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image:166561321790.png(1.37MB , 750x650 , 32683.png)
Okay, hear me out: What if we had a /vp/ character tournament? And instead of Mr. and Ms, there could be one for Pokemon and one for the human characters? And instead of eight, Pokemon have an Elite Six and humans have an Elite Four?
six as in the amount you can have on a team, I'm guessing you'd have to compare votes and see who #7 and #8 would be
I'm actually down for this. Hopefully this is gets enough attention, it could also solve issues that happen in Queen of /v/ when Pokemon characters are nominated.
>Three finalists?
It'll still be the usual setup for the bracket, so there technically are eight, but 7th and 8th just won't be counted.

Also, if this were to happen, would it be cool to just skip nominations and just put everyone in? It's just one series as opposed to an entire medium like /co/ or /v/.
Mr. /co/ Hype ThreadAnonymous
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image:166085913301.jpg(81kB , 840x630 , B313630D-BEBD-477B-A638-E2FC75FDD3C0.jpeg)
What’s your hopes for this tourney. As of recent the animated treasure island has gotten quite popular, especially the absolute alpha that is dr. Livesey.
Be funny if duck match is Howard the Duck vs Duckman
It'd be too good and work thematically
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image:166519630400.jpg(82kB , 1024x768 , every_villian_is_kevins_by_afrootaku917_db2ul8p-fullview.jpg)
Next thread, I'm gonna nominate the three asshole Kevins of /co/.
It’s actually gonna happen at this rate
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image:166517950147.png(58kB , 169x196 , 264190CD-6707-4E99-AD14-62E4930B1219.png)
Mr./co/ cometh... prepare thineselves...
Lets be real about something Anonymous
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image:166488858935.jpg(65kB , 640x295 , 1664635807239666.jpg)
Shirley was 100% the most rigged character to have ever entered a tourney.

Like even for Spinel you can make an argument that she was a FOTM situation and she was mostly voted due to spiting the tourney, but with Shirley there genuinely was no leverage behind her. Yeah, OC my ass, that shit doesn't take you that far. Especially when you're going against fucking fan favorites and sex symbols. I fucking watched Courage the Cowardly Dog as a child and a teenager, I loved the show but I unironically didn't know this character even existed till she showed up outta nowhere in Ms. /co/ 2022.

I firmly believe this tournament is responsible for at least 90% of all fanart ever made for Shirley.
Nothing of value was lost either way if that was the case.
Being a trainfag myself I don't believe that.
Tulip was against a Disney princess and Amelia a powerpuff girl, the outrage on ITs pull could only do so much. The only iffy one was Lake with TDI Izzy who has one major autist backing her but still TDI has much more /co/ love than IT.
I can buy frogs losing fairly. They got a bad reputation on the board and even as a frogfag myself I think it's kind of warranted. That one faggot yuri spammer was tanking it too. Fuck that guy (?). He's been ruining frog threads for months.
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image:164624964974.jpg(72kB , 1080x651 , FB_IMG_1646173875332.jpg)
Why hasn't Mister/Miss Pokemon started yet?
Or would it be a Best Pokemon and Best Trainer award?
Also Tatoo Anon has struck again!
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image:166457587836.gif(1.4MB , 1200x721 , 1664400850530959.gif)
>anons are willing to do it
I wonder if it'll actually happen. If it does, I know who I'm supporting.
creepy gif
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image:166459185212.png(118kB , 300x274 , 1639360233592.png)
It's what you see when you say Regigigas isn't fucking balling
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image:166173100757.gif(3kB , 480x320 , giphy (1).gif)
Not wanting to host one but willing to ask the mods here, can anons hold video game tournaments here? Like a Street Fighter V tournament or a Marvel Vs Capcom tournament, a Multiversus tournament, hell I'll even participate in a Them's Fighting Herds and Skullgirls tournament. If yes what would be the guidelines?
That sounds like fun tbh.
Are you going to do the same for other fighters?
Like Smash Melee?
Why not start the poll to round it up to the 32 now?
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image:165248137248.png(315kB , 864x864 , jjyzas0n1jpx.png)
I've taken into consideration to create the first ever tournament to take in /a/ in a long while. I thought this would not go anywhere but to my surprise a huge majority agreed and were agreeing on creating a tourney much like /co/ and /v/.

>So who am i
Nobody. But, for now i can be known as /A/non just because i am hosting the /a/ tourney.

>Why am i making this thread?
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if this tournament ever happens I'll get a tattoo of a naked loli on my chest
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image:166345762357.jpg(215kB , 891x987 , 1625481789751.jpg)
>3. Don't invest yourself too heavily into the results, because that's when you fuck it up. Don't nominate anyone or care that your favorite is gone.

Only if they fucking listened.
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image:166351760256.png(87kB , 237x251 , 1643123046768.png)
bumpin for Hayase
Ms. /co/ drawthread deliveries Anonymous
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image:163129287650.jpg(127kB , 800x664 , 1600204523941.jpg)
Welcome to /tnt/! This is a thread to post OC from the tournament. You may reply to posts but this thread is meant as a way to find OC easier.
Like Dr. Mrs. Monarch it probably had a lot to do with her show ending. As well as going on as the tourney was running. Hype like that gives characters a yearly boost. You could see it with Muriel too.
I'll trust NS since he was pretty forthcoming about the rigging, and asked what to do. In the worst way possible, but there was an attempt. I wonder how many winners/8 aren't legitimate because hosts never removed fraudulent votes before.
Bruh did we kill the Anne comic drawfag with this last tournament? He hasn't showed signs of life since round 1 and I say this as someone whose only reason to vote for Anne was him.
I feel bad for him. He works hard. But his show isn't all that loved.
Murder Games: Ms. /co/ 2022 EditionAnonymous
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image:166305600940.jpg(1.53MB , 1366x7166 , The Beginning.jpg)
Welcome all to the Murder Games! The purpose of this tournament is to give any of your nominee a second chance to get a win. For each character added to this tournament, the game randomly gives them perks and items that will come in handy, although other times can backfire horribly. The game is simple, everything is a simulation where all the characters fight each other to death. Rules are simple
>The winner is excluded, only 127 characters will participate
>The transition between posting rounds will be around 7-8 minutes so anons present can discuss anything about the previous slide
>The Elite can participate (although I'm reconsidering it)
>The last character standing alive is the winner
If there is anything you want to add or someone I missed in the pic, you can tell me now. In the meantime I'm off to sleep. We start at 8PM EST!
Will you plan on doing this again after Mr. /co/ and the /v/ tournaments or nah?
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image:166312061266.png(519kB , 687x515 , 163987760631.png)
Yes. Chances are I do this during the afterparty or one day after it.
Sweet, the King of /v/ one should be kino, especially if somehow we get a Battler vs. 47 matchup
Miss /co/ 2022 Round 4TempAnon !vHqM1sfAlM
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image:166260281575.png(176kB , 343x566 , REAL.PNG)
The "If I missed anyone tell me last round was chaos" edition.
Now Rigger Free.
—Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-round-5-b7gm
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Hey BlackHand, can Temp get banned from here too?
Black Hand ## Developer
What for, other than copy pasting the entire thread from main /co/ here?
This is not the main page from /co/ that’s hosted by NightShift this is Temp’s attempt at splitting the tourney and taking over. Temp is banned from the main board for this very reason.
I won’t say he should be banned from here. I’m just telling you why anons are irate with him.