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Proposition: Emperor of /b/ or /trash/ Anonymous
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image:167349720584.jpg(5kB , 640x622 , 2oo7n4uvzmv71.jpg)
Basically a tourney where there are little rules. Characters from any property are allowed (Comics and Cartoons, Vidya, Literature, IRL, Memes, OCs, Porn ect) and hijinks ensue.
>Spamton G. Spamtong versus The Wet Bandits
>MS Paint drawing of a Stool versus Sir Anthony Absolute
>Satanos versus Obama
>Patchouli Knowledge versus The Duckroll
I feel like it wouldn't be good on either board, but it would probably be better on /trash/.
/b/ is absolute trash while /trash/ is better for random threads. Ironic, isn't it?
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image:167474932052.jpg(56kB , 693x960 , 576837AC-24E2-4D5A-9158-86082C69F7F4.jpeg)
>winner decided through rolls
Bateman and Yugi win this
Wiki Maintenance Anonymous
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image:163146396419.jpg(504kB , 1906x2732 , sdada.jpg)
This thread is for wiki discussion and maintenance.
I don't think closeness necessarily makes either one better or worse. It can be argued the other way, that male tournaments have more definitive winners cause people just vote for their favorite characters and have a better ideal what they want, vs. the waifu wars and compromises of the female tournaments.
What's the biggest blowout in history? The biggest one I can recall is Chel beating Joy Kaplan by 93.7%. Did /v/ ever have a bigger one than that?
The biggest one /v/ had seems to be Samus Aran vs. Megumi with Samus winning by 91.1%
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image:167424403643.png(6kB , 354x192 , mmx1-Listen here mother fucker You better be prepared for the shit thats about to happen.png)
So what will happen if Psyanon and Nightshift can't save the tournies?
Will people like Tourney Anon go apeshit and try to fuck up all the boards?
If that is the case...
nominate him and hope NSA isn't the main host
Everyone speaking to the future video essayist was gold.
Aside from an irregularly-posted /a/ general whose source material is ending soon, the tournaments are the only reason I still use 4chan. If they're gone I'm gone.
Murder Games: Tag Team Tournament 2022 EditionAnonymous
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image:167419768679.jpg(1.55MB , 1366x7166 , beginning.jpg)
Welcome all to the Murder Games! The purpose of this tournament is to give any of your nominee a second chance to get a win. For each character added to this tournament, the game randomly gives them perks and items that will come in handy, although other times can backfire horribly. The game is simple, everything is a simulation where all the characters fight each other to death. The rules are simple:
>The winner is excluded, only 127 characters will participate
>The transition between posting rounds will be around 7-8 minutes so anons present can discuss anything about the previous slide
>Peace slides are posted faster
>The Elite can participate
>The last character standing alive is the winner
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image:167451094744.jpg(37kB , 458x339 , 22.jpg)
Forgot my beautiful pic
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image:167460729052.jpg(154kB , 935x1182 , A new low for Eggman.jpg)
A little late, congrats.
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image:167461427351.gif(2.76MB , 640x480 , 2109.gif)
This, beautiful as well.
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image:167426466306.png(38kB , 510x302 , yoooo.PNG)
They had their own shipping tournament last year (it was way bigger than our tournaments too). I'm pretty sure Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy won that.
We should do our own shipping tournament after of course the potential v co-op one. The autism it could produce would be funny.
I've seen screencaps of these, people post long replies or whatever twitter calls it just listing character vs character and that's like a prompt instead of actually voting
know this cus someone did travis vs raiden and it got traction
Tourney /Phil/osophyAnonymous
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image:167225654756.gif(408kB , 500x345 , 1445475714205.gif)
So I'd like to have a thread focused specifically for the foundational questions about the tournaments.
The biggest question I want to bring up is:
>What does the tournament actually represent? Is it a popularity contest? Is it about OC? character love? a war of wills and tactics? just plain fun? If multiple things to what extent is each?
Also by extension:
>What does it actually mean to be a board tournament winner? What makes a character "worthy" to be a winner? popularity? OC? campaign? actual quality of character?
>Should we limit more popular characters/series's/franchises? to what extent?
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he wants us to forgive him so he can continue to try and ruin these tournaments, simple as
>What does the tournament actually represent? Is it a popularity contest? Is it about OC? character love? a war of wills and tactics? just plain fun?
There's a concept called "emergence" where simple systems exhibit complex behavior. A common example is in video games where a "meta" is collectively identified by players given enough time. I think this is the case for the tournaments.
This is at base what i've been trying to say. It's an entity in itself now. It probably excludes solid parameters for defining its meanings. But one can still try to gain patterns and predictions.
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image:167254485230.jpg(181kB , 1125x365 , 8D33F98D-2E13-48E1-A061-B56FE8EB2CF6.jpeg)
Who do you think the strongest tournament entries are? As in, which characters perform the best overall?

In terms of Ms. /co/, Jenny is probably close to the top if not the top. Fang got third place (losing to the winner by 9 votes) in 2020 and won in 2022, so she’s up there. Raven does consistently well but not well enough to make the E8.

Who else does well pretty much every time they’re in? Who does the worst consistently?
True. But It'd be very hard with Leon coming back. So that's one for King down. What about the other tournaments?
Battler/47 has a shot.
Tag Team Tournament 2022: FinalsCoayynon !hJA5r5.WJw
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image:167392117069.png(414kB , 720x1538 , 167391994376.png)
Keep all tourney talk itt (and on /tnt/).

Timer: https://itsalmo.st/the-end-of-the-tournament-qulw

VOTE: https://forms.gle/ZQiNM8ppGJtyeTa76
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image:167401197325.jpg(52kB , 600x600 , 75079ab6938a5b2f60f964413132c8e0.jpg)
>For the question "Should Tag-Team tournaments continue? If so, where?", the most popular answer with a percentage of 46.4 was Yes, on /tnt/!
>For the question "How should ties be broken?", the answer Highed seed wins ended up gaining the majority of votes with 60.2 percent
Why are you thong wearing, dick cheese eating niggers like this?
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image:167402641183.jpg(15kB , 155x189 , 1655033457672.jpg)
I'm quite dissapointed, see you in september, wake me up when it starts...
Tag Team Tournament 2022: Semi-finalsCoayynon !hJA5r5.WJw
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image:167383475679.jpg(155kB , 1280x1031 , 167377631849.jpg)
Keep all tourney talk itt (and on /tnt/).

Timer: https://itsalmo.st/the-end-of-semi-finals-dvyc

VOTE: https://forms.gle/6UjoJfdJrkWoDD9r5
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/co/ seethe at /v/ and /v/ seethe at /co/ . Why can't we be happy together?
It's the eternal yin and yang, only true autists survive the gauntlet of all 4 tournaments back to back while plebs eternally suffer with only participating in 1 or maybe 2.
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image:167395392573.jpg(128kB , 885x1008 , 7dd.jpg)
>tfw did OC for all 4 tournaments
Tag Team Tournament 2022: Quarter-finalsCoayynon !hJA5r5.WJw
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image:167374820950.png(224kB , 1276x854 , 167374328711.png)
Keep all tourney talk itt (and on /tnt/).

Timer: https://itsalmo.st/the-end-of-quarter-finals-beiy

VOTE: https://forms.gle/d18cNvgwDsJaSykD7
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Coayynon !hJA5r5.WJw
semi finals >>20566
>he's so butthurt he's willing to drag a character he likes down just to dunk on a group he dislikes
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image:167383501297.jpg(1.23MB , 1595x2629 , 1650983472157.jpg)
>We have three female-only teams, two of which are competing against each other, so you're forced to vote for one of them.
No if I don't vote this round.