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What the fuck happened?Anonymous
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image:166680643069.jpg(47kB , 923x780 , 98EA7183-4F63-45BB-9866-C82C5943F236.jpeg)
>a powerhouse in the 2018 tourney
>top seed in the 2020 tourney
>jobs to Fang in the 2nd round in 2020
>ever since she has lost round 2 to characters that aren’t even very strong
What went wrong?
>Tulio and Miguel.
Who never even qualify for Mr. /co/ despite being total bros and a decently popular gay pairing in the 2000s lmao.
>I'm not into the fantasy of a hero being lusted after by the hot villainous tyrant.
In this case it's a joke. She falls in love with him because she mistakenly believed he was a stock hyper-competent space stud, when in actuality he's Daffy Duck. On the other side of it, Dodgers blows her off to chase women who don't want him, because he's Daffy Duck. I don't think Daffy Duck is meant for wish fulfillment, and obviously nothing he does will be grounded in reality.
Today I will remind them.
Ms. /co/ Round 2youtube thumb
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image:166965424680.png(193kB , 1024x993 , Always_smile_by_mustachecashdash-d8ghzp2.png)
Starts here, actually made it on time.
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image:167049109171.jpg(98kB , 1136x640 , 3f60d9395498d241a2a9f2b81b8c5c7a.jpg)
>fucking Haggard won
Now if only he could qualify in Mr. /co/lympus.
The bracket of Ms. /mlp/ was posted here without any problem.
King Haggard is a fantastic winner given the board we are talking about, though I wasn’t aware of his "meme" status on /mlp/. Was the rest of the tournament truly that bad despite of this?
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image:167012409129.png(531kB , 780x640 , 779e429da95e19dc1cba3c08420f13cad7d3bf5b.png)
Has anyone seen the Tournament being mentioned outside of the boards they're usually hosted upon?

Ones I've seen is in /a/, /an/, and /fit/ for some reason.
/tv/ is the one I see people talk about the most. I've also seen people discuss /his/, /lit/, and /vp/.
What would an /an/ tournament even be like?
Best living organism (maybe limit to multicellular organisms).
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image:167013170278.jpg(51kB , 450x343 , rick smile.jpg)
That makes sense. Personally I would want a /mu/ tournament, and I know just who to support.
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image:166972212379.png(487kB , 1429x509 , 1668733223239.png)
The fuck happened to this lineup that the only returning member wouldn't have even made it if it weren't for Moot rigging the poll?
>this year really went all out with spite campaigning
Nah not really, it was as usual.
If you browse /v/ in any capacity, you'll know there’s always at least one 2B porn dump thread up, which itself has a very high chance of being filled with your typical BBCposting nonsense. This had been going on for a while but became rampant last year. Most tourneyfags won’t give this any real importance, but silent majority secondaries aka what makes up most of 2B's voterbase absolutely do. I think this was brought up several times during the tourney, in fact.
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image:167001037213.jpg(88kB , 2000x2060 , Jpeg strongest.jpg)
Cirno will keep coming back and eventually she'll be the strongest in the elite 8 and she will win!
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image:166216676263.jpg(161kB , 1195x1564 , enaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)
it began
imagine getting killed by the ms./co/ rocket
that's what happened to Stats last year
Shitposter Showdown Semi-Finals/FinalsBallsanon !th0DR5qBxs
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image:166976660899.png(1.18MB , 1920x1080 , 166974774616.png)
Forms: https://forms.gle/jvaxxFQpBp7RQ9ej6
Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-the-semi-finals-to-end-twck
Bracket: https://challonge.com/e4z1o1ep

Hosts: Ballsanon !uRPRozIDdg
Judges: Jobbler Ushiromiya
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image:166994516850.jpg(21kB , 253x300 , p2 nyarly.jpg)
>...Ouch... Who the heck wrote that...? That's not a nice thing to say, reading that made me a bit sad...
You already know who wrote it faggot
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image:166994713904.jpg(79kB , 612x720 , 1647490776335.jpg)
I should've known it was you! Now I'm glad you lost!
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image:166994762476.jpg(6kB , 262x192 , zsg.jpg)
*blink* Not for this tournament. Feel free to do it here though, the number of participants is pretty small.
Shitposter Showndown Round 1Ballsanon !uRPRozIDdg
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image:166959568893.png(18kB , 531x460 , 1669075865428397.png)
link to vote: https://forms.gle/FXG7EciCNWML3VzLA
timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-round-1-to-end-sccp
>Statsanon cocksuckers are this powerful
Stop simping for a corpse.
>Silent Majority slain
It's over, Goku wins, nobidy can stop him now.
Go to the next thread.
Shitposter ShowdownBallsanon !uRPRozIDdg
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image:166942017278.jpg(32kB , 300x334 , 1543276473364.jpg)
Alright time for funposter showdown in the autism arena!
Every tournament we see funposters, some bad and some endearing, so lets find out who or what is the best of the worst!
You've until 7pm est tomorrow to submit at least 16 nominees (if we have enough for 32 that'd be great)
if we have 16 exactly we'll go straight into round 1, if we've more we'll put them up to a vote and once we've got our top 16 for the first round only the contenders will be randomized for maximum CHAOS
>So who're we submitting?
any common place meme (Five minute freeza, rumourposting, etc)
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image:166959571789.jpg(18kB , 267x395 , 1574004776999.jpg)
Battler has been in every year and 47 placed high in qualifiers in 2020 and 2021, so it's guaranteed they'll come back. Also
>mfw randomized brackets makes Battler vs. 47 happen in round 1
This is a duplicate which was removed.
Sonic 2 and Top Gun 2 won.
Lightyear and Strange World lost.
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image:166675084708.jpg(21kB , 582x424 , 5528b053cc1837c18977e2a947fa1e10--family-gatherings-the-grinch.jpg)
Which characters have not made top 128 once in the four main tournaments despite their notability and/or board presence?
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image:166682362305.gif(2.34MB , 320x240 , liquid ocelot.gif)
>I remember there was a lot of complaining about that and accusations of the whole thing being rigged.
>Ocelot being in the top 10.
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image:166688717057.png(565kB , 1228x1368 , 1599908911417.png)
I'm surprised Selch has never made it in before considering there's FFXIV threads all the time, although if he made it in there'd probably be a ton of shitflinging between XIV fans and XIV haters.

Also how has no KOTOR characters gotten in? Pretty much everyone who's played the games love HK-47, Mandalore, and Atton, plus there's Space Jesus as well.
Welp, I guess Kreia continues to be the biggest snub in the tournaments' history.
Help me make a image to warn people about NumnutsAnonymous
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image:166898085282.jpg(14kB , 485x485 , 1668977716670277.jpg)
I wanna make a image like one of those who say shit like
>"He's a infamous discord tranny XXXX, don't reply to him"
images whenever Numnuts appears as to warn people to not fall for his schemes.

I am somewhat aware of shit he's done previously in the tournaments but I want someone to help me to REALLY spit on his image and take his hopes away of ever recovering. What is the full extent of shit he's done?
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image:166949053112.png(18kB , 592x730 , this triggers the libbyfag.png)
>Libbyfag had a meltdown about people accusing them of being Numnuts
>Had another meltdown over pic related
>Black Hand checked their IP revealing that it was changing after every post
>Anons started theorizing about why that is
>Discussion became about Umineko and how Battler and Beatrice always job
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image:166949333945.jpg(101kB , 1200x1200 , 1649574630209.jpg)
Stop exagerating I didn't have meltdowns... I just hate people thinking I'm that stupid guy, and I also hate that stupid drawing full of hate and misinformation!
So anyways yeah that cumnuts…