Not only is making it in this thread just limits the amout of people who will notice it but it also feels as rushed as the tag tournament.
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image:164194432402.jpg(1.02MB , 1366x4710 , 7.jpg)
One thing I have just noticed, is that Candlejack has actually made it quite far this tim-
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image:164194475073.jpg(903kB , 1366x4021 , 8.jpg)
Next time me or someone else does this I'm gonna make it as soon as said tournament ends or during the afterparty. It's been a month and I can understand why a lot wouldn't notice it, but also it's because I didn't want to flood the catalogue with more threads. Next time I'm gonna announce it in a new thread for sure. Of course this is more of a consolation prize more than anything.
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image:164194500195.jpg(719kB , 1366x3097 , 9.jpg)
RIP literally Muertitas
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image:164194521051.jpg(626kB , 1366x2943 , 10.jpg)
At least the balcony bros were more kind compared to the so-called "pure-hearts"
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image:164194545531.jpg(71kB , 1366x3123 , 11.jpg)
Jesus, someone calm those "pure-hearts"
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image:164194559576.jpg(503kB , 1366x2235 , 12.jpg)
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image:164194574712.jpg(2.39MB , 1366x2071 , 13.jpg)
And just like that, I'm dead.
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image:164194586933.jpg(2.01MB , 1366x1773 , 14.jpg)
Ozzy and Drix's situation though.
someone get rid of Pathetic
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image:164194593089.jpg(2.14MB , 1366x1909 , 15.jpg)
Nothing out of place.
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image:164194605380.jpg(1.54MB , 1366x1354 , 16.jpg)
About that...
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image:164194612435.jpg(1.85MB , 1366x1635 , 17.jpg)
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image:164194634491.jpg(1.62MB , 1366x1431 , 18.jpg)
Only THREE teams remain at this point.
>Pathetic (Hal Jordan and Ben 10)
>Mabel Twins (Dipper and Mabel Pines)
>Rosating Balcony Bros (Statler and Waldorf)
>*Mystery Twins
I don't even know how you play this?
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image:164194655111.jpg(919kB , 1366x832 , 19.jpg)
It's all in a simulator.
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image:164194664913.jpg(1.31MB , 1366x1174 , 20.jpg)
That was a close one.
Didn't realize this would be done so quick.
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image:164194690194.jpg(1.81MB , 1366x1619 , 21.jpg)
>Hal against two kids
Alright NOW I'm scared. Place your bets while you still can.
I actually thought this would take me a lot, but honestly it took more time trying to add every single tribute in the simulator more than anything.
I already have a stupid idea for the winner
>10 minutes
>no results
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image:164194760075.jpg(902kB , 1366x3201 , 22.jpg)
He did it.... They actually did it... Someone contact Hal somehow because he and Ben just won the Murder Games!

The winner of the Murder Games are Team Pathetic composed by Hal Jordan and Ben 10!

You can check out the stats in pic related below. After everyone is dead there is literally no point on proceeding so it gives me a message telling me to return to setup or just proceed to see the remaining team literally interact with the dead.
>Death Battle meme team
>wins a death match
yeah that makes sense
This image file size was too big (4mb) so I had to compress it like some of the others.
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image:164194820912.jpg(32kB , 694x530 , 2a654ced1034944a7b999565af71e900.jpg)
I can live with it
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image:164194822640.png(248kB , 500x375 , b0884abcf303121961ea915d37946695.png)
So, I guess that's it. This game finally should conclude all of this.
I doubt that can happen. However, that could depend on how much do we have in order to change what Temp did so we can present it to the next host and he could do something with it, we all know he never listened to fern and was doing anything he wanted during the last round. I heard somewhere that he had the wrong timezone or something.
You can always host regular tournaments of 24 to 36 tributes during that time in BrantSteele Hunger Games until the main events drop this year.
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image:164194873616.jpg(32kB , 906x906 , 77d34e24090bf5c0bf953e6b54295b568eda288b_hq.jpg)
Forgot to ask the favor for someone to add this event in the trivia section of the tag team wiki article, even if it's just a consolation prize, I'm satisfied teams got a second chance to have fun again.
