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image:170752320743.png(2.05MB , 1562x879 , Roxanne Wolf and Glamrock Chica Rockstars by NitrogenWeed on DeviantArt.png)
Keep all tournament talk ITT.

—Timer: https://itsalmo.st/the-end-of-nominations-fcal

►Nomination Process
Post name of characters, origin, and team name alongside a photo of both characters (can be an edit). A team must receive 8 replies to qualify.
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>That's just Imperfect Cell and Goku
Fixed and that's the best part.
Samaritanon !!0q4n9L7G/iU
Qualifiers >>97311
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image:170260898136.jpg(456kB , 1582x2118 , P-body&ATLASart.jpg)
Thread to discuss the second Co-op Tournament that will be held in February or March on /tnt/.
Very slow tournament
The post count is normal actually, just low amount of supports for some reason.
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image:166597135792.png(1MB , 1200x1200 , beepboop.png)
With the way things have gone in ms. /co/ it's clear theres a lot of junk in hosting that could benefit from software automation. This thread will be the place to discuss such themes and/or contribute to related projects.
J3nny should be a userscript
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image:170622291426.png(150kB , 627x2079 , test results.png)
>fooling around with AI models
>try doing Named Entity Recognition on tourney data again
>run first test
>0.62 accuracy, basically a shitty guess
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image:170752302173.jpg(100kB , 768x894 , oh-no-anyway.jpg)
>in addition to the url change the cloudflare anti-bot thing was messing with the library I was using for requests
Oh no
>change to diferent library
Anyway, fix release: https://github.com/ZamboLambo/J3nny/releases/tag/1.3.0
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Queen/King of /v/ Off-Season Discussion Thread #6Anonymous
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image:170571944018.gif(1.01MB , 1200x1080 , 170564468701.gif)
WariOVER edition
...and she loves it.
>lolis are banned in these type of tournaments because they're just too powerful
Lolichads... They just can't handle our power.
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video:170692262188.webm(66kB , 211x158 , ricardoshock.webm)
When, if ever, is it alright to campaign and host at the same time?
>In main tournaments
>In side (/tnt/) tournaments
I'd like to hear your perspective since I'm not sure there's a concrete perspective.
I figure a lot of us who campaign have the will to host, but fear that we'd lose the ability to campaign because of it.
I don’t think it’s that bad, but Numnuts and NightShift have really damaged its perception.
Don't forget the Caprigger who nominated him.
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image:170646404429.jpg(272kB , 1459x636 , fc780726d097edc12a9ba8908b3906f1.jpg)
This is something I've considered since late last year: /vall/ - /v/alhalla General. How would it work? Instead of voting for characters, you'd be nominating and voting for the games themselves. With the whole product being represented, it means several characters could be part of a single campaign. We could have a fucking field day, it would be so kino.
I feel Mario is hurt by it being so split. It would do far better as a series.
It still wouldn't do as good as Goku however.
Goku is DB.
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image:170637713256.jpg(234kB , 1000x1301 , 1Kd8lMEj2rZ7Tp86.jpg)
How the hell would a /tg/ tournament even go about being hosted? Traditional Games used to be (and is still is to some extent) a broad type of media that has a huge influence on /v/, /co/ and /lit/ media.

Warhammer 40k is the juggernaut of the /tg/ media by a large margin, only being challenged by its contemporary fantasy setting and DnD. There's swathes of other settings to include like Battletech, Cyberpunk, etc. but they don't hold a candle the /tg/ giants. So how would a /tg/ tournament even be held?
A Warhammer only tournament or a broad /tg/ tournament that has the same rules as /co/ regarding big franchises?
Its guaranteed to be the Big E (Probably 1st seed if I am being honest), one of the primarchs and either Ciphas Cain or Ibrahim Gaunt. This will literally make xenofags and chaosfags seethe.
I feel that restricting WH and DnD to 3 picks will make that the brackets do not reach the 128 candidates
What about being a 3 picks per setting? Like, 3 in Fantasy, 40k, AoS, or 3 in Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Planescape, as well as a general category (characters that appears in all settings)
Increasing the lmit is also an option.
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image:170688868443.jpg(19kB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg)
Honestly, I am thinking of straight up removing the character limit. While the large IPs will probably dominate the tournament, it isn't going to hinder the smaller ones as they usually don't even have that many noteworthy characters to speak of.
Ms. and Mr. /co/ Off-Season Discussion Thread #7Anonymous
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being comicsfag is suffering
Ms. and Mr. /co/ Off-Season Discussion Thread 8
Nope! Dubs, too!
stop fucking talking about homestuck, you are the only person who is thinking about it
i'm the guy who made the homestuck threads and even i've moved on
A small ad for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit would be awesome, your old timey radio style compliments the time period he was created in
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image:166396473888.jpg(33kB , 363x426 , maske.jpg)
This isn't a thread about curses but rather weird and unexplained phenomena that tend to happen in rare occasions in these tournaments with a few exceptions. Curses are something else as in they're always bound to happen in one tourney or another and are more focused on one character but these phenomenon are exceptions as in they're something that rarely happen and can include many characters in said term.

Two phenomena where I'll give the names now are the Omniman Syndrome and Black Canary phenomenon.

>Omniman Syndrome: When a character has had huge hype around it but absolutely fails to deliver.
There obviously have been quite a few characters with this Syndrome, most infamous of course, being Omniman himself who lost in round 1 in Mr. /co/ and Tagteam which is baffling considering /co/ was going crazy over invincible over several months prior.
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image:166626099381.jpg(105kB , 902x902 , 20A44A90-006F-4AAB-93AD-2C003F20723E.jpeg)
Not really a phenomena but rather an interesting observation on how alliance’s were being made during 2021 tournaments.

It first started with the FARTS who were basically the prototype alongside the /co/nqurers and then smaller and stronger Plunderers. These were mostly nonsensical but made sense because they had at least one theme in common (Heavy Hitters, Evil Overlords, just frens.).

This then lead to the influence of the alliances that were present in King /v/ 2021 where it was one of main highlights of the tournament with the major ones being the Schizos, Merchants, Evil Scientists, the Gray Daddies, the Femboys, etc.
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image:166626125161.gif(936kB , 307x224 , 3a0149376665f24400e17c88270a7dcdee3b9b1b.gif)
I just noticed something funny.
Remember all the H.R. Giger posting at the beginning of Ms. /co/ trying to predict an alien champion?
It actually happened, just not in the female tournament.
Ms. and Mr. /co/ Off-Season Discussion Thread #7Anonymous
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image:170613778310.jpg(75kB , 1484x834 , E3IOtHEXIAQECPk.jpg)
Dean says: "Shut the fuck up about Homestuck" edition
homosuck doesn't even qualify
Well yeah Caliborn's media is too high brow.
She's like Jessica Rabbit, perennial favorite that gets stuck with incredibly unlucky matchups
>2018: Marceline (another tourney mainstay)
>2019: Jessica Rabbit (ditto)
>2020: Chel (made elite 8)
>2021: Gwen (consistently the strongest-performing TDI character)
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