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Replying to /tnt/130136
Gonna be honest, I haven't been involved in a 1 tourn since Stats leftAnonymous
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I sperged out about people looking for replacements and walked out.

I came here since I knew Tag Team was on temporary leave here, and now apparently there's a whole tournament section. So uh, what's happened? Who are the new Miss. /co/ and Miss /co/lympuses? How did that new host that made me leave turn out? Did Tag Team get past all that Fusefag crap or is it dead?

Has my girl Raven finally gotten her overdue victory Spinel stole? I'll settle for Frankie if I must...
(that's the only image I have on here and I'm not going to google and get my shit stolen to find another one, don't ask)
Oh boy.

I'll just start by saying that Raven hasn't won since, and may or may not have actually been rigged against last year alongside Toph. (Frankie's been spared this time).

I'll need time to answer anything else
>Who are the new Miss. /co/ and Miss /co/lympuses?
2021: Betty Boop and General Grievous
2022: Fang and Zorak
2023: Wuya* and Skeletor
> How did that new host that made me leave turn out?
To put it simply, not good
>Did Tag Team get past all that Fusefag crap or is it dead?
It's a bit better now but the /v/ version is superior.
>giving wuya an asterisk but not fang
I don't think she deserves an asterisk because with Spinel and Wuya you can see there was definite foul play (outside rigging and the host's main). You don't really see that with Fang, though of course I'm still not a big fan of her win because it was FOTM+novelty+NSA's bullshit at the end.
Image:171668102613.png(202kB , 1920x1278 , The Hazaras.png)
MY GIRL RAVEN GOT RIGGED OUT OF THE TOP 2 TWICE? (Once alongside Frankie, and this time alongside Toph?).

Jesus christ when do we just admit she would have won one of those without rigging.....

I'll read the rest in a minute, just
>2021: Betty Boop and General Grievous
I was there Boop a doop.
"NSA's bullshit at the end" is the foul play
Who are you?
New host (NSA) was pretty much always controversial. They also ran the /v/ tourneys. Eventually turned out they were a pyscho fangirl autist drawfag and had a bunch of suspicious shit going down with who was winning and character performances.
And no Raven hasn't won. She got close lat year but kind of got screwed again with NSA antics. But Toph probably would've won if things went clean anyways. The FARTS stuff you may remember is still sort of around and people don't take to silent powerhouses at the end.
Fusefag basically faded from memory. Funny you mention tag team though cause another tourney clown (not NSA) filled the void that ended up ruined that tourney, which is a rap sheet too long for one post.
You should know the crossover with /v/ got really strong over the years (in large part because of the same hosts) and /tnt/ is basically /cov/. There was even the first ever /cov/ tourney a few months ago.
Image:171668282667.png(923kB , 2515x2165 , Mrco23_oc_232.png)
Here's the wiki if you want to get up to date with what happened since Stats died
I suggest checking out the tournament pages for 2021-2023, that way you can see what the Elite Eights were for those years as well, plus the OC that was made for 2022-2023 (the booruplus they were using for those years died so the OC got moved to the wiki). Raven still gets a lot of support so I could see her finally getting her win on her return year, even Frankie got more support than usual so if you're participating next year I suggest rooting for her in the threads.
Feel free to check the page for last year's Tag Team too by the way, it's generally considered to be one of if not the best edition of Tag Team to date. Oh by the way Fusefag has been gone for so long that newfags don't even know who he was so that's good news at least
>Who are you?
i think it's temp
Temp was still posting after Ms. 2021. He was hosting tag team 2022 'member?
Goku wins every time btw