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image:164194912307.jpg(1.98MB , 961x2075 , E1066B36-D15A-4BB5-AFA2-59201E5FAA83.jpeg)
I present The Final Round
survive him
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image:164194927409.jpg(2.09MB , 928x2047 , FBF3C376-D3F3-4625-A5D2-F161F2E7435D.jpeg)
>Bejita lost at the first Round
yeah makes sense
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image:164194929034.jpg(1.01MB , 1242x839 , 55AC299F-EED5-4612-BF82-99D2A5D470C0.jpeg)
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image:164194941692.jpg(1.94MB , 922x1848 , 955E5C10-FBF0-4131-ABFA-DBDBF6B8AE1D.jpeg)
Round 2 and more Goku slaughter and selfcest
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image:164194959748.jpg(2.14MB , 1212x1866 , 00323775-850F-4B0F-BD50-F7998FA0EE91.jpeg)
despite Horny Goku being dead Goku is horny
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image:164194969985.jpg(1.76MB , 1242x1516 , B8761BEE-10FC-4255-82A2-F1DA6E09F912.jpeg)
well Hal is finally dead
save file
image:164194978764.jpg(1.44MB , 1242x1270 , 8600EFF3-CAB2-4CEA-977D-BBAF7AB9AEE0.jpeg)
Goku continues to be horny and keeps killing himself
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image:164194986599.jpg(1.23MB , 1242x1116 , 2E433C1B-FDA0-4FDA-8101-E9EDEFEDAF04.jpeg)
nothing happens
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image:164194994778.jpg(1.71MB , 1242x1585 , D607922F-0E2A-4B05-98C4-5A7AAAB2563D.jpeg)
Ben has realised he's the only same person left
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image:164194999155.gif(2.6MB , 498x373 , zorak-adult-swim.gif)
My money is on Goku.
where is freeza?
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image:164195001661.jpg(1.02MB , 1242x959 , F874C92D-B770-4550-B4F2-BB01E3EFD1FC.jpeg)
still nothing except Goku and the corpse of Bejita
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image:164195010596.jpg(1.18MB , 1242x1013 , 13D3DC4B-C6AF-4C5C-88B6-38C1B0F00CA6.jpeg)
Goku attempts to kill himself but has shitty aiming
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image:164195019134.jpg(1.49MB , 1242x1398 , 1CCD4AA4-3136-45B3-9951-0C0DEDB07DFE.jpeg)
UI Goku has had a redemption arc as Bejita finally disappears
save file
image:164195029638.jpg(1.62MB , 1242x1400 , A0391983-DAD3-4330-B0C4-FBBB1FC511BB.jpeg)
well Goku has killed the winners as Goku snaps again
save file
image:164195036798.jpg(948kB , 1242x755 , 3388EBC5-3F43-4005-9665-31EA87F180C1.jpeg)
Goku has killed Goku again and UI Goku has lost his character arc
save file
image:164195042748.jpg(9kB , 1242x838 , 7CA852AD-33C2-4F85-90BA-BC1D3C6DF0CE.jpeg)
Goku seethes
save file
image:164195051497.jpg(1.4MB , 1242x1253 , B888B2FD-57EC-4AE7-B05F-C8830B5B7175.jpeg)
the final battle begins
the strongest Goku vs a regular Goku
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image:164195060245.jpg(1.01MB , 1242x876 , BE524522-D878-4A58-AC41-902F3498C4BF.jpeg)
UI Goku has removed all remorse as Goku looks to kill
save file
image:164195077182.jpg(1.73MB , 1242x1346 , 7E422F1B-6F69-40D1-981F-26C402C9C6AD.jpeg)
and the winner is Goku after killing UI Goku who had just entered a form even further beyond unstable
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image:164195083219.jpg(67kB , 1280x720 , bejitahappy.jpg)
It's a good thing we Bejitabros were on Gokubros' side all along.
save file
image:164195086816.jpg(52kB , 1242x593 , 44A7DCB9-FCE6-48B5-B920-0F10288D460A.jpeg)
I'm jumping through multiple rounds and all Goku is doing is looking for people to kill not knowing everyone is dead
save file
image:164195096739.png(944kB , 1236x958 , 1641241666901.png)
he's below the corpse of Goku
save file
image:164195288968.jpg(38kB , 1242x399 , 56D0E651-193C-4AF3-9F1D-AB908016B385.jpeg)
well see you guys in many months
>nobody seems to remember Explosivas existed at all.
Those two have a nasty habit of getting memory holed
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
Hey, uh, as you could imagine i am looking for new friends and i thought that since you're a cool guy that maybe we can be friends on Discord.
We don't need to talk about tournament or RP stuff, that's not what i want to talk about. I'd just like to, you know, shoot the shit with some of the boys and talk about anything. Anything you want.
izzy for sure, i don't think the same for cherri.
it's worth to bring this up to nightshift or the new host and see if we can change the winner of tag team
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image:164197721353.jpg(695kB , 1242x845 , 6B4F0915-F30F-42FE-88E1-CAA7F1687FEE.jpeg)
Numnuts Anon !0f1ZB4Rf.A
A simple "No" would have been good enough.