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image:164624964974.jpg(72kB , 1080x651 , FB_IMG_1646173875332.jpg)
Why hasn't Mister/Miss Pokemon started yet?
Or would it be a Best Pokemon and Best Trainer award?
Also Tatoo Anon has struck again!
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image:164625959101.jpg(43kB , 489x460 , 1625154037457.jpg)
For the same fucking reason that there isn't an Mr. & Ms. /a/
There'd be shitstorm before the qualifiers. Don't get me wrong, i'd pay literal money to see this happen but it simply isn't allowed by the mods because they know what'll happen if this goes on to be thing.
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image:164626031348.jpg(54kB , 600x455 , Heatmor.jpg)
half of /vp/ doesn't even like pokemon
and pokemon individually aren't different enough to be worth giving a shit about
and a trainers tournament would be dominated by anime characters, and /vp/'s threads about the anime are even more autistic than these tournaments
if there was a /vp/ tournament it would be like ms. /co/ 2021 without the good parts and the winner would be a meme pick.