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image:164535298581.jpg(3kB , 330x340 , thinking sounds.jpg)
What's the consensus on each tournament? Outside of Ms. /co/ 2019 beings seen as a shitfest and Ko/v/ 2021 being generally very loved, that is.
Tag 2021 was the worst. Holy shit. It's hard to think of what wasn't fucked up with it.
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image:164536848772.png(11kB , 375x375 , 65bb3dd8ef2e770c8b655cb094415abe3de5c06a.png)
I'm not really experienced and up to date with the King and Queen of /v/alhalla outside of the 2021 but i'll try my best explaining the Ms. and Mr. /co/ and any other one.

2018 Mr. and Ms. /co/ are considered the setting stone standard for the following tournaments and are considered the best overall without much drama going for them, expect Mr. /co/ which was implied that the Host was rigging the tournament for Captain America but we have no proof what's-o-ever.

2019 is when the things get a bit spicy. Mr. /co/ was a very chill tournament and there wasn't much going on which kept the threads simple and good, but Ms. /co/ was such a shitstorm that i, who wasn't into the tournaments that much heard the cries from several threads away. I'm pretty sure the entirety of the board was melting over the Victory of Spinel, and i'm honestly inclined to believe there was heavy rigging involved which made the shit even stormier for the upcoming tournaments because that's why "every thread is rigged" thing started.

2020 is considered the most top quality and arguably the best of the best for both Ms. and Mr. /co/ because it saw the best content produced for both and the best RP that the tournaments had seen till the 2021 King /v/. Ms. /co/ had some RP going on but it was mostly just high quality content because of the amount of heavy hitters being present, and the top 8 RP was one of the most chaotic moments on Ms. /co/. Mr. /co/ on the other hand had so much RP, that the winner of the tourney didn't matter as much as the gay wedding. It had motherfucker God Emperor of Mankind and several other characters fighting for Digits and getting Quints left and right and then Bill Cipher comes and brings them all to hell.
TL;DR Ms. /co/ had more quality content while Mr. /co/ had more story and RP moments

2021 is a bit of a letdown and honestly a shame compared to the previous year. Ms. /co/ had a lot of spitevoting going on, and it seemed more of a "lets eliminate the tranny" than a actual tournament, Yujiro Hanma and the president interaction was the only worth thing about the whole thing. Mr. /co/ was ok, not as pact as the previous year but it saw some chaos at the start because stats fucking died and it barely managed to hold together as a tournament. However, it eventually went on to be kino and have one of the best Elite 8's of any Mr. /co/ tournament to date. It also saw the creation of the plunderers and conquerors which was a heavy influence for the teams that were created in King /v/ 2021/.
> we have no proof what's-o-ever
OP himself admitted he fucked with the votes last round. Also some other suspect shit throughout the whole tournament would strongly imply something fishy was happening.
> Victory of Spinel, and i'm honestly inclined to believe there was heavy rigging involved
It was confirmed a Facebook group was a year later.
I think ms. 2020’s kinda overstated. It was full of some bullshit too, but it was the 2nd best cause ms. tournaments just seem to be shit. Mr. /co/ is always chill though.
Wasn’t around for the first tag tournament but from what I gather it was low activity and went without much trouble. Tag 2020 was an rp-fest and direct continuation of mr. 2020 storylines. Ended up getting dominated by Christmas theme but no one minded too much. Good year and lots of fun. Tag 2021 was probably the worst tourney ever though. Incompetent and rigging OP’s, impromptu timing, lower activity, the death of some beloved rp characters, and shady and confusing ending.
Haven’t followed pony board or /v/ closely but seems they’re their own whole big history.
>expect Mr. /co/ which was implied that the Host was rigging the tournament for Captain America but we have no proof what's-o-ever.
>but we have no proof what's-o-ever.
The guy admitted himself that he rigged the poll for Cap.
>i'm honestly inclined to believe there was heavy rigging involved which made the shit even stormier for the upcoming tournaments because that's why "every thread is rigged" thing started.
It was found out a year later that it was rigged by a Peruvian Facebook page.
BTW what are your thoughts on the three tag tournaments?
So was K/Q /v/ 2019 the only ones without any drama?
>2019 Tag Teams
Meh, nothing fucking happened
>2020 Tag Teams
Might be considered a direct continuation of that mr. /co/lympus timeline because RP is what held it.
>2021 Tag Teams
Arguably the worst tournament in history of 4chan tournaments. Legit, had nothing going for it.
crazy to think the worst tournament came straight after the best tournament
>I think ms. 2020’s kinda overstated
Agree. Don't get me wrong, it was a good year, but I think people put it so high because most other Ms. /co/ just sucked in comparisson. Mr. /co/lympus hasn't reached such lows (yet) and has had a much more consistent quality from tournament from tournament.
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image:164545074634.jpg(46kB , 600x448 , 1645293387541.jpg)
What the fuck happened in King /v/ 2019 and 2020? I was there for both but i didn't participate, just saw the results but i was clueless about the threads. And i'm not shitting, i sometimes forget there is a Queen /v/ in existence.
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image:164545803829.png(85kB , 1024x744 , Chris_Alastor_nutshell_template.png)
Will they ever be redeemed?
Alastor has never been that strong a competitor to begin with. In both TT showings he more or less leeched off the success of his more popular partner. And even if he did have a shot before, I fdoubt recent events would affect that too much as Dominoes was our most competent and level-headed host.
Chris, on the other hand, is completely fucked. But honestly, I don’t mind that much as Total Drama has no shortage of good male characters and I see this as an opportunity for someone else to slip in.
I’m more worried about Dan than anyone else.
I feel bad for the people who genuinely loved and supported Chris, especially the ones who did so because of the RP.
I feel bad for the people who genuinely loved and supported Chris-Chan
i feel bad for Chris-Chan
I feel bad for Chris-Chan's mother.
Well could numnuts be redeemed? Would that help Chris?
The guy who rigged for Captain America is getting redeemed so anything is possible.
>Well could numnuts be redeemed?
he'd have to pull something major gnarly and epic to make up for fucking an entire tourney
lmao it's a tragedy that fucker didn't get permabanned
He's fucked more than one tourney.
We don't talk about numnuts, no no no.
We don't talk about numnuts!
it was my tourney day
it was our tourney day
we where submitting, not a funpost in the thread
no funposts allowed in the thread
numnuts walked in with an autistic grin.
You making these posts or am i?
I'm sorry Anonymous, go on!
Numnuts says, "It looks like a shitstorm"
Why did he tell us?

In doing so, he shits on our threads.
Anon get the Umbrellas

Tourneyed in a shitstorm
What a shitty day, anyway!
We don't talk about numnuts, no no no.
We don't talk about numnuts!


Grew to live in fear of numnuts hosting or rigging.
I can always hear him sort of posting and roleplaying.
I associate him with the sound of going mad.
Seethe seethe seethe.
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image:164569485277.png(89kB , 256x256 , 1638348999028.png)
Ms. /co/ 2019
Queen /v/ 2020
Ms. /co/ 2021
King /v/ 2021
- power gap -
Queen /v/ 2021
King /v/ 2020
Mr. /co/ 2021
Mr. /co/ 2020
Ms. /co/ 2020
Mr. /co/ 2019

Whatever happened on each inaugural year I have no idea since I didn't take part in those.
Ms. /co/ 2020 had plenty of seethe. Are you forgetting about the Emmy and Fang stuff?

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