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Ms. and Mr. /co/ Off-Season Discussion Thread #2Anonymous
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image:170367754559.jpg(404kB , 624x816 , SHAKARA-C0VER-2011.jpg)
SHAKARA edition
It'd probably be more convenient to link to the posts showing the most damning evidence, ie Silveranon's analysis, NSA posting Blackanon then deleting his post and reposting without the trip, shit like Goo suddenly qualifying with a 29 seed the same year NSA/OFA takes an interest in her, etc
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image:170382653010.png(63kB , 680x542 , yo fryman.png)
I have been supporting ATHF since 2020 and am yet to watch the new season. The show also has been very beloved on the site long before the movie from last year got announced with memes starting even outside /co/.
He was bribed by Regal (or Cinemark).
Ms. and Mr. /co/ Off-Season Discussion ThreadAnonymous
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image:169758159563.jpg(32kB , 382x508 , gangsta spongebob.jpg)
gangsta spongebob edition
He won't.
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image:170370370675.gif(477kB , 398x498 , Popcorn.gif)
Man I fucking love Fang as a huge Primalfag, hell I'm one of the few people to actually be okay with the ending. My other main that year was Mrs Brisby, but that was the friendliest match of the tourney so it's all good
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image:170353785032.png(87kB , 250x188 , Rance_02_%286%29.png)
How do you guys feel about Rance's new status?
I actually got the E8 snub part wrong.
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image:170355460070.jpg(9kB , 225x225 , images (15).jpeg)
Kwabance fears Alex
Funniest thing is Alex wasn't even his opponent and he jobbed to him
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image:170347145230.png(119kB , 352x480 , IMG_2169.png)
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image:170351813965.png(312kB , 728x410 , KWABler.png)
Just a reminder to pay your respects to Battler Ushiromiya, for you see, he is a survivor. You see, in the cold, rainy October of 1986, he was ASSAULTED by seven cackling witches and was INTELLECTUALLY RAPED. Yes, he too, but don't fret, because you can break the willing, and Battler stays strong! If it can happen to him, it can happen to you. Trust me, I know.
t. Kevin Nash
Wrestler, Actor, Survivor
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image:170352170802.png(1.83MB , 1920x1080 , You are incompetent in red.png)
KWAIB ( Kek What An Incompetent Bitch )
My HERO...
Queen/King of /v/ Off-Season Discussion ThreadAnonymous
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image:170248116136.png(900kB , 2286x2283 , [booru.plus]+queenkingv2836.png)
ho ho ho it's christmas time Edition
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image:170337071076.jpg(222kB , 1000x800 , __trigger_and_nugget_ace_combat_and_1_more_drawn_by_328mmch__0bd5b294ef4e8f936e0f7c12ce05ed73.jpg)
Well, I can, but I'd have to write a very spoilered post. Thankfully I think my explanation can be pretty comprehensive since Torres is mostly just about his own DLC missions in AC7.
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image:170353924606.jpg(58kB , 900x900 , Alex_yiik.jpg)
He's gonna make a comeback next year just you watch
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video:170699593196.mp4(1,024kB , 1280x720 , SAVE ME NIGGERMAN.mp4)
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image:168783991527.png(229kB , 720x644 , [booru.plus]+queenkingv1383.png)
Making this because of all the wacky stuff that's happening recently. Maybe we can use as a starting point for a article on the wiki.

>Mung Daal forced to eat Caveman shit
>John went for the "A New Purpose" ending, judging from how he isn't with Lisa
>Unlike in canon, Erika's wedding went off without a hitch, to Battler's dismay
>In Tag Team 2021, Chris and Alastor were just some online chatroom dorks 'pretending' to be Chris and Alastor
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image:170248789193.jpg(322kB , 1478x1000 , 6d9e6670f28e44dff7076b67cf685eb9.jpg)
Add to this the final Jack get
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image:170250039812.png(525kB , 1869x1845 , [booru.plus]+queenkingv2823.png)
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image:170304080891.png(22kB , 578x407 , vytuouououououo - Copy.png)
I deny the last part.
While he was harsh on me no one proved anything. People just say that out of bias against me.
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image:170292720624.jpg(227kB , 1781x719 , file.jpg)
According to their number of appearances in their respective Elite Eight, these are the strongest and best performing non-winner characters across all four main tournaments. Needless to say all of them have at the very least ranked 3rd place or higher.
What's your opinion on them? Do you think their status is warranted, or do you think there are more deserving elite contestants?
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image:170303237768.gif(517kB , 480x480 , 1697413269801372.gif)
Behold, Moot's worst nightmare
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image:170303691803.jpg(177kB , 1280x966 , f_zero___captain_falcon_speedpainting_by_mikumichan-d6zu3ti.jpg)
Don't worry, I'll be sure to make Elite Eight next year! My lovely fans have my back and will always vote for me!
Even though it wasn't that big, I still expected F-zero 99 to give the Captain a boost.
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image:163889594007.jpg(20kB , 600x375 , iceberg.jpg)
Here are all the Tournament curses so far.
>Mao Mao and Adorabat never go past Round 1
>Oswald The Lucky Rabbit never goes past Round 2
>Daffy always loses to a fucking meme
>Duck Match between Donald and Daffy ruined by the Joker of all people
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What is there to update for the Iceberg?
This aged like fine wine
Kiryu's eternal third streak is over
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image:170234637211.png(203kB , 377x288 , 1702159221041775.png)
"The ride never ends" edition
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image:170248058042.jpg(211kB , 1024x683 , isaac.jpeg)
I said this in the stealth thread but I think losing to Kiryu is the best thing that could’ve happened to Isaac
>If he won, he’d go on to get demolished by Eggman and sit out for a year
>By losing to Kiryu (and by such a short margin) it was not only fitting for Isaac as a character and a funny end to his tournament run, but it got people sympathetic and wanting him to do better next time
Kiryu was a hero who sacrificed himself for us. Let’s just hope his early bracket next year isn’t completely unfortunate.
New thread?
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image:170243323285.jpg(95kB , 850x572 , __alice_and_grimm_black_souls_drawn_by_wellski__sample-610f0fb5f3807e640e39776405eacbf0.jpg)
King of /v/ is what /tnt/ has wanted tournaments to be - tournaments being a roleplay and alliance based event over merit such as personality or media appeared in, and the biggest alliance won. This is the end result of what /tnt/'s pick for tournament winners would be
So that's why King of /v/ is so good. /tnt/chads stay winning!
And it was fun
>over merit such as personality
This was the first year where writefags and OCs showed Grimm's actual personality instead of reducing him to a rape or Alice meme.
>or media appeared in
You'd be hard-pressed to find a more /v/ core game than Black Souls. Only games made by anons for anons surpass it in that regard